How to Check Shocks and Struts in Your Car

How to Check Shocks and Struts in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how to tell
if your shocks or struts are worn out on your car, now in the case of this Dodge
it’s pretty easy to tell that it went out, because when you go over bumps like this, hey,
the whole car just bounces up and down and up and down, but many times it’s not
that easy to tell, so if you drive and say forty or fifty miles an hour, and
your car runs straight, but then when you hit bumps, then you find the steering
wheel starts to shake until it gets not bumpy, the struts are worn then too, or if
you’re backing up and you hear a clunk like this, coming from the back, then you
know that the back struts are worn and clunking, now the last way to check
struts is simple, just go under the wheel well, pick up the top boot on the strut,
and feel inside on the rod, and if your fingers come out oily like this, it means
the seal is wearing out on the Strut and it’s time for a new one, now when I was
young and dinosaurs roamed the earth, suspension systems were easier to check
as most cars had just simple shock absorbers, they did a bolt on the top and
the bottom that held them in place, and to check them on all you had to do is
push on the car, and if it bounced too much it was worn out, but with modern
McPherson struts that most cars use, it’s often more complicated, because the shock
assembly is built inside it, but it has a spring, and even when it’s worn out it
can still not bounce all that bad and that’s why you need to test them fully
like I’m showing you in this video, because worn struts can make your tires
wear out faster, they can affect braking and make it less safe, and they can
certainly affect handling, especially when your cornering, now I’ve been
working on cars the last 47 years if there’s one thing I’ve learned, if you
want your car to ride right, do not go out and buy the cheapest shocks and
struts you can get your hands on, because I’ve had many customers over the years
come to me and say, what’s wrong with my car, and I say your struts are worn out
and then they say well we just had new ones put on last week, and when I check
out what was put on the car, a lot of times they were just cheap Chinese
knockoff, they didn’t work even good as worn out
ones did, so when I do a strut job, I like using these Monroe sensor tracks,
they’re excellent shocks, and at a decent price, and say if you’re not planning on
keeping your car all that long, they also have an economy range of struts you can
use too, but me I kind of keep my cars forever, so I use the sense a tracks, if
your car isn’t riding right because of worn shocks and struts, now you know
what to do about it and remember you got any questions just
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  2. Besides bad handling and braking, mechanically, what problems can arise driving the car with bad struts over time? What are the negative impacts?

  3. Great video.

    I have a 2014 Chevy Suburban with 71k and I want to change my shocks.

    What would you recommend?

  4. I replaced the timing belt in my 1997 Camry with a Chinese knockoff timing belt and water pump. I got the water pump and the timing belt for $35 on ebay. it lasted less than 10,000 miles and stranded me far away from home. Learn from my mistake, don't buy Chinese knockoff parts. if you want to keep the car for a long time then buy OEM parts. If you tight on money, buy Japanese or american made parts.

  5. the cheapest shocks. lol. thats a good point to mention. i never get the cheapest anything for parts dealing with car handling and drivability.

  6. Hi. Do you need to get a 4 wheel alignment if you just had both the front and rear shocks/struts replaced? Thank you for your advice

  7. I updated genuine maruthi Suzuki shock absorber for my swift 2008 ..But in low speed also car will not smooth go on speed breaker

  8. I also remember when I was younger and Dinosaurs walked the earth. They were called big blocks and ran on 102 octane Sunoco 260.

  9. Hey Scottie can just worn coils (not struts) make a creaking cracking noise when worn or are they just silent until they break. Thx

  10. Hi Scotty, I just came across a 2007 Civic where the front shocks/struts have become hard almost like there solid have you ever found anything like this? Owner said they used to be fine but the ride has become hard, he already replaced 1 side and they both feel the same to me very little movement, any thoughts cheers

  11. I own the 2002 infiniti Q45 Sports package, fully loaded vehicle. And I can't find not ONE AFTERMARKET "STRUT" for this car for under $400. And that's $400 for one freaking strut assembly 😪😪😪😪 I do love this car though. Nothing else wrong with it @205k miles.

  12. Hi Scot! I've got a question, how can you tell if the rear shock absorbers for Hyundai Accent 2009 sedan needs replacing?

  13. Unlike the bouncing people refer to,my 2009 Altima rides hard over bumps and potholes with little bounce at all in the rear. Is replacing the shocks the best approach?

  14. Okay I got a question for you . I have a 2001 Buick LeSabre . I replaced the struts assemblies with Monroe . It now rides like a truck . The spring is way too rough or big . What do I do to get my rod back ? You would think Monroe would make a decent strut assembly it's an old trusted name but I have a big problem . I bought them from rock auto . And had them professionally installed. I'm not sure if aggressive Chinese knockoffs . But rock auto does not talk to customers .

  15. I have a 96 Crown Victoria. When I hit a bump I hear like a rubbing noise from the front left wheel. What could that be Scotty?

  16. Hey Scotty, I replaced the whole front shock assembly on my Nissan Sentra 2006 1.8s. Every time I go over a speed bump or dip at a high enough speed, perhaps 25 mph, it makes a loud thud impact noise… is this perhaps the shock mount even though it was apart of the new assembly?

  17. I have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD off-road…… I drive 20,000 miles a year…….. they come with blisten shocks from the factory……….. when do you recommend factory shocks from a new truck be replaced????……… 70,000?…. 80,000?… 100,000 miles??………. just curious.

  18. Hey there Scotty. Whenever I go over speed bumps on my 2000 Gmc jimmy the rear end makes a really harsh uncomfortable thump you can feel throughout the whole vehicle. I’ve checked that all bolts are snug tight and the bushings. Any idea what the problem might be? I’ve pressed the rear end down and it seems firm not a lot of play

  19. I was driving today and heard a loud boom, like someone smashed it with a baseball. Now it sounds like someone's hitting the bottom of the car on the left behind me. The noise isn't constant in tempo and happens a lot more while turning. I sure hope it isn't something too expensive to deal with

  20. I see most people are saying kyb is great for struts? Is this true? I don't want to buy no cheap garbage shocks and struts for my maxima

  21. Hey scotty whats your opinion on Detroit Axle brand,have you ever had a chance to check them auto parts like struts,bushings,brake pads,etc.?

  22. Thanks Scoot for taking ur time and explaint it most people never do. It feels good when u replace something and u can tell why ur doing it.

  23. I've changed my struts, but for some strange reason, I can't get the knuckle close to the strut. It's like the joint is locked or stuck. I can't move the knuckle forward to meet with the strut. Any suggestions?

  24. Like your channel Scotty, but get a damn toothbrush and get the wax off from around your Stingray emblem. Sheeesh.

  25. My rear-end feels like a bounce/wobble,but on smooth roads it's fine. I have an 03 tiburon gt. It has 17s on it with new 215/45 r17 tires. What could it be?

  26. Got a. 07. Camry v6. Had the suspension struts replaced and now its pulling hard left. The caster on the front right is super negative. Is there an easy fix for this? They want me to pay 1400 for a new control arm but my car didn’t pull before i had the struts replaced. So I’m a bit confused. Also they charged me 1800 for two quick struts. I’m so mad. Spent all that money and get my car back broken. Help me Scotty

  27. Bro.. I just found you. And I love you! I mean.. at first I was like "Settle down!" but by the end I was like "This guy is amazing! Keep up the great work!

  28. Scotty, I’ve learned a lot from you over the years, but on one of your latest videos, you say not to buy Monroe shocks, but on this old one you recommend them… I don’t know which video to listen to. Not judging, just making an observation. Thank you for all you do!

  29. hi Scotty!

    i love all your videos very informative and looking forward for more videos!!!!

    Scotty can u advice me which one should i get for my new Toyota Rav4 (3 year old) the suspension is really suck whenever i drive thru a bump and even turning the body will sway in the car that makes the back passengers vomit (when we drive for more then 45 min) .
    should i get Struts or Shock Absorbers?

    thanks Scotty! 🙂

  30. Hey Scotty. I replaced my struts, strut mounts & ball joints. Now it's drives really nice now but when I turn left or rite it sounds like rubber rubbing together. I don't know why or if i did the repair improperly? Please any suggestion!

  31. I was just debating shocks, because there seems to be just a little bit of a wallow to it. No other symptoms. Then I found out that some ricer in the car's history had LOWERED it. Duh. I need a ladder just to stand up from the driver's seat. so I'm looking at a 8013 MONROE MATIC Strut assemblies (complete with spring for $91 new) I'll get stock length springs, which would be $50 + installation on the existing dempers…a few bucks more for Monroe's version of a 'quik strut'.
    Do you think that's a good idea? Measuring springs wont help…the springs are already wrong.

  32. Hi scotty's my 2000 sentra need completely asemble struts here my ???? Do you recommend Unity suspension thank u for you answer….

  33. Has anyone tried the moog quick-struts?, also I’m curious which brand is the best on a decent budget price

  34. I recommend the KYB Excel G (formerly called the GR2). It provides a little bit more of a firmness upgrade over stock. They were made in Japan but are now assembled in the US.

  35. Scotty, I know you can't reply to all questions but please, if my car bounces up and down does that mean both the struts and coil springs are gone? On my Vauxhall Corsa Design the plastic/rubber sheath that covers the strut is long, it doesn't allow me to lift up enough to be able to get my fingers under to feel for oil. The coil springs on the make of vehicle are in a separate location just next to the struts. Please, I can't afford to pay a mechanic to do the work, I just need some advice.

  36. Have a question, I did actually put some cheap knock off struts on my 2007 Pontiac G6, last year, now the driver's side makes noise, like a creaking noise on every bump, no matter how small , pretty sure it's shot again .. pretty sure it's the strut, I e replaced a half shaft , control arm, links and wheel bearing assembly , all on the driver's side ,just wanted to confirm with ya , in ur opinion, thanks, btw they are " prime choice " / auto shack " parts

  37. I keep hearing a light dribble sound coming from my interior driver side when going over the smallest of bumps. I drive a 2010 Chevy Traverse. Would it be a struts or shocks?

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