Flying Attack Skulls Just Got HOTTER! | Scrap Mechanic

Flying Attack Skulls Just Got HOTTER! | Scrap Mechanic

hey everybody its derf and today we're gonna be taking a look at these handsome fellows over here so on a past livestream I was building a flying attack skull that's what these guys are let's go ahead and turn these guys on so that you can see see these guys sort of in action they're not attacking me just yet but this is what they look like when they're floating around so anyway I was building this all livestream I'm gonna leave the link to the live stream down to the description below if you want to see the build process but I am gonna briefly explain how these guys work so that's a little more experienced mechanics can still be able to build something like this themselves if they really want to so anyway this flying attack skull build it was inspired by let me go ahead and show you this this thing over here it's in the modpack beta it's the Halloween skull launcher so you go ahead and you push a button and out-out spits out a little skull and then it chases of nearest player and explodes so I actually wanted to build a flying attack skull as a blueprint to attack the nearest player so we started out with something like this and as you can see they're just floating around so how that works is it has a gravity module in it that's in the mod pack that's this guy right here so all that we're doing is and and then you know we're also using a lot of other like the orientation block and the EXO meteor and stuff like that so basically all that we're doing is we're checking the altitude of this guy which I believe I set to like 16 blocks or something yeah that looks about right 16 blocks so we're just checking the altitude and if it's above or below 16 blocks we're just applying a I think it's like 0.2 or negative 0.2 gravity to the to the creation so it just ends up floating around 16 blocks okay so that's enough of that let's actually yeah let's actually get rid of these guys we're gonna show you the real one the real one in action that actually attacks players here's an actual flying attack schoo we go ahead and turn it on you can hear the thrusters turn on so that thing is definitely gonna be chasing after us as soon as we let go and there it goes turns towards us and slowly but surely it'll start coming after us and if this thing oh my gosh it's kind of scary oh my gosh oh wait is it gonna correct itself did I not add in the correcting for the tilts I guess not but anyway as you can see when it gets too close to the player then it explodes it's also I think within 16 blocks of the player and I think it's also pretty cool that it just leaves like the jaw behind so that's pretty cool not to toot my own horn or anything but it's pretty close pretty close to the real Halloween skull launcher the only thing that I couldn't really get is the fire effect I tried to do that in the livestream but you know sticking a flamethrower in there to set everything on fire it would just destroy all my logic in there anyway but thanks to some amazing people who left some awesome comments on my livestream I finally learned a way to use scrap guard properly to build this guy this is the this is a flying attacks call that is on fire so I have a scrap guard right here on the outside of this thing just that I can set destructible off because I don't want the fire to destroy anything buildable off connectable erasable on usable on so I just have that on the outside just to make sure the settings are okay before deleting it because there's another one on the inside oh I can't I can't show it to you because I hate all the connection well whatever point is the scrap guards on the outside just to make sure that you can manage the settings of the scrap guard that's on the inside anyway so this thing has the flamethrowers you can go ahead and turn it on you see the flamethrowers already start oh yeah this thing has RGB blocks for the nose and eyes so that it lights up I thought that looked really cool I went with a different sort of style here but anyway we're obviously on fire here let's let's just lets it spawn in a fresh one all right so here is the flying attack skull on fire let's check it out oh that looks so awesome it's not quite fully on fire yet you know what let's let's make it turn around make it get all those flames up in its face yeah there we go it's getting more and more on fire yeah that looks a lot more like the the Halloween skull launcher I mean aside from the the paint job and glowing eyes unfortunately though this one doesn't explode I didn't have a whole lot of room in there with the with all the logic involved I think this guy's stuck so when I converted the flying attack skull into the fire variety basically I had to remove all the explosive to make room for the for the flamethrower oh my gosh that looks so scary you know what no no no no no no let's get a bunch of these in here all right so here we have four flying attack skulls the fire version I'm gonna try setting them all off at once seeing how that goes hopefully my computer doesn't crash and I'm gonna try try and use my spud gun to set some of them off too I don't want to get too close to some of them so let's go ahead and try to sit this one off got it let's go go go go go got it oh my gosh get it get it get it get it get it there we go I got it run run run okay they haven't crashed into each other yet but oh my is that ever scary one of them looks super super bright oh oh oh there jumbling up there jumbling up what is that one doing oh my gosh this is terrifying let's just try to run this way it's getting really really laggy too it's just the more and more fire there is it just gets worse like even if I turn these guys off it's not gonna get better we got a because we gotta fix that fire got it all that it even looks cool when they fall down oh no I got I brought it back to life it's getting really laggy I gotta get rid of this so anyway those are my flying attacks cut builds I had a lot of fun building them a livestream and thank you to everyone who helped me figure out how to sit this guy on fire properly that was definitely worth it so again I'm gonna leave a link to the live stream if you want to see the build process figure out how this guy works and I'll also leave a link to both of these blueprints the flying attack skull the one that explodes and the flying attack skull that catches on fire if you have any suggestions for a future bill why don't you leave them in the comments down below I always love getting new ideas and who knows maybe you might see your idea built in a live stream near you near you that's not what I meant to say so one cool thing that I did in the livestream that I want to show you before in the video I turned this guy into a mountable in into a riding mount that mountable mountable ride a mount I don't know basically I did this I put a stick on a bearing and a seat on the stick connected the seat to the bearing in the switch and that's it and now you can have a flying attacks call that you can ride and it will go wherever you want because it's always gonna be chasing you it's like luring a horse around with a carrot on a fishing line like you can you can just direct it wherever you want so let's go ahead and hop on right into the seat Oh perfect the seats facing the right way – I wasn't even checking for that and then you just go ahead and press the switch and it has alright take 2 you go ahead and you sit down you press the switch and the skull does what it normally does it just chases the closest player except this time now you can steer around by influencing the direction a little bit left and right so let's do it then we're gonna fly this skull around we're gonna try and avoid some of these trees you're over here now a little bit to the left that's good Oh too much too much there we go perfect got myself a drifting skull and yeah this is this is pretty fun well well we're wrong oh I should be paying attention to where I'm going yeah there's a lot of fun to drive around and it's not too difficult of a modification so you can go ahead and modify that blueprint if you want a drivable flying skull as well but that's gonna be it for today folks and if you want to see some more videos for me why don't you hit that subscribe button and I'll see you guys in the next one fight


  1. I definitely want to use the anti-gravity block now on this ufo creation I've been working on! I never considered combining it with the orientation block! I also have a hover tram that I'm building that would benefit from this

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