Charter Bus in Rock Tunnel

Charter Bus in Rock Tunnel

The reason I am at this cockeyed angle is that we are at a spot on the Needles Highway just… …maybe a mile in where it goes to a one-lane, stone tunnel. And a charter bus is trying… …to get through here. And I just had to get video of this…because I-I cannot imagine this… …thing is gonna make it through here. “I have to see this.” (Off-camera.) And even if he gets through, this route is so winding that…and I was commenting on the… …way up here that I cannot imagine a charter bus coming through here because it is too… …long to go around these-these hairpin turns, or near-hairpin. But he is obviously making it, but I would not want to try it. So he is waving at some people…apparently they are…. Boy, that is an up-close-and-personal look at the…. And the people are cheering because he made it through there. I cannot believe he made it. If someone would have told me, I would have told them they were full of it. THE END! Thank you for watching!


  1. 😱😱😱😱😱😱 "I" WOULD NOT even Try to drive my little ol Suburban through That!!😱😱😱😮😮😧😧😧😕😯😯

  2. I'm a charter bus driver and I would be hard pressed to do this maneuver. Kudos to the driver, regardless if he had a bit of help or not, he was the one driving the bus. I've taken and gotten buses at 45' and 60' articulated in situations that was not intended for a bus of those sizes but this bus driver was awesome, to say the least.

  3. the driver prb watched this vid n thought damn i need to start recording these and putting them on youtube make more $

  4. that is one of the busses that go thru there. we rode one of them . as we came out of the tunnel there must have been people watching us

  5. Damn I live here. I should just make videos of buses going thru the tunnels. I'll be a youtube millionaire

  6. dont question thier ways until your actually falling off a cliff. then may be a good time to have doubts in thier abilities.

  7. άντε να περάσει και το τούνελ για Ελαφονήσι στην Αγία Σοφία

  8. There are several places in Europe like this, and I've been in the buses and they make it somehow…especially when it's between old gates or whatever…the spaces can get really tight!

  9. It's probably a fairly new crudely built tunnel on some private highway to some resort. No doubt this rarely happens. Wouldn't be surprised the resort that owns the highway hired a rock scarfacer to widen the tunnel.

  10. I wouldn't want to be a fat bastard on that bus when it suffers a mechanical problem in the tunnel and everyone has to exit through the roof doors!

  11. This is my papa, Kenneth Gardner. It may sound stupid but I looked this up because I miss him so much. When I first saw the video it had somehow, call it fate, circled around to me a week or two after he died late April of 2014. I'm a pretty lucky girl to have been raised by him even if it was for a short 16 years. This is only a small fraction of how amazing this guy was. When I was little I'd join him on the charter bus tours all around south dakota. He would tell his cheesy dad jokes durring them and I remember several times durring this route in particular if someone said "will the bus fit?" Or anything along those lines he would jokingly say "I'm not sure, this is my first time trying". I wish I could hug him one last time. I'm glad this video exists even if all I get to see are his arms.

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  13. Wow driving that biggo bus through a rock tunnel barely wide enough for it. I wouldn't do it if I was the driver of it.

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  16. Looks like it’s gonna run out of gas, exhaust cause smoke can’t drive through or crash into sides. So that looks unsafe. Looks scary to be on there.

  17. These guys are the real deal, this was Herman in the video and does an excellent job of training his drivers, great job Dave! If you ever find yourself in the Black hills, I highly recommend this tour!

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