How to fix car dent and get better exhaust sound | Chooligan vibes #1 episode

How to fix car dent and get better exhaust sound | Chooligan vibes #1 episode

Hi I’m Karolis Birgilas and welcome to my
new channel Chooligan vibes, dedicated for the passion of my life – the cars By the way, talking about passion, let’s face it guys Cars and sex goes hand in hand I wonder if even the brightest minds on this
the planet can answer what so special about it those shapes? motion? the touch? anyway, we decided to get physical and see what stuff in sex shop could end up in the workshop Today we will need such tools as this huge
dildo, perfectly wet lubricant and this amazing artificial vagina Imagine that some drunk punk just did this
to your car Sounds bad because it’s mine. It’s a beautiful morning you come up to your
Subaru and you see this. Your thoughts go wild and you think what do
I do what do I do Man, I’ve got you covered. Grab a dildo, place it firmly on the dent and power splash that looks better like new seized ball deserves a place in hell No, not gonna move. supergleither pour it over and let it do its own magic. Nice and easy it’s a bit resistant and off
it goes This thing can lube everything but if you want to get the pussy in town, you need something stronger, like this, exhaust mod This pipe is large, so you have to strech
it real good like this before after like a real rally car that’s it boys and gals as you see bed toys
do wander in the garage but remember one thing do not bring your garage tools to
the bed See ya and remember drive safe, buy safe with carVertical please subscribe
[shouting indiscreetly]


  1. Are you a serious company or a comedian? Is this how you waste time and money? Is this the way serious companies like Porsche, Daimler, Bosch act, present theirself to public or do commercial? This is no comedy-show!

    I'm one of the main top token-holder at etherscan since ICO. Normally I can't drop XX Million CV at KuCoins oder-book, because it would crush it and i would loose even more money!

    After this presentation of your company i really no longer care! I will decide on weekend if i take the loss! This is going to be ridiculous!

  2. First time I saw your face I knew the marketing of Cv will go in wrong directions.. pleasee start marketing for real and stop with the comedy shit!

    Its not funny at all, im an token investor and want to see real marketing. I didnt invest to see this. Its like following a MEME page on ig..

  3. What the fuck, please guys stop this shit. Be sirious and not a huge joke. Nobody will trust car vertical after watching this.

  4. As other people have stated, I'm very disappointed in carVertical for publishing this. It's not that there isn't some humor here, but rather that this is not the kind of content a professional company should be presenting. This tells the world that cV is not serious. Imagine a potential partner or investor (as in, a big car mfg) seeing this. Do you think they would want to partner with cV if their reputation could be damaged by association?
    Also, there's a distinct lack of real information coming out of carVertical about its progress. That lack of communication is one thing, but to see someone putting effort into content like this instead of providing good information makes me seriously wonder about the company.
    It's ok to publish stuff like this, but NOT under the official carVertical company channel.

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