Hard Target (4/9) Movie CLIP – Motorcycle Chase (1993) HD

Hard Target (4/9) Movie CLIP – Motorcycle Chase (1993) HD

Hyah ! Oh! Ohh! Ohh! Yeah ! [ Horn Blowing ] [ Horn Blowing ] [ Horn Continues ] Ladies first. What ? Whoa ! Aah !


  1. Michael Bay may have the market cornered on explosions, but he can't top John Woo for style.

  2. Hard Target a Van Damme starter is such a good movie that I cannot stop viewing that unforgettable movie so often even after two decades

  3. انا أيضآ من معجبين جدا جدا بك يا فندام وشكرا على ما قد م لنا محافظه مصر

  4. For me the star of this video was the Thompson Contender chambered in 45-70.
    No way anyone could shoot that thing with one hand while you are driving.

  5. I love ❤️ that scene. Van Damme is sooo tough. My favorite action hero 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️

  6. Lance Henriksen was originally gonna be the Terminator instead of Arnie. After watching his performance in Hard Target I can totally see how much he would've nailed it.

  7. 1993: When you could still make a great action film with a good cast and a renowned director for under $20m.

  8. فدوه اليشوف تعليقي يخلي لايك علمود وره الفطور اجي اعلق

  9. Gostei do vídeos deixei um joinha se pode faz uma visita e da aquela força se escreve aí amigo ajudar

  10. take my chances with the gunman or jump onto a moving train with the hotest most skilled man in martial arts from the 80s and 90s era. I think I'm jumping.

  11. Dammm! Van Dammmm! Is killin all these motorcycle guys and not one bullet touches him! Shidoshi Tanaka really trained him!

  12. في ٢٠١٩ صور النجم الكبير فان دام اعلان في مصر مع فنان مصري واسع الشهره وهو محمد رمضان حقق الإعلان نجاحا خياليا وانبهر الجمهور المصري لما رأي فان دام يقلد ممثل قديم يحبه المصريين وهو محمود المليجي مما جعل الجمهور يحتفي بفان دام ويشكره على هذه الروح الاخويه

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