1. Hi, this is Tom from Rite Aid. You were here last night and completely wasted after drinking 6 full size vodka bottles in our store. And it turns out that you were so drunk that you sold your car to our other employees. You own a Porsche correct? And then the man who sold it to who works at Rite Aid went into the parking lot and blew your car to pieces and threw the keys into the fire.

  2. How many cars lost their innocent lives? Better ban parking lots and especially with a Rite Aid lurking across the lot.

  3. Instead of standing there like an idiot taking video, why not run inside and try to find the owner of the white vehicle that was adjacent to the burning ones, so they could hopefully move it in time to save it. Golden rule, dude!

  4. A surprise! Firemen actually hustled, had a fast hose rig and put water on the fire within one minute. Much different from the Newark FD.

  5. How are they brave as hell its their job and they already know its exploded as much as a car can dont give praise just cause your an idiot

  6. The collateral damage was a real shame. I feel for the owners. That white suv probably could have been repaired as long as the fire never made it inside, although I’m sure it was prolly sent to the scrap yard or was put up for auction by the insurance company.

  7. Just casually gets out of the fire truck like "gosh look there's a fire over there maybe I should put it out before it catches any other cars on fire

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