From 0 To THE TOP! Dazzle Losing Streak Strategy | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 108

From 0 To THE TOP! Dazzle Losing Streak Strategy | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 108

okay haven't done a decent haven't had a decent beast game in a while so maybe I'm okay with taking the risk actually I can easily go back to it if I get an early voice tone with vino or crown and stuff I'll just get that to works they have good synergy I can easily get asked again if I see other opportunities to go beast damn well there is not much good to buy here so I can sell this Furion anyway and buy something that makes more sense if I want or I could maybe try to have a two-star fury and early he got buffed he will someone to treants us to star or I could get the dazzle and lose hope I don't lose this one this one is not part of the plan to lose but I wanted to have the option to sell jog and buy a Furion and maybe go losing streak with dazzle into into an elf build whoo that was close actually if I only knew oh if I only knew I'll get two mangoes I bring an end to magic think I'll sell one of the Furion's here I have to let's get rich do you ever do be world obese not really hey man what's up totally doobie were lobbies don't have many viewers for that anyone open for it he has two two stars he is super weak – two stars – two stars kind of strong anyway not so strong not so strong nobody opened for it and half of the people have quite big upgrades so if I if I play the normal game looking what I have been looking at what I had before and what I get now I don't think I've had it I would have had any two stars yet so I probably wouldn't get a good start anyway so I'll just do this losing streak and probably go off after it I started loving ELPS since I since I started doing open forts and losing streaks in 12 it's actually so fun and it's so good and when it works out I bring an end to magic Luna I'll grab a Luna later if I need it I'm sure she can be the sixth elf temporarily temporarily what is the strongest building dispatch probably goblins the strongest late game goblins probably late game to win win with goblins I think governments with Naga even beat bill beat mages I'm always about to same ages because mages have always been the strongest by far but maybe not anymore maybe goblins with Nagas do beat mages enchanted I'm sure oh that's nice I can make this interest here so the strongest it it's probably goblins I'm not 100% sure but it's probably goblins I don't know so I'm not sure who is the strongest but the strongest ones are goblins Knights goblins Knights mages gods are okay too but for that you need you need good items and stuff I'll probably sacrifice one interest here virus to die just reward my blade compels D in two rounds there is going to be golems so maybe I could try to get something to beat it with like if I get a maybe I can do three dragons for that round specifically is it recommended doing losing streak in mage field here that can go well as well that can also be good I have seen open forts and big losing streaks in two majors winning and doing really well enchanted I'm sure haven't gotten any treant protectors yet that really sucks so we got Knights Knights troll warrior with something warrior would beast warrior with something else hunters hunters as well trolls and I don't know what he is let's see warriors nobody doing elves nobody doing assassins ba ba da queen of pain don't seem like they will be contested pretty hard maybe not at all I don't know if this is enough I was trying to get units that can beat these goblins but three goblins not upgraded this golems I mean I was trying to beat the goal in some car or maybe I'll kill one of them we can definitely include elves as one of the strongest builds okay so now it's time to put units in try to start winning I probably won't win anything at first but I'll try to start winning as soon as possible stop taking damage I'm at fifty gold already so I can stop taking damage now I'm not ready to stop taking damage and start winning I don't have the necessary units and upgrades but if I kill units it's less damage taken and I should probably get the dazzling again I don't know why am I trying to do trios I don't know I put the pa4 trios dazzle should still be there I don't know what why I was expecting to start winning with this so I put elves PA okay I'll be level seven by the next round and no more no more leveling for a while it will be rolling epic note thank you for the twelve months one full year now twelve months thank you very much brother thank you for the support thank you it means so much to me do you ever try on deaths in assassins field I think it's powerful it may sound powerful but it's not I haven't even tried it to be on I think I tried it once omni to do two undead's with assassins but it didn't work and this is why it's not good undead will increase assassins damage they already have enough what they need is some frontline and then that's are not ideal front liners I feel like I have so much rolling to do I need Furion I meant to turians when I got it one more tree one more Trent and the lone druid oh I guess I need enchantress again then in that case no time okay I'll take the dazzle out next turn and try to start winning at least I have a good oh my god I'm gonna win I actually made myself a bit too strong whoops you don't want to lose the streak here I'm only going to have to income it's okay though at the same time it is nice that I stopped taking damage like crazy on my way actually I don't need that I guess chanted I'm sure whoa holy ta-da hey I need a TA and to level the way to flavor I'm gonna save up now I think it's time to save I should be stronger than everybody else this should be the beginning of a win streak now ok antimage three star queen of pain three star PA three star those are the most important ones and then one trillionth away lonetree three star alright it's time to stop losing now and let's see that six warriors we don't to start that there I think I do beat him though wait six warriors and God yet six warriors without canceling God well that's crazy but he doesn't need it though he's still losing all right I will level to eight after round 20 I think I will have enough gold and put any elf ideal it's a TA enables the tree assassin ta with refraction and 45% or whatever it is evasion is just so tanky she thanks a ton of damage and then we go from there let's go up and come back Oh another row chanted I'm sure ok well that's quite huge actually one tree and one one lone druid I think this game will be a fool come back from from losing streak last place am Elya brother oh god I'm doing so much damage elves now actually are kind of like beasts in terms of damage to other players because of Furion summoning more treants it this is just like beasts so many summons and you're coming from an open for eluting streak and you are you are on a huge power spike much stronger than everybody else and it just does so much damage I'm second in damage done I'm second in damage taken No but but I've taken a lot yeah second beast is not bad at all they find an elf oh my god man enchanted I'm sure okay there we go so here is the thing guys at level 8 I needed the six tell it's it's like I cannot I can't not have six cells level nine is with this build where you can put either second beast or a second ta to star those are the two options and the beasts can be whatever it can be in chanters three since you already have the rest of the druids to make it upgraded I want the TA men I bring an end to magic most importantly a TA enchanted I'm sure no no 9 else again it was a good meme but I don't want to do it again how do you ever tried Auto chest two to four yeah 2×4 yeah it's pretty nice I've gotten a nice 2×4 games and other fun ones too so he beat me he beat me because I don't have ta to tank his back line for ages and I don't have PA 3 yet to kill them all into crits maybe I'm not perfectly positioned either against him specifically just positioning in generally how I want everybody still alive you cannot position against one player specifically he's bidding me as well and his troll doesn't have been KB oh not one but two enchanted I'm sure I'll just sharpen my experiment enchanted I'm sure enchanted I'm sure I'll just sharpen my spear and then ready to go enchantress has given me so much gold this game okay this is the guy that beat me only on his board now I have assassins I have the assassin bonus I have the TA okay not this time hunter I could have made the Enchantress 3-star but I am also making a lot of gold from it so okay I'm really close to stuff one laundry I need ta I need to move ta where the PA is I think over here so that she doesn't attack from range whoever jumps here my front line the TA needs to jump in on the back a nice items man nice for the PA yeah it's true it's true I am getting so many I bring an end to magic okay I need to cup at least two interest going now I don't need unconscious anymore at level 9 I'll play a second a second ta I already have one I need two more oh I think he's out sorry dude so looks like the biggest opponent will be undead goblin hunter nice what the facts are they're available by the way flame the flame for 200 that's not too bad but I think I want the one that drops eggs or coins one of the two yeah look now at PA with refraction yeah the hunter pretty much has no chance now my own ear PA damn I didn't get anything what the hell yeah I was thinking the same a while ago to pick up guaranteed somebody's items when you knock them out but at the same time though maybe it's a like a coincidence to lose to you exactly maybe they would have lost to anyone else anyway as well so it's kind of like you get lucky that they lost to you maybe there are more players that the person can lose to it's not only you so it but it could just be a question of being a thing about luck and not because you truly deserve it because you are the only person that can beat the guy as long as this guy doesn't have six hunters to pierce all my vision through all my evasion I think I'm okay I just reward my blade compounding so 22 experience in in three rounds from now I will in three rounds from now it will cost me 25 gold level to nine so next turn I think I will roll to 30 try to get specifically that PA and ta and I will try to and then then I will level to nine when I have a PA ready to go I mean a TA a second PA the veiled sisters sent me okay so if I'm not ready to get the DA to star in I'm not gonna roll only for TA and I will put a second piece now now I can do a second beast in this case oh god he lost so hard actually started from the bottom now started from the bottom and now I can be greedy this game I can be greedy actually why I was one experience away I can get it next round for free but why not right now because maybe this will be the difference between dealing and damage and 15 damage to a player and none I'm not even first place yet so I shouldn't get overconfident and and it up because you know everything is possible to be fair it's very hard for me to lose but it's almost impossible for me to lose but there is the ven oh there is the Blake ward that's one venue and one play where it is an extra three damage that I wouldn't do without them and it is any tears no tears around here I can be overconfident oh my god PA treats for almost 3,000 men this PA bro I think he up his build I think he up his build he I feel like the goblins don't really need the goblins unless unless he's going six of those and his build is quite good but mine is just better six elves is a pretty big counter to right-wing trolls that's what he has right big trolls so much of the evasion stuff what are the meta bills currently goblins this a creep round giveme relic I have gotten quite a lot of relics recently goblins else Knights are probably the top three mages okay really got hyperstone pipers enchanted I'm sure be a mom daga finish them well hello there oh my god PA just jumps here and him up whole PA with mom she just jumps here and deals a thousand damage per second I think van o2 is better than enchantress three enchantress can heal us a bit she could heal us a bit I don't know but ven Oh someone's words that's a dp2 now but we don't care I'm sure can I see the damage of PA I did 285 at the end in a lot of games recently I came close to dealing 300 damage to people that's so much but I haven't done it yet I came close many times but I haven't done 300 yet we'll do it we'll do it one day what do we need like a super super insane beast game with early summons and stuff not only early but the entire game with a lot of someone's probably and stuff like that it's pretty hard though to do 300 damage damn that game was a full recovery from from zero whatever you want to call it from zero to something started from the bottom started from the bottom now we now we first now we here I hope you guys on YouTube enjoyed it as well don't forget to like the video if you enjoyed it and if you're new to the channel subscribe I upload here on YouTube every day also I stream on Twitch so don't forget to follow me and check out the stream and stuff thank you so much for watching the video I will see you in the next one good luck and have fun playing games


  1. Que le pasó a este canal S: después de años pase a ver cómo seguía y me encuentro a Danny jugando minijuegos de dota wtf, regresa a lo de antes man.

  2. Can someone explain to me how did natures prophet became 3 star at 14:08 without having an actual 3rd 2 star NP?

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