1. The source of revenue from car tabs will simply have to be found elsewhere. The law that was repealed was unfair, and exorbitant. Public transportation is good, but so is taxation fairness.

  2. This is a absurd if he needs that service he should pay for it. It is not the responsibility of every other car driver on the road to pay for his transit. I have to pay car tab fees, gas taxes, sales taxes on my car more in maintaining my car because the roads are bad just to get to work as well. Why should he not have to pay the same as I do. I feel for him but it’s not my place to pay for him.

  3. Tell me, how I owe you something in King county from GH county? How I'm somehow on the hook to support you…..you don't even pay the goddamn tax!!!!!!!!!!

  4. No taxation without representation! I'm sick and Fing tired of paying more and more and more taxes and fees every Fing year for every Fing niche identity politics sliver of society. Sick to Fing death of it all. Seattle used to be a great city. Now, it's a filthy cesspool thanks to leftist, radical communist Fs and I'm compelled to PAY for mass transit for the cesspool of Seattle! F that noise and F this sob story cripple paraded in front of a camera for sympathy. Fake news. Corrupt politicians. Voice of the voters IGNORED. Am I the only sane Washingtonian who is pissed about this?

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