welcome back the another edition of
stronger about the mile oh wait a minute limit this is this is as the wheel turn
stronger by the mile is one of my best friends and he’s got a channel I’ll link
it below all that being said I was wondering what
people think I don’t think about anything because I just think oh cool
right but what I would say thinking I mean about like this freak is the wait
in front of me female writer who does she think she is riding the motorcycle
out here like a man you know that’s what I’m talking about
I have never seen anybody say anything like that
I think most people just think it’s cool that you’re on a bike now you’re part of
the club of two wheelers going down the road and having a good time but I’ve
seen some women that look at women strangely when they’re on a bike they
actually looked at them with this dane in their eyes like who do you think you
are out there with the boys because when you go – it’s like if you had a
motorcycle meetup or anything like that a lot of times people congregate like
the guys will be over here you know I ran over a dead critter over here
drinking their diet soda or whatever the the women and all know each other –
most of them are on the back of the motorcycle and now road riding the
motorcycle so if there’s a woman writer which path does she fall in with because
she she might be riding a Ducati or a Harley or anything right but she so I’m
thinking she might be I want to be over here with the boy pack talking shop
cuz there’s just not a lot of lady riders up here really I mean and there’s
gues there’s more than used to be but there’s not a lot I was watching some
lady rider up in Michigan I forget her name making stark I think get their name
but apparently she makes she does like lady rather meetups or something like
that now does that mean the boys can’t go now is that some kind of segregation
that’s going on I don’t like that I think if there’s you know it should be
anybody can come along there they can call it a lady meter but if I was
driving by I’d stop and I mean it’ll I say let’s go it all the ladies you know
I wouldn’t mind being the only boy surrounded by 50 girls I’m sure
nothing’s gonna come of that but you know I’m just saying it might be
interesting they’re probably not talking about solving but they might be and
that’s okay too yeah they might be a sewing circle of
motorcyclists I guess you might have a sewing circle
or motorcyclist somewhere in the world why not
there’s subgroups of every kind of damn group it seems like but just at someone
gets on a bike and rides is pretty cool now don’t mean we’re all actually in the
club we’re in the same club but we’re not I mean if if you find out the Hector
Lecter as a motorcyclist are you gonna you know invite him into the club
especially the girls club you might not want to let him in over there I mean
female brains might be tastier than boy brains or they might be nastier we’d
have to ask Tex Lecter and I don’t want to have the conversation with him but
generally you don’t find out somebody’s Hector Lecter until they’re eating your
brains they say ah there’s some silos I like silos I always wanted to have me
some silos I want them to be bigger than those though but I would take those too I have no idea where I’m at it says
State Route 62 welcome to Saint state route 62 you’ve never been there before
you are now on state route 62 or getting ready to be don’t know which way I’m
going on 62 but I’ll soon find out come on just go somewhere oh sorry I got got a little bit lost
they’re trying to take care of business you know some people can’t make up their
mind paternally have to turn right anything else go their own right they’re
riding a mule that’s an awful cute little bike up
there you might not think so but if you got on it riding you think it’s pretty
cute and you’d also think it’s slightly not
right but it just needs something and not know what that thing is but if you
ever add one feel free to let me know what it needs I can think a little more
speed or a little more top empower or those are things that you know but to me
it’s a it’s a feeling like this handlebars need to be a little taller
maybe for me you just feel better but I think
everybody does different Grom mods that they all do handlebars first but I don’t
know what handlebars they do I haven’t seen them beside each other
I’ve seen them after the fact they actually look lower I don’t know why
you’d want to go lower yeah but I guess did you go on higher you turn it into a
cruiser a long 25 cruiser tell you might as well get a 250 rebel 250 rebels are
actually pretty cool in my opinion oh let’s found another town Cliff’s
repair nice trees around here it’s another beautiful day in the
neighborhood hello mr. Rogers he already see all them post about mr. Rogers being
a Navy SEAL and all of that stuff from Captain Kangaroo how he was how he loved
Special Forces I don’t believe any of that stuff I just don’t I just I just
don’t see that they couldn’t be true but I just don’t feel it there’s more of a chance that critter
right there is special force it’s because I know that would take a hatchet
to somebody in a heartbeat you shake the skin off their knees it smack the teeth
out of their head because some people are like that they’re rough one way or another I wonder where I’m at I have a river a
p– that that tracks everywhere I go well if I want to tell it to track and
it just keeps track of where all right and you know the circuit and I guess it
would probably actually I take it back the same way if I wanted to if I told it
to but I think I like I’m pretty sure I can I can hand off my way around
anywhere I just I know I’m going generally north and east so I’ll turn
around and go back south and I’ll find my way back to where I need to be I keep
going this way I’m gonna run into route 50 which yeah okay yeah I know yeah but
I don’t know how far it is the hell I might I might write 100 miles today or
something that would definitely take me up here to 50 and back I don’t know
I just stopped back there and hydrated you have to hydrate when you’re on a
motorcycle you just you don’t even think about it realize how fast you’re
dehydrating but you are this is you know how it rains and then you get a windy
day and it all dries up same things happening to your body out here the wind
is just sucking the moisture off of ya you’re sweating probably but the way I’m
sucking it away and then you got the the whole Sun drawing just drawn it out
that’s why you’re so tired after your ride you know after I get there I’m
always ready to go to sleep I sleep so good probably the best of slip in years after
arrive I like that sixty two ways I’d rather be on an even smaller little
country road this one’s fine but I’d rather be on a smaller on as I don’t
I like puttering around just puttering I don’t like thought alone behind this
person so why don’t this a car just feel free to come on around me and pass me
but instead they just want to hang back there on my tail I know I’m most
emotional around as soon as I get to a spot to where they can legally pass okay
I’ll help them out but I don’t think they’ll listen why would they listen to
me they’re gonna say you’re not a traffic control cop no I’m not I’m even
better I’m the guy that’s trying to give you a helping hand maybe I’ll be better
off just not even helping them out they can’t figure it out they need to park
there their vehicle look at there I just went into total
stupid mode didn’t I yeah I was a good thing I can assert some music in that
spot right there so it won’t be so boring oh look it’s Hillsboro
I’m sure work I’m sure we’re in historic historic Hillsboro see that guy he was
he was giving us the slow down thing oh it’s a funeral
yeah I pulled over for the funeral I think maybe it’s not a funeral I thought it was a funeral y’all seen
the cops flashy lights right I don’t know why it was flashing them I
don’t think we were speeding there anything maybe we was I thought it was
35 maybe it’s 30 that was nice of him anyway definitely
was baitin otherwise screw you smokey oh you know you was a local yokel
get your vernacular right when it comes to the Popo
now it’s 35 we wasn’t speeding at all hey we were doing a speed in it I tells me here the radar don’t work
worth a burn what’s this red thing in the road it’s a ball cap we don’t want
it it’s used it’s got somebody’s cooties on it
no cooties just say no to cooties I wrote poison ivy that’s why we need hey
I wonder if I should get some food while I’m out what do you think do you think I
should eat while I’m out comment below let’s see this a restaurant to a fresh
deli the sub shop mmm
well I guess I’m gonna stop here


  1. Towbar – mercy my friend! Yeah, who was that lady riding that little motorcycle? Is it even considered as a little motorcycle? It looks like a mini scooter that we used to ride way back in our younger years…LOL… oh wait buddy, that looked like a weed whacker on two wheels with a lady rider, where are the training wheels and the pedals? She must be thinking she's riding a big bike…she needs to stop washing the bike because it's shrunk… LOL.
    Oh man, I better start being nice to that strange lady on that weed whacker or Lil Dog will start biting my ankles because I'm picking on his friend. Maybe that cop was flashing that lady in front of you, he might have liked what he seen… LOL
    Hey buddy, it was great visiting with you this evening and hope I didn't chat your ear off. Tell Miss "Sweet" PPP that I'm looking forward in seeing more of her motovlogs too.
    I enjoy watching "Stronger By the Mile" too! Daniel is a good guy and does a good job on his vlogs.
    Be safe always and happy motorcycle trails to you both!

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