Deep Rock Galactic | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

Deep Rock Galactic | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

[MUSIC] [BLASTER SOUNDS]>>Deep Rock Galactic is
a first-person corps shooter, where you and a few
of your friends can team up and play as a bunch
of bad-ass space mining dwarves. It has this combination of
intense action and exploration that I don’t think you find in
any other co-op games out there. It is just a really good game
to go on an adventure with some friends in. We started out being 6 people
working on the game, and then we’ve just been growing
ever since to around 20 people. We have to prioritize
our tech challenges in the game. The Unreal Engine helps us
make our prototype really fast and that was very crucial in the success of the company
and the game.>>One thing I really like
about the engine is that you can really tell
that it’s, like, it’s made by people
who actually make games. And you can really tell that
from, like, the quality of the tool. There’s actually a lot of stuff
built in that we just use straight out
pretty much unchanged.>>That’s been very important
to us, to be able to get things
in the game as fast as possible, on the screen,
and play with it.>>The way that Deep Rock
Galactic sets itself apart from other co-op shooters is because we have 100 percent
destructible environments. They’re procedurally generated, so every time
you go on a mission, you get to play in a new,
exciting environment.>>The biggest obstacle was,
like, the procedural world. Because there, we knew
that would be our main technical thing
that we were going to do and we weren’t really sure
how to do it at all.>>Our CTO,
he just took a week away, and when he returned, he said,
“I have something.” And he had this crazy,
mesh-generated procedural look that we ended up with,
that is still, like, “This is just awesome,
but how does it actually work?”>>From day one,
we went into this with a dream
of doing proper open development to really communicate
with our community.>>Let’s get things out before
we are comfortable with showing them.
And that took a bit of guts. And it was awesome.
It returned ten-fold, and it’s been a huge part
of our success. Fast iteration in Unreal was
definitely one of the benefits that we also knew we would have and all way through the process
have used Blueprints heavily.>>From an artist’s perspective,
Unreal is amazing. I mean, I worked on several
different game engines by now, and Unreal lets me really get
in there, get my hands dirty. And sure, I’m no programmer,
but I can make prototypes, put them on screen, and say,
“Hey, this is what I want.” That’s just a toolset
I’ve never had access to before.>>That part has,
in the beginning and still, meant a lot to our insane production
speed on this project.>>We’re all very experienced,
so we know that, like, getting to that last step before release
can be very challenging. So the fact that we have access
to the whole source code of Unreal is very important
to our project. If something goes wrong,
we can see is it our code or is it, like, in the engine. We can just identify it
immediately. We can even fix it ourselves
locally.>>Had you asked me
five years ago, I would never have said
I’d be part of a start-up.>>A bit like a roller coaster,
basically. And sometimes we look at it
and we say, “Whoo! Could we slow down a bit?” Because we don’t really have
time to fathom what’s happening. It’s really happening so fast.>>I think that it’s,
that it’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of fun
just building your own company. [MUSIC]


  1. Omg im a 3d artist and i just start learning the Blueprints and it's really awesome makes things much more easier for me to understand and making a creative videogame .And Boom What a motivation you just upload thx a lot guys .i will be back with a really crazy/scientific/dreamy game "hideo kojima Stuff"

  2. just amazing i believe devs and this engine creator r gods. 😀😀 hope free stuffs n buying stuff is equally distributed.

  3. Best and most fun co-op game I've played in a long while. There are so many delicate systems that just click and it feels like it had to have been thoroughly tested to get to this point.

    Extremely fun and polished game, definitely worth picking up. Shame so many shitty games get more attention than this.

  4. Best looking upcomming games of Unreal engine 4 are :
    1) Rocksteady's next game
    2) Gears 5
    3) Days Gone
    4) Mortal Kombat 11
    5) Star Wars Jedi of The Fallen Orders
    6) Final fantasy 7 remake
    7) Asseto Corsa Competizione
    8) GTR 3
    9) Atomic heart
    10) Witchfire
    11) Sinking city

  5. Jeezus. Another fps. Come on guys, seriously? zzz. Can we go back to the 90's where games were actually good and original?

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