How to get on a bike

How to get on a bike

Mounting a bicycle is the one topic everyone
who has ever ridden a bike can relate to. If you’re a beginner, you might start with
both legs over the top tube and then step on to the pedals like this. As a short person I’m rarely clearing any
top tube, and if I’m being honest this method just seems to require a lot of unnecessary
steps. The quickest way to get on a bike is to just
jump on, either by landing directly on to the pedals, or directly on to the seat. While jumping on is quick, I wouldn’t expect
everyone to mount their bicycle this way, especially with the seat way up. I see a lot of riders put their foot on the
pedal while lifting the bike off the ground. They use their other foot to push off and
get going. Also, not a bad technique. But in my opinion only one method reigns supreme:
The step and swing technique. To do this, just put your foot on the pedal
closest to you, and then push off to get the bike going. You can then swing your leg over. Done as one fluid motion, it looks legit. It’s also objectively more stable than the
other methods, and probably requires the least amount of energy. This would explain why 70% of my audience
mounts their bike this way. But does it matter? No, of course not. Not unless you ride cyclocross. Or maybe you’re a commuter and want to choose
the method easiest to perform in work clothes. Or perhaps you like to make things as difficult
as possible. Even though I polled you already I want to
know which method you guys like the best. Let me know in the comments. Thanks for riding with me today and I’ll
see you next time.


  1. I for one push my bmx in front of me put one foot on and push with the other its a great way to gain speed but i mount my bike every single way some are useful for different places or things your doing

  2. I often go into a scoot, where I have my right foot on the left pedal and push since I'm on the sidewalk where I locked my bike. I'll scoot to the corner, then put my butt on the seat and my right leg goes over the top tube and onto the right pedal as my left leg goes to the left pedal.

  3. normally I throw the bike in the air, then do a double backflip to land on the bike. it takes a little practise but does use the least energy and is also the quickest.

  4. Only the step in method works if you have a child carrier, otherwise its a round house kick to your baby's face!

  5. I pretty much step on to the pedal on the opposite side of the bike. I would do the step and swing, but I can only do that manuever swinging my left leg, but I'm more comfortable pushing my bike when I'm on the left side.

  6. There is a way to get on with the bike laying on the ground. It´s kinda hard to explain but you approach to the bike from one side, then you get up into the pedals and making force with your legs you will get up the bike from the floor, all in one motion. It's quite hard and requires some practice but It's the fastest way, and cooler also!

  7. Left foot over to pedal, pull right up second. It is also the best way to get on a motorcycle as your often mounting next to a street.

  8. The hold bike vertical then jump on from the back method will be my method of choice from now on 🤣👌

  9. The hold bike vertical then jump on from the back method will be my method of choice from now on 🤣👌

  10. i own a step through but i ride a mens bike at work and i had to know this. it's not the same getting off of one and on the bike for me

  11. I’m confused, why is he making a video on how to get on a bike when he is such a good rider? He should be teaching people tricks or some legendary skill!

  12. I use beginners cos I usually have to sit on the seat and walk my bike to the park across a road from my car do it's easier.

  13. step end swing for mounting and swing and step for dismounting (thus the other way around) m though you need some momentum 🙂

  14. How to get a bike s3ths ways is to make a video on how to me on the other hand goes to shop and buys one

  15. I am a "climb-over-the-top-tube" guy. I crashed so hard with the "step-and-swing" method when I learned biking as a kid I never dared to try it again.
    Will make it my standart method for MTBing though, because it really is better.

  16. Ive been riding for 15 years and i still use the first way its how i learned to ride and if it ist broke don't fix it

  17. Still trying to persuade my bro-inlaw to get a new bike. He HAS to do the "lean it over to get on" technique, because he's older and shorter than he thinks he is! LoL! He's trying to use an old bike he hasn't used in 25 years and it's just too high.

  18. I just swing my leg over the rear wheel with the bike slightly bent towards me. Though if I'm riding a bike with panniers I do the first method.

  19. My balance sucks and I only feel safe sitting on the saddle at a stand still first. It’s embarrassingly slow compared to the other methods and I can’t get an ideal saddle height without a dropper. I need to practice the other ways

  20. When i rode a BMX bike, i put both legs over because it was faster. Owning a mountain bike takes me about 15 seconds to get on correctly (including my foot sliding off the pedal)

  21. These all demand swinging one leg over the bike, which I can't do. Instead I place the rear wheel between my legs and stand on tip toe as I roll the bike back. Similarly to dismount, I stand on tip toe and roll the bike forward. No gymnastics for geriatrics.

  22. Trying to teach my granddaughter to straddle the top bar and step on the pedal, but she refuses. She sits on the seat, which puts her on her tiptoes, tries to push off on her tiptoes and Keels over like a sack of potatoes. Both myself and my LBS techs I've tried teaching her the right way, and she steadfastly refuses. She dumps the bike getting on, she dumps the bike getting off. She's destroying the bike, so I'm about to take it from her. Any advice?

  23. I tend to have my drive pedal up at about a 1 o'clock position (if looking at it from that side) and basically kick-start it by pushing on that as I kick off.

  24. I liked to mess with folk by stepping onto a bike from the left but by putting my right foot on the left pedal to start off. I then kick it for a bit scooter style before slipping the right leg over and the left leg onto the pedal. It looks way cool makes folk do a double take.
    But if I relaly wanna mount folk like a badass I mount it like Legolas…

  25. This is not the best method. By standing on the left pedal and swinging the right leg over, you will put too much stress on the attachment of the crank (often aluminum) to the spindle. It causes wear and eventual failure of the attachment. It's not pleasant to have the crank loosen or detach while riding. Once that happens, it will never be truly secure again. I know from experience.

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