1. Without boundaries (aka globalism) you simply have more layers of greedy 'leaders' who are only interested in power and harvesting the rest of the world's work, innovation, and resources. Today's 'Globalism' is simply Alan Capone with kid gloves.

    I was taught that capitalism speeds the process of cooperation and accounting. A BLT sandwich takes about 2,500 dollars with no cooperation.

    What on Earth would we need to be protected from that an Uber Global United Nations could hope to protect us from? We don't need global leaders. It's a fiction. This is the path to an Anti-Christ figure that solves problems. Our problems are corruption problems; like imposed scarcity, By watching today's Lib+Feds, they insist they need to grow the world's problem solutions by extending the definition of problems. When equal rights for women (clearly a noble pursuit) has taken 50 years to realize they need new problems to solve to stay relevant, they start making fiction problems to fight against. SJW people need safe spaces, but fifty years ago, this was called a private club, exclusionary of people with different ideas and appearances. Group leaders require willing potential victims of something, or they are not needed. Much like a child that can't control all the other children, today's Globalists are the new Colonists pretending to be Noble (just like the Colonialists pretended they were noble.)The Globalists are not interested in trading goods and services around the world. The Globalists are interested in wielding POWER over trade and finance. They are here to harvest, siphon, and steal under the divine banner of … Globalism. It is the next level of slavery. And when they can start cloning the best servants, they will kill the slaves with starvation, and siphon energy and wealth of that activity all the way down to the last couple hundred years of cooking other people for food. Globalism is no more noble than Tribal leaders selling people into slavery to paying customers.

    Ironically the 'noble' pursuit of Globalism like the Romans, Khan, and American Indians starts with siphoning from the masses for gentle 'governing' reasons which turns into vicious brutal wars.

    Us little people, us masses will be told what to think, how to act, what to make, and who to worship. Just like all the other Globalists that have piled millions of bodies in the history books, they all started with the same theme, keep everyone safe from a common enemy.

    I love this guy's stuff, but he is again missing the point. It is not capitalism that is evil.a It's not technology that's evil. It's greedy power hungry people that are evil. Creating new medicine is not evil, but charging 300 dollars for an epi pen is evil. Because this is drug cartel forced scarcity. The FDA of the USA is well aware that epinephrine has been readily available for decades. And they know there are several European epi pens that are proven to be clearly just as life saving with the exact same drug. When evil people in the law collude with evil people in the epi pen business, you have the small version of chrome capitalism, also know as Globalism.

    A sword is just high tech farming equipment, until the noble globalist come onto the scene to bring order to the universe.

    The operating system isn't evil. It's people that are evil. And when globalism, communism, or capitalism, or some other ism becomes the accelerated economic system, it becomes a more effective tool for evil people to be evil. Don't try to exclude people with mal intent.

    You can witness the Tragedy of the Commons with the Euro. The Greeks just would rather retire at 45 and let the other more stupid European nations deal with the debt. Why should they care? When Germany's Merkel (spelling?) invites refugees into the homes and communities of Germany without the consent of the Germans, that is a very small example of the effects of 'noble globalism' with deadly vicious results for all of Europe in the justification that she knows better than all the Germans. But she did not think to personally take in a hundred or so refugees into her house. Do you see what I mean?

    Stupidity in itself is small evil amplified through the use of Globalism.

    World trade, business, and growth have done wonderful things. But they have been highly destructive in the concentrated posts of Globalism.

    Globalism is the new Slavery. If people don't:t slow down this concentration of decision power from elitist decision makers (unelected by the people and self appointed among themselves representing themselves) , we could be facing much worse than WW3. We could be facing zombie apocalypse with regular people becoming like zombies not because of science fiction disease, but rather because of fear, hunger, and a complete distrust of everyone else.

    Say no to Globalism.

  2. This is why I liked Douglas Ruskoff. Some of the inferences he makes are so off the wall, and yet in the next breath so right.

  3. I got the reference, here's the list: He said 1)"Corporation that have infantile Darwinian attitude", he meant American corporation after 1960s, prior that time American corporation have family oriented ethics. He said 2)"Bank loaning $50000 and tell a company to crowdfund another $50000, and absorb them if fail", he meant an Islamic banking, because Islamic banking avoid use of interest so they need some share of the company. He said 3)"Corporation owned by its worker", he meant Japanese corporation, in which case its workers have a say on company's survival and can defy the shareholder's destructive thirst for profit. He said 4)"Corporation focusing on shareholder only", this is of course referencing to American corporation, in which case the workers (including CEO) work for the shareholder and not for the survival of the organisation. In case of Google, it lean toward 'Japanese corporation' because the original founder still owns Google.

  4. Hello. Please forward to a Google person in charge… WHERE are the Closed Captions in its recent videos?
    That is not very inclusive. AND NOT POLITE to a global audience. Thanks. Arigato. Obrigado. Muchas gracias.

    SINCE this video they are gone: Larry Brilliant: "Sometimes Brilliant" | Talks at Google. Published on Nov 7, 2016

  5. Rushkoff is parroting ideas from shallow and short news articles and sprinkling in some Peter Thiel and peddling them ideas as his own. Charlatan.

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  7. I know he's very trendy, but I'd be skeptical about a lot of his ideas. I think Jaron Lanier is more insightful about some of these problems.

  8. The focus on colonialism as the sole driver of growth is deceptive. The primary engine was technological – the ability to sell items and services that increased quality and length of life, etc. This doesn't counter his ultimate point – we've run out of things to sell and now capitalize attention, time, etc – it just introduces something of an ideological smell.

  9. 50:48 douglas rushkoff quotes ME via my band ISOSCELES in the song "Lone Wolff" dedicated to Dr Richard Wolff! delectable
    isosceles315.bandcamp.com for all your marxian noisecore needs 😀

  10. "It's an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem." – Douglas Adams

    Talking to The Man is, by no means, a way of influencing change. Google has had two years to make quality changes. What has happened since then?

  11. At 30:09 he basically describes the Haudenosaunee Confederacy principle of always acting with the next 7 generations in mind.

  12. Why are video viewers excluded from seeing what he is speaking about to the audience there? Is he programmed by google?

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