How To Fix Motorcycle Brakes-How To Get The Most Out Of Your Motorcycle Brakes-Diy Tutorial

How To Fix Motorcycle Brakes-How To Get The Most Out Of Your Motorcycle Brakes-Diy Tutorial

This is the condition of the motorcycle
rear brake drum after running one lakh 50,000 kilometers if it is so smooth the
brake shoes will slip and there will not be perfect braking effect it is little
bit critical job you have to do it carefully otherwise the rear drum will
get spoiled this is the punch and hammer hit it lightly very light don’t hit
hard You can watch how I made it Take the emery paper Take a cloth and wipe it Now there is no glassiness on the surface there are no blurs In this condition If you apply the brake that braking effect will be the top braking
condition in a drum brake This is separated now If you give this roughness you will achieve
you top braking effect there is no doubt in this Suppose What happens. If the clearance increases. If you go to the machinist. He will place a ring inside of this and he will cut it again according to the diameter he will make a
new one so you can fit the new brake shoes and You can get the best braking effect Why because if you purchase the whole unit it is very costly I already cleaned this brake shoe, clean this brake shoe also Now make cuts near about 1 to 1.5 mm. That will be enough That’s all give cuts like this The raising of brake shoes are okay I am telling you. If you do the job like this You will achieve top breaking effect in
a drum brake of your motorcycle Put the wheel back Before tightening the rear will apply
the brake then tight. Then what happens the rear drum fits exactly and your
brake shoes will be in perfect contact with the rear drum That’s all


  1. Very nice video, can we do the same on Vespa lx 125 scooter to improve braking. The original brakes are very bad and doesn't give much confidence while braking.

  2. I mean can you go in a chrysotile roof sheeting fabric factory and film it for youtube this will be very good from you mr😉

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