DMV Permit Test Success Story: Abigail from Georgia

DMV Permit Test Success Story: Abigail from Georgia

Emm yeah, hi, my name is Abigail from Georgia emmm – of course! I em took my road test and no, not road test – sorry. My permit test. This was in September… and it is February right now. And this weekend I gonna actually take my driving test Yeah I’ve had my permit for… emm… six months maybe emm… yeah I took the test twice before…two times before on the 3rd try I got the emm I got the permit. I think it was about twenty
questions and you couldn’t miss more than five…
I think… mistakes those both times emm… I was really upset But you know, whatever – you just
got to keep doing it and.. I used this website and it helped
me a lot more than the book did. I just saw the book well well OK, I don’t know where the book is but the writing on it is very tiny and is not really easy
to look at so if you’re gonna take your test use use this web site is really useful, and oh yeah ok can’t think of anything else to say emmm yeah I guess that’s it I don’t know this is weird, bye.


  1. Im from georgia too i got mine in october 22 2014 now its june 2015 they said i have to wait 12 months can i get it in september since am turning 18 and i fail two times too and pass on the 3rd time lol

  2. Can you guys get an updated version of the GA test plz
    I used your site got a 90 or more on all of your tests and I failed today on the permit

  3. How many success stories on the CDL permit test has gotten? Ive been using to practice the CDL learners test and I feel I have enough confidence to take it tomorrow and hopefully I will pass the test.

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