Freightliner Cascadia DD13 DD15 DD16 ENGINE fuel pump air compressor seals replacement removal 472

Freightliner Cascadia DD13 DD15 DD16 ENGINE fuel pump air compressor seals replacement removal 472

everybody today I'm going to show you how to replace the fuel pump and the air compressor seals we are going to be replacing the seals because these are leaking a little oil from the air compressor and the fuel pump is missing all over the place as you can see think you wanna do this remove this plate over here these are under the Fela housing these balls now we want to look for the timing timing mark to set the timing to remove the fuel pump so the timing mark is set it's very hard to see it but it's right here right here it's very hard to focus so you have to set the timing mark like that and now we can remove the fuel pump here and there is another sensor underneath here and cool online then go over there to the compressor and these pull on lining is here when I remove it and then we're going to remove four bolts there is one there is another one right there very hard to see then we're gonna see the after will remove the whole lines remember to disconnect the sensor drains underneath so now we can see the fuel pump the fuel phone is right here when I remove the harness disconnect the harness from the fuel pump will not disconnect all the attachment of the harness and then we're gonna remove this plate these three poles one two and three the three right here there is one two three and the other one two there is one two three poles when another movement to make room to remove fuel foam and then we're not remove the high-pressure lines here these two two lines when I remove them to have the fuel pump ready to now we're gonna remove this cooling line and goes to the compressor to the block and we're not remove this plate right here then hold the rear area of the fuel pump and then when I perceive to remove the fuel pump okay to remove the fuel phone we have to remove these bolts right here there is one and there is another one right there and there is two minutes I'd there so those are the ones and hold the fuel form place so we now remove those and then gonna pull the fuel pump out the fuel point is out that you can see the bolt right here this is the seal we're going to replace and the fuel pump and once a few points out just shake it out I highly recommend to replace the fuel pump if you put it but in this case is just leaking oil we just gonna replace this here oh okay going to remove the air compressor now because when I purchase even that well we're gonna pull this horse out is very easy to pull it and then gonna remove this one here the pressure line with a 1 inch screen and we're gonna remove the air this lines traffic connects very easy to remove and the power-steering phone it has two two bolts only there is one port right here in the little ball right there just to remove this bolt and pull the four were receiving from is out now we can remove the air compressor to remove the compressor we need to remove these two bolts on top now we never move that two apples on top of the air compressor this one right there is very hard to see it's very hard to see it but it's right there as you can see it is all covered with oil okay we can see the compressor this video is completely well but this is the shielding has the old pressure and the other seal around here is no even here see you you start to the blob right there so the seal is completely dry that's the reason why it's leaking oil so now we want to clean all that area a little bit to reinstall the seals when I clean be able to the air compressor and if you want to remove all this dirt around a little bit the compressor is someplace this completely secure measure to tour the balls to specifications the power steering pump and the rest of the components we were to remove the air compressor the air compressor is in place everything is secure now when I sell the fuel pump okay now we're gonna make everything that is new started when I made the balls and apply some silicone around we prevent anyone leak they feel phone it someplace always torque the poles to specifications and now just gonna install all the rest of the components a few lines and the other component is around the fuel form the pill form is on place and you can see everything is tying secure or the compressor line in some place they harness some plate the plate it is some place all the route hoses the compressor hose using everything's on place and secure now we can perceive to style the fuel filter housing this is the only C we're going to replace for the full filter housing there is no other seal and the older holes right here and they in this holes right in the fuel filter housing someplace the next step will be to install all the fuel lines the low pressure the high pressure and the return line and we're gonna install the Ian outlines and make sure to reconnect all the sensors and to reconnect the hoses is one of the hoses the one that goes to the compressor to the fuel filter housing and the one comes from the oil filter the disc right new so then after that we're going to replace the fuel filters everything is wrong place the fuel system is already filled and the fuel filters are new too now we are going to fill the coolant system ok the coolant system is full we just wanna double-check everything to see everything is on place and now we want to start the engine okay the engine is running now when I walk out science tech politics okay so this is all I wanted to do about the fuel calm and the air compressor OC replacement if you have any questions about this video just tuned in below and I'll try to answer as soon as I can please like the video share and subscribe and thank you for watching


  1. I have replaced a few compressors on dd13 without removing fuel pump if that's the only problem. You just gave to put your face on the side of the frame and look cross eyed tosee the top/ back bolt. Remove P/S reservoir and pump.

  2. Francisco do you get your service manuals from the Freightliner dealership? Or, do you go straight to the factory?

  3. Francisco, I just replaced same pump on my cascadia, did everything like you said in video, but truck would start. It’s cranking but not starting. Do you have any idea what that could be?

  4. Hi! Could you please make some video about fuel stabilizer replacment on dd15 freighliner cascadia. Thank you!

  5. my air compressor is leaking oil ,went to two shop already , replace the seal and o ring 3 4 times still leaking oil , DO u have any idea , what’s going with my truck?

  6. Fransisco how do you remove the short water line from the compressor to the block because its leaking water from the end on the compressor. It looks like a clip is holding it on I just don't know how to remove the clip to replace the O ring. It only leaks when the engine is cold

  7. Hi Francisco. Im getting ready to replace injector harness on dd15 2011. Any advice you can give and what’s the torque
    Specifications for the harness. Thank you.

  8. Francisco buen dia..
    Quiero poner una dd13 fuel pum nueva .. Como pongo la la fuel pum nueva a tiempo?.. el flyweel ya lo tengo en el punto a tiempo

  9. Hi Francisco. Yes it was there, thank you. I have a question about installing a new pump.
    I purchased a new pump today and the new pump is without the gear, the old pump he’s a key way for half moon
    Insert and the new pump has only small pin to secure the gear. Can I use the old gear and eyebrow plate or I need
    The whole set new? Also is it the key way still the timing reference point and do you have the torque specification for
    The gear and eyebrow plate? The engine is 3 filter setup manufactured September 2010. Thank you and best regards.

  10. Hey Fransisco how much you charge for change compressor parts and labor I have 2011 DD15 . 2 month ago I change discharge hose because was not built air. And now start again not built air so I think its compressor go bad on this compressor only 350,000miles 5years . And when I drain air from air tank some white smoke coming up smells like fuel burn. What helps for me to build air I need stop truck and drain all air so compressor gonna starts working again. What can be? Please help.

  11. Great vid! Didn't even know the air compressor was there until watching this. Yep our DD15's air compressor leaking coolant. Dripping coolant from the o-ring seal. Thing is awhile back governor was shot and pressure was building up over 150psi until it went out. Well TA's and freightliner shops suck. Everytime they touch our truck, new issues arise smh. Thanks for your tips Mr. Francisco Amaya.

  12. A quick question, the air compressor it's leaking water on a cascadia. Can I just remove the compressor without removing the fuel pump? Also Do I have to set the timing?

  13. Sr. Francisco como puedo comunicarme con usted , necesito cambiar el air compressor de mi troque, yo vivo en Hesperia CA.

  14. I need to replace my air compressor…can I replace it from the bottom or do I also have to remove the fuel pump to do it…thanks

  15. hey francisco how long will it take to replace am air compressor on a dd15 i just got charged for 12hrs
    thanks in advance

  16. Didn’t realize how shitty designed dd15 is , think I will stay with a Cummins, at least you can work on it without removing half the motor.

  17. Francisco you seem to be pretty knowledgeable on the dd15. I have one question. With proper maintenance and average use…do dd15s go 1 million miles?

  18. Hey Francisco good video and I have the same problem in my truck same engine dd15 can you help me out to fix my truck?

  19. Francisco what about if only air compressor needs to be replaced. is it easy to get to the rear bolt ?  after removing bolts , hoses and power steering pump is it coming out easy?   just pull forward and bring compressor down ?

  20. men you should change unloader valve O-rings in air compressor too while compressor was out . very good video !!! I see the odometer was showing more than 1 million miles. I would put new air compressor on engine for sure.

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