Defender Engine Bay Checks and Repairs while Touring

Defender Engine Bay Checks and Repairs while Touring

G’day Brett here
I was just doing my morning prestart checks before I start my engine, I’m just doing
the engine bay and I’ve just come across some damage which occurred during the night.
I had a little visitor a little bush rat has come in and chewed its way through several
components around this area of my engine bay. So its got through these fuse holders here,
its taken a nick out of my silicon turbo charger hose, as well as my UHF antenna cable, a bit
of my washer bottle hose, and some of the wiring insulation as well.
So it always pays to do a check every morning because you don’t know what could have happened
during the night, things change, I’ve got a couple new leaks as well which pop up from
the temperature change going from a hot engine down to a cold engine overnight. So thankfully
it hasn’t done any major damage pretty much everything is ok to continue as it is. But
if this had of been different if it had of chewed its way right through insulation and
exposed copper wires, if they were to earth anywhere, you could start a fire, you could
melt wires. So it’s very important when travelling especially in remote areas do a
check every day of the engine bay along with your oil and your coolant. Just to be sure
they are up to level. Ok just a quick addition I’ve decided I’ll
actually repair this top covering of my fuse holder for my head lights. Just so I don’t
get any water and dust in here which might cause corrosion and give me issues with the
headlights. I’m going to try using some self amalgamating tape. Now this is a special
type of tape when stretched to twice its length it will chemically bond to itself so it will
form a solid plastic wrap around. Unlike a normal tape which you can unpeel, this can
not be unpeeled it has to be cut off. So I’ll try and do a little bit here and see what
it comes up like. Ok so I’ve got my tape I’ll just take a little bit off. Tear it
off and it has a protective backing so it can’t weld to itself when it’s on a roll.
If you try and get some of this off now it would be good otherwise give it a pull so
it stretches out twice its size then remove the backing. There we go. Give it a good stretch
out so it activates. I’m just going to wind this around now. Press it down on itself.
Now given another several hours this will all form a single mass. It won’t be able
to be peeled off again, it just all chemically bonds to itself. It should be fairly impervious
to any water and dust then. And that’s the repair job done.


  1. Wow … some nasty nibblers out there! I guess you're lucky your in an old defender … if that'd been a new one you'd have possibly been in a lot more trouble! 

    Tip with the tape … cut to length then peel off the backing … stretch the first cm or so out then pull and wrap as you go… really quick and easy :o) 

    Rat damage on the road… new one on me! Cheers for sharing chap

  2. Wow. Amazing the different problems you encounter in different places around the world. Here in the UK if you wake up in the morning and the whole vehicle is still there it's a bit of a result!

  3. I have something like that but its silicon and we use it for radiator hose leaks and such it also stretches and bonds to itself…

  4. interesting tape stuff.  Will be removed from the hands of anyone who uses it unwisely.

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