Dummy fuel tank ends for Airfix 1/24 Hellcat

Dummy fuel tank ends for Airfix 1/24 Hellcat

hello guys welcome back largest modeling bench a few days ago I put a video up asking about how cat fuel tanks and asking if there will be any interest boy oh boy you've responded and there is a lot of interest and I've got a full email inbox and as you can see in the comments below on the last video a lot of people are interested so this is the final confirmation yes I am making them this is actually the instructional video so if you do decide you want to get a set of these this video will show you basically how to fit them it's very very simple and very very obvious so basically what I've got is we've got three parts and there's the this is these are the wing tanks so it's just the end so that when you look through the wing you see there the ends of the tanks and this is the belly tank I've given them a coat of semi-gloss plain plate paint just for this video just so they look a bit better that's all because otherwise they were all plastic car and mr. surfacer and everything so this is the belly tank in here I've got the two slots that go around the two buttresses in the floor on the kit it's up to you what you do if you want to fit like this they're fitted like this otherwise cut those off fill that in and then you have a solid face on your tank and obviously I've got to make this to fit the kit as it is and people might have already built the cockpits I just want to slot it in I've got the hole cut out there to go around and hole there that lump and also the back edge here will go up against that ledge there okay so that's how it will come that's how it will look and when you get it inside your fuse of ash there anyway I've got taped in all these joints of the copy doesn't fit that well but basically you can see that's how it goes in there and basically when you look up through the hatch you'll see your your tank rather than an open space and a couple of points to make you aware out on the backside here you won't get all this lump here but you will gets this lump here and I'll try and keep it down to a minimum I'll try and keep the resident anger sort of this level because that's where I'm starting to get into the overly 25 mill and that affects the packaging prices for you guys especially in America so um so basically yeah we need to keep it down low there if you have got a lump here sand it off and then but just before you before you do anything or glue anything just test fit with your wing with your lower wing session and make sure it fits because if we've got any of this lump there it will foul it's very difficult to show you on video but basically this Rios bar here is flush with that line there so any of this tank which bucks forward of it what it's not actually dead flush it's a bit behind it I'll show you here it's a very good fit very tight fit so I just broken that you can see it's just shallow of it so basically anything that's protruding on hear anything that's protruding beyond the level of this here needs to be just sanded off so I'll make sure okie that to an absolute minimum so that so that we get that the packaging all sorted and obviously doesn't doesn't have to be neat and tidy nothing it's going to be seen the only reason I've got it on this and largest said you've got decent area to glue it in with although saying that if you didn't glue it in at all it came loose didn't going to go anywhere it's got nowhere to go so um so that's that tank there okay now I'll give you the pricing in a minute you can just buy this tank you just want this you don't want to bother with the weak tanks before I talk about the wing tanks I've been asked I've got my wings down do I need them here's my that's crazy got three of them here that's that one there's my chest piece here to show you and then there's this one with the wings extended so how cat mania if you've got your wings extend it okay obviously like this you could look in there and you can see we've got the outer wing on you won't see a lot although I think you will see something of them if you don't do anything now you ought to buy these all I would do is the area inside here take all this area inside here matte black and actually the bottoms of your wings here obviously got the extended wings and if it would be fine the only problem would be if you've got light coming through here then it's going to show through here so yeah it's up to you pays your money takes your choice that's the question I need to give an honest answer because if you're doing your wings folded like this one obviously you need something in there to block it off otherwise you're just going to see straight through like that one there I put this upper wing on here you can see that basically what you're looking at are we going what you're looking at is that if you just see straight through so when you need if you look at the difference in those two because see there's quite a difference when you look through you want it blank tight so these wing tanks if you've got your wings down you may decide you don't want to bother let's hurry up to you and if you build any fuselage closed up and wings down you want so you don't want any of them so um basically if you're gonna have the bottom hatch open and your wings up I would recommend all of it so these here they they fit in obviously into this area in here and they come up to the ends and they go like that okay so you probably won't you'll actually see from wheelbases like that you'll see the end of the tank I'll put a nice radius around the areas and stuff although you can't really see it now basically you're probably wonder about these three slots of four I'm thinking to myself if I put these in and superglue them in if they come loose they're gonna wrap them out in there so what I've done I've enabled you to fit them in now if you want to fit this in before you fit this front spar on what you do is you take three pieces of sprue this is from sprue a he wishes you fuselage and wings down sprue and what you can do is three of those – like that – like that okay and then one in the top and that will fit in beautifully all right and what I'll do is I will show you how they go in I can't I mean you can actually wrestle them him other than want to do that on camera it's not it's not good so what you can do if you want to build all this up and paint it get your piece of sprue cut it in half and then the top one can go in alright so basically that's that's going to keep them in there they're not even if they do come from the glue I mean what you could do is glue them to them and then glue the sprue to the actual bottom the fuselage or put some emo stick some people see some five-minute epoxy there something that'll hold them in there lovely so there you go that's those fitted in there and as you can see it blanks off and just to prove the upper wing will still fit so some trouble is fitting this this actual sample kit my third one this lower wing session it's got a hell of a bow in it that way which is where I've got these little clamps on here to hold perspiring because the spirochetes four-day so when it goes and you can see even without any glue they're not going anywhere so you're laughing okay so that's that little set there now if you want this set and you've already ordered an engine cord or two from me then we can combine the shipping so that brings the cost bang so if you have already ordered a set a core an engine core make sure you let me know unfortunately you've already ordered an engine core and I've sent it then obviously I can't do anything to the body center and I know that people in America are starting to receive their engine cores now I've had a – so the pricing for these as I said before in the UK the price for these three items in resin is 11 pounds posted and in the u.s. is 15 pounds posted if you just want these two or you just want this one seven pounds in the UK 11 pounds in the US so throw those seven pounds each of the UK 11 pounds each in the US if you if you're having a set of these and an engine core and basically that 1775 UK 2175 us now I've had one gentleman who's ordered two engine cores and two sets of wing tanks I don't think I'll get an in the envelopes I use and I don't want to have to start buying bigger envelopes just for people that want to buy more stuff so afraid what I'm going to have to do there is due to lots of postage so it's going to be one tank set one engine core in one envelope so that's 20 175 times – okay so if you want two of these at two engine cores think I'm going to have to do is two lots and people also asked about postage in the rest of the world I'm sort on this though Australia can basically cost the same as the u.s. pretty much most of Europe is the u.s. – two pounds and then you've got for some reason New Zealand is slightly more expensive it's the US plus fifty pence so um yes so Europe is UK plus two bags of us – two pounds whatever the Australia is the same as the US and New Zealand is 50 pence more so the way to get these is to drop me an email at Nigel's modelling bench at gmail.com and then your name will go on to a list and then as I make these I we mail you and say your parcel ready I will ship them as soon as you pay me on paper so that's the way it goes and then you know as soon as I said those emails I first come first serve really but I do try and keep the lists off pretty even you know rather than you know somebody that just emails me today isn't going to get one over somebody to email me two weeks ago that's not going to happen so yeah drop me a line if you want these indicate if you've already ordered an engine core and then I can come back to you with the price because if I've already sent your engine courtier then obviously I can't combine the shipping and obviously if you are ordering these and I've got engine cores ready and I haven't got these I will wait and put it all in the same package unless you specifically ask me doctor so there we go guys that's our a set of Tanks three parts there as in you've got all the prices and there we go thanks for watching and let me know if you want some bye for now


  1. Great work. Looking forward to your email on how exactly to order from the U.S. I know now I want the full kit, engine and tanks.

  2. Very good 👍 One technical we question, would the tanks be painted traditional fuel tank red or were they black? Thanks.

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