Here’s Why this Chevy Corvette Gets a Free Car Battery for Life

Here’s Why this Chevy Corvette Gets a Free Car Battery for Life

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car, and here’s this week’s winner,
this is my 1969 Chevrolet Corvette next to it sits my 2003 Honda s2000, now the
Corvette is 50 years old this year and although those s2000 is much newer the
Corvette has one thing that the s2000 can never have, for that matter no car
made since 1980 will ever have one of these, what I’m talking about does not
reside in the engine compartment, the engine is just a typical small-block 350
high-performance 350 pretty common, pretty common back in the
day also, know what I’m talking about resides behind the driver’s seat and
it’s my battery and although this says interstate on it, in fact it’s actually a
JCPenney lifetime battery, but soon after I bought the car JCPenney
began advertising a lifetime battery said it was the most powerful battery
ever made, never needed water was guaranteed for the lifetime of your car,
ever failed JCPenney would replace it for free, so when I needed a battery the
next time I needed battery, I went to my JCPenney automotive center and I said
I’d like to buy a battery and they said fine and I said I want the one with a
lifetime guarantee and they said fine and I said now I just want to make
absolutely certain that this means I’ll never have to replace this battery or
pay to replace this battery and they said absolutely not, I said because I
plan to keep this car a long time possibly for the rest of my life and the
guy said not a problem, this battery will not fail well this is probably something
that the JCPenney folks regretted like pretty soon after that, because indeed
the battery did fail multiple times no not within the you know typical
battery period it lasted around two sometimes three years, anyway so I
was busy every time the battery we would fail I
would wander in JCPenney and you know get my new battery, that was at
least until they sod their automotive centers to Firestone, my most recent
episode was earlier this year I was living in a new town and found the
JCPenney store here, went in found the customer service desk and said you know
you may not believe this but I’m here to claim my new battery, and I heard what I
said yes I’m here to claim my new battery and to lady’s credit
who was probably less than half the age of my Corvette she didn’t make any you
know snide remarks and other thing like that,
she said just wait a minute please, she went back into the back and soon a
couple of other people came out and said you know we’ve never actually heard of
this, but we’ve been looking through some of our manuals and documentation and so
forth and we do indeed know it exists and said you own one of these batteries
and I said well yes I do, and I’m here for my new battery and they said well
let us make a few phone calls because we’ve never handled one of these before
and we’ll get right back with you and so they did while, I was sitting in the
office and they came back and said, you are entitled to a free battery, we don’t
have an automotive center anymore but if you take this voucher to the nearest
Firestone service center, they’ll get you your free battery, so later that day or
soon after I went down to the Firestone store and sure enough the guy there was
in disbelief also but he said well reading through his rules and whatnot he said
yep you’re entitled to a free battery soon I was on my way home with my new
battery, anyways this is a situation that repeated itself numerous
times over the years, I think I’ve had probably go see probably 15 maybe as
many as 20 batteries over the years never had a problem, people were always
very nice and cooperative sometimes they you know particularly in the latter
years they were sort of stunned because they’d never heard of it there’s a lot
of people who didn’t even know JC Penney had an automotive Center, so and you know
about ten years ago, maybe fifteen years ago, I walked into the JC Penney
customer service desk and the lady said to me, well you know we see that you
claim quite a few batteries over the years and I said yes and she said we
would like to offer to buy you out of your warranty and I said oh okay what’s
your offer, she said well we pay you $200 into it to buy you out of the warranty
and I said hmm well now when I think about all the
batteries I’ve gotten from you guys and how many I planned to get in the future
and how much a battery costs these days I said now I don’t think $200 is gonna
cut it, I said but I will make you a counteroffer and so I offered they
offered them two thousand dollars well away he said I’m sorry but I’m not
authorized to go that high, but I will give you your voucher and you can go get
your free battery which I did, like I said over the years some of the batteries
came from JCPenney, the original ones being a black JC Penney battery and then
I went to various stores wherever they sent me, sometimes the Firestone
sometimes the Goodyear service centers sometimes to even independent shops,
never had any problem and always got my free battery, one of the things I’m kind
of interested in is, I wonder how many people there are that still have the
batteries original paperwork and have the original car batteries
inserted into it, kind of curious I’m not sure how to find that out, kind of an
interesting thing I know that the JCPenney ran the ads from about 1974 to
1978, because I’ve seen ads dated that on YouTube, so it would be interesting to know that,
by 1980 I know the offer was dead obviously I don’t think this was a thing
that you’re likely to see repeated again hope you enjoyed this video, hope you
found it interesting if you did, I have a small youtube channel I put the link
down in the description and anyway thank you for your time and hope you enjoyed
it, well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video highlighted here on my channel, check
this out, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!


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  2. JCP looks like its on its way out! You may yet live to regret not taking that 200.00 dollars, as I don’t think they will ever offer that again!

  3. Costco. Interstate branded car batteries. Free no questions asked replacement within 3.5yrs of purchase. I swap my batteries every 3yrs under warranty.

  4. There used to be an old woman who owned a Mercury Comet Caliente from new who had one of these. Up until the day she died, they honored her warranty and replaced it.

  5. Curious. I see that you do indeed have a garage. But, where do you fix cars. There's barely room for a tricycle in that garage 😂😂

  6. Considering I just bought a battery a couple weeks ago, that $200 offer would have covered one. Kind of a low ball offer on something your expecting to not have to pay for again. I usually get 4 years out of my batteries… then again, I drove 110 miles a day on the highway for my commute. Running that kind of mileage keeps a weak battery alive. Also explains why the ones in my wifes car die after about 2.5-3 years, she drives maybe 1500 miles a year.

  7. So you're sayin' that they paid you about $40 in the mid 70s to show up at a JC Penny every time your battery died for at least the next 40 years?
    Pretty smart thinking JCP!

  8. Last year (May 2017) I bought a 2006 Toyota Solara SLE convertible, it had 10,200 miles on it with the original battery. Now ((late November 2018) the Solara convertible has 14,540 miles and the battery still works good. It has never been driven on snow and rarely in the rain. I live in Alaska and I have a 2010 F-150 4 x4 with 26,800 miles on it also with the original battery. My wife's 2014 Subaru Forester, bought in September of 2013, is a different story. The original battery in that car died in less than three years, needless to say I did not go back to the dealer for a replacement battery. I went to Sears and bought their best battery. I bet that it lasts longer than three years.

  9. 10 year replacement Sure Digging into a company that had to cut most of it's depts to stay afloat over the years ..hell why not I mean if they go under there is still Walmart and Target …Just like GM There is always Foreign cars ..or Forrr…Forrr ….Nope i cant say the F word

  10. Some 20 batteries over 50 years?

    Sound like junk batteries to me, and hardly worth the problem or effort.

    I get 7-10 years out of my batteries, and they cost around $100.

    Sounds like this guy just wants to feel like he is getting away with something- and all he is accomplishing is putting in a new battery every 2½ years and wasting his time as well as the time of people that probably make minimum wage.

    Good grief, spend $100 and get a battery that is worth a crap.

    Where this guy has removed and installed around 20 batteries, I would have done 5-7.

    Work smarter, not harder.

  11. This guy sounds like he would be a nightmare to deal with for anyone working customer service. The old, cheap grumpster is strong in this one.

  12. JC Penney automotive centers I don’t think they have those anymore I can’t like you said they probably sold them to fire stone

  13. I bought a "lifetime" battery from Canadian Tire 30 years ago. I replaced the last one for free about 2 years ago. I am on about the 7th one. It would be more but I live in the states and have to drag it up to Canada when I visit.

  14. You’re probably the only one still doing it. I remember this offer. It was essentially priced 2x higher than without the warranty and with most people only keeping a car 6-8 yrs it was a win for Jan Claud Penny being that they only paid pennies on the dollar for the battery. I would say at some point in the very near future they’re going to find a way to stop honoring that deal.

  15. In most cases after the automotive center at JCPenny stopped servicing cars/trucks, I would guess that the manager at JCPenny would tell a person (respectfully) to go pound sand. (ie., they would state that they no longer have an automotive division and thus will not give you a free battery any longer). It saves them any paperwork and in many cases the owner of the battery will just go away which is what they desire. This is what happened to me as a 22 year old kid trying to get a new battery (with the proper receipts and lifetime guarantee). They did give me a replacement (just as the automotive service centers at all the JCPenny stores were permanently closing down), and they said that this was the last battery I would get regardless of what the warranty claimed.

    But when you get older you gain some wisdom and some fortitude regarding a company sticking to their promises like this gentleman did. So here is what happened the next time at a Sears automotive center 14 years later! This is not the exact same comparison since Sears Auto Centers were still open at that time, but they did try to NOT honor their warranty! here's what happened:

    When I was 36 years of age I went to Sears to get my free lifetime replacement shock absorbers and the two Sears reps looked at me like I was a space alien standing there with a box full of 4 old rusty shocks that had worn out. (I replaced the shocks myself on my Ford Ranger so I brought the old Sears shocks in, which is what I assumed that they required, to prove that they were worn out! (Actually they could care less and did not want to even look at them) I showed them the receipt and it appeared that they had never had this occur before!) I assume that very few people replace their own shocks, or just sell the vehicle, or a customer would typically just get a discount when the Sears service man would replace the shocks up on the lift, of course charging the customer for the service charge. But I replaced these shocks myself and took them off when they wore out and wanted the replacements!

    The two Sears reps discussed the matter among themselves for a minute and advised me to come back tomorrow because their manager had gone home for the day… Here is where maturity comes into play…. I said: "Well you can see that I have the Sears Receipt and the lifetime warranty and the box full of the worn out lifetime shocks, and your service center is presently open for business, so I would like to obtain the replacements NOW sir." They again said the manager was out as they had previously told me so come back tomorrow. But the store was still open so I asked them to get a manger from another department because I desire to leave with the shock replacements NOW, not tomorrow. (not raising my voice but emphasizing "NOW"!) So they relented got the manager from another department, and the manager looked at the paperwork, and gave me 4 new shocks…

    But look at the delay and defer actions they took to try to not honor their own free lifetime replacement!…It was actually a "Free Lifetime Replacement on your Sears shock absorbers–if you fight for it–guarantee! " It pays to be firm and insist that they honor their own Lifetime Replacement!

  16. People wonder how they could do it? It's easy, back when we used to have money and an economy, a lot of people would trade their cars in when they were three or four years old. People got a newer car before the battery went bad most of the time. Now when people keep their cars ten years and people are driving around in 20 year old cars it would be unthinkable. I remember when the average commuter car over ten years old was virtually worthless. Now anything semi reliable is five grand.

  17. Good for JC Pennys honoring their obligations. Monkey Wards had the same deal, my pop had their lifetime battery in his 66 fury (383, 2bbl) …these lifetime deals were based on then the average joe trading cars every 3-4 years.. Pop had the Mopar until the early 90s…every reciept was rubber stamped "lifetime warranty".
    Unfortunately for wards the carried a private label firestone 500 they called the "grappler", they didnt honor warranty claims on those, until the firestone hubub erupted…

  18. Gee, now we know way JC Penneys is going out of business. Their arrogance, starting in 1974, on how good their batteries were has come back to haunt them with this guy!😂

    P.S. I do realize they humbly honored their warranty with this man too.👍🏻🇺🇸

  19. 20 batteries? What the hell. I have been driving for 32 years, never had to replace a battery on a car. What the hell are you doing to your batteries?

  20. Recently Firestone offered lifetime wheel alignment for $200. I bought for my 2 cars. Since then, I have already had the services for 2-3 times each car. If I own those cars for at least 5 more years, and have them do it once a year (there is no limit for number of time per year), it all well worth the money. Only one down side, every time I bring a car for that service, at least 2 times, I had to fix the bellow of the rack and pinion. The technician at the store let the bellow still twisted after some adjustment. Can't just leave there for another few hours for that fixed.

  21. As soon as I saw that title, I knew it was going to be about the JC Penney battery. I had one of these, purchased for a 1975 Gran Fury. I got about seven years out of it, and went to JC Penney to get a replacement. By then they had sold or closed their Automotive division and they told me that they were no longer warrantying their batteries. Before I could say anything she turned around and started talking to the girl behind the counter about what they were going to be doing after work that day, like I wasn't even there.

    I raised hell and demanded my free battery, and some kid who was supposedly the assistant manager came over and called Sears (they were located in the same shopping mall) and set me up with a new battery. I said "Make sure it's the top of the line battery" and it looked like I had kicked him in the sack, but he dutifully said "make sure it's the best one you sell." I got my Sears battery but never shopped at JC Penney again. Prior to that, my family was a diehard Penney's family, but we switched to Sears afterward. If I recall correctly, their Die Hard batteries were the same as the Delco Freedom II and worked quite well.

  22. I had a 1973 Dodge Challenger Rally and I bought this JC Penny lifetime battery. I only had a chance to claim 1 free battery before I sold the car in 1983.

  23. My neighbor has a '74 pontiac with the 400 engine & a $29 EIGHT yr old compact everstart walmart battery in it – still good!! Always garaged with neg cable disconnected 525 cold cranking amps. & battery brought inside during the winter. No a/c or p/w in his car. You should get a lot more than 3 yrs out of ANY battery!
    Pray that JC Penney dont go out of business – lol – they will be closin a lot of stores soon!

  24. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaaha that is got to be the funniest warranty I've ever heard of, bet u the regret ever making such a warranty like that.

  25. Buy a battery tender, battery should last at least 5 years if you don't do anything stupid. Just because you have a warranty you should be a little responsible for your equipment. This guy probably doesn't start this thing more than once a year if he's gone through forty batteries in 50 years.

  26. I wish sears wouldve ran an offer like that, burning them every two years after losing a bunch of hearing working in their auto center would be nice.
    I had to work right next to the two GIANT compressors that ran the entire shop, they were on every ten mins or so. They were so loud that if you tried shouting to someone in front of you, they wouldn't hear you.

  27. My 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Bram with( left over) Lotus v8,,Lt 1 w/,allison tranny .The battery was 16 years old when I changed it.,."I have several vehicles, but this Caddy is the best , average 20+mpg & Fast.""I wish you could talk about the relationship with Lotus and GM in the past with these LT-1& LT1.,,, not much info.out there-.Thanks ,,and EYE really enjoy your videos!!☆☆

  28. JC Penny may just find it cheaper to make this guy disappear. Better keep an eye on those brake lines and lug nuts each time he takes his corvette for a drive.

  29. Nice looking Corvette!
    I miss the good old days of good customer service and companies that honored their customer service policies.

  30. If that was me that was offered a measly $200 to buy me out of my warranty I would have laughed in their face.

  31. The Guy that sold You the Warranty was like the Guys driving through Neighborhoods in Pink Cadillacs selling Alluminum Siding back in the Day. Those guys were the MASTERS. They Really did Believe in Their Products they Sold.

  32. The battery is the best-looking thing on that car. Corvette-Rescue should rescue that poor Vette from a bad situation.

  33. I love that this man is willing to jump through all these hoops to get that battery after almost 50 years

  34. We had that black JC Penny Lifetime battery BITD but when JC Penny dropped the automotive center we figured that was that and never bothered to pursue it. Never imagined they'd honor the warranty even when the automotive center was still around, seemed like such a gimmick!

  35. I did the same thing with a sump pump at home depot .I forgot the name on the pump right off hand but I have the box in the barn and will post the brand soon.
    After one pump was replaced Home Depot told me that lifetime deal was no longer good and sent me on my way.

  36. This is bullshit! I bought my mom a Pennys lifetime battery in 1975 for her 1973 Maverick, changed it three times, forth time they said this is the last one, they wouldn't honor it anymore. Nothing else I could do. This was in Sanford Fla. Your good friend Vinny in good old Fla.

  37. Damn that’s a lot of batteries. I had an Interstate battery in my car for six years and it was still good when we got rid of the car.

  38. I got the same thing going, but mine is at Wal-mart, when I got my license at 16, I got a junker truck with some odd & end work it needed so it was road ready & cheep enough for a broke 16 yr old to pay for, it needed a battery, so off to wally world I go, they was running a sale for a "lifetime battery, no questions asked full replacement guarantee" so that is the one I got…. problem was, it didn't say life of the car in the paperwork, just "lifetime" & "no questions asked replacement" so I have a warranty on a battery for the lifetime of me… trust me, at 53 yrs old I have went thru a lot of batteries in all my vehicles, ( some I have had to buy adapters for so the battery cables will work on the post, small price to pay when the battery is always free) every once in a while they give me some slack about it when I go to exchange the wore out one for my new one, but I have a folder that has every receipt and all the paperwork in it from the day I bought the first battery, so after I start pulling out paperwork to show them & explain everything…. I always get my new battery…

  39. You, Sir, are a genius. I wouldn't buy boxers at JC Penny. You've managed to rip them off in a royal fashion and I salute your effort.

  40. Very interesting video, I've always heard of the lifetime battery from places like Kmart and heard the stories but never explain in great detail like you have just done. I Love It lifetime haha

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