Chris Vs Blake | Trail Vs E-Bike Game Of Bike!

Chris Vs Blake | Trail Vs E-Bike Game Of Bike!

– Welcome back, you beautiful people and today is a very special game of bike. Now it’s MTB vs EMTB, and a few weeks ago Chris and I went to head to head in the streets of Bristol
with a game of challenge of street bikes. Well, I kind of – Didn’t really work out
for you mate, did it? – Nah, no. But now we’ve brought
it back onto the trail where these bikes belong and we’re going to go
head-to head for part two. – I’m ready. (upbeat bass music) – Whoa! (laughs) – Whoa! (laughs) – I think Chris is quite nervous. – Oh my God. – Ooooooooh, no way! (upbeat bass music) – You’re actually doing it, Chris! – [Chris] That scared the crap out of me! (deep bass music) – Canyon have asked us
to find out what bike is the king of the hill. The E-mountain bike the Spectral:On… – Or the Spectral, which I think will be the king of the mountain. – Nah, not today. – I’ve got power. – Enough of the chat,
Blake, let’s hit the hill. – Alright. – [Blake] Chris Smith, freeride electric mountain bike rider, 37 years young, he’s been pro for 18 years. British freeride pioneer,
world record manual holder, he likes short walks on the beach, quarry riding, and breaking wind. Myself, Blake Sampson,
freeride mountain biker, age 33 years young, I’ve been pro for fifteen years and counting. Three times Portuguese King of Dirt, Top ten FMB World Tour, and he loves mowing the lawn, long walks on the beach, and changing nappies. I stole Neil’s Canyon
Spectral MTB for the day I hope he doesn’t mind. It has 27.5 wheels, front and rear. This beast is powered nothing
more than my two pegs. This is the Canyon Spectral:ON EMTB. This is Chris’ bike. It has 150 mil of
travel, business up front with a 29-inch wheel and party out back with a 27.5. This bike is powered by the
Shimano Steps E-8000 motor. (dynamo buzzes) – Chris, are you buzzing to hit the trail? – I am literally buzzing. – The challenges! – But before we even kick things off, I reckon a challenge should
be set on the roll in, see how much power you’ve got in those little matchstick legs of yours. – Two horses, I’ve got– – Two horses? – According to the test I did in GCN. – No match for the E-8000 motor on this. – Mmm… – You ready? – Eh, we’ll find out. – Little limited run-up, slippy… – Run-in. – Right. Pedaling our way up, and we’re
going to work our way closer you know, a couple of times, and see if you can make it to the top with those little skinny legs of yours. – (laughs) Should we make
it from the sign first? – Right. – Or should we go bigger,
so we can actually do it? – Just go from the sign first. Turbo mode engaged? – Yep. – Go on then, let’s see it. Hope you don’t wheel spin. – Oh yeah, it’s a bit wet there, isn’t it? – Mmm-hmm. – E-Easy. – [Chris] Easy. – Turbo. Go on then, E-bike. – This is electric power, look, just cruise on up, no out the saddle, easy. Right. – Easy. – Front wheel on the bottom of the slope. – Already? – Yeah. – All right, watch this. Let’s try it. – Can I not go bike length in one try? – Nope. Front wheel on the bottom, no cheating. No rolling starts. Right. – Noways, I don’t think I can do that. – Let’s see it. – Ah! – Hang on. – Nah nah nah, this is the
game of bike, isn’t it? – I reckon I could’ve done that. – There you go, that’s
the Steve Jones technique Planted smooth power, let’s see it. – All right. Oh you fff… (Chris laughs) I nearly hit my old chaps on the old stem. Ow, I hit my knee. – [Chris] We haven’t kicked
off all that already have we? – No, it’s just warm-up, isn’t it? – [Chris] Nah, this is the game. – Really? – He’s already in with a
B, he’s kicked things off. – E-bikes. – [Chris] That’s why they
call them push bikes, right? – Push… Funny guy. (upbeat music) – Look at this thing though, tabletop, I can jump to manual – [Blake] Jump, clear, manual. – Yeah, jump to clear to manual, but you got to keep the manual going all the way to that lip, front wheel bonk off of that
and jump the double so you– – But down the red? – Yeah, but you’ve got to clear the double jump to manual. – How many attempts? – Two. – Two. – Do you want to go? Or do you want to see it? – You said it first, I want to see it. What’s it going to be like with that lump between your legs? – [Chris] I’m used to the size of that, It’s the E-bike I’m worried about. – (laughs) Oh, right, yeah, nice. I’m pretty lightweight. – Might take more than two
go’s, this one, I’m afraid. – Good, I’m going to get it in one. Oh, what? – Just scoping the line out, there. Right, this time. – [Blake] Hey Chris, now watch this. – Let’s see him not do it. – (laughs loudly) Chris! Look at that! – [Chris] Like it, like it,
I’ve got one go left, haven’t I? – Yeah, but I got it in one. – [Chris] We said two go’s. – Whoever gets it first. By default I think I’ve won it anyway but this is for personal comeuppance. – (Laughs loudly) Whoa! Did you see that tire
squeal on the take-off? – [Blake] That tire slid up the take-off! – (laughs) Added steeze on the take-off, little bit of scrub, bit of tire roll… – [Blake] What’s it like
to personally conquer that for personal use? – That was nice. – [Blake] Yeah? – Almost as good as yours, but not quite. – Is that a B? I said in
two go’s, there, didn’t I? – Two go’s, but I did
it in one, so, like– – It’s like half a B. – No, it’s capital B. – Ah, but remember, this is an E-bike so maybe I get the extra letter? So I get an E. – What? – (laughs) E-bike, bike,
five go’s, four go’s, simple. – Oh wow, that’s — – cheating! – That’s Cheating! (both laugh) (upbeat bass music) – Chris, because you set in
the old climbing challenge straight out the gate, at the gate, I’m going to set the leap of faith. – Oh my God, look at
the size of this monster how big is that? – Why, thank you. – Well, the last time
this bike did it was Neil he chain ringed the hell out of that. – Oh, I did see that. (spectators shout excitedly) (spectators shout
excitedly in slow motion) – Well what happens if I
hit that on the E-bike? Surely that whole tabletop is going to be shifted
down the hill, yeah? – Rest in peace, take-off. – Oh, God. – Or rest in peace– – So from this there’s not even a take-off there’s a little roll or
bump all the way to the top– – You got to land on top. – Or until the landing? – You can. I’ve got close, but it’s a wet day. – Don’t think you have, I
think you’re chatting a bit. – I’ve got… I’ve front-wheeled that. – Front-wheeled what, the take-off? – (laughs) – Come on then, let’s see it. – Yeah? You need power though, Chris. – I’ve got loads of power. I’ve got 500 watts of power. – I’ve got two. – Yeah, cumulative. – I don’t know how many watts I’ve got. – 16. – Ah yeah, 1600 watts. – 16 watts more like it. Come on then, I want
to see that back wheel hit that take-off so hard. – (cheers excitedly) – Easy! – [Blake] How’d I do
it with mud in my eye! – Just like frop, frop, like true moto. No case. I suppose I better give it
a go on the Ebes, I suppose. Never actually done that gap,
but it looks pretty easy. – I think Chris is quite nervous for this. Wait, here he comes. – Whoa! – [Blake] (laughs loudly) – My God! – (shouts excitedly in slow motion) – [Blake] Moving over the bars! Moving over the bars! – Clearly went over the bar! – (both laugh loudly) – I overjumped it way too much! – [Blake] Yeah! – Oh my god. I’ll tell you though,
that… (sighs triumphantly) – E-Buh – E-Buh – So we’re equal now? – Yeah. – We’re equal. – We’re equal. No cheating going on? – No cheating going on. – I’ve got a cool one for you. – Yeah. – Down the bottom of the hill. – Oh, the bottom of the hill? – Yep. – Can we not start at the top and work our way down? – [Chris] No no, it’s
all about going up hill. Uphill flow, bro! – All right. Watch this. (upbeat music) (cheers exuberantly) – That scared the crap out of me! (upbeat music) (both laugh) – Blake, you’re set, this is
going to be an amazing one. Look at the size of that hill. Look at all the wet roots and rocks. How are you feeling? – What are we doing? – We’re just climbing to the top, But this is just going
to come in two parts. To the top of the hill,
but then the winner is the one with the lowest heart rate. Do you think you can even
get to the top of that hill? – I think I’ve got it, Chris. – You think you’ve got it? But without your heart
exploding out your chest. – (laughs) – If I hit that thing it’s
going to be a wheel spin. I don’t want that all tangling in my– – What is your heart rate on now? – 42. – Really? – Yeah. Do I look kind of pale? – You look very pale. – No, it’s on 100 at the minute. – Oh, Chris, mine’s on a hundred too. It’s just hit a hundred. – Your seat’s looking a bit low, what are you doing, slope style? – Yeah, I’m going to have
some burning knees, Chris. – Yeah we’re going to slope
style up the hill, are we? – Ready? – Yep. Ready? Three, two– – So it’s race, but not a race? – A race, but not a race. – There you go. Three, two, one, go. – I reckon you should have
your seat a bit higher, maybe. – (grunts) I do think I need
my seat a bit higher, Chris. – How do you feel, then? – What? I can’t even hardly hear you. – Uh oh, Chris I’m
actually going off track. – [Chris] Have you started yet? – I’ve actually gone off track, Chris. – [Chris] Are you actually
started yet, Blake? – (pants) Chris I’ve
actually messed up, Chris. – [Chris] Pardon? – I’m stressing out Chris! – [Chris] 84 beats per minute. – (pants) – Oh my god look at the… Why are you doing that? – (pants) Chris, shut up. – 83 beats per minute. – Finally. Well I’ve had a bit of
half-hour rest then, I suppose, before you arrived. It’s at 83. – (pants) 142. – 142? – Yeah. – What were you doing for so long? You barely even made it up the hill. – (pants) all right, Chris. – Should we get something a
bit more friendly for you? – Please, I got B, I. – What are you thinking
then, some jumps, drops? – I’m having a spell of dizziness. – You look a bit white, mate. – Done. (laughs) – Drop? – Drop. – Big drop. (bass heavy music) – Tell you what Chris, That front wheel of yours is
going to roll over anything especially this rocky section. – We’re rocking the
mullet look on this bike, business up front we’ve got a 29 that means it’s predictable, and out back we’ve got a 27.5 with a big 2.8 tire on
it providing the drive. Really is the perfect
combination for an E-bike. – The mullet. Party boy. (laughs) – All right, Chris, I’ve got one. Look at this monstrosity of a drop. – This is a monster. – Do you like it? – Suspensionization is definitely
going to be bottomed out. – For sure. My suspensionization is going
to be bottoming out on this. You got that on the Ebes? – Of course I’ve got this on the Ebes. – That thing carries speed. – It does carry speed. A lot of speed. But I want to see a trick. You going to straight air it? – Well I’m going to jump it,
and if you want to trick it dude, it’s up to you. – Up for a challenge? – The challenge is to jump it. – The challenge is to jump it? – Well actually that’s
a pointless challenge because you don’t want to
not jump it, you’d die. – Let’s see this monster in action then. (wind roaring) – Whoa. Nice, that was super smooth! – [Blake] Yeah! – That’s your middle name then, right? – [Blake] Blake Thomas Smooth-son. – Smootherson. – [Blake] Smootherson. Get the Richter scale out when
he drops and hits the floor with that big E-bike of his. (laughs) go on! (cheers excitedly) That was sick! – [Chris] It was all right, wasn’t it? – That was good, yeah. I slid on this rock because,
you know, the stump, because the vibrations of your landing. – You know, on your push bike when you’re pushing up here, I can even talk to you, I’m not going red and spitting drool outside of my mouth, I’m ready to go again. You ready? – [Blake] I’m ready. What are you doing going back up, Chris? – Free ride E-riding. – FreeEride. I think Chris wants to
better just dropping in. He wants to stunt off this. Now, I know Chris, and I
know what he can do on drops and I’m going to call it out. The suicide. I think that’s what he wants to do. – No way! (driving bass music) – No Chris, while you’re the
king of the sooie on the drops I am not doing that. I can sooie, but I hate sooie-ing drops. And I don’t like this drop. – [Chris] So you’re going to take
that as another letter, yeah? – I am taking that as a letter, Chris. – You’ve got that all day long. Big tuck old-school no-hand, come on. – No, Chris. I will go upside down,
but I won’t do that. (upbeat music) – Chris, I’m setting this one. – What are you doing? Are you going to ride into the trees? – We are going to do a sprint challenge. – (laughs) – Why are you laughing? – You’re going to do a sprint challenge against an E-bike? – I’m quite confident
in the power in my legs to try and overcome– – I really hope you are. You’re going to have to have
some power in these legs to overcome this. – The Spectral: ON. – Powerful Spectral: ON. – But I’m on. But this is just the Spectral. But anyway, sprint from here to that log. First one across the line obviously wins. (epic choral music) (record scratches) – What are you doing, Chris? – I’m just doing what all
the good drag racers do, warming up the tires. – Mate, I would save that energy. – I’m not going to need any
power for this, you kidding? – Mate, you’re going to need it. – Against those little legs? – Ha, watch this mate. (starting timer sounds) (exciting drum music) – I think I’ve beat you, Chris! (laughs) – Oh, you did! – (laughs loudly) – No way! I think I hit my limiter just about here so that’s why I reckon you got the win. – That’s why I put it in there, Chris. – I didn’t think about the limiter. – It’s all about the body, isn’t it? – (laughs) (upbeat music) – Chris, I know you, and you know me– – Definitely. – We’re all about the stunts. – On these big mud lumps, right? – Yes, these lovely mud lumps. There’s a big straight jump there, and there’s a hip there, and then there’s a boner log (whistles) over there. But we’re not going to count the boner log ’cause it’s horrible, we’re going to count the hip and the jump. – Steeze and style, right? – Steeze and a trick. A trick. Legs, arms, whatever you want to do. – So a few points on this one and a few points on this, right? – A few points on each. I will hang fire on the backflip. – Sure? – Ah, damn, I was feeling that as well. – Watch this. (bright music) – Steeze-ing on a Sunday
morning, eh, Blake? – Actually, Chris, it’s Wednesday. – Oh yeah, forgot about that. – And it is a quarter to
four in the PM, not the AM, so it’s not Sunday. (laughs) – Anyway, back to the results, now I used to be a judge on these contests back in the day, so I
did a bit about style and a little bit about tricks. Dunno, what are you thinking? – Your table, obviously
it’s your way to table it’s not my way to table, I did my best. Your table was slightly better than mine. – [Chris] Now let’s talk about tricks. – I think mine was more explosive. – [Chris] More Explosive? – [Blake] More exotic. – [Chris] More exotic. And I think a no-footed
trick scores higher than a no-handed trick, so you might take it there, Blake. – Yes! (bright music) – [Blake] There’s not much difference between these two bikes, you know? Obviously yours is the E-bike, it’s the Spectral: ON, but this bike can tackle whatever
you chuck in front of it. EWS, this thing can race. It’s an aggressive trail bike and you can go for long
hours on this thing. Niels done a huge, epic ride on it. – I couldn’t agree with you more. This thing has been
absolute blast all day long. I’ve had a load of fun on it, super agile, and as I say, I could ride all day long. It just feels like a regular mountain bike with a motor strapped on it. – Chris, the game is not over, dude. Why are we in the car park, man? There’s trails there. – I’ve got one last challenge
for you, Blakey-boy. – Oooooo! – And this is the car pull. – Karaoke! I love that program, dude! – No, car pull. Pull the car, you get me? – You want to pull my jeep? – Yeah, so you need
what, two and a half ton? – 2.3, yeah, close. Put that rope on there, we’re
going to drag your beast out of the car park. – (laughs) all right. You
think E-bikes can do that? – I think you’d better sit in it, just in case I drag you
into the start ramp. – Chris! Do you want me to take it out of gear? – It’d probably be easier
without it in gear. Can you let the hand brake off as well? – It’s down. – It’s down? You’re not in gear? – Not in gear, Chris! – Right, are you ready
to witness the litness? – Yes! – Right, hand brake off? – Hand brake’s off! – Turbo mode engage. – Go, Chris! You’re actually doing it, Chris! Where you going? – It’s going a bit off- – [Blake] (cheers loudly) – No way Chris, look, we’re moving! – Right, going to pull
you out of the car park. Oh my god. I’m going in the hedge. – [Blake] (laughs) Where you going, Chris? Chris, I think that’s ridiculous. You actually did it. – Right, I think it’s time for you to put some pedal power and go, yeah? – I don’t think I can do it Chris. I’d give my damn hardest though. Chris. – Yeah, you ready, Blake? – I don’t know if this is going to work. – [Chris] It’s not happening, is it? Pardon? – I don’t know if this is going to work. [Chris] It’ll work, easy. Just put the power down
and just engage turbo get your weight back. Definitely not going to happen. – Please remove hand brake. Are you ready? – I might have forgot to
let the hand brake off. – Is it off? – No. Oh you wanted it off? – Yeah! – Oh, okay. – (pants) – [Chris] (laughs) You’re not
doing too good there, Blake. – I’m actually just
pulling on the handlebars, not even pedaling. Chris! (pants) Ow, hit my nuts. – [Chris] Blake, I think
you got the final number. – Ah, Chris, that’s– – [Chris] The final letter! – I tried my hardest, but I was actually pulling on the handlebars
more than anything. (bright music) – Well done, Chris. What were you doing, trying
to mate with the stem, there? – Yeah man, I dunno – Maybe try to make it on the Spectral. – Just trying my hardest,
trying to make the Spectral on. I’m turning it on. – It was a pretty close call, isn’t it? – It was a pretty close call. Both bikes are super
capable, no matter what. – Yeah, and it’s just been
an amazing day’s riding all day long, I’ve still
got some battery left, you’ve still got you some legs left. – I’ve still got some legs left, I don’t want to mate the stem anymore. – No, you should leave that alone. But it’s been an epic day out here. Cheers for that. – Thanks very much, Chris, Thanks you very much
for watching this funny entertaining video
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  1. The thing is. E bikes dorm look good, at all. And aren't as fun. They dotm give confidence because of the weight either

  2. Why would you want to keep your heart rate low? Isn’t the entire point of trail riding a fun way to get exercise…

  3. GOD I hate e-bikes, the e-biker talks so much shit considering he rides a bike designed for the weak with dysfunctional legs.

  4. You have to take it so that each bike has its advantages and disadvantages, so you wouldn't go downhill with a road bike. I just want to say that don't tell someone that he has a bad bike just because he doesn't have a dirt construction as my friend once told me.

  5. Each to their own i guess. And i do think e-bike are a wonderful invention for a lot of people for different reasons, but for me aged 35 cycling means powered by my legs.

  6. How about chris also chooses to carry his bike up places a bike cannot go, like alp terrain. Also I am sure human endurance outweighs an E-bike in the alps.

  7. I have an idea for another mountain bike challenge. How about one person rides an MTB up a mountain and the other flies a helicopter up, then measure heart rates to see who won? Obviously this is only for entertainment and no real e-bike vs mountain bike comparison, but some of these challenges were actually frustrating to watch. Blake won, at least we can agree on that.

  8. Chris thinks he is all good cas he beat Blake on the climb but Chris is actually on a e bike so he sicka

  9. Now i understsnd the purppse of e-bike if you run out of fuel you just need a rope to get your car back home.

  10. "i can still talk to you while im cycling up this hill" shame, nobody wants to talk to an e bike rider. so lame.

  11. Step 1: Buy E-bike
    Step 2: Pull downhill riders back up the hill
    Step 3: Bike pays for itself, PROFIT!

  12. all our local trail banned e-bike because of the speeds they are capable of. Which is funny because they all have bike shops that sell and rent them.

  13. Chris was just pissing me off with the heart beat because he knows he has a battery and not using all his muscle and tbh I think he’s just ball shit

  14. Cool how people came here to speack bad of E-bike when i am sure they could not be able to do the same with a motocross 😂

  15. What a ridiculous last challenge. Literally picking a challenge where the eMTB has an OBVIOUS advantage. Not to mention that the game is B.I.K.E! not E.B.I.K.E. Absolutely ridiculous. This being said. None of it. Would have bothered me, if it wasn't for the smugness of Chris.

    Next challenge, MTB vs a Motocross-bike. Who can go the longest distance in 1 minute, Who can make the longest jump. Who can accelerate the quickest and who can get on top of a hill with the lowest heart-rate? I cant wait to see who might win that. Sounds like a real proper challenge for both drivers

  16. So if your tough as nails get MTB. If you are too bitches to get motorbike and too much of a bitch to get an MTB get an e-bike?? Chris smugness annoys me burns bridges it doesn't create them. I think everybody respects Brandon cause he's just a good person to bike with.

  17. weak people use the e-bike. They too lazy to put the work in to get into top shape for the sport. A good mtber knows how to climb and descend on their own power. Yes, how many times e-bikers brag about there time to the top. take the electric away and they can't even make it up the hill. Now people who commute it is really a great game-changer for them for so many reasons. It then is a very intelligent investment. And Strava needs to separate riders out as well. E-bike times mean nothing to a manual bike time. It should be clearly stated in times how the ride was done. Manual or electric.

  18. Love all the e-bike hate, I have a friend with a turbo levo and he is the same on both bikes but gets 2x as much done so not less effort jsut does more.

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