1. What about the great Danny 'Beserko' Becker? Billy Gray, Bud from 'Father Knows Best'. I used to scream myself hoarse during these races. How about those seventies hair styles? Aren't they still racing in Northern California? Auburn specifically. I'm pretty sure they are still racing Speedway in Europe(??). Great stuff, fond memories.

  2. I remember this day. Irwindale had sanded the track and threw off the riders. Apparently they thought the sand would make for good TV or something. RIP Jeff Sexton

  3. Yes, The Bast are still racing, Harlan Bast he's 70 something years old, Bart Bast and Ryan Bast (son of Mike Bast) I saw them race tonight in fact in Auburn Ca. And yes there fast.

  4. A couple of my friends raced the SoCal circuit [Randy Marsh, Mike Caruso]. The 70s were a great time to be riding. I can still hear Larry Huffman announcing at the Ventura track, "Lightning Larry Shaw" "Radical Randy Marsh" SO much fun. I miss Mike, God rest his soul. Tons of stories.

    Thank you for posting this. Liked.

  5. YES! That fantastic nitro smell. The dirt in our faces sitting too close to a turn. Larry Huffman announcing. Great memories.

  6. Yeh these clips were real cool. A lot when I was just getting into Speedway back then. Went to 2 weekend schools with Michael Bast and 1 with Sunny Nutter but yeh brought back a lot of good memories. Was some crazy fun times for sure. John Sandona was my good close high school buddy and it hurt really bad when and how he went. Us Rialto Boys represented fairly well.

  7. Wow!!! I used to go to these races every Friday night with Kerry Petterson and his brothers Chuck and Elden. -google best motorcycle  hill climber in the world. This is way cool!!! You tube rocks!! Go Rick Woods!!!!  Where is Billy Gray?

  8. I remember the Woods brothers , Bass brothers hated the bass , Bobby Swartz
    and Larry Huffman keeping us going – you better be ready to cheer ! too much fun !!!

  9. Crazy Allen Christian is my favorite Speedway Racer of all-time… When I was a little kid about 9 years old I would watch the races with my dad. I always remember watching Crazy Allen Christian race with a style that stood out from the other racers. His eyes were very piercing and hellion like with his helmet on. Crazy Allen Christian was the only one who could kick penhall's ass. I seen CAC beat penhall on at least 3 different occasions. Anybody got any info on CAC??? When I google him nothing barely comes up except for pen hall or Kelly moran.

  10. my uncle Stan took me to my first speedway race in bakersfield 1971 and my first national Costa mesa 1972 have been a diehard speedway fan ever since. my favorite rider in the 70s RICK WOODS R.I.P. favorite rider of the 80s Sam ermolenko 90s Mike
    FARIA. 2000s who else but the old master GREG HANCOCK

  11. What ever happened to Jeff Sexton? My step sister was in love with him. We met him at select vans in Anaheim. Super cool guy.

  12. Thanks Mike
    Great footage – Brings back memories of my childhood, our family went to all the summer events at Coasta Mesa Speedway. I would cheer for my favorite rider Rick Woods. Thank-You for sharing.
    Rick "Rocket" Woods

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