Fifth Harmony – BUS INVADERS Ep. 636

Fifth Harmony – BUS INVADERS Ep. 636

Welcome to my bus Hi Okay, when I’m… when I Drive I have to have my glasses on and then I just use this big wheel and just like this and then these are my Speakers my walkie-talkie cuz I can talk to the other drivers, so they don’t hit my bus with the control panel And everything I’m still learning the buttons. I’m not gonna touch them yet We’ll talk about that later welcome to my bus now Imma show you the rest Hello hello there I was sleeping casually beautiful front lamp Cute Lauren laughing at my joke, haha So here’s the front lounge I don’t spend a lot of time here because I’m usually crawled up like a hermit in my bunk this is the TV where we all sit like a family and watch movies such as frozen Elsa, Anna And what’s the other movie? We watch frozan over and over again We have popcorn here because we love to. L: That’s the kitchen, that is not your domain You are right, This is my domain okay, my domains boring ya it is Okay, we have water here L: also part of the kitchen C: because humans fun fact need water to survive a L: real system Um and what is this? does anyone know what is this? I don’t even know what is this L: It’s a mini TV C: oh, it’s a mini TV D: no, I am the driver here This is the Wi-Fi password Which without we would not be there would not be a smile on my face, but there wasn’t Wi-Fi in the cooler there’s drinks such as This coconut water which I don’t really like coconut waters, but you like it. That’s okay different roads for different folks this is my shoe cabinet where I keep my two pairs of shoes that I wear over and over again um And these are other other people’s cabinets which I don’t want to go through ’cause that would be rude so this is the front all right, and this is where we play music and this could be if we took it off an escape or a sunroof who knows and I’m here is Lauren with the kitchen Welcome to my kitchen, I am gonna take of this sweater because it’s ugly Alright, so we’re in the kitchen. This is the faucet this is where you don’t ever get water Or wash your hands because the water is disgusting um. This is a coffee maker We’ve got some Ritz crackers on a toaster and a tea kettle and a smoothie maker it’s wonderful cabinets built this food Which really is just cereal and returns I eat um Special K original I like plain cereal, so these are these are both mine absolutely Oh, I should we all share but these are the ones that I go to And then there’s also some Nutella in here, too Haven’t had a chance to eat in a while because you got a video coming up, but it’s delicious Regardless, it’s still in here. Talk to me everyday and there’s also just a bunch of tea because we have tea a lot There’s honey and peanut butter and condiments and all the food we eat on the bus Then there’s a bunch of drawers with a bunch of utensils and stuff, this is the garbage can hidden behind the door very effective This is like a little seating area where you can eat your food, and then here’s the fridge fully stocked kinda Oh, there’s blueberries. I eat blueberries. There’s some blueberries here I love fruit so we usually have like an endless stalk of fruit and vegetables. There’s a vegetable plate I don’t eat vegetables so and There’s a bunch of almond milk I don’t really drink that tho And then the greens and stuff and then this is the freezer I don’t really no, this is really mine Still the freezer Vital part of the kitchen Microwave to heat up your stuff, and it’s we it’s a weird placement, but this is this is the bathroom It’s kind of connected to the kitchen It’s beautiful. Just were like a studio apartment It would make sense so yeah This is the toilet you can’t poo or leave toilet paper in there because then you mess it up And that’s why you also can’t drink from this like all that this stuff is connected And then this is a mirror And that’s about it so oh And here’s a random closet That holds somebody’s clothing. I’m not quite sure which one of the men is it Somebody’s so up next we got Ally with the bunk situation well hello there fancy to see you here welcome to The bunk section very nice that we all met come here, okay? So after a nice long day of you know getting up doing the meet-and-greet, Interviews and most importantly before my little booties off for y’all singing and dancing having a really really awesome day We know that we can always come here to a lovely box, and it’s deep into a nice – lamba. It’s very very nice Sometimes I know that Normani and I we sometimes just have a little girl chats over here She’s right here next to me I don’t know if any of the girls want me to show you their bunks, so we leave it closed, but yeah, it’s it’s so nice. They’re actually here I want to get in them Getting in mine right now oh my gosh it’s so comfortable It’s perfect because It’s like the right temperature. I love sleeping in like cold and just being bundled up by blankets and The temperature inside here is amazing you have these vents that you can open and close they obviously protrude air Yes, it depends on this side it Yeah, it’s so comfortable It’s perfect especially it’s a perfect size especially for me because I’m so short so my legs don’t squish or anything I have a lot of legroom, so that’s really nice and here are my kids Yes, I have kids three to be exact this is mr. Heart I forgot her name, actually. I have to still name her don’t judge me But yeah, this is the place to come after a very very very nice day there you have it And now we will be heading to my section There you go Hi, I wasn’t expecting you there, okay? Hi, um this is our lovely Back lounge that we normally Lounge around in and this is the place that we come to kinda just to like chill watch movies together and other day the girls watch frozen together And as you can see this is where we normally kick our shoes off like after a show. This is the first place to where everyone normally comes to. and As you can see we have our lovely built in I guess kind of flat screen TV, and then we have another TV here it’s a bit smaller and basically when you play a movie then we’ll be played in both TVs at the same time and Actually let’s see this, there are creckers in there Can’t go wrong with the rights we actually got like a whole box There’s inception with an eyelash attached to it. It’s not mine Could you figure out who’s that is? Can you see that? There’s reception there’s clueless one of my favorite movies Frozen which I need to get on ’cause I still haven’t seen it 10 Things I Hate About You Of course you keep recommending clear on the road we love you guys so much and then Our lovely make-up artist, we love sou sarah She put the flowers just make her happy, so she just put flowers Around the bus and you can tell that she was our makeup artist because it looks you put in a Mac Mac I guess cylinder With some water, we love you sarah And the walkie talkies This is how our team normally communicates And then This is where we normally put our extra stuff sometimes like the fans give us a bunch of Gifts and stuff, and we can’t always fit like in our suitcases Or under the bus so sometimes they can’t adjust But in here until we can ship them home Yeah, that’s uh, I mean there’s a mirror Couple windows here’s our ice chests, which we have upgraded because before we only literally had like water in here What’s in here? I never been in here Paper? Thank you guys so much for being with us on Best evaders we love you guys so much and hopefully you enjoyed this tour


  1. I’ve always like plain cereal 🥣 like Lauren Special K And Cheerios.. who’s watching this vid for the live millionth time?? I am

  2. Lol 9:12
    Camila:Come play with me!
    Camila:Come love me!
    (Sorry if I copy anybody I don't really read any comments I only write them ._.)

  3. Jon Lajoie comes to my mind:

    "Knock knock, who's there? It's me…
    Wondering why you're not naked.

    Know knock, who's there? Me again…
    Still wondering why you're not naked."

  4. After seeing DevilDriver's and Mushroomhead's tour buses with the weed and beer cans on the every corner, I'm amazed how cute their bus is!
    Not only female toilets are much cleaner than the male ones XD





  6. at 0:21 u could here lauren say
    "camila in a "stop doing that kinda
    then Dinah opens the door and then
    at 0.55 Camila said she was sleeping
    when obviously she wasn't if Lauren
    was talking 2 her.
    they were both acting kinda weird and
    suspicious (in my opinion)
    Camila was Sweaty and Lauren had
    no bra on
    When Normani was giving a part of
    the tour in the background at 9:12 U
    could hear Camila say come play
    with me come love me then u
    could hear Lauren say book in the cut
    little baby voice then u could hear a
    At 9:46 Lauren shouts "arghhh!
    Then at 9:48 Camila moans

  7. En que parte fue donde pasaron lo de los gemidos osea en que lugar del bus que enseña lo hicieron Camila y lauren

  8. Nadie me venga a decir que Lauren y Camilla no estaban en algo cuando Dinah a rio la puerta segun camila dormida???? Esas dos estaban en algo y se hicieron la locas😍💕💕

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