Can You Get Fit From Riding An E-Bike?

Can You Get Fit From Riding An E-Bike?

– E-bikes. Lots of people have already
turned this video off having heard me utter those words because if the comments here
on GCN are anything to go by they are a rather controversial subject. I think it’s hard to
argue with their benefits to commuters who want to save some money and arrive to work not dripping in sweat. To people who want to be a bit more environmentally friendly
when they do the school run or want to go shopping. But are they any good for
recreational cyclists, like me? (intense musical buildup) This is Dan Lloyd. He’s an ex-professional cyclist who has, I didn’t want to say
this in front of him but, well you’ve let yourself
go a bit, haven’t you? You haven’t put much weight on but you’re starting to develop a
little bit of a beer belly. In fact, turn to the
side, show the viewers. Breathe out, relax a bit, see. Oh it’s not huge but I
think it still looks stupid doesn’t it on those
gangly, long, skinny legs. Anyway in the fitness department, he’s really let himself go. So the question we are gonna
try and answer today is, can Dan get fit quick? Literally. Can Dan get fit on the e-bike? I’m going to find out by taking
an e-bike out for a ride. We’re starting this morning in Shaftesbury and heading out on a 46 kilometer route. So, just under 30 miles. Incorporating as many as
my old training climbs that I could fit in over that distance. Giving a total of 750
meters of elevation gain. Yes this video has been
made with the help of Pinarello and Fazua. The power of data doesn’t lie. Or you could make it lie but
I’m not going to do that. On the ride I’m going to be
wearing a heart race strap and using a pedal based power meter, see just how hard I have to work, even when I’m getting a
little help from my friend. And please allow me to
introduce you to my friend. Viewers, this is Nytro, Pinarello Nytro. And Nytro, these are our lovely viewers. Although, unfortunately some
of them already hate you. Don’t worry though because
some of them hate me. What’s that? I know that’s hard to believe. I always think that, yeah. Anyway, let me tell the
viewers a little bit about you before we get going. So viewers, this is Nytro. Pinarello’s first ever e-bike. And as you expect from Pinarello, a gun-in at the top-end. Nytro is a premium e-bike and we’ve literally just
taken delivery of her. She’s got a full Shimano
Ultegra Mechanical Groupset. 160 millimeter flat mount disc brakes and clearance of up to
28 millimeter tires. And she’s fast, not because of me. Obviously not because of me but rather because of
what’s hidden under her metaphorical bonnet or hert. And I’m gonna give you all the
details about that later on but first of all, I want to ride Nytro. Sounds a bit wrong actually, doesn’t it? (upbeat music) The first part of my
route comes pretty quickly after the start. It’s called Spread Eagle. Now as you all know I don’t
have to blow my own trumpet but, well, I am the current Strava
KOM leader of that kind. So it’s gonna be interesting to see if I can beat my time from six years ago. If I do, I’ll flag you obviously. I have to say though,
I’m pretty confident. The Fazua Evation Drive
System in the Nytro gives you back up to 250%
more than you put in. So if I’m riding at just 150 watts it’s going to give back 375. That’s a total of 525 watts and given that I’m currently 72 kilograms, that’s 7.3 watts per kilo. I normally hate this climb of this straight, steep main road beast but I’m quite enjoying it today. (lively guitar music) The climb I’m on now, I’ve used many, many times in training. It’s called Zig Zag, for easily obvious reasons. But I wanted to begin
the KOM with this one even though I’m cheating. Because the current KOM holder is the Zwift racing legend Kim Little, and he averaged 26 K’s per hour up here. Unfortunately, my motor cuts out at 25. Which means that on the rare flat sections of the route I’ve
designed for myself today, I’m not getting any assistance at all. So, I’m currently doing 32 K’s per hour for a power of around 220 watts. What I have already noticed though is that while I’m on a false flat if I look down and I’m
doing 26 K’s per hour, after even saw that, slow down slightly and get some help. Anyway, as I continue on my ride I’m gonna hand you back
to casual clothed Dan who is gonna explain a
bit more about the motor and the mechanics inside this bike. Longer term viewers may well remember that about two and a half years ago Si and I did ride a bike
with a hidden motor. Although, it was quite primitive and things have come a hell
of a long way since then. So the Pinarello Nytro here utilizes Fazua’s Evation Modular Drive Sytsem. Which is the most compact and lightest currently on the market. In fact, it’s won them a whole host of design and innovation awards. It’s got four different modes. Off, which means of course
you have no assistance at all. Breeze mode, which gives
you up to 125 watts. River mode, up to 250 watts. And up to a whopping 400 watts
if you choose rocket mode. And I reckon that’s what pretty what Dan’s using on the climbs today. I gladly love rocket mode. The whole system is controlled by a remote that’s up here on the bars,
that has 10 LED lights which gradually go out
as battery life reduces and which change color depending
on what mode you are using. The whole drive system
weighs in at 4.6 kilograms which means that this bike,
supplied to us by Pinarello, like this, comes in at 13.5 kilograms. Now unlike that previous spot
we used the hidden motor, the battery here is not located in a bustle on a bustle cage, but instead rather neatly integrated here into the down tube. And in fact if you decide that
you want to go out for a ride without any assistance at all
you can simply remove that and replace it with a
cover supplied by Pinarello with the bike. That will take this down to
roughly 10 and a half kilograms. Now it’s not just the motor
and the battery that Fazua have been developing over
the last couple of years. They’ve also now come
out with their own app. That will collect all
your ride data for ya allowing you to navigate
using GPS, give you more accurate look at your battery life plus a whole host of other functions too. Right, I think we should
check back in with Dan, see how he’s getting on in his ride. (upbeat music) The last part of the day now, This is Mill Street. Horribly steep and straight
climb that I normally hate. I’m still working one five five heart rate about 350 watts from my legs and presumably a 30 more from the motor. I’m already almost to
the top, look at that. I’ll tell you what, it’s easier if you’ve got assistance cause you still put an effort in it feels like you’re
just doing it yourself. If I turn this off, yeah. Now it feels like I’ve
got the brakes on, oh wow! That is horrific. (breathing heavily) Right, I think rocket mode
might be coming back on. That is incredible. (relaxing music) Alright, pretty much back now. Warm down complete. Still at 50% battery life left actually and according to my Wahoo I
have done 840 meter climbing. That’s pretty good. I’m hungry though. I’m tired. Not as tired as I would have
been had I done that ride on a standard bike admittedly. But, I feel like I’ve earned a beer which is obviously the main thing. As we go through the all
important stats from the ride. So, total distance 46.7 kilometers, one hour and 36 minutes, 29.3 kilometers an hour the average speed. And a lot of climbing, 842
meters total climbing in the end. The all important stat
is though, well firstly, let’s have a look at the power. The average power was 184 watts and normalized power 217 which rather depressingly is
not a lot more than I used to do on my recovery rides. But it did feel quite hard and that is showing with my heart rate, at 149 average heart rate which
for me is reasonably hard. The really depressing news is
that I didn’t get that KOM. In fact, I missed it by four seconds. I was four seconds slower
than six years ago. Even with all that
assistance from an e-bike. I really do need to get fit. So, what can we conclude from today then? Well, I was still pedaling as
normal of course in the flat and the downhills where I could. I was still pressing on the climb, I was just going a little bit
faster than I would have been under normal circumstances. So, I definitely did get a
workout from today and therefore, I would have gotten some kind
of training effect today. And therefore, any
conclusion that we can make is that, yes, I could get
fit by riding an e-bike. Whether or not I could still
justify using an e-bike once I had got fit is a different matter. To be fair, where I live now,
the roads are pretty flat so the motor wouldn’t be
kicking in much anyway but on hillier rides, well
they’re as much about enjoyment as getting fit, aren’t they? And it was plenty
enjoyable to get up climbs at the same sort of speed that I used to. What I am adamant about though, is the e-bikes like Nytro
should not be hated. They sort of level the playing field and allow slower riders to
keep up with faster riders and you could be slow for
all number of reasons. You might be particularly heavy for some reason at the moment. You might be getting on in years. You might be just generally unfit or you might can have
a disability or ailment which is slowing you down. That assistance will
allow you to keep up with a family member or friend or group ride that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to and whilst doing that you
will be getting fitter. If you use that assistance to drop them, that might not go down quite so well. Right, we would as ever love
to hear your views on e-bikes, both good and bad. Do you hate it when an e-bike
comes past you on a climb and if so, why? It’s got a motor inside it. On the other hand if an e-bike
has changed your cycling life for the good or even your general life, we would love to hear from you too. As ever, you can leave all your thoughts and stories in the comment
section just down below. In the mean time, if you would
like to watch another video we have got the latest
edition of The GCN Show just down here.


  1. An Ebike has got me back Cycling due to issues with Worn Knee Cartilages and also for use as a Commuter Bike where you dont want to sweat and have no access to showers at your work location. I can also use it for Shopping, as I have the Orbea Katu Ebike with a Sturdy Basket on the Front, so its taken out instead of the Car for small Shops. I still though use a Road bike for taking part in Sportives over 100km and Train with my Road bike.

  2. It's very much like golf handicapping when you're riding with someone else, or using graphite shafts- I don't see the problem, also I personally live in an area that has very steep hills, and have a prior back surgery which makes very long training sessions tough, ie counterproductive, but I love cycling as much as the next guy, the only thing keeping me from buying one immediately is the high cost, given the golf equipment needs to stay updated, I already have a good gravel bike, oh and did I mention the photography gear 😬 nice video guys!!

  3. Good balanced view point , interesting . I am looking to buy one having Asthma and a 2 hour commute to work on an E bike I should manage to break the 1.5 hours which allows me to cycle to work , win win in my view .

  4. I think it's fantastic that people have such a passion for biking, I too rode a lot in my time, but now I've aged (60s) and have some back and knee issues but still have a passion for getting out, so yes, I would most definitely get an e-bike. Anything that will get people off the couch and away from the computer is a good thing.

  5. Ebikes can be very helpful to people with certain disabilities like arthritis. Just because you ride around on something that doesn’t look like an Ebike but really is doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not legally disabled. I like that type of motor that’s in the crank case, it takes all the work out of riding and all you have to do is just keep the pedals moving to keep the motor working

  6. I think e-bikes are great to help other family members keep up with more serious cyclists, but they should always be clearly marked as e-bikes so it's obvious to even non-cyclists that the person is getting assistance on the hills.

  7. There's definitely a place for e-bikes for the categories mentioned at the end, and they are encouraging people to take up cycling who wouldn't otherwise. The Pinarello e-bike looked the business…would fancy getting one…one day

  8. I think e-bikes are great don’t have one myself and no interest in one until I get to an age we’re it would help, they have their uses but only as assistant peddling not as most I’ve seen with cheep e-bikes just using the motor on flat trails just so they can go fast, not doing them any good at all, so if used properly they will still keep you fit and keep you riding for longer, age wise

  9. E-bikes are fantastic for people who have physical limitations. In fact, I think e-bikes have more potential than we realize in this area. Having said that, e-bikes should not be seen as "proper" bikes….and before you all go woke on me, cycling is supposed to be a little bit elitist, that is what makes it fun!

  10. I had Angina and got a stent put in last year. I now ride 120 miles a week with frequent 1500 ft ascends. Im 52, fitter than I've ever been and still got muscles appearing where there were none.

  11. I think e-bikes are great for commuting, not for the price of a motorcycle of course; but thankfully there are also more sensible alternatives for that application.

  12. Some exercise is better than no exercise. When I purchased mine, I had all the power settings at high….now I set it at 2 of 5.

  13. I've bought a Specialized Turbo Levo at the beginning of the summer and have been riding our rather steep, basically unridable trails in this rural part of Oregon, (one is 8.5 mi./5000' elevation gain, for an example). My now favorite evening ride is this one…which used to be an all day affair. . No way you just knock that one out starting out at 4PM on a non-ebike, like I regularly do now.

  14. Haha, didn't turn that motor off for long did you. That's a very clever bike, like how you can swap the battery out. I do think MTB have a place so you can ride from home to the trail's you would normally drive to..

  15. another excellent use case for ebikes are when you're riding with less trained individuals who otherwise cannot keep up. think about a less trained spouse or aging parent you used to ride with but now cannot keep up anymore.

  16. I just got an e MTB, and am loving it. I’m 57, in good shape for a hiker, but couldn’t handle the v steep terrain while cycling since retiring from Cambridgeshire to Shropshire. It’s still a workout, and a challenge on the steepest road sections to lower the assistance as fitness increases. Of the bike parks, no need to wait for an uplift day, simply ride up. So much fun, and keeps people on bikes!

    One note though, Strava should make it easier to pick e bike, with a switch on the cycle choice… I inadvertently got the record for one of the local climbs… don’t work, now fixed.

  17. eBikes are super enabling machines. They have brought back quality of life to us. I turn off the engine when I can (to be fit) and turn it on when I want (to continue to ride). The more the gap between ‘can’ and ‘want’ the more exercise I get. We are very very grateful for the folks who thought up of this concept of eBikes!

  18. If it wasn't for my fat ebike, I wouldn't get my 58 yr old ass out doors. Fit? I suppose you can get more fit, but my ebike is so exciting to ride, it makes me get out and ride when I'd otherwise be sitting in front of this stupid, fkn' computer.

  19. I have been riding several road ebikes now for over 4 years for an average of 6500 miles per year. Arthritic ankles had closed my riding down to low speeds over flat terrain…..just not a lot of fun. Now at 71 years old, I get to ride wherever I like at 15-18 mph average over 20-50 miles per ride. In short I get to feel 45 years old for 1-3 hrs per day. What a fine fun way to be retired!

  20. I have purchased an ebike not so long ago and I’m absolutely thrilled with it I’ve always had a bike, from a three wheeler as a kid to my last one that I have recently sold. I’m closely edging seventy years of age and found it difficult to climb in either direction from home the easy climb is 425 ft and found it way to much in the end . Both of the hills are a good gradient cars do slow right down one has a sand trap, the ebike has given me my life back I can get up the hills without getting off the saddle , I like to get out about 4/5 times a week and clocked up a good mileage it’s brilliant but you still have to put the effort into it even though but it’s great having a helping hand, I find the hydraulic disk brakes superb , so can leave the car at home, anyone thinking about getting one you’ve spent too long thinking and not doing.

  21. I'm in my 50s and my fitness had dropped to the point where I wasn't fit enough to get fit – it was just too hard. But I did an eBike conversion and it quickly got me over that hump. I'm now doing daily workouts (weather permitting) and hardly using any assistance – the benefit is obvious. I'm pretty ready to go back to an unpowered bike, though having the motor there does take some of the fear out of some of the hills. I think of it as a kind of insurance! I'd highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get back into cycling but has let themselves go a bit.

  22. I’m thinking of getting an electric bike. It’s quite hilly where I live and I’ve had two hip replacements. I struggle to get up the hills and pay the price with pain afterwards. I did join a women’s cycling club but can’t keep up with them or my husband. This may be the answer for me.

  23. I have not been on a bike for 40 years I made my own ebike and after 30 rides, thats 3 a week about 120 km a week and rising, I have gone from 18 km a ride to 43 to 54 km a ride my heart rate has come down my blood pressure has come down from 153 to 120 and bmp has come down to 68 in rest and the best thing about it all its fun that I have missed out on.

  24. I caught up and slotted in behind another rider who slogged their guts out trying to drop me. It was only when I eventually passed them on a particularly vicious accent they realised "Your on a
    f+×÷=%g e-bike!".

  25. As well as commuting/A to B's etc, if you've been away from cycling for a long time, gained too much weight, or have a limiting medical issue then 100% yes.

    The tbh anaemic legal 250w/15mph limit and extra bike weight probably isn't worth it for a fit rider though.

    I'd ridden all my life till 2 heart ops (af), enforced very sedentary lifestyle, gained 2 stone in the process. If not for my ebike I'd not be riding at all now.

  26. How much does it cost to replace the ( 1 click to release ) battery ? It looks like it is very easy to disappear while enjoying a pastry.

  27. I switched to an e-bike after someone driving a huge truck went into the bike lane and clipped me with their passenger side mirror. That's all it takes to send you flying into months of physical therapy. The vastly increased stamina I have riding an e-bike allows me to pay more attention to potentially reckless drivers rather than fighting fatigue. You get what you put into an e-bike tho. Up super steep hills I can put the battery on full blast (mine uses a 400 watt battery) and still get a good sweat pedaling hard. I'm just going way faster and actually enjoying myself. I feel kind of bad passing other cyclists up hill tho….

    Basically it's much safer and much more fun with an e-bike.

  28. My dad who is 63 got a specialized ebike. I used one too. We rode 88 miles the other day, through countryside, back lanes, through fields. Not possible on a normal mountain bike! Stopped for lunch at mile 50 to recharge. AMAZING DAY OUT.

  29. Great vid.. I’d love to get myself one of these, if I was getting an ebike it would have to be a good one… just don’t think I could justify the 6 grand price tag

  30. I’m 50 now, ridden bikes all my life, worked in the industry all my working life, obviously all road bikes in the early days, kids riding BMX, then weird hippies buying MTB’s who hated roadies, downhillers hating everyone, Tri well Tri!, 29er what 29er! 26” is forever, What! 25c Tyres!!!! 28c!!!! Disc Brakes on road bikes! It will never take off! One chain ring! Never! 12 speeeeeed! Never! I ride a carbon road bike, it’s lighter than UCI, STRAVA, KOM, Zwift, quoting KM’s not miles
    It’s known as change, get a grip, you’ll all be riding E-Bikes, one day soon

  31. Yes. I have one and enjoy being able to ride the hills with assistance. Im 53 and have a few health issues. The bike gets me out and active without having to struggle and injure myself.

  32. Last year my wife and I decided to exchange a car for an E-bike, this was one of the best things I have done, the shape I was in after the winter was even better than ever before, when I switched to the E-bike, been cykling to work on my road bike, but when the weather is going bad it is an absolute pleasure to ride an E-bike. Less time spend in the car just waiting to make a turn, and you get some exercise, and you can choose to raise your puls, at least when riding home. I bought a garmin bikeradar, and I use my edge 520 to get the alerts of cars coming from behind, and it gives my the data from my rides, and for my usage of the E-bike, compared to my road bike, I use 1/3 less energy on the E-bike, however , compared to sitting in a car and do nothing, a great thing for my general well being, would not trade that for anything, just wish I did it years ago!

  33. Using a Raleigh Tamland IE for recovery after almost getting killed last year by a drunk driver in a hit-and-run accident. That accident resulted in two broken legs which really jacked me up. I'm definitely getting fit because I control the power of much or how little I need. When I am feeling great, I can turn the pedals for 20 miles on the lowest settings. I feel the burn from that because I try to maintain a constant speed. If I really need to sweat shut it off and pedal the added bulk of the bike. I feel that e-bikes also help with maintaining the joints without crazy soreness which is suitable for a person who wants to get better wellness.

  34. im pointing this to my brothers direction i have a mountain bike and I've been using it for few months now and still on the heavy side but my brother is heavier and i want him to join me.

  35. The cool thing about EBikes today is you can shut the pedal assist off and ride under human power for as long as you decide. If you hit a part of your course that you don't care to pedal fully and want some assistance, you can turn on the assist in a split second. Why is this beneficial? It allows for you to stay on the bike longer rather than just getting tired towards the end of your ride because of some hills and calling it a day. You can stay on the bike longer and continue pedaling which in turn actually ends up in a longer workout. But typical "normy" idiots today still always see things like these as "sissy bikes" or something lame that a nerdy wuss would ride.

  36. If you are in a competition with a ebike yes you are cheating. If you use it for fun or as a transport nop that's not cheating. Ebikes are going to bring a LOT of people to biking in the years to come, lifelong cyclists will be benefited indirectly because of this market growth.
    I recently bought a used bike (Schwinn Jaguar from about 2008? for $10 US dollars you can't beat that) , few weeks later I found it about ebikes somehow. Bought a cheap motor kit on ebay 3 acid lead batteries (I know) and I haven't used my car but a few times. I LOVE my ebike. Just got back from a 13 miles (20 km) ride in 93 F (33 C) weather just a few drops of sweat. When I got my bike I would ride 2 miles and get back home with my clothes soaked in sweat (No motor). Plus being a 250 lb (113 kg) fart I know is gonna be good for my health since I try to use the motor as little as possible to save battery power.
    I can see myself buying a brand ebike or DIY a more powerful ebike in the future.
    Bikes are fun. Ebikes are AWESOME.
    I can guarantee anybody who rides a ebike for the first time will end up with a grin in it's face.

  37. I use a speedelec to get to work: that makes for a 100km/day. Ebike enable not to be too tired arriving at work. The fitting factor is given by Bosch app that enables reducing power curve very precisely week after week.

  38. I spend most of my teens and 20s riding,but then had kids ,got unfit and now very recently bought an e bike ,and managing to cover some real distance, trying to keep the assistants down to just steep hills and feel like a teenager again, I've got a bad knee which has often stopped me from cycling but not anymore

  39. I have just bought one, I live in an incredibly hilly country area. I have cycled for years but since moving here 13 years ago I just stopped, completely defeated by the hills. Just bought mine, and my first outing today, incredible, cycled more or less effortlessly up high hills and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Feel great having been outside all afternoon. Back out again tomorrow, thrilled to bits.

  40. As someone who is watching a medical condition (cancer) slowly nibble away at their fitness, I’m finding myself more interested in the E bike option. As time goes by it will let me keep up with my super strong wife and other people I used to ride with. I think overall I would spend more time on the bike if I could continue to ride the speed and distance I used to ride.

  41. I'm a University student in a rural area in Japan. My campus is located on a hill, and my dormitory is on the other hill, and supermarket on another hill. I'm a fit (and fairly light) guy, but trust me, after a whole day in campus, you don't want to go to the supermarket, then come back to the dorm, cook, and eat, you would want to sleep in the campus. I'm tired and I need that little bit of juice to help me climb up the hills. I'm considering buying an E-bike or a moped, but a moped can't get me around inside the campus, so E-bike is really a great option for me.

  42. my main reason for wanting an ebike is so I can go further. No matter how fit you are this can increase the range you would normally have on normal bike.

  43. I think they are a wonderful invention. I'm constantly passed by older ladies and men who are overweight. Always makes me giggle. I always think "good for you." E bikes have given people mobility back. People who have been put off cycling because it's too hard are now getting out there and giving it a go.

  44. Something else that always, always makes me smile is seeing middle aged people on those new E scooters. Absolutely amazing. Everyone wanted a hover board and now we basically have one and hardly any young people want to use it because it's not "cool" and middle aged people don't care,they are out there zipping around. Absolute gold.

  45. I love ebikes even though at the beginning I was against them. I took one for a spin and was hooked nobody said how much funny their were. Now saving to buy one. As been said already more people are coming into cycling because of e-bikes.

  46. I my hilling town -Rocky mountain foothills & retirement age, the only way is to start with ebike. Also I want my wife to cycle with my & she can’t do the steep hills. I plan to buy couple next year, will help us to enjoy cycling together.

  47. Bulls has it now . Well Reviewed by the Ebike channel . for training ebikes are the perfeck ting , injured, sick , recovering, commuting in a hurry … just jump on the e bike . you can always adjust the power level . Just rode mine home with a rear flat tire, leaned my weight on the front fork and made it all the way home . 😎

  48. Dan you may have said, but I didn't hear it, but I'm wondering about
    the difference in weight between this bike without a battery, and the,
    (traditional), Pinarello of your choice? Very entertaining video, by the way. Thanks.

  49. I am just in the process of fitting a Bafang to my GT carbon Grade and should be riding it by the
    Weekend. There are a few challenges with fitting it but we are getting to grips with it. I am 65 and reasonably fit, so I am doing this conversation not because I am “over the hill” but because I think it will be fun
    I think there are quite a few older regular riders who have a number of bikes in the stable who will consider converting one of their bikes as an alternative option, that might then become addicted

  50. I was wondering why you would never get to the point and never actually get into the information that could decide this issue because this is a ad.

    now I have to figure out if you're going to actually provide any information that you talked about in any kind of reasonable manner that people could understand where they're just going to go on and on and try to sell me a expensive bicycle.

  51. I've been against e-bikes mainly as I felt they were a way of cheating to get some form of advantage. But your line about disability/ailment has intrigued me as I find my condition is preventing me from going out on the bike more often (I've a detailed medical history that seems to increase with age). I love the bike that I've bought but feel that I haven't cycled it enough and it gets worse when the ailments kick in. I certainly wouldn't knock it as much now for myself given the circumstances. I just can't afford them, that's the thing. I suppose my attitude has changed due to circumstance then.

  52. I just bought an electric bike it’s the greatest thing and still get more exercise than I did before because I go much further!! And I’m not afraid I can’t get back!!

  53. I own a Specialized Levo E-bike and use the BLEvo app.
    It makes me fit riding 20-50 kilometers a day, using the app to monitor my physical effort.
    BTW I was born more than 70 years ago.

  54. I commute regularly with an Ebike and it is truly awesome for that. However, I found I really loose my hill climb fitness for regular road riding (even with additional spin class). Have to mix in some regular road biking to maintain. E-bikes are phenomenal for commuting tho.

  55. Im 34 years old i ride my road bike on the weekend and i ride my e folding bike on daily basis to go to my workplace (12km), every day i wake up and I can't wait to ride my bike.

  56. First time I heard, ebikes was for old folks in Switzerland to help them climb steep hills.

    Now I see people riding them without even pedaling

  57. The roads are full of "new to the road ebike riders" who are flying around at silly speeds, often emitting a smug vibe, but not having any road sense whatsoever!
    Dangerous as f**k!

  58. Then there's the issue of humans being intrinsically lazy as f**k, naturally many of them will opt for the easy option, ruining the simple beauty of the push bike and spoiling the fact that the simple push bike was the best form of environmentally friendly transportation.
    I think promoting the ebike to children is especially morally wrong… As f**k!

  59. They should only be available via GPs prescription!
    If you are young and healthy or healthy they should not be available!
    The planet is screwed enough without ruining the one truly Ecco mode of transport.

  60. I'm 58, had 2 heart attacks (congenital high cholesterol caused blocked arteries) and have 6 stents so my output is limited to about 145 bpm; I've cycled all my life and have done LEJOG and London-Paris24 on normal road bikes but struggled; I have a Cannondale Synapse NEO e-bike and it has transformed how much I can do; as pointed out it only really comes into its own on inclines which I used to have to stop half way up to catch my breath; now I go all the way without a break. Highly recommend an e-bike to all, it is not cheating.

  61. 250 watt 36v road ebikes are a joke in the States. We ride mountains with 1000 watt 52v. European's only advertizing watt hours hides what we call Euro trash.

  62. Injury-if you have a knee injury–like I do, an e-bike has helped me keep doing something I love–I am not cheating–I AM ACTIVE I will remain active this way longer than if I did not have one

  63. Ebikes got to be a good thing if we get more people into enjoying & getting out in fresh air cycling! If ebike just cut out the hard, gruelling stretchs that's what puts people off, but then if you can pedal them on low or off power on flat roads etc. without the bike feeling like a rock (not to bigger battery&motor weight etc.) I think that's best of both worlds

  64. I couldn't believe this video when I stumbled across it. The idea that e-bikes are unequivocally bad is so incredibly stupid I can't even believe it's a topic of discussion. By definition, e-bikes are a good thing for anyone who thinks they're a good thing. What kind of idiots would take it upon themselves to judge them on behalf of the sport in general ? There are older people who enjoy being outside and need exercise, inherently less fit people, people who want to share riding with more capable riders, people who want to ride routes they couldn't otherwise, and on and on. Should all those people literally be dismissed because some group of morons want to boast about how superior they think they are ? Are people who ride scooters worse and riders of motorcycles even worse still ? Then are people who run totally unassisted superior ? Are cycling people really this ignorant ? What a bunch of creeps.

  65. if you want muscles, take steriods. I you cannot ride a bycycle use an engine tot push.Same kind of cheating yourself.

  66. I bought the Bianchi Aria e road bike with the ebikemotion motor. Previous bike was a Ribble R872. Last September I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, So after 6 months of Chemo and then Surgery ( 100% successful ) I wanted to get something to get me back in the game – and also something to inspire me to get my fitness back.

    Im 51, about 5ft 7 and just over 12 stone. On the Flat and undulating roads i'm as strong as an Ox and will average 25 – 30 kph, but being honest , I'm not built for the hills!! My riding buds' are all 6ft and about 3 stone ! So I'm Billy no mates on the big climbs ( living in South Wales there's plenty of them )

    Riding the Ebike has brought my fitness levels back remarkably quickly and its a joy to ride as a group going up hill too. Bike is 12.1 k so not that heavy and feels so natural when riding 25k +

    Haters will always be haters, but im so thankfull for this bike, and Im constantly looking for new routes and places to explore – So yes, they do make you fitter , and as a bonus give you the worlds biggest smile

  67. I've just purchased an e-bike kit I am yet to put it together on my bike as I have some work I want to do on it first. I don't drive and am not fit I am hoping this will at least help me on hills because they are my downfall I will be riding to my course I am starting next year.

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