Yo, today was absolutely insane. [vlog theme song] You guys, I like, huhhH.. Haha. I’m exhausted right now. It’s the end of the day. There is a big annoucement at the end of the vlog. So stay tuned. [Clap] But I’m gonna start the vlog off at the beginning of the day. Let me start the blog off at the beginning of the day Where my life literally became a movie. Just, just watch bro. [dramatic boom] (Brendan off-screen) There’s a guy in it. Wha-? (Brendan off-screen) I’m not [beep] Yo there’s a [beep]-ing guy in my bus. Bro. Bro. What are you doing? what are you doing? Are you sure it’s your bus? Get the fuck out. How do you know it’s your bus? Get outta my bus, bro. Is it really…? Yes! [mumbles] Bro, get out of my bus. What’s your name then? My name’s Logan, that’s not a paper saying it’s my bus. There is no pa- This is all your stuff. There’s a guy in my bus, bro. Haha! I was literally about to start the vlog. I’ll do it right now with this guy in the back. Hey, yo good morning Logang [laughing] WHATS POPPIN’ Yo! [mumbles] Yo? What are you doing?! Yo, my man. I don’t know what’s goin’ on. I guess my bus is a good place to fix foots, I understand but I have to ask you to leave You do need my bus bro it’s the cool bus, admit you need it [laughing] admit you need my bus. [confused] what? Yo, yo he’s asking for proof. do you see the parking tickets to your left [homeless guy] yeah yeah do you see how the name says, Logan Paul That is me not you I know because your youtube channel isn’t Logan Paul Vlogs [talking to camera] I’m honestly just milking this because I don’t think this is so interesting to me like Y-you don’t like the cool bus so why you in it yo this is crazy, this is crazy bro yo Brendan goes, “there’s a guy in it That guy was one hundred percent doing heroin, i-in your bus. He was doing heroin? [Laughing] Yo, yo what the **** bro? NO WONDER THE LIGHTS WERE ON! Wait woah, WOAH. What are you doin’? What you doin’ bro? WHAT YOU DOIN’ BRO? Get outta here! Get outta my bus! You’re not cool enough for the cool bus bro! YO Brendan What the **** So we’re just lookin’ around here Seeing what he messed with Homie has the bodily fluid cleanup kit He took out all the bandages Homie was definitely doin drugs on the bus… (Mumbling) This is a good time to tell you guys Today we are taking the bus to West Coast Custom To get a total 100% makeover This is a good thing Cuz now the bus is contaminated with some bull*** SO we need to change the way it looks. Hopefully, West Coast can put a lock on it too, Yeah, yeah definitely need a lock Cuz we dont have that now I’m jumping in the ballpit. if i land on someone f*** Hi, am good, am good


  1. Ummm he robbed this YouTube channel because he called it Logan paul vlogs it’s just Logan Paul

    👍👍👍👍definitely normal

  2. Please send help awww kong is so cutee please I really want to have a puppy but I do have one but she is dead I'm so so so so sad💔

  3. I think that guy in the bus was doing crack because you were smoking a cigarette his eye is on the left side of his eye 1 like 1 prayer for the man help people

  4. When Logan says “see the parking ticket it says Logan and your YouTube channel isn’t Logan Paul vlogs”or something like that I thought 2019 it his isn’t

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