DBV SPOILERS! Day 1 – Free Judgement, Faith Mechanic – Force of Will

DBV SPOILERS! Day 1 - Free Judgement, Faith Mechanic - Force of Will

what's up guys welcome to forcible spoilers I'm excited it's way earlier than I was even expecting it but as you go through the cards we're gonna do it hopefully four per night it's what they did today so they also just like they posted to like okay cool I guess they're doing like they did before and then they randomly posted two more so heck if we know what their post your schedule is gonna be yeah the pictures are like full-size open system well since you try to wait till those four images though to go over the cards and and do our videos own supporters like that gives it at least something but because you're pumped about what you're seeing here today Doug flea check out the link in description below for heckle hug factories to help you know sponsored my channel they have pre-order is up you can go check out the new set I believe it's $80 and that's usually shipped so you go check that out um actually before we get started we should go over so there was cards somewhat spoiled or earlier there was promos revealed which we did go in the podcast yeah I think we'll touch up on some of the ones they're actually involved here with this video correct I will go over them briefly at the end but there's one specifically we need to go over here at the beginning so let me pull that up here okay so we're gonna go for this one specifically then go into the normal spoilers in case you guys listen to the podcast and got our detailed analysis of the spoilers that the promos and that would do the promos at the end just briefly but so real quick because this is relevant the promo card that was exploded sorry for the beeping I mean real quick mute that someone decided to message us all the sudden oh my let's say he's calling you out is Odin supreme God which is to void to white to black 15 15 hi god resonator with flying discard your hand recover this card play this ability only if you have one more cards in your hand and he has faith which we'll get into in a bit the faith gives them the ability to destroy all magic stones if your rulers astral heal it all right so that's all gonna be very relevant should we like discuss him or should we just kind of like well we had a detailed discussion on the podcast you guys went check that it was like about 70% of the podcast so it is pretty lengthy if you want to know see we had our opinions on that as well as you know our theories for the set itself and check that out yeah but basically discuss them here in a sec so yeah so don't worry about it so if one of you want to go for this first one okay I went over Odin that was me all right so first one is Bruno's ot the two cost six six Valkyrie and she is flying with awakening of black enter if your ruler is Brunhilde you may make it a stir oh no destroy target j / resonator and put four plus one plus one counters on this card and faith sorry what face does this card gains of following text as long as your rulers astral remove this card from your inner graveyard from a game and produce a black and spin this bill only to play odin supreme god oh no she's crazy she is actually so that's one thing so this her faith doesn't like get her like online a crazy amount or anything but it gets Odin online it depend on how many you have in the graveyard you can you don't activate her awakening if you're–if Brunhilde x' judgment it right if she's on her jeweler site no no no only if she's astral no I'm talking about her her her awakening insurability like Oh making it a store it has to be on the ruler side if I judgmental it has to be on the jeweler said yeah no no the ruler side I don't know why is that well because the way to make it astral is that it died so I figured that well a wait today gained astral isn't Brian it dies flips over and then becomes astral so I would assume it has to be ruler side to become a stroll otherwise you I don't have destroy targeted J ruler it would say make target J ruler a stroll as effect in the game I feel like you know which be confusing yeah well this I think is super strong because one it's a to cost six six Valkyrie with flying that's already like decent its yes I would one black you can destroy a J ruler for one black extra that's super strong not to mention obviously destroying it and then it gives you a bonus for destroying a j-roller for one it gives you a bonus of four counters so you have four three you just got a 10-10 and a dead jail or dead resonator whatever you end up doing or forcing them to play some sort of counter spell to keep it from not dying or something like it can be righted oh yeah for next three months yeah no I think I think yeah I think she the same and then you're stuck with the two two flier so my only thing is that it is a good like trade-off of you know playing Brunhilde destroying your own food and hilde which ideally you want to activate to get stuff out of the graveyard and stuff so there's definitely a like trade-off interesting like decision-making tree well not really and I'll get to that every go over the next card I'll go like that well well yes but actually no I'm sorry I was double checking something that's one that figure out so the question I'm the remove this card from the grave in your graveyard from the game yeah that means one of these has to be in play when you remove the card from graveyard right because it's house ruined your works I didn't know if shaundra's morning with the same I because part of the cost wait a charger you had to have one in play to be able to remove the three cards name Schillinger and the graveyard from the game to reveal the top card of your deck no no no no this just has to be in your graveyard I went faith it gains that text and just the text is remove this card no graver from gasps many other cards and force will have text of this card from game that's just like sure and you which thoughts ask you the best better comparison is Maria Bella where you remove her from game to produce to to play or Mary Belle's assistant you remove her to produce to to play Mary Belle that's so Oscar I would read it like like this card games the following text as long as your ruler is astral so if my rollers astral then she has that text in the graveyard yeah I get that bomb two scenes the same as rounders wording but Schroeder has to be in play to activate the ability to remove three strangers from the graveyard to activate its ability that's what I was double checking yeah no I think she yeah she she has it has it herself flavor here is Bruno it's faith and sacrifice take form and their career at long last reaching the domain of the guts okay okay so basically hinting at the gods coming down to do stuff yeah next up that's me right yeah Google near the true spear that's tight three costs divinity three chant slash room you may pay three less to play this card if you control Odin supreme guard God you may pay a formless to do judgment this turn yeah so here's what's gonna happen you know joy is like oh you gotta do this trade off this is crazy and I saw people in the comments like yeah I use a good trade off no it is not what all you have to do here's here's your play finally Collins and Brune on this all day he's been thinking up no yeah cuz this is silly I mean I kind of already seen yeah you pay to you put out the resonator make your ruler house troll you have your sapling tree on the field you next turn you sacrifice a plane you discard ideally you discard another one of the chick there at home Brunhilde you have to brewing hills and the other brotherhood somehow gets the favor it dies something like that or not you know there's might be other ways if you have a darkness stone or whatever you move them you produce to black well you have the three from sapling and then you just need a tap one stone and you put Odin into play destroys all the magic stones he was ruler you activate this rune you flip over for free your go to your opponent's turn your opponent now has zero stones while you have a Brunhilde who reanimated one of those two costs or the sapling so you have that bunch of will going into your next turn so you can't random a sapling yeah oh yeah I guess right but reanimate a one of those two costs you can omit the to Casa de souza removal game it depends on what point isyou reanimate something your graveyard if something is in there this is my this is my turn to play where I have no cards to reanimate in my graveyard but there's stuff in the graveyard I promise I got it yeah you know this actually probably a great situation to play the card that puts ten cards into the graveyard like without even jokey cuz like I need ten keys to make this combo work but it hits every time it's not keys holy crap let me start over sacrifice sapling and produce a black whoa and you play Odin is that good enough for you it's happening sadly too much of a key for you you can't make sense cookies how do you produce the black will with a black stone oh my gosh all right playing jewel stones and it's not us no use the black white green hood yeah Oscar Lily runs a really good black white Brunhilde without shadow it's a Paragon now I'm Derrick muffin these I'm sorry Derrick kind of mean mister alright you guys are gonna way off the rails everything Colin says super Billy – that's the only thing anyway honest with you I get what you're saying nobody who's run that version of broom-hilda before you need a tree to go off it's it's not very I'm not saying you need that tree I'm all I'm doing is giving an example of something yeah you can because people were saying oh it's did you don't even okay let's since you guys are keeping hung up on specifics let's take the freaking tree out of the equation turn whatever doesn't even matter you play cards you make a real Astro unmake it your opponents all of their stones are destroyed and you have a ruler and you have a resonator and you have that's a 15 15 and you have another resonator you control the game now that's the whole point of the conversation I was just trying to show a very specific extreme example um you weren't going way too early Yeah right but I agree I was given an example of like peak performance of this possible I get what you're coming from I'm just I'm just like yeah no it's good it is good I can see it's not good or it's not gonna happen and answer the people's questions real quick of Oh what about ultra because they'll just get their stones back or whatever you don't activate this when you see they're playing alter you wait until they've gotten like seven stones and then you destroy them all because ultra combos usually only run about ten stones they don't go a little full twenty so now they literally because they've ramped so quickly you can wipe out their stone base and you solve all your stones in the world till call into and they max out at 3:00 and then can't play half their deck my thing is that even with even an altar like so ok you you activate this combo you destroy all their magic stones you get in ideally you you know they've either all turned off or whatever doesn't matter like I maybe if they have all turn out already but I don't know there's just there's a bunch of ways that this is this is a little bit like game ending combo worthy like insane you're probably going to be running all to yourself so it's probably gonna be even better like my ideal scenario azam is honestly just like black you know like the whole black-white Brunhilde nonsense just sacrificial altar to get him like play him actuated all his nonsense abilities you know okay this card play a do judgement yada yada yada and then and then it's like you are in a dominant position even if they try and alter like what are they gonna do like III think I think is gonna be like creating crazy things I think I think this card is gonna be pretty good I'm gonna agree with the comment here which I didn't even realize here where it says like if anything this is just a three cost judgment for your you Brunhilde like even if you didn't know if you didn't know that it's like having played Brunhilde so many games I've had probably more occasions where it's like I've I could have played this five cost and then judgment if this would have been solid but I'm one stone short you know that way more than anything so like to do the five costs then three to judgment her that's like so much better this also opens the door of like quite literal it also gonna get mad at me now but like you Lily it creates the absolute perfect combo of just like turn one you place a plane and turn to you tap remove you produce through will play this and just judgment and you discard something what's happened like you're guaranteed the judgment and you just off of sapling without tapping any of your stones or anything you know what I'm saying it doesn't even have to be turned one or anything I'm just saying sapling on its own can judgment your ruler without any outside forces now with this which yeah in this combining with the Odin destroying stuff and the other card of with all they can do and stuff I think is gonna make Brunhilde really strong I will say that like obviously I'm trying to poke holes in Colin because I enjoy it but like this is obviously an outside force you can't just say you know without outside forces anyways I agree this is this is pretty crazy insane I think Odin is honestly like when I saw him I was kind of like yeah he's pretty crazy he's like a game-ending guy but then like if but this just in your back pocket like he becomes like the game ender and I think he yeah yeah it's a crazy it's pretty pretty cray cray in it yeah and and this is just and keep in mind this is all the stuff that we're think you know that you guys my particular vaz far as like what this could do or like what I just said with combos and stuff this is all just based on two cards they've reviewed for like we don't know what else they're revealing this is their opener of like and usually they open with a little bit of obviously we don't know what they do now but these are open with like the weaker stuff and finish with the strong stuff or don't even show us that and wait for the full set reveal to reveal some of the stuff we might have missed so the fact that all with just these two cards they've been revealed so far you can now like completely and well guess in the promo card revealed you can completely obliterate your opponent's stones and and completely populate your field and base which at that point you basically guarantees you win the game and if somehow they kill your ruler you can keep healing it with Odin after a certain point will not keep healing but you know you have that in your back pocket now is a pretty pretty gonna be pretty interesting but yeah yeah I I have to agree I think this is there's a crazy combo I think it'll be pretty broken yeah well can you imagine just judgment in and killing your and your ruler dying or killing it over and over again just to flip it over and reanimate and say like reanimate burning and it makes something else and all this stuff like over and over again you just main deck gun ger because it he doesn't pay less in your rune area so he's the exact same in your main deck as he is the rune deck so you just keep you're just constantly being super aggressive and flipping over and flipping back yeah so it would be but it would be kind of hard to make them astral and then heal them like like if you don't mind what does I guess constantly is too strong a word but it's a it's something you can do in some fashion yeah yeah like like Odin in order to heal your ruler you have to destroy all your magic stones and at that point you're not getting Odin out again like yeah you there's very little ways to actually like it'll take like another five turn six turns to get out I don't depend like I said we haven't seen everything I told Oscar but because we're like speckling or they got introduced to car stones or whatever and I said wow if they introduced special magic stones from Brunhilde that say at this card this card can't be destroyed or if this car would be destroyed put it back in your stone deck different things like that they could know just remember keep in mind there they no longer have a filter this is straight from from Rd straight to the printer that the filter is gone so to keep that a mound they had an infinite combo Joey until they ran at a card they had an infinite game winning combo loop based on like a two or three cost resonator by accident so keep that in mind yeah I mean it's like looking at these cards to the last second for you to read that flavor text is like I like this room it'd definitely be in the rune deck for a beer and help deck I like Brunhilde solid she'll make her way into the deck Odin is like maybe a one of if I even put in the deck but it it's solid with just the two cards alone it's just my opinion on this new yeah this is the inner suit like I said this combos well with sapling not that exactly needed stuff to combo with but a like this I mean perfect I think that's happening would even mean play in the first place and most lists you know maybe a will be introduced being played so get your full arts while you can but I think it will we'll see but yeah no I think this bro no I I disagree I think Odin is gonna be played I think people didn't run at least one or two if not at minimum sideboard him mmm depending on the deck because maybe there's decks you don't know what one or run I would I mean I think a much was saying like 1 or 2 if you even run it like you said yeah even and I was caveat in that it because I'm gonna be like you are 100% I'm say Oh Collin it was implied okay so it was yeah it was in the sidebar sure way anyway so you want to read the flavor it's was it my card yeah okay just as the Valkyries choose which human soul shall rise again Odin Chu chooses his Valkyrie okay so next oh by the way wait wait real quick I love the flavor of bait like I know yeah like I love the flavor of like well I guess more the flavor of and I can play over Odin healing faith I didn't I had Brunhilde faith is weird actually I like the flavor of Odin coming in and healing like his is like lieutenant because she had faith in ya the other faith cards who kind of weird actually I think about it boys next up we got Isis last of the ascendance she's a three cost a day a descendant with first strike and vein enter search your deck for fire resonator total cost or less revealed and put in your hand if niala temp god devouring messiah which we haven't seen you put a fire moon addition token into the field if you j roars isis or isis 100 weapon master moon additions you control game tap produced light or fire so my going to be straight up I was super pumped to this card thinking like Oh is my moons or producing the two colors until Colin and Lee I apparently ignored Colin when he said it I don't remember this she has to be into the field to do that didn't click into my mind yeah immediately wait who nice is less than descendants oh yeah yeah otherwise it would say put a token in the field with the text it gave me that if you're worried so because it's separate from that it means she has to be on the field which isn't terrible it's that's at least somewhat balances out that mechanism but you do just need it you can build up those additions like Oscar I'd point out there's no mass addition removal there's no heavenly guest so you're gonna have if there's a lot of addition creation of these moon additions you build up a bump a bunch of them and you just need to drop her in the field real quick and have her stick for at least one turn so you can work with tap them all and do some sort of cool big combos before she goes out but ideally you'd want to keep her in there protector if you're producing yellow you can now provide run yellow cards that help protect with barrier there's a red card that goes barrier against chance so idea that you just run protection when mechanics uh okay okay I thought I thought you were getting a fire moon addition like from your gyro deck so it's anyway well what what what fire wounds burns are there but now it's a token okay yeah this is took god okay but I think it pretty interesting it depending on what cards are revealed this ever become really really good or like average but it's still a solid card I think it's gonna be dependent on the support around it yeah um she is not as strong as you know yeah there's the other like boon Hill stuff but I think she's pretty cool for Isis I mean it's at least helping her because this card didn't need this deck needed help he knows this is this is get somewhere yeah this is a parallel that I would like to see like good more for for the new cards coming out like I think this is really interesting I would definitely agree with that like for this especially for the decks that didn't have it you know they they need that that bump up and I'm interested to see what Nara attempt does like this with this she's so so would be interesting what she doesn't she I'm assuming she'll be a rare I mean oh she could be a super rare I'm just rubbing it's kind of going the same thing as burn Hill its card we just saw it's a 2 cos rare this is a sr hmm yeah but like she says she's a god devouring Messiah so maybe she like devoured the God and is gonna take note of the God you know I don't know the guy suit would have been um I like I like how and his army of them anyways I like first strike in vain that's a super super strong combination because it's pretty much like she'll never lose on attacking yeah no I agree and and it's a head pointed out it's gonna be like really strong inside of a limited format I like I like how I like how we are seeing more dual color stuff it's just not like I don't think it'll be dual color stones letting a week dual color tech inside of themselves that could be yeah which is what we were like seeing already like good Bruno yeah exactly anyways yeah I think that's cool flavor wait a tomb a tomb now consumed what's a tomb it's the LIA god I said that's who they are let the tempie the Senate's lost all power they once had now all alone Isis entrust everything to the Messiah from another world that's so cool I guess that is pumping how strong she could be right let's say it like a r8 a God and now super badass I don't know okay next up next up is godly aura it's a one cause quickcast Chantry was 83 choose one if you control and I are at the tip god devouring Messiah you may choose both instead put a fire moon edition took into the field draw a card or this card deals 40 damage multiply that by the number of moon additions you control to target Jayesh resonator oh that should say J resonator or opponent I mean let me broke know that no one to know I'm convinced there's gonna be more moon generation maybe an even though I are at the tip to bring stuff in like lice is starting to look pretty solid if you are able to permanently stick Isis this is such a good card even if you don't get both effects because you're paying one to draw a card and put out something that'll produce one will so this is essentially free draw card and and then next turn you'll be able to we're just too different it's exactly that um if you have Isis on the field it's like a placement card but the coolest thing about this is that AR is gonna be to cost or last I don't know I doubt or less but I'm sure she'll be too well yeah yeah and like that's super tape yeah she was awesome yeah if anything from these cards and I'm really excited about is the fact that she's gaining so much like her will production that she needs to really either make it worth flipping the ruler or even activating a lot of those abilities she has on her genocide that cost too so it's definitely coming together I think it's pretty solid yes I like how a new yarn has has has three tails and I'm hoping that it's somehow it goes to like nine tails like she follows along into a into the next set stuff and she just keeps gaining tails good cool anyways uh was that minor was that you asked me that was mine I read the flavor here it says a force strong enough to seal away God no moon she called it that's gotta be a car it's no moons probably what's gonna tie this all together yeah yeah we already saw the you saw did we we saw no not really it was I don't know I don't know either go on go on and talk more I thought another yeah so those were the rent was spoiled today so it's a all obviously they're all s ours and ours but that's a pretty consistent high-power that I feel like for all of them so I'm curious if it's like funk and then they've kind of taper off a bit or if it's going to stay like this and like a steady line or if it's going to go up as we'll see where it goes from there briefly we'll real quick over the cars over there is just two more colorful just gonna throw in no so I was like I'm really excited with what I'm seeing so far I haven't been disappointing yet I'm also not like necessarily afraid of what's happening it but I have to keep an eye out on this cuz I I mean got to keep in mind as well as like sealed just for pre-release is how fun is that gonna be with some of these cards and just keep them alive yeah I'm a little word with brünnhilde Isis and not right now but we'll see what book cards that she could easy flip either way but Bruno's got me a bit worried with some of that and like I said I it's it's a you know it's free cards are always not a bit I'm not big fan of and so like you're getting rewarded for doing rewarding stuff in addition to the other one which you're getting rewarded for doing rewarding stuff so that's two cards that are it's like hey you destroyed a J ruler here's a reward hey you destroyed all the magics stones here's a reward which makes you flip a card which gives you another reward which you could potentially grab something which gives you another reward so the combos is one thing but the this is less combos and more just like here's free stuff because of the rune deck it's less a combo and more a guaranteed thing but we'll see we'll see I'm so I'll say since you get those said I'm I'm worried about Brunhilde but I also realized there's a lot of or there's a nice amount of counters right there's counters to ruin hilt but they're not in every color like green Hanzo like has has a master the master in cancel it has a to drop can't cancel on a body now so like there's definitely stuff like it has all law rights for like the nice thing once whatever but um like there's stuff that you know that Hanzo gets that I feel I can you know counter Brunhilde pretty well but I think I've seen a chair does but yeah yeah exactly I'm definitely scared of like Brunhilde like boon Hill dog ultra combo I think that's what I'm most scared of right now I think that's like a really interesting lock and like deck that just comes down just joins all the matter stones and then when tries and wins like next chart or something yeah um so I'm just gonna real quick just read with these two promo cards are we won't really get into them too much if you guys are curious just go check out the podcast I think that yeah that was at the front end the podcast so you can just listen to that I was like yeah it was it was the podcast yeah that first card was Satan god of the Fallen which is a three void one black one red 14 14 hi god so his text is why you're searching your deck you may pay fire or black and reveal this card from your deck if you do remove this card from the game with a fall encounter on it enter effect choose one if there are 10 or more fall encounters on this card you may choose both instead your opponent banishes a resonator repeat this process until the combined total cost of resonators banished this way is equal to or greater than the number of fall encounters on this card or put any number of resonators where combined total cost is equal to or less than the number of fall counters on this card from your favorite into the field as long as this card is in your moved area with one or more phone counters on it it gains whenever an effect you control or cost causes you to lose life if this card is in your removed area put a fallen counter on it you may play this card from roofed area if you do it enters with ex-felon counters where X is the equal to the number of fall encounters that were on it was in the removed area you know the more I'm reading this more hating this card this is just good that you're gonna go play against someone who doesn't know what this card is and it's gonna be like a one-hour ordeal of explaining what this card does and it's gonna be the worst it's gonna be the worst I adjudge he's slow playing terrible horrible they should the whole point of you is that you know what the card is doing to you it's like you don't play it and then they're like what does that do rounds in you gr like two minutes because of how the power levels so you can take time reading cards also but one thing I need to clarify from the podcast though that I I miss said for the banishment it's a equal to or greater than so if you're if you have seven counters and your opponent has 3/3 cost resonators then banish one that's three banished to that's six and they had banished the last one because it has to equal be equal or greater than the no I thought it was less than no that's the resonator from your graveyard is less than I got it jumbled when I was reading this novel so it's actually a pretty decent bandage that's a that's that's a lot better too because you can bring it in with like two counters and have them sacrificed like a six cost or something yeah six cost or they can they'll have if they have a one cost and an eight cost then they have to banish both of them if they have any tokens no no no they they would just vanish they custom done but yeah you're right well how does how does that work like well yeah I guess they get to choose their in-house yeah an example as Samuel had given in a common thread was if your opponent has a one cost to cost and three cost and you have three counters on your card they could banish the three cost they could banish the two costs in one cost or they could banish the one cost in three cost or the 2003 costs they can choose the combo because you might want to keep some the lower-cost on the field baby or some variation but there's some there's no keep in mind hold on they need to banish stuff equal to or greater than right so can they banish like a one cost if they have three counters on it how does banishing stuff that like are they required to banish I assume it you you repeat it says you repeat it till it's equal than they're greater so they keep repeating it until they can't anymore or it's equal to or greater it's not like you would enter and then you get no banishment I would okay out assume acquit obviously we're not gonna get CR update so or maybe someone knows how it works it probably already ones with the the second card was Kaguya this is this is the buy two bucks per Mille sealed god of the moon it's a three cost quickcast seven seven fairytale hi god just quick cast enter cancel target spell room to you may pay one void less to play this card second effect if you control exactly five resonators exactly seven magic stones and there are exactly five cards in your graveyard this card gains flying and whenever this card deals damage to your opponent draw seven cards and recover up to seven magic stones you control yes do you think do you think people are gonna try and aim like for that effect that's a pretty insane effect try to intentionally no but it managed to get there and be like oh you know what as he do is one last thing okay I got it yeah how do you wanna I don't know man because in five resonators is hard it's not that hard you do tokens or something crazy in green white it's a little hard green then well first of all you you'd be green with like some white maybe you just play like four mana drugs and then play her like I uh you can make some tokens now in this comber well yeah you can make matadores that's not a token joy they can just branch off and pretend you're right though mandarin suggests is available one last question before we do go I didn't read the thread that you're in with Sam and everybody else did they clarify his well loss of life paying my sofa and he was he was he was saying that damage counts as loss of life and but the thing that I was saying originally in the video was referring to injure cell the evil leader so deck with that loss of life ruling with who was it that this specifically worked with or as it was a teacher so specifically African the point is that was ruling back that or specific it says on the text damage does not Kenneth's loss of life and someone referred that to him and he basically okay well or he said that he was aware of that and so he kind of sound unsure of which direction it would go so I'm still sticking with the old thing on the text where it says damage does not count as loss of light what about your other part where you said paying life is a cost and would count as that that still come oh he didn't address that but it's I I did I saw out a security knows that make a long paragraph of what we were wrong about and that was not in there so I assume we're right about that and then it gives Sam if you're watching comment below or something or if anybody knows what's in here we need we need two more paragraphs but thank you guys for watching I hope you guys are excited it's excited about this is we were or are not whatever I actually I'm actually getting excited about this but yeah but we'll see you guys thanks man


  1. The new card look pretty neat I just don't like the amount of SR, Maybe I will be wrong but it seems like getting what you want will be very very hard. Time to hit TCGplayers I guess. :/

  2. "odin is a game ender," unless your opponent kills odin in response to his effect… then GG bros we resetting the game

  3. The official answer for the loss of life question is: Please wait for CR update.

    What we do know/can infer is that:

    Taking damage does not cause you to "lose life." Players taking damage is defined as decreasing their life by the damage amount (1107.2). Apparently "decreasing" and "losing" are different.

    For Satan to see his full potential, it would mean that "paying life" is considered a loss of life. Basically if your life is reduced from a non-damage source, it's considered loss of life.

    Again, this is subject to change but that's a good way of looking at it for the time being. I hope that helps!

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