How Powerful is F-15E Strike Eagle – The World’s Most Successful Jet Fighter

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today I’m talking about the McDonnell Douglas f-15e Strike Eagle McDonnell
Douglas used to be Boeing producing this American all-weather multi-role Strike
Fighter that was designed in the 1980s for long-range high-speed interdiction
without relying on escorts or electronic warfare aircraft some interesting facts
the f-15 made its first flight nearly forty three years ago on July 27th of
1972 it’s one of the most successful modern era fighters with over 100 aerial
combat victories it’s also had zero aerial combat losses giving it an
absolute perfect record the Eagle can be armed with combinations of four
different air-to-air weapons including the aim 7mm Sparrow missiles or the
aim-120 amraam missiles on its lower fuselage corners aim-9 sidewinders and
aim-120 amraam missiles on two pylons under the wings and an internal m61
vulcan 20 millimeter Gatling gun on the right wing root of its design the f-15e
prototype was a modification of the famous two-seat f-15 be the f-15e
despite its origins also includes significant structural changes and much
more powerful engines the aft fuselage was designed to incorporate the more
powerful engines with advanced engine based structures and Dwarfs the advanced
structures utilized super plastic forming and diffusion bonding technology
the back seat is equipped for a weapon systems officer to work the new
air-to-ground avionics the wso uses multiple screens to display information
from the radar electronic warfare and thermographic cameras as well as monitor
aircraft or weapon status and possible threats select targets and use an
electronic moving map to navigate to hand controls are used to select new
displays and to refine targeting information displays can be moved from
one screen to another chosen from a menu of display options unlike earlier to
place Jets whose back seat lacked flying controls the back seat of the FV
jeanny cockpit is equipped with its own stick and throttle
so the wso can take over flying albeit with reduced visibility to extend its
range the f-15e is fitted with two conformal fuel tanks that hug the
fuselage these produce lower drag and conventional under wing underbelly drop
tanks and carry 2800 litres of fuel housing six weapons hardpoints in two
rows of three intended the Strike Eagles tactical electronic warfare system known
as the twos integrates all countermeasures on the craft with radar
warning receivers radar jammer radar and chaff flare dispensers that are all tied
into the tubes to provide comprehensive defense against detection and tracking
this system includes an externally mounted a lq 131 ECM pod which is
carried on the centerline pylon when required of its specifications it has a
crew of two with a pilot and a weapon system officer it’s powered by two pratt
& whitney f100 pw 2 20s or 229 afterburning turbofans it features a
maximum speed of over 3,000 km/h a combat radius of 1,200 70 kilometers a
faery range of 3900 kilometers with conformal fuel tank and three external
fuel tanks a service ceiling of 18,000 200 meters and a rate of climb that’s
250 4 plus meters per second of its armament the guns are 120 millimeter
m61a1 vulcan 6-barrel gatling gun with 500 rounds of either m56
or PG u28 ammunition hardpoints include 2 wing pylons fuselage pylons bomb racks
on CFTs with a capacity of 23,000 pounds of
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