Electric Bicycle advancement 2017 for electric bike lovers | motorized bicycle must see

Electric Bicycle advancement 2017 for electric bike lovers |  motorized bicycle must see

hello products are shown in no particular order to know more link in the description below sit back and enjoy number one online demo re bike the first of a new generation of me like that are both under ride and practical on a daily basis mor bike talker speed pills and will cruise all day and up to 20 miles per hour right away you’ll notice the 26 by 4-inch fat tires would double the footprint of the standard mountain bike more rubber means more traction letting you ride over wet pavement potholed roads are loose surfaces with ease so our offers the only affordable satire he bike kit which was both front and rear suspension profession provides agile handling and a smooth stable and comfortable ride at any speed over any terrain the frames constructed out of 60 61 aircraft-grade aluminum light strong and guaranteed not to rust and when you’re done riding the frame easily folds in half for storage or transport there’s no need to call it a day when the Sun Goes Down bright LED projection headlights eliminate the road ahead without blinding oncoming traffic while soft angel eyes light of the writer and give a face of the bike a centralized 48 volt battery powers the whole system it’s wrapped in an icy 65 rated /b aluminum housing and offers a media power delivery whether you’re a seasoned writer or beginner a computer or a trailblazer mor offers the ultimate ii by for your needs number two number three mention if vertical bike parking would suddenly become simple the bike parking solution that would lift your bike for you wouldn’t require physical strength and would save floor space it’s all possible and it is here it’s marcus how it works drive in the front wheel when the wheel is fixed hold the saddle to lead the way and let Marcus do its job to remove the bike just grab the saddle and pull them towards yourself I my name is a again i am one from the creator of the powerful many break into the fish and program a lack of storage space all the rail move by parking devices of souls positions require great physical effort so we decided to develop a solution the idea was 12 years ago we were developing super solid 15 and now we have flu functional problems water is a solution that can be used by everyone from teenagers to the elder it also saves up to forty percent of floor space and it looks stylish directors your support is bringing the news about part would be very much appreciated this would be great if you decide to encourage us by being assessed by and try out the park we believe the artists will become and multi-asset for men by 10 20 Marcus it’s easy fun and simple already balanced with an electric bicycles to talk to you about the and aaron i think for most people riding a bicycle is really exciting the exercise fortune of bike riding is great if that’s what you’re looking for but there’s a certain aspect of riding advise of any size that involves seed and win the cyst bike gives you just with the rest of the problem and electric bicycles to make a great mode of transportation for all your daily activities are electrically and federalist system motor only turns on if your family that’s why we use throttle control we believe the only our writer should be in control of the speed and power of their electric bicycle with a twist throttle if you’re in trouble you’re in sticky terrain or you need to go uphill in a hurry all you have to do is twist the throttle and you can go i like other electric likes this may have a small battery and a small motor this amp aaron has a 250 watt motor and an eight and battery so you can go anywhere from 15 to 20 miles on a single charge anywhere from 15 to 20 miles an hour but it’s time to charge the battery you have a choice you can either charge the battery in the bike you can remove the battery and take it with you to charge later we want every home in America to have an amp ere bicycle that’s why we’re doing this crowds on the campaign we’re coming to where the consumers are to offer them this incredible value at a wholesale price because of our experience were able to bring you a high quality dependable fox with a great war he’s very quickly back the airfare and check our rewards don’t miss an opportunity to have a ton of fun number five number six if you’re anything like us you know there’s no replacing that rush of energy you get from riding your bike fast on and healthy there’s nothing quite like we have a vision how to make it much more than any of your urban cycling using water bike position called city lock is a comfortable bicycle federal easily transformed the foldable tough walk anybody with provide can use in turning the page looks from selling off reflects the 32nd just remove the channel open it the one metre long 30 chain and lock it in acknowledging the result is a unique use highly comfortable solid lock unlocking in green valley the federal equally 50 lakhs is designed to be a solid 30 lakhs made out of the starting few links that are over molded plastic protector frame from scratches cylinder security hardened steel houses are protected against drilling in that chapter is made out of high-quality aluminum for extra fitness and lightweight the to look at dr be compatible with t by t by followed by mountain bike or any other bike you might find the market city lock installation as easy as replacing your bike saddle and once installed citywalk fully adjustable city lock is available can do this with bottles carefully children to divide us the mast 50 lakhs tracking and city of comfort each model comes in a variety of design styles and colors city block is a truly remarkable product number seven lightest smarter and more complex than any other electric folding bike on the market unique technology unique you in the past 15 years electric bikes and electric folding bikes on the market haven’t changed much we have left and without that consistent quality collected using use the lightest model compact electric it is lightweight has a sleek design and extremely smart introducing us to be boarded the founders of developing States advantage of the next generation of regenerating electric technology that has the ability to charge the battery while pedaling so you can write forever without having to recharge it performs a brutal select track your road or lock your bike model with the app and make it difficult for stealing the more valuable the high-performance for impacts that feel and higher force is absorbent and provides for saferide beautiful multi-model Commission Colton second patterns health systems and then read it around everywhere the same time it can be for the extreme with you everywhere and place it under your work it was designed to fit our body sizes to fully adjustable height of having an extra-long seatpost have been designed for the urban feel the freedom and culture of urban lifestyle in 2015 developed by the waters of procedures red dots hey there thanks for watching this video click here to watch 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