DOWNHILL MTB STREET TOUR in KÖLN / COLOGNE, GERMANY – Rose Bikes Soulfire 3 – Lukas Knopf

DOWNHILL MTB STREET TOUR in KÖLN / COLOGNE, GERMANY – Rose Bikes Soulfire 3 – Lukas Knopf

hey guys whats up welcome to cologne! i was at the intermot in cologne and I always have my bike with me so it only makes sense to do another street tour today! so lets take the Rose Bikes Soul fire on a mission again! I hope I get out of the parking lot without getting pulled over by security or something lets put the GoPro on, weather is bomb so lets roll through cologne! thanks I thought they say something because the bike has no lights on and so on haha we are heading towards The Kölner Dom which is located right over there crankflip of damn does this happen to you aswell? for me its like every 10th one doesnt spin haha now we get it I think I’ve found the first doable stair gap of the day and its not crowded at all, yesss but I guess you have to brake rapidly you liked it? we didnt quite saw it tho? no? should I do it again? yes go for it haha but you have to watch out for me aswell. tell me when there is somebody coming please the dad and his daughter want to see it again so lets send it one more time now there is someone walking down ‘so sick’ thanks a lot haha, you saw it this time I guess? have a nice day! thanks! I think I have found another one right away and nobody’s coming aswell not so busy aswell just don’t know if they are slippery or not but I did ride through some dog shit haha you can’t even see it anymore but it smells crazyyy this one was fun, yeah these stairs would be so sick but they are so many people around here wouldn’t be smart to do that Finn is with me now, we are going to cruise around now and we might find some more guys who will shred with us through the city of Cologne they would be so sick (appelhofplatz) it would be sick if one of you guys stays up here and one is down there checking whats up and of course clearing the spot lets go haha yes dude and as we did it on all the prior street tours please leave a like if you want me to keep doing these and of course let me know in which city I should do it next I always try to do it when iam somewhere riding a contest or so here in cologne it fit perfectly with the Expo I was attending anyway and now there are even two more guys riding with us Ronaldo! I would have got it aswell ahah iam playing with you guys keep playing one day you will be in a big club dude lets ride down there manual cut in 3 2 1 last stair gap of the day its next to the lanxess arena after about 3hrs and a coupe of stair gaps later we are going to wrap up the street tour it was quite fun to ride street here in Cologne! let me know where I should head next if you guys enjoyed the video please leave a like and subscribe to the channel if you are new. that would mean a lot! and as I mentioned in the last one already: there is a big video project dropping soon so stay tuned guys! you guys are the best peace!


  1. Kannst du mal ein tutorial machen, wie man einen bunny hop macht und wie man einen Wheelie macht, aslo so wie du? 🔥

  2. Hi ich und nh paar Freunde haben in Werl nh Strecke gefunden und wollten dich mal fragen ob du bock hättest die dir mal anzuschauen und zu testen. Wir fänden es mega cool wenn wir uns irgendwann mal treffen könnten und dahin zu fahren.
    Lg Hannes, Ben,Finja,Luca,Gerrit und Ole

  3. der ist wohl zu oft auf den kopf gefallen der sollte mal hochdeutsch reden statt seinem drecks ostdeutsch

  4. Luckas du must mal schönebeck elbe kommen oder nach salz elben es gibt bei uns so geile strecken und auch geile treppen

  5. Bitte als nächstes in die Stadt Mendig
    Ich hoffe du wirst deine 1Millionen Abos noch dieses Jahr erreichen'
    Viel Glück noch

  6. Hey Lucas fahr doch mal in Rostock ist ne Super Stadt zum Fahrrad fahren jute Straßen und jede menge Möglichkeiten Stunds und Tricks zu machen Rostock ☺🤘 bietet sich echt führ dich an bist Wilkommen hier

  7. Komm mal bitte mit mir nach Duisburg duissern habe da richtig geile spots mein insta falls du lust hast christianmtb01

  8. Wo findet man so ein Bike wie von dem der bei den Bahnhof Treppen dabei war und unten geschaut hat ob wer kommt (bitte antworten)

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