Can A Modern Enduro Bike Beat A Retro Downhill Bike?

Can A Modern Enduro Bike Beat A Retro Downhill Bike?

– So today, it’s time
for another retro video that I love doing, and this
is an old downhill bike. This is a GT DHi Drive from the year 2000 that actually I used to race. Today, I want to pose a question. These modern Enduro bikes are just so capable up and downhill. Are they actually faster
than an old race bike that was designed
exactly for that purpose, going downhill as fast as possible. (energetic music) This is actually the bike that I raced my first ever
World Cup Series on in 2000. I got an 18th place on this bike, so I’ve got some fond memories. Steven Peat was winning World Cups on these downhill hard drives. I’ve got to say it’s the first bike that actually felt good downhill to me. I’ve gone from a giant ATX 990 to Muddy Fox to a GT Lobo, and this was actually really good. To this day, this rear shock
actually feels really good. You’ve got adjustable geometry. You can change this around, and that low, you’ll be
being slackers bike out. You’ve also got adjustable
wheel base there. Got 220 mil travel on the
rear, only 180 up front. There’s a little bit imbalance. 26 inch wheels so obviously
smaller than nowadays. Weighs about 40 pounds
so pretty heavy bike. It’s gotta be said that the back ends on these bikes are time bombs. Not a case of if they break. It was when they break. Also, bikes in these days, it wasn’t unusual for me to
actually swap a frame out, probably three times a year due to cracks, so hopefully this bike’s
gonna last me the day, and I’ll be able to test
it against the new bike. This is a bang up today Enduro bike, the 2018 Nukeproof Mega, the bike that Sam Hill won this year’s
Enduro World Series on. Those races, they often have
to ride 50 kilometres a day for probably four days back to
back with practise included, but it’s the downhill sections that are timed to make up the race. These bikes have to do everything, and I definitely wouldn’t want to ride that old downhill bike for 50 kilometres. So I’ve carbon fibre frame, not many of those around
in the early 2000s. 27.5 inch wheels, none of those around. 165 mil travel on the rear, 170 up front, so quite a bit less travel
than the downhill bike. We’ve got air units front and rear, so couple that with modern
components on that carbon frame, and it is almost 10 pounds
lighter than the downhill bike. Sam Hill actually raced this bike at the Cairns Downhill
World Champs this year, so it’s obviously good downhill. In the minute, I think my
money’s on the Nukeproof Mega, but let’s put it to the test. I’m gonna ride the bike I’m
most familiar with first, the Nukeproof Mega. I’m gonna do a few practise runs on this downhill track,
then put in a time. Then I’ll repeat it on the downhill bike and see just how fast they are. (energetic music) So, the run done on the Mega, 3:38. Now it’s time to get retro. Whoa! To the GT. Well, I’ve just ridden it
to the top of the downhill, and it feels tiny to be honest. It’s my old bike. It’s the size I used
to ride, it’s a medium. The Nukeproof’s a medium, but this is so much
shorter in the top tube. The rear shock feels good. Feels heavy, but let’s put it to the test. (energetic music) To the results, while on the
Mega, I did it in a 3:38, and on the GT, I did it
in a 3:42, so actually, really surprisingly close for me. This bike has got Shimano
rapid rise gears on, so the gears work completely
opposite way around’s normal. That caught me out a few times,
and it did feel really slow on the flat section at
the top of the course. It’s definitely a very heavy bike. When it came to the downhill stuff, it’s a proper missile, this bike. Still at nine inches travel on the rear, I was really surprised how fast it was, but definitely at the flatter sections, it was flippin’ hard work. Brakes feel pretty
good, suspension’s good. Tyres feel pretty good. There is one big crack in
the swing arm of this bike, so it’s not gonna last very much longer, but it’s surprising just
how fast this bike is. If you want to see more retro videos, click over there if you
want more rider proflex, over there for one of the very early trek full suspension bikes. Click on the logo to subscribe. Get your thumb on the ready, and give us thumbs up if
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  1. I'm still rocking the 2000 Specialized RockHopper, with french racing wheels, wider bars and upgraded cossets, but everything on it is {18 years old} from when my dad put everything together on it. now ill have it for another generation rock solid it is.

  2. I have to say, and that is in relation to all of your videos; I absolutely love your videos! You guys make really high quality material. It's the whole package. Not only great hosts but also great behind the camera staff. Great editing, camera work and sound. People are always going to complain about pretty much anything, so don't mind the downers They'll tell you what to do from their couch. You guys keep doing what you're doing. I have learned so much from watching your videos. You keep doing you. All your videos are amazing!

  3. I ride a year 2000 Orange Patriot and it’s a heavy old beast but love it to bits.

    New bikes just cost far too much for me to upgrade.

  4. I just bought a 2007 specialized enduro expert with fox suspension is it a good bike i bought it for 170$

  5. Cant you ree weld the frame and any other spots that cracked on different bike you have had just beef them up a bit, your talking ounces not even pounds for a weld

  6. whos care fck new enduro what is enduro lol for little kidos only old dh bike to 2006 max with monster or shiver fork qq

  7. Looked way cooler on the gt tho.
    And thats what matters most.
    Not times -😆
    You blake and doddy need to get a old girl running each and have a old pretend world cup race old jerseys to match 👍👍👍👍👌 would love to see that
    Steve peat on his old orange cedric gracia on his old single fork Cannondale. Would be epic
    I miss the old days😔
    I could imagine doddy getting interviewed. Like wow your won worlds whats your secret to winning doddy?
    ( zip ties) 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Again one proof more that new 5k $ carbon nonsense bikes are worth of shit, just a marketing trick. Even lower weight, bigger wheels and smoother shifting didn't make a difference than few seconds. With good gears old bike was a winner. These allrounder/allmountain -bikes are all compromised being only average good.

  9. On a year 2000 DH course I think it would be closer, they were so fast and wide open where the extra suspension would help more

  10. People say weight dose not matter very much on DH bike but I disagree. A 30lb long travel bike is always going to have a advantage over a 45lb+ tank. Best old school DH bike I had was a azonic ds1 only 6'' travel but it worked really good and was not over engineerd so was super light even for today's standards. When I rode that bike I was I charge. Wish I kept it..

  11. A modern enduro bike can beat a modern downhill bike….

  12. Why is everyone complaining about the loudness of the music?…did they get the idea of the video? YES….so what's the problem?
    Back to the video….the GT defiantly looked slower on the flat but on the downhill stuff it looked good….If he didn't fluff the gears it would of been a lot closer…and if there were no flats it would of been even closer….it seems like weight was the main factor and after 17 years of technology and advancement that's not bad…

  13. Good video, thumbs up 🙂 Love retro videos. They supply a good baseline to how far tings have come along.

    Get that swing arm welded by a pro and x-rayed. It'll live a long time. Love retro MTB's. Not all the time, but sometimes they are fun 😀

  14. Should have been a modern I drive Gt sanction vs old I drive Gt my modern I drive Fury still want to try a fury lts 29

  15. I know this over a year old. But, this just popped up on my feed.
    Remember. It’s not the bike- it’s the rider!!

  16. Once again hardware is nothing…only 4s despite the supposed to be crazy tech advancement in brakes, shocks and weight 🤨😅😅😅

  17. Awesome! I'm getting a new Mega 275c RS and used to ride a DHi! It had the crazy eccentric pivot though, not sure if that was before or after this bike. Made a great freeride bike, just had to change up the gearing. It was surprising how well a 40lb could climb. It finally met it's end after a catastrophic rear triangle failure.

  18. Good lord that rear derailleur in the GT looks like is hanging for dear life to the frame (uhumm just barely). What happened? GMBNs mechanic only had paper clips around???

  19. I ride my ancient Specialized FSR Enduro bike quite roughly still, it's quite eccentric. Short travel, slack and aggressive geometry, 26 inch wheels, which have always felt better than 27.5 or 29 to me, and a V-Brake in the rear.

  20. For the sake of 4 seconds just shows theres no need to keep up with the jonses. Like a 2010 Dh bike is just as good as a 2019 one… ish the pros might notice but for the sakw of a second or two

  21. Я думал, что с таким весом он значительно проиграет, но оказывается я ошибался. Всё не так плохо…

  22. Should've done that backwards. A few runs on the GT, then one on the Nuke.

    Doh! Just saw the crack. Nevermind

  23. Guys the sounds levels between the music and voice-over is WAY OFF!!! Why do you need to blast my ears with shitty music before a topic I came to watch?

  24. That old Gt needs some alu welding and a 125 cc or a 250cc 2 stroke motor installed.  with the frame geometry and all that travel, to have a peppy 2 stroke motor fitted on it would be insane

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