German drivers ignoring state police officer

German drivers ignoring state police officer


  1. Den Polizisten kann man nur guten Nerven wünschen. Ich würde denen gerne mal einen ausgeben.
    Unfassbar wieviel Blödheit in D unterwegs ist.

    Das Schlimmste ist….diese Vollpfosten dürfen alle Wählen !!!

  2. unglaublich, warum nimmt man diesen asozialen hirntoten den führerschein nicht ab…diese typen haben auf öffentlichen strassen nichts zu suchen

  3. Yes, theses drivers are backward! No common sense! No brains! Ban them from driving ! Before the kill someone . with with there stupidity !😬

  4. actually its a bad location because you can not see the emergency lights because the sun set and its to bright

  5. Recall some Germans got it in their head that Stalingrad would be a good direction in the winter…. Cant tell em.

  6. Meinen Respekt and die Polizeibeamten, dass sie/Sie es schaffen, trotz solch denkimmuner Personen schaffen ruhig bleiben.

  7. Normale Polizisten sperren die Fahrspuren auch nicht mit einem Honk der wild wumherwinkt, sondern mit Streifenwagen. Aber ist halt Bayern.

  8. This would not be handled the way it was handled if this was in the states. They are going around him showing that he is not able to handle the situation his patrol car has inadequate warning lights he has no backup he is alone he would have back up and additional cars blocking the road that is heavy traffic no matter how slow it is going. He is in danger. Keeps turning his back to the traffic they are going around him he needs help

  9. If there's an accident on the highway and a need to close a lane from oncoming traffic here in Canada, there will be a couple of squad cars across the lane to block the way and then a few more a few miles down with a couple of officers directing cars away from the lane. So no chance to dodge back into the lane.

  10. Germans think they can do what they want, they tried to take over Europe in 1939 !!! lol I'm English so I never let the bastards forget 🙂

  11. He is all by himself with a puny car and two dinky markers yet he is trying to divert heavy traffic. Small wonder he did not get run over. Poor police work poor markers and a failure to properly let the traffic know what to do. He does not command much respect

  12. Idiots! The police is not showing you to exit because they want you to have a delay… they show it because it makes more sense to drive back country roads and go around instead of getting stuck for 10 hours on the Autobahn!!!

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