Early MAGES Highroll Complete OWNAGE | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 83

Early MAGES Highroll Complete OWNAGE | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 83

only let's go brother man Tony let's go show them show them what you've got and get me some items I'm sending you to farm some items for me okay avoid stone here please okay very nice very nice all you're talking about the game the hunter game right hunter on that game Beastmaster he took me for a while did they get the six hunter in that game you're right look at all this elves go elf again nah I mean I don't really know what to get in here maybe the Luna maybe the Luna was better I didn't really know what to get they're gonna might have been better yeah can I sell witchdoctor nope what stone void stone on which dr. early oh wow I mean void stone on sniper or me run early is also good I agree with you I will go for the hunters and now we need a third country here that's it rolling sniper this early right that means that's the same as rolling treant protector this early oh and you go elf or if you're all razor this early with the tiny and then you go mage obviously elemental mage so now this pretty much means I go I go hunter huh it's pretty much means hunter built a pair okay so no third hunter but these two are definitely a good sign that I will most likely go hunter all right so we need tiny to tank survive quarter Stephane sniper actually let's give let's give voice down to Morana eventually on sniper I wanna have mom not not a region item arrow wyvern water is doing your dead enchantress let's go very well hell yeah I'm ready to rubble Tony and then we buy this I think right yeah we we should wind around with this and then the next round will level to five and add the second elemental and put them in the very front elementals are front liners maybe this game we can for once go on a win streak so many lost streaks today so many losing streaks and like third and fourth places and fifth places so many games where I'm coming from a huge losing streak now maybe we can start on a winning streak ember spirit being an elemental ember spirit yeah somebody talked it in chat talked about it fire like of some kind of fire elemental spirit somebody mentioned not too bad not too bad you can put Razer in the front for sure actually let's go this positioning I think it's better this four units can focus the same target over here it's really good to have focused damage with hunters and Razer will probably get hit by a melee unit yeah there we go that's perfect this tiny dice and razor is more towards the middle the closer razor to the middle is the better because you can hit the corners as well you know I'm not gonna play em I don't think even undead Undead undead on that this is something I want undead instead of actually under instead of instead of elemental or what not many people going hunter let's do one that instead of elemental right I don't know which one is better not 100% sure now is the smartest dice he's playing God mage Oh God is so weak poor guy I can maybe push next round to ten push my winning streaks make myself even stronger and stronger I'm not going to push the winning streak I'm not going to push the level up here actually I want to I want to this this win streak to never end nice and I can lock this because I want that bottle and the CM I want to transition into mage this game early koto I have got void stone as well cm I have raiser tiny like elemental early is the easiest way to go actually let's not look nice I get nice nice actually my thinking was I can sell extra units that I'm not gonna play because I will switch the build and now I have a second razor I can just sell and not look for 1 cm because I can easily find more Siam's no problem you come which is the dota order chest pass it's it's a 1 $1 1 euro for me I don't know in dollars if it's more than one what's up with your YouTube channel this year anything new or something else this year is slightly better than last year on the YouTube channel it's still like not doing very well it's really weak but uh you know we're hoping for the best honestly I'm ready for them put them all in put them all in there let's do undead with this I'm ready I have a void stone Cottle upgraded rays around 10 like that's that's how you go mate this is a mage build here I am so glad to finally go mage whoa like on is a human so we're gonna put like and in now I think around the 11 – interest and we have for humans this is for human elemental and mage let's go this is good but I need I'm going to need them upgraded to continue owning continue winning pretty hard further stuff to Lina Cottle is one one ring of health away from refresher oh look at this ah that's so close almost beat him Sani donation if perfect game and you noticed this message I know this all the messages brother I kind of want eraser here actually not gonna lie now I have a shot of vain he is a big one here I could have played another razor instead of like and I think a lion I mean instead like and thanked a little bit so it's okay oh wow mage perfect game means I win with 100% life I think I have to get really really lucky to do that and so far I am I actually want to do something here level seven dot super early level seven this should help me keep the streak for humans with the elemental and now we have a shadow fiend maybe oh maybe instead of four humans I could do second second razor and second SF oh god he's so strong maybe the level up will make the difference here okay nice okay how about instead of for human just put another razor in another SFO or how about you give me the SF upgrade cm is really nice as well can this be better or does the the lichen help thanking and silencing people I think he helps with thanks and silences please don't block a lot of night shields on me thank you they have that is close it's a flying panda guys it's a flying panda okay here is when I can do that I don't need for humans for the wolves but I could use another elemental like that because they will freeze the wolves is that good yeah that's all right oh poor razor as long as he stuns them it's cold wiped absolutely bricked refresh no it's not refresher I needed help ring of health not not avoid stone it's very scary that there is another player at 98 health as well but our economy is really good so we're going to continue leveling we need level 9 with mage this is a perfect game to level 2 9 and play six majors plus some strong frontline I need level 9 for mages yeah alright so Medusa with void stone wood could be ok ok – excited – excited I rolled a little bit or that does is game-winning because a drought three know she's gonna end my streak oh my god this drow dude this void stone will be on disrupter of course how could I forget about disrupter he's amazing it's almost copy image well I just love him image this is really hard to do perfect game man perfect games are almost impossible nowadays I think I only got two perfect games ever they are both uploaded on YouTube and they happened a while ago I needed to upgrade the SF the likened the CM like I just have four pair three pairs on my bench right now I needed to upgrade those two to be on a perfect game I need wyvern if I want to do six majors later screamed a notch face around okay so who else is a mage he is he's a dragon mage night he is a really strong mage people are incredibly strong dude come on cm nice how much extra held the tango the tango gives you between 1 and 10 L so what 96 scoff I don't want to use it I can just do conquer in the place of Leena hakuna is my human here instead of lena this way we have three warriors as well that's cool yeah I know I could have DK but I would rather I'll rather help oh nice what just happened here or what has happened but it's nice this is the drought 3-star that ended my streak I would rather do something else instead of those dragons level eight very nice and early very nice and a early level nine I want to do six mages with tiny tree star I think I'm gonna three-star and keep them seven units disrupter I want him he really helps in mages you can burst the enemy in in one one silence from disrupter eight units and the conquer nine units right there and eventually level 10 I can put we'll see we'll see maybe gyrocopter or a second essay for some upgraded five cost you know like a tight under his eyes okay so disrupter yeah so pretty much here what happens is an upgraded Lina would replace like and as a fourth human thus I have all this frontline already uh-oh let's go Gothel oh yes hablas the entire board it's so good no more baby Roshan I changed that I changed the Roshan career I thought it was giving me bad luck I think the last game was just as bad but this one is finally better this is how we do action in Uganda this is how we play majors in Uganda I'm one candy away yo let's get some rolling content in here let's roll career I don't want the bore so I'll delete it I'll get candies and then I will roll something nice very nice yeah that's very nice all right next round we are level 8 level 9 I mean it's all in pretty much this assassin is all in table or the razor 3 star would be so nice so wake up the mages I have bug Lina wyvern is here I need Zeus obviously alright he beat me but he's all in so he's probably it's normally feel stronger it's not surprising to me – so I'll just get the cotton now here I will played I don't know not a big deal maybe another night I was the other image doing he is at 88 held the final two might be made versus mage if I if I continue being first and he is second the final two might be made to first made so I could maybe get Nagas but I don't want to think of it right now I just have so many I have so much stuff to think about and get the graded on my bench this is okay I could do leech instead of wyvern as well I need Zeus to put six majors not gonna put six before Zeus did I give the void near morbid mask here what's better leech vibrant bug oh nice SM for an Opie out that's a one-star against the sauces and stuff a lot of people are getting eliminated right now damn I won both of these I'll just get the gyro Gero in void stone oh yeah that's a good one whoa 1 million DPS Cottle oh yeah I didn't answer I didn't just read the question and answer I think I think between bleach wyvern Park its bug and that's he just does a wee damage they are different wiper nice utility vibrance utilities nice bugs damage is nice and then leach is very weak which is actually pretty weak I think I overestimated rich I thought it was amazing in the beginning but I might have overestimated groundswell I'm not going for more shadow fiends he's going for a 3-star it's very hard for me to find shadow fiends and I don't think I have much space either now this is a really big one for me I want that one so crown can be on disruptor damn that ball actually that bowed disruptor could not silence them piece of the bone all right so the final three is going to live for a while it feels so six mages Zeus kotl CM lina razor and lich I don't need wyvern I don't need pug why are they here right I'm gonna play the Lich since he is the first one I got upgraded or I could just wait for a pot or outplay village actually I like Lich can help the frontline survive longer yeah Oh d6 Cal from the tango custom that once we make mages charge spell significantly faster not significantly they just right-click damage isn't impressive so popping it a little bit isn't even nothing I need to probably push it to ten because at this point you know I have been nine for a while and the rounds are going by and I'm leveling slowly just just from the rounds going by and I need my Zeus Oh sniper if you kill us all I will report you nice Lena whoa I can just have one enigma to right now or wait for gyro to or make the razor tree I like that idea so much razor three is huge you with six majors which I don't have yet what I will I promise where's my Zeus dude did you take my Zeus not really all my tiny ins by everybody owns by everybody 19 health oh this guy's gonna be scary actually this guy with the nygma – I think feels a bit scary what I should probably do here is level 210 right now and key and stop delaying it I'm just delaying it so much stop delaying it and level it now after this round and then I'll find the Zeus easier easier if I'm looking for a Zeus I'll find it a lot easier and then the leech has to replace something what does the leech replace actually has the six mate it's not the gyrocopter or maybe the cuca cuz he's not a two-star yet okay no zoos for me this game oh there is this for me this game that's pretty nice this is good front line isn't the weakest ever got a ton of damage destroyed that guy Bogg you now we're talking we're wait Zeus enigma what I'm looking for Zeus enigma gyro Uncas iam alright alright I need to make sure what I'm no I know what I'm looking for or this poor guy has no lager but this other guy destroyed weight is the same guy No somebody won against me all right let's chill a little bit don't need to go all in here I can read all down to zero wait they have 12 held both of them if I hit a big upgrade now maybe I'll eliminate some of them one of them I said hit a big upgrade okay maybe next round I need to put shadowfiend over here because he dies too I see now how I lost on his board not even close this time but I can see how I lost earlier now these guys are done dude this is over to health I need a cm tree to finish them finish them enigma finish him cm3 finish them okay I'm not even gonna move my units I think I'm fine okay it's right here Oh am i fine though hell yeah hello YouTube 33 to 615 candies Wow 200 damage to people pretty nice game 33 to 6 200 damage to people pretty nice game we got 15 candies sponsored by pass + pass actually not not not joking if you have the pass you get bonus candies on your first on your daily first place the first time in a day you get first place you get 3 times more candies YouTube just watched your most recent upload on YouTube and it was awesome hey thanks man I'm glad you liked it so that was a pretty cool game I hope you guys who watched it on YouTube enjoyed it don't forget to leave a like if you liked it and if you're new to my channel subscribe I upload videos quite a lot here almost everyday thank you for watching see you in the next one good luck and have fun playing games


  1. i can see his swapping to autochess hurts his channel a lot. but if you're dedicated to this game at least put a fucking enigma in against creeps as a mage bro…

  2. Hi Danny,
    It's been almost 6 years I guess. I still remember the first mirana dota1 gameplay video u had uploaded. What a wonderful journey it was!
    Gonna unsub u now…not able to enjoy the channel for a long time now. But still following u one FB hope to get a dota2 video update soon. Always follow your heart the way u have always been doing. Love u bro

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