Hello friends I´m Sergio Oliveira. Eduardo Vargas. how are you lalo? Sergio, time for another video. Eduardo an I were talking about a segment that has very little out on the market, it has less than 15 years out on the market but has had great growth in Mexico and around the world, and practically everywhere people are anxious for them I´m talking about what we would call Micro SUVs. thats what i was going to ask about is there an actual name for them – no not yet- or is everyone just saying whatever they want? people are inventing them as thery go along Most people call them Crossovers, but what they are is small SUVs you know how they say that whoever hit first hits twice, -yes thats what they say- lets take for example Chrysler Chrysler invented minivans and Renault something similar in story with the minivans? with the minivans, Renault would also be able to take claim for their invention- forgive me for interupting, which one?- The Espace, which was never sold in mexico. No wonder i don´t know of it. but it came into the market about 2 months after the Caravan which was Chryslers first minivan, and Chrysler is still the top seller of Minivans in the United States Which is a big country with a market for minivans. It hit first and it hit twice, but nevertheless the one who hit first with the Mini SUVs did not hit twice because because they were dumb. Dumb with a P. Exactly, i didn´t want to say it. And their name is Ford Because Ford was the one who put the Ecosport on the map That was an Idea from Ford Brasil, who wanted to take the platform of the fiesta Everyone wants a truck but not everyone can pay for an Explorer -700 is too much- so lets make something a little smaller, taking the platform of the Fiesta and we will do this and that, and it was a time in which ford still allowed individual projects for isolated regions and it was an overwhelming success, an absolute success. that was at the start of the previous decade and in 2003 the Ecosport arrived in Mexico And again it was an absolute success, everyone wanted one and the wait list that we currently have for KIA was there back then for the Ecosport. it would take months to get one they were cheap and beautiful- of course, it was everything that people wanted But it was a time in which the Brazilian Real has an exhange rate of 4 for 1 dollar, and then comes Lula and the brazilian real gained more value. 1.50 real for 1 dollar When it went bellow 2.50 it was no longer viable as a business It was not longer viable for ford to bring them to Mexico. the Mexican public still asked for them but they were too expensive and too expensive to import and ford would make more money selling them in brazil than they would selling them in Mexico. If you can sell a product here for 3 pesos and by exporting it you only sell it for two, then obviously your priority would be to sell it here. Your priority will always be to where you make more money, if that is locally then you won´t export. if its outside you will export more than what you sell here, which is happening with the Mazda 2, it is very expensive here in Mexico it only has two airbags because they make way mor emoney exporting it than they would make in the Mexican market. so the ecosport comes in and its very succesful but they start to close the door And it was alone for many years. If it was so successful why did no one else copy it? They took a long time to realize that it was a global phenomenon The success of the SUVs was global and its really hard for me to believe when there are so many thinkers in the industry that they never realized it. And ford took a million years in renewing the product. and thats a topic we will discuss right after the break hello friends if you want to buy or sell a used or semi-new car i recommend the page Tixuz with a Z, the biggest advantage you have there is that unlike most other pages, Tixuz is still an operation without cost for you Come on in, you´ll quickly be able to find the car your looking for or sell your own car much fatser than you expected, remember Tixuz with a Z Hello friends I´m Sergio Oliveira, i wanted to invite you to look for our youtube channel Tixuz you will like it. well we are back and we were talking about the ecosport, and the inoguarion of its segment and everyone elses reaction and the re-reaction of ford renewing its product. The brazilians and the Mexicans and all of the Latin American people show that it is a global phenomenon and that everyone loves the idea of a small truck And the next brand to react pretty well was Renault, and the make the Duster in Romania like Dacia Dacia is the brand that makes products which are more robust and more thought out for countries in development, and is part of the renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi alliance and it was bought by Andre Sh a little trouble with his last name, and today the most sold Renault is the Duster They are good and cheap. yes, good, cheap, and robust. the automatic transmissions don´t work as well as you would want them to in Mexico, or not as well as other places but it is a good product. So the Duster comes around The Duster was the next product, meanwhile all the other brands keppt poking their eyes without understand what they had to do. they took to long in realizing it. It took the second product being as successful as the first so that everyone else would come around, and now we have lots on the market so the question is which are good and which are bad and we spent more than half the show talking about how the show came about -and even mercedes made one right?- yes even Mercedes they really shouldn´t have but they did, so today we have I don´t really want to talk about the premiums, i would rather make a show about that later, lets talk about lets talk about the more avaliable ones that people are able to purchase so lets see what we have that competes with the Ecosport which is the leader currently Ford took about 2,000 years in responding and putting out a second generation and then allan mullaly became the head of Ford and said that they were no longer permiting individual projects, so now if they want to try out a new product it will have to be tried out globally. and when everyone else was starting to make that product ford, was barely starting an internal study to see if the success of the Ecosport was global and they lost out on two years because of Alan Mulally, whom actually rescued ford but made plenty of mistakes, and that was one of his primary mistaes Not percieving that the Ecosport was well recieved on a global scale. So now we have in the Mexican market, which is the one i have the best grasp on, in which i know the variables for security, offers, ect. So today we have the Ecosport, Duster, Trax which is also made in Mexico, Peugeot 2008 Kia Soul which we can also put there, Hyundai Creta Nissan still didn´t have one it will have one from september onwards, one named the Kicks, Toyota still wasn´t there, they will be starting in November-December.Nissans HR in? Thats a honda. My Mistake, Toyota will have the C-HR STarting in December, and Honda has the HRV to be produced in Mexico, and i think thats all of them, oh and Suzuki has the Vitara So Nissan doesn´t have one? No, they won´t have one until september. Oh, Okay.If ford took a long time Nissan… they will probably be slow on the uptake. The Kia Niro? Yes, that is also there. Whats been announced on that front is the Hybrid version which will Obviously not compete there because of price. Which Kia is usually known for their good cost to price ratios If the Niro came out for 300,000 a truck and a hybrid? Its going to be a hit. Lets see how much Kia manages to put out that truck in the Mexican Market. If we have the most equipped vrsions above 300,000 almost all of them are above 300,000 pesos, and i don´t recommend any of them because for around 330, 340, your already in the next segment, so a basic version is better from the next version, than an equipped version of the one below, “why? if it feels so great to have a screen, the Sunroof, ect,” Because the power and the safety of the bigger ones is much greater. So a basic CRV is better than an Equipped Creta. a Basic CX-5 is better than an Equipped HRV. A basic X-trail is better than what the Equipped Kicks will be. But everyone likes those things, the electric windows, the little screen – the only thing i can recommend from a rational point of view, when the “oh i like” comes in, thats where my recommendation ends, i understand it, thats how the market works – thats why they do it- of course but I´m not married to any brand, and am also not speaking as a consumer. Maybe once i got there i´d buy the little one with those things I would maybe take that decission if i was in that segment but as a recommendation i cannot give it because my recommendation needs to be rational, and ratinoally speaking more secure, more tranquility, more recommendable, to buy a basic version of the next segment in this specific case, there are cases where that is not true, Can we rank them at the end? yes we can, Below 300,000 pesos the Creta seams like the best option, why? because all of them already have 6 airbags from the basic version which starts at 280,000, they all ave traction control, stability control, reverse camera they also have great intertior space and trunk space, the only ones that have that level of equipment and security, in the basic versions are the Ecosport and the Kia Soul The Kia soul is there at half-strength, its not exactly a little truck, The Kia that will compete is the Niro, but you could also consider it, although the Soul has a much smaller trunk, Than the Creta for example so, from there I Would put the Creta in first place, Soul and Ecosport in second place, I would not recommend any version of the Trax, the most expensive one costs 350,000 pesos and it would be way more cost effective to get any other from the superior segment, Sportage, Tucson, CR-V, CX-5, X-trail, Ect. And even the Equinox if you wanted to stay within Chevrolet, it would be better to buy a Basic Equinox than an Equipped Trax, even the Buic, its the Trax of Buic, it has the same motor and is named Core, it sells alright Its a truck with bad handling, bad finishes, bad almost everything, and it does not even have the recommended basic security, so the Trax is a truck i do not recommend The suzuki Vitara has the same problem, the most equipped version is good the two most equipped versions have 7 airbags, and the basic versions only have 2. can i say something? It also losses alot of value, from the study that we did, its the worst one. sorry but it losses way too much- but its the grand vitara that loses the most.- you were talking about the vitara? yes, oh then my mistake, don´t listen to me. The Ecosport is good but it also losses, lots of value, less than some people thought and it also does not have much interior space, the finishes are not that good, it is a good truck, but its not the best, the Duster has good handling, great interior space, its robust and durable But its not very fuel efficient and it does not have 6 airbags that the Creta has, Soul has and the Ecosport has, and there won´t be a lack of people saying its just a Renault Yes in mexico but in the rest of Latin America that would be a weird statement, In columbia, which is where the Duster comes from, you say Renault and its considered a Durable brand, in almost all of Latin America Except Mexico, Renault is seen as a Durable brand, in Mexico it is known as a brand with alot of peoblems because they didn´t know how to properly introduce itself into the mexican market, they made too many mistakes, Products just as much as the avaliable services, Lets start rating them to finish? yes, so they can know. I´m going to go by what i remember, the Ecosport which was the first one in the segment i would place at a 6, its above a 5 so its on the upper scale of the ratings, because of its handling and safety, but because of its poor fuel efficiency and finishes and including price in some cases, thats why it doesn´t seam that good to me. Honda HR-V i would put at 6, no, lets say 7, because it has good handling, great interior space very good resell value, good fuel efficiency but it does not have great security, not in Mexico The HR-V in Argentina and Brazil has 6 airbags if your seeing it over there, but only 2 in Mexico,in the Unites states is also has 6, but in Mexico only 2, for that reason the HR-V does not have a 9 or a 10 Mazda CX-3, at 7, it has good handling the more equipped versions have 6 airbags, the basic version only has 2 airbags, but its not very tall and it does not have very much interior space, generally speaking if your buying a truck you want to see everyone from up above, to see everyone in your dominion, a sensatino that the CX-3 does not give you The Vitra, again 7, because its safety is only good in the most expensive ones, and the Motor is too small and is not as powerful as you would want it to be. Creta, i would give it an 8 because its the best value to cost ratio below 300,000 pesos, even though above that price range there would be others even still in Hyundai, per say the Tucson, even with a manual transmition, which people don´t generally like in Mexico, only enthusiats really like them, but the general public prefers automatics, Trax, 4, i think it used to be a better product than what it is now, and thats one of the big problems with General Motors, when a car comes in to the market instead of being the best of the segment, it´s average, and when the rest get better, they get worse. and that same thing is going to happen with the Cruze, and i expected it to some in as the best from its segment but no, it comes in as average, and the rest are going to get better and the Cruze is going to stay behind, thats why im giving a 4 to the Trax because the safe ones are too expensive and the cheap ones are not safe. Duster i would rate at 5, its does not have good securuty, but it does have good interior space, good durability, and good handling, Peugeot 2008 i would put at 6, no 7, because it has good security good interior space, good handling, but it has a 4 speed transmission and a high price, which makes it lose points, and thats why I´m rating it there, and is there another one? the Kia Soul, – The Soul i would have to give that an 8 if you don´t need the interior space that ou have in the Creta, with the Soul you have a 2 liter engine with more power, which the Creta only has a 1.6 with 120 horsepower for the Creta, the Creta is very light and that helps it feel like it gives you more agility at least while in thecity, obviously packed and on the road its going to feel a little slower its a more Urban product and the majority of people use it here in the city, so that is why it sems to me that it is the best from its segment, but if you look closely, youll see that its a segment with a large margin Its a new segment in which the brands are just starting to learn to design them better, there are no 9s, there could be maybe even a 10 with the HR-V if the Honda of mexico didn have the- Bad idea- that bad idea. I was just about to put 10 pesos in the can the bad idea of putting only 2 airbags in a product that would otherwise be fantastic. Were running out of time, but i wanted to ask if this seams more like a segment for women? with the exceptions of the Duster, Soul, and the Peugeot, the rest seams completely girly to me, its such asmall truck, it doesnt have much power, so it seams more for women that drive that way, which would simply not do for men. Curiously i see more Women in the superior segment, with the CR-V and all that. you see a CR-V and who do you think is driving it? yes obviously but were going back to the same thing its a woman, but i think they will do better because they will be cheaper much more accesible, thats the thing, Women love trucks because… Women want to use products made for men, they don´t want to be seen driving a product made for women, and thats another subject thats why they abandoned Minivans, and thats why they started driving SUVs, and its going to take a while for women to realize they are being seen as you just said, when you see that truck and know its a woman driving, when they realize that we think that way they are going to get off and look for something else, I, as a man, don´t want to be seen in a girly truck -they don´t either, far more than you actually. Imagine yourself, as a man, in a Trax. Just no. The Duster looks rougher than the rest, big beard, and looking for trouble. thats how the duster looks to me I don´t know, now we´ve run out of time. And thats another topic, what something looks like to a man, and what it looks like to a woman. Goodbye. If you enjoyed the video give it a like. If you want to see more videos, click here.


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    Forf Fusion 2010,
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    Todos en su version más equipada o uno antes por el precio, y el motor que hay unos que de V4 se convierten a V6, pero aun asi le entrare. (Haciendo a un lado totalmente su kilometraje que si tiene mas de 90 mil km, llantas, que si ya choco, que si le ajustaron la maquina y esas cosas)

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    Tanto es así, que además de ser el SUB-B/C mas vendido, es el Opel mas vendido por encima del Corsa y el Astra. Se fabrica en la planta de Opel en Zaragoza-España. Sus primos dentro del grupo GM son la Chevrolet Trax y la Buick Encore pero que estan muy lejos de tener la calidad de acabados casi premium de la marca "alemana"

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