Car Mechanic Simulator [Xbox One X Gameplay] – Episode 11 – It’s finished!!!!

Car Mechanic Simulator [Xbox One X Gameplay] - Episode 11 - It’s finished!!!!

hey guys mechanic CG here and welcome back to another episode of car mechanics in it is episode number 11 today and what we're gonna do we're gonna take a look at some of these bonds today because what we're gonna do we're gonna look at them see what stuff we can get what new cars we can get cuz I'm thinkin doing a second project car because this one is actually pretty cool so we can deal with this one give it a test drive sell it on and get ourselves a new one so what we're gonna do we're gonna look at these three bonds and see if we can get any new cars wow they're not new but they're old but we want one in good condition I have just realized I don't have any money do I but we can get cases and sell the stuff so that should be fine and not gonna lie these were all pretty bad this is the one without the supercharger a net nothing in there oh this car looks cool what is that hmm we got any cases at all we didn't even get a case that is horrible right leads to garage might have to sell this car actually now that I think about it which won't be good I want to keep it we might have to sell it otherwise it will be a bit of a grind come on load right let's take a look and see what body parts we can get for this I think this is the one it is the ball a lantern at garage entrance to the front left see front right seat and steering wheel ah I keep pressing B it's such an annoying thing Oh steering wheel okay that one looks good I like that and then we need some seats I'm liking the look of these ones the seat oh that's eat and then steering-wheel that one nice right front bumper right headlight right fender right door right door window right side mirror trunk right taillight rear bumper left taillight and rear window right you know what in black that looks quite cool with the green however it is rusty and we can't paint it can we know but this is ready have we filled it with oil yet no we haven't I just overfilled it right I want to did I miss rear shock shock absorbers how have I done that that's more like it Oh yawn engine crane we could finally lift the engine out cool test track oh my god click B what is click oh that's off of the UH yeah I know exactly well that is main shot two of them on here right now can I go yes the car is ready I don't know how much horsepower this has whoa geez Oh whoo I can't drive this hahaha say this is insanely powerful a table keep it in a straight line oh my god this is insane May is there a drag strip in this game because if there is I want to take this car to it Wow okay that was very powerful I want to see how good this is in a straight line though because it obviously isn't good for taking corners that's for sure I mean it doesn't have the tires for it and it's just way too powerful abandoned airport I would say has straight lines the loading time is a little bit slow oh yes hold up geez I'm not even pulling on the accelerator is there any way to do this manually no oh my god that is so powerful do you think putting performance parts on everything was a good idea yeah it still is got make a really powerful car a car more powerful than necessary I mean it looks the part that's for sure I mean except the body panels but that we can't help right now like there is no way for me to repair them I think let's take a look see what orders we got are they're all suspension ones there's a path tester let's take this on to the path tester and see what that says do we have the Dino then hang on No okay this is just testing out the condition of my suspension which should all be working perfectly fine based on the fact that I did replace them oh that actually checks a lot of parts that is cool and useful so anyways thank you guys so much for watching I know this video was very short but there wasn't really much to do so thank you guys for watching if you did enjoy please leave a like comment down below and subscribe and I shall see you next time goodbye


  1. Just to let you guys know, this isn’t the last of car mechanic, this is just the end of the startup, we will be building more cars as new series in the future…

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