Car Mechanic Simulator Gameplay Part 2 – (Xbox One S) Looking for Barn Finds

Car Mechanic Simulator Gameplay Part 2 - (Xbox One S) Looking for Barn Finds

[Applause] prodigy hey what's up YouTube welcome back to know the video you guys were back with car mechanics simulator and yeah if you want to go watch my first video of car mechanic it's gonna be down in the description in at the end of this video yeah but it's gonna be the part two here we're gonna start off with a Jeep Grand Cherokee very nice beautiful car very fast – so let's gonna see the status of car and discard yeah let's see the car status okay oh yeah how much we got so gear keeps slipping general gearbox control in repair alright so what we're gonna do we're gonna take this bad boy for a test drive because I guess that's probably gonna be the only way for us to kind of understand what's the problem with this vehicle so let's uh let's see we have this test drive go for us and also like I said I've been playing off camera will offer court so kind of getting used to the game and I guess I kind of got it pretty far we got a uh today we got a new expansion on the garage so the garage we got a new expansion so once you look at it's gonna be pretty much a lot more room and I guess you gotta make it bigger and bigger and bigger and that's what I'm hoping for so yeah I do play this off camera see what I want to call it off recording a lot so kind of get ahead on things but this will be our part two if you did not know and part one would be in the description at the end of the video test Charlotte's baby tightest thing as fast so glass allergies truck be good on there see how the suspension is both of this be a quick fix and we got a few of born fines I think of the coffee sector I've to go out like seven of you stacked up if we can go I always missed it I swear God if you watched my last video you will see that I I think I missed it last time just be so hard on the gas I just done this chocolate so fast already round okay I'm nice pretty uh pretty good stopping but it's probably gonna need his brake pass changed out eventually all right you guys we're back here in the garage what this is pretty much the report on the vehicle that we just test driver to drink the Jeep the Jeep Grand Cherokees all right so I've got a clutch plate clutch release bearing and clutch pressure plate so that's the problem here this is pretty much showing everything that goes with the brake so everything seems pretty okay with just these three things that have a problem and I said it should be a very quick fix so that's gonna get this over on the car lifter all right so even though we did test drive it is still good to at least examine it see what the problem is so you seem to rust in here and that tire there that's gonna be coming out you got rust over here rust over here so I think all four tires have a problem so but let's come and examine it first before we make an assumption on things so this is a quite overview of what we're dealing with now it looks it looks good but I bet you sway horrible what it seems it has to be way over there with the sames okay so pretty much all we can get from net was clutch dealing with the clutch the clutch the clutch plate okay now I'm hard I said I'm pretty new at this game i'm still learning everything trust me I know about cars but I don't know much about cars like I've never been under the hood fixing it taking out engines nothing like this but sometimes I had to come over here and play okay the clutch clutch what do you talk about clich so this is a glitch like what I was talking about so pretty much for didn't take most of all the wheels out the tires everything and just replace the clutch so we're gonna buy four of these we probably need four more of those I don't know but you know we're gonna buy extra fuck I see it's just a clutch and mostly I was pretty much going by the rust your rice right there we got the brake pads brake pads and brake calipers the brake caliber looks pretty horrible to brake pads really does the mind so right here it's the brake disc alright take that off you know what let's put that on I guess it's not too bad yeah that's awkward okay maybe we gotta go to front we're gonna start with the front stairs so we're just gonna slip this on for now and we'll keep it off I start the front you can see the difference between the back and the front here hello I see what happens that right there look at it that transfer case that's probably got to come home soon I just noticed that too let's examine that yeah that looks it looks bad it's rusted off brake pads the freakin clutch you think I know what the frickin clutch is because you have to break is Kamala dating our great pass and very colored like look at this clutch pressure plate so to clutch to pledge to clip so the clutch has to be somewhere here I'm guessing so it's nothing did was the brakes it has to be somewhere here Jesus Christ the clutch I say the lights you know we're gonna do I bring this down the alternator to do improv first of all what we're gonna do we're gonna take this off here see if we can get this off the way so starter dude I was the bad boy up I think I know what I'm going for now I think I know where we hitting there get that off get that driveshaft all right they're gonna think it's nasty look at your box let's get that starter off yeah there we go see we found it you guys look at that all that rust lid over here so so it wasn't really to us you know John I know about cars but I don't much about cars so that rust kind of led us over here to the clutch pressure plate and everything that we need to fix so we're gonna go get all that all I knew there was gonna lead us somewhere but I bet you I bet you we have to fix those uh those are some brake pads and stuff like that song flywheel yep need another flywheel now it's gonna show it look at that flywheel BAM it's showing us what we need see flywheel we need a transfer case and flywheel as we need BAM so we're gonna do it engine I'll finish pass it right well we took it out where is it that's weird I might have to go here so here we go push blade everything we already have our clutch plates but I need flywheel and I keep paying I keep passing it I can tell I keep passing it because it's right here oh Jesus Christ yeah I need a woman okay to fly a wheel and excuse me for the buttons and the blood and smacking I know in my last video but it's madness so I might actually had to get that fixed I don't know what can I use to stop the you know from picking out the sound of the bud snacking I know that could get quite annoying so forgive me for that please trust me I will find a way how to stop that but for right now we need to get over Jeep Cherokee fix alright so I've got a new flywheel add that all now you're gonna another clutch plate I guess I bought see many clutch please hey you know what you can never be too handy you know you gotta have everything neat chocolate I don't know who Charlie Ellie but I just said right here here we are at bearing yeah Geron off I think looks beautiful that's why these things put apiece I don't Standish things a piece in real life one this car is really a beast in real life thing they're probably gonna be the freakin charger be honest so we need a transfer case for about four okay new transfer case right trans yeah we're gonna put transfer okay maybe not they're like no you can't get all that easy bud okay how about transfer case okay so we need a transfer case four by four just fine nothing just the case I don't know I like the five seconds even though that's probably wasting my money but hey I don't care I don't care how I get it back I get it back okay you know though I might need a transfer case for next judge each Cherokee that I eventually fix them you know never know because I'm actually loving these deep Cherokees fixing them up my knees are between such a such a beautiful truck like honestly if you want any SUV this is absurd family truck in a sports truck like literally this is the best sport truck on the market unless it's something out there that you want to be like no JQ uh actually yeah I actually like this horse trough it's pretty nice okay so we got that done man we're done that's all we got to do is put the tires and Rams on and we're good to go it was a quick you know fix so they're gonna be a little clip something I thought we got to do look quick something I bet you once I get all this fixed on here it's gonna be like well sir you missing something you can't you can't finish out do you do this caliber last but not least rims and tires over that beauty is done I can't imagine that right now gonna have a drive not to store three tires and rims that ain't good last but not least this is the lies when I leave okay here we go some people wouldn't realize it like nothing is harder to change it's harder not really pretty simple she's got the right tool at your disposal you can really get changed and tires and remembers you know change your tire whatever but anyway so we are done with this order bicycles 6000 pay off I love it look at it it says car and complete there's a great circle missing oh my god I pulled it off alright give me one second guys so the brake servo today we're talking about is actually right here okay so we need to get in the engine bay to put that on I knew I was missing something Jesus cars I'm definitely not gonna have a last but not least okay put that beautiful thing back go on somebody get hurt BAM we are done like that beautiful truck and this is a space I was talking about I bought this so we got more room it's gonna be more room to dish trust me we're building it up look good alright got our money twelve thousand in the bank baby alright so the map that I was telling you guys about so it's another inventory and you get like barn locations that you went out a little crates and stuff see these little quality things I wanted is all the crates that I opened up so that's pretty cool and also one former locations and what we're gonna do for this video we're gonna be going to one of the foreign location so I'm gonna pick three yes Oh rocky peak summer okay a big several months more location so yeah so these are all the locations on the map where obviously the barn is okay so we're gonna go here yes I'm sure so we're gonna go to this Warren location here and let's see when we finally might find something nice sorry literally something nice we can bring in something beautiful to restore and just fix up and I think we have enough money to do this so let's see what we are guys we made it to the born location oh my god you can't I can't believe what I found no way that's Camino [Applause] hello we need some light in here we can t need a light in here okay so I have to purchase this anyway okay oh yeah oh my god up nevermind gosh nevermind yeah yeah we gotta go we gotta go all right we're back at the garage but don't wait guys we will get new vehicles to work on so we will get something out the barn fire song but that was just a nice look at the barn fine and this is the beautiful car that I found the barn barn fine but since we couldn't get at the barn fine we will work on it here so how about that so we're gonna go any work on here since we weren't able to get it at the barn farm at least we can have one in the shop to work on and fix up so that's the good thing about that all right so here we go it made it here um from what I'm getting from this is a bunny doing I can't saw this is a Pontiac I think a Pontiac GTO if I know my vehicle's correct this is what this is a Pontiac GTO so the last to feel like I want to work on is there gonna be that Pontiac in its Range Rover these are the last two vehicles I want to work on if not it's gonna be only two punny act so yeah so in the game desuka thought something different but it's actually a Range Rover equal let's say Equinox on the equinox it's not a Chevy a Range Rover well they got some weird name didn't we equinox or something like that but I see we're dealing with so low and accelerating you know what took this bad boy for a spin yeah do that Oh took the wrong car alright alright you guys I know I accidentally click on the rain roll button but I snap my fingers and bam we were right back your test drive and soliciting the problem is and people get this bad way done quickly yeah yeah that's how not fixing it so I says Wow what I'm hearing is very loud when it accelerates I bet the bracer horrible I knew it things are horrible father what we have to fix all right you guys made it back to the garage after test driving the ve booth all right so let's see what the real problem is with this GTO so loud wouldn't accelerate so best thing I can get from it is exhaust pipe and lo and behold exhaust pipe looks a freaking mess look at it look at it ok so let me get that hole let's see what happens I knew it I knew it it was the real mufflers oh my god I just knew it it looks a mess ok so ok I thought it was a real simple easy taxi but it was a nice driving it so real mufflers I'm not gonna lie that I pause for a second because I'm Lyle did I get the right one bad boy song that was pretty simple right look at that so for a test drive you can always say that the barn finder can't afford it and I'm going to do is put my first one it was too loud and nice 450 all right you guys it's gonna end off on that GTO and yeah we would probably do this vehicle next episode and see how it goes it was nice doing this again for part two and a part 3 will be on the way and this might be included in part 3 the beautiful rain for over and I hope you enjoyed this video make sure you give a like share the video and subscribe to the channel for more car mechanic simulator and I would definitely be doing more but until then I will see you next video peace


  1. Hey man thanks for the awesome video, I'm a mechanic in real life and I wanted to purchase this game but I was skeptical of it because i didnt know if there were real licensed cars but I think I'll get it and give it a try.
    Edit: And yes there are a lot of parts to take off to get to a certain part but it's more frustrating irl because you cant get the right angle 😂.

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