[Applause] guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm late for school right now at 8 o clock I missed my first period well actually there's periods like going on right now but I didn't want to go this morning so no I'm just chilling here waiting for your second period but I'm probably not going to assign either because it's gym and I never go to that class if anyway is right now I am doing um some of my online work because I hadn't into class like I said and then I have to do this paper for college algebra which that costs I hate to cuz I don't know anything I'm learning in that class here's the brat she just threw up I don't think she likes her food so I'm gonna go buy her new food – today I was going to go to first period today but I was just so tired so I was like I'll just go to second period and I always do this like every single day and I eventually like end up not going and then I'll be like okay fine I'll go to third period and I'll never go to that either and then I've got a fourth and it's just like well then I think I'm gonna get some tropical smoothie today – that sounds really good cuz I ain't you breakfast right now I know I still have to finish my homework why am I still talking so I just just woke up and he's texting me right now he's like did you even go to school do you even make it to school no reason I don't go to school guys it's because I wanted to just stay with my puppy like people go to school to learn and hang out with their friends well my friend is here my only friends here actually don't have to go to gym she's already excuse me so many times like I can't like I can't do that like I have to go I also want coffee right now – but there's no coffee I'm gonna head into my car now gotta say bye in my hair this is a sad part I'm gonna head to drop a little smoothie and get something to eat – okay so right now I am about to have – actually I don't want coffee right now but I also really really want a smoothie a Bahama Mama from tropical smoothie I don't know again and tropical smoothie is closer Starbucks is further and if I do get Starbucks I'll be late hi guys so I left my wallet at home so now I'm gonna definitely be late for second pair so I'm probably just not gonna go to say I'm very either because I just whatever you know I think me forgetting my wallet is a sign that I shouldn't go to second period so I'm just I'm not gonna go to second bear it anymore I'm not going to second period I don't care about that class no seriously though I have no super my wallet that means that I'm driving without my license I stress myself out so much like I I don't know I just don't know whatever also when I was looking for my wallet I broken out – honestly you know I just think I shouldn't go to school anymore I'm so stupid I just turned off my car and I forgot to put on part so why not new troe is that backing up and literally done I'll be right back okay guys I'm not going to second period anymore because I'm already late he's just such a horrible day I can't every day is like a horrible day for me it was like the worst like drive with me to school is I'm probably not gonna even end up going to school so I have no clue what I'm gonna title this know what else could go wrong so right now I'm in my car and I guess I'm just gonna do a quick mukbang of me eating my breakfast because I can't go to school and I still have another hour to spare so we're just gonna eat my belly's literally like eating itself hello guys so right now it is 10:20 I'm currently missing third period now this video is just um a disaster but um I did buy my puppy more food so um I don't know if this should be like the end of the video or not because like I really don't go to my fourth period class because it's an online class it's not about what happened is I didn't go to school that's basically it pretty disappointed in myself but I'm not surprised because I do this like 24/7 so I don't know why it's so freakin hard for me to go to school it's because I'm lazy that's one so anyways I'm heading home now it's basically then to the video I hope you guys liked it and if you guys did make sure to give it a thumbs up anyways I'm gonna go now because I'm gonna take a bat nap I'm gonna go back to sleep because I did a lot today for the past like what two hours I was out there just a lot of work that really tired me out like I'm drained so I'm gonna go take a nap hanging off my back


  1. For all the sensitive people getting mad that I don’t go to school and saying “I’m not gonna graduate”…. I hope you know that I have all my credits already and the classes I’m taking right now are only college classes and sometimes you don’t even have to show up bc the work is all online, thank you, next.

  2. All the comments are talking about her graduation plan…. dude she is a terrible role model. You're literally just showing kids that hey if you don't want to go, dont. That's so bad and you're taking the whole thing as a joke by the way you're smiling and laughing about it. There's people struggling to graduate and your just over there chilling not giving a fuck in the world, like come on.

  3. Or… you forgetting your wallet is a sign that you shouldn’t buy something and just go to school… it’s how you see it! Glass half full or half empty? 😜

  4. Kayla hasn’t even finished school and already has nearly 500k subs❤️… To all the people ‘concerned’ about her graduation id like to see you even make 10 subscribers 😂😂

  5. At the end of the day she’s out here living her best life that’s all that matters.
    Happiness is a priority and most people don’t like school but we put up with it just like she does online classes to gain her credits to make sure she graduates.
    On top of that she has made an amazing youtube platform all by herself so really there’s no need to ‘worried’.

  6. I’m only in 7th but what’s a senior year like, since u don’t really go school often or do u have free period

  7. literally read her pinned comment. even if she’s not attending as much school as she should, she already has all of her credits AND is taking online courses. ya’ll need to chill

  8. Hiii, I’m a foreigner if I can call it like that, lol anyway I’m just curious how works that “having all credits” that you don’t have to go to school, I just wanna know how it works bc I’m jealous of not going to school that often

  9. Why are all these comments about her not graduating from school and her not going to school?? She has all her credits from her classes leave her alone she’s clearly not worrying about haters so y’all are just wasting your time hating on her, she’s living her best life.

  10. Why are you guys saying that she’s not going to Graduate just because she missed 1-3 period does not mean that she’s not going to Graduate so all you haters back off


  12. you should do a video about these comments on your graduation day. like “i read people’s assumptions about me” but with a twist like add a grwm in there and the end a vid of you walking across the stage WITH your diploma

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