1. People call the Tesla truck ugly and childish, but let's be honest, 200k $100 preorders within 24 hours? This truck is going to do amazing

  2. I don’t understand why everybody hated on it because the window broke? REGULAR WINDOWS WOULD HAVE JUST COMPLETELY SHATTERED

  3. Actually when they hit it with the sludge hammer first the window slid down a bit making it crack because the reinforcement at the the top. If you watch their factory test video you’ll see it drop and that’s what happened at the show as well.

  4. First they would have glass strength followed by hammer kick on door … I think it's resonance effect… And also i can see the difference in throwing power(steelball) in test prior to launch and during launch..

  5. First they should have tested glass strength followed by hammer kick on door … I think it's resonance effect… And also i can see the difference in throwing power(steelball) in test prior to launch and during launch..

  6. Pretty sure that if this breaking of the glass didn’t happen, the consumer version would not have over-engineered glass in them.

    When Elon says theres “room” for improvement, you best believe it will not be just a room, it’d be a mansion.

  7. I know why the glass broke! If you look closely, you'll notice that the windows were slightly rolled down.

    And when they dropped the ball on the glass, notice how they keep locking it back down after the ball hits it.

    The glass broke simply because the glass on the truck was not properly braced before the respective impacts.

  8. They broke the glass seal when hitting the door with the hammer breaking then integrity of the glass, this info was also on the tweet that happen to be left out of this new review

  9. In a world where we tend to need our cake and eat it too, this is how I see the mixed reviews. To maintain the lower price point, while also creating a first ever Exo skeleton model, the pressed steel exterior needed to be pressed in flat sheets. Other models with curved steel sheets are 3 times as expensive to produce. While I’m not exactly raving at the design persay, I’m eager to utilize all the features this truck has to offer.

  10. İts funny how people are just talking about the "shattered glass". Well if you are looking for a military type unbreakable glass, there are a lot of companies doing that kind of thing for offices, houses and cars. İf its the only reason why you are talking about a fail, go buy the car and then order an unbreakable glass set for your cybertruck. However, its not the case. The reason im texting this is everyone keeps talking about a fail while the car did its everything good. İf its really the glass makes you talk about it, they can use it as an advertisement because how many car producers have an unbreakable glass on their cars as a standart? And the ball didn't even broke the glass and get through it. This is not a bad thing for an unbreakable glass test and they did some tests behind the scenes. There are a lot of possibilities about the glass but remember, they did all those tests on the same car.(including the behind the scenes tests and even the tests while producing the prototyp) İf there is just a reason that makes you unhappy about the car, go make some comparisons. İts up to you.

  11. Atleast we know hes actually trying to stick to his word rather than trick us with some chicanery. Mistakes are ok, I respect his desire for perfection.

  12. musk is the kind of guy that will improve weak vehicle glass, by lobbying for slower maximum allowable speeds and higher insurance deductibles…AND developing a new proprietary glass replacement technology and business model that caters to those tesla people who have always wanted "smart" glass that tells you basically that your glass is broken with a "free app" that alerts you to this obvious fact ..and will automatically connect to a glass replacement center for a modest price of 9,500 US dollars…tint not included. (important PSA: you cannot opt out of the privacy agreement…it's basically going to spy through a special camera and collect everything you do, and how you smell) Musk will later tell you "there is more work to do" when your "smart glass" tears your bank account apart, demolishing it using virtual steel balls that shatter your entire financial world upside and down the other.

  13. He is the man who had much bigger failures… Thats why he is here.. This failure will improve him.. Not stop him like always.. We need innovative people in this world

  14. Elon Musk is the only business man that I believe in. When I feel anxious about humanity’s future, I think of him and feel a little better!

  15. If you hit glass in the same spot many times it will eventually break even if you are not hitting it very hard. That's my guess as to why it broke. They had already hit it multiple times before this event.

  16. I just want this comment recorded so people in the future can be impressed by my foresight. This will be the most important vehicle ever made. As the world continues to free-fall out of control, as the cancerous rot of moral relativism puts the final nail in the coffin of the developed world, the technocracy and their servants will need vehicles like this to travel safely. Look at California, the cities are being overrun by criminals and vagrants and the government is doing nothing to stop it. That is because those problems are problems of the old world, soon to be made irrelevant by advances in culture and technology that normal people can hardly imagine. In the meantime, the technocrats need a way to keep their families safe while venturing outside their walled, privately guarded compounds. This is an apocalypse car, people. Musk really is a genius.

  17. Not sure would even want that glass. What if you get in an accident and they need to extract you from the vehicle. Btw to me its probably the ugliest vehicle ever produced. Way up there together with the FIAT multipla

  18. “Off to a bumpy start” ..yeah 186k orders in the first week sure does sound like a bump start. The media is such utter trash

  19. the truck seems like something that would be used in the military since its steel with crack resistant glass with a gate that covers the windows

  20. in terms of future, this is the closest people will get (who aren't millionaires and billionaires) and Elon Musk has done it for us.

  21. Dont hate Tesla it was only because the sledgehammer took the window a little bit down. So if its bend i doesnt work when its bend

  22. This is what can happen LIVE. No sense in trying to hide it. Things can and will go wrong… Elon visibly upset, as anyone would be. He is a huge risk taker and up-front kind of guy. You gotta respect that… and obviously, "standard" glass would've shattered, gone through, and ended up in the passenger seat across the truck. If anything, people should see it for what it is and know they are seeing a REAL test instead of having the wool pulled over their eyes with some sort of trickery or illusion…

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