Buses and Weird Reading Programs | British VS American VS Canadian

Buses and Weird Reading Programs | British VS American VS Canadian

– Hi everyone, welcome to the channel. We have a lot of guests here today, can you introduce yourselves? – Hi, I’m Elle Mills. – Canadian. What have we got, Jessie? – I’m Jessie Page and I’m American. – From New Jersey. Woo! I’m Evan, I’m from Jersey… and dodie! – I’m from London! – Kind of, she’s from England. So today we’re gonna be talking about- – I AM from London! – Essex isn’t really London. – I was born in London! – Sure. – Out of curiosity, Jessie, since you’re also from New Jersey, did you have the AR program? – Is it where you read these, little, little, books and then you get a grade level that is your…? – Yes, yes. You’re marked your grade level. – We did, we only had it up to third grade. – Oh, okay for me-
– It was a great time though, it was like some kids took it very seriously. It honestly created a bit of a hierarchy. *laughter* – Alright, we definitely had some sort of thing where if you read books in the summer holidays then you’d get little stickers and then you’d go up the map and there was some sort of like raffle to win. – What was the prize? – I don’t know, I think it was a holiday to Butlins or something. – Ha Butt-lins
It’s like a theme park I think – You don’t know what Butlins is? – It’s a theme park. – I never went to Butlins, just to be clear. But it’s got like, clowns… *laughter* And slides..
– If you read you get to enjoy time with clowns – I just remember seeing all of the adverts which is like people running around in fields and like swimming pools and I dunno
It sounds pretty weird yeah – Um, our program was 7th and 8th grade and the more books you read like with higher grade level you get points and then you trade those points in for like
a locker mirror or um soda – We didn’t have that – and then at one point we got a $50 gift card of the mall if you had like a lot of books read *laughs*
– What!? – Yeah, I read a lot, but I just missed the $50 gift card by like 10 points *laughing*
Why is that so funny? – Oh, I don’t think we really had any of those in Canada
Nothing?! – Um I- I could think of like, there’s like the Red Maple Club I was a part of it actually but I did it just to get like points of like clubs It was a club and you got- Every book you read you got like a sticker, and then the end I don’t know what the prize was because I never stuck around till the end but uh – Oh, rough
– I did I- I lied and I used to say I read this book – Oh, well no we had tests
– No, I remember! Yeah we had to write something about it like a paragraph about it – We had a test that you had to take online that was like “What was the person that this person murdered?”
and it was like A to D – Yeah
– If you got less than 75% you got no points I read a lot of Agatha Christie
– Was this like for class or not class? – Well, so it was an extra so you did stuff for class
– It was like an extra yeah – And then you also had to read books if you wanted extra points to the AR program – Oh… I don’t think I had anything like that – Was it wait, did you- your reading tests were they like they timed how fast you read? – Yes
– Yeah, okay. We didn’t get prizes though It was just like some kids were like pretentious
I’m a grade seven but I’m actually grade two! – Oh my gosh had that! We were like taken out like one person taken out – Yes, yes! we read separately
– and we had to read I was like best in the class – Oh! Do you mean like like the leap or like the gifted and talented stuff? Is that what you’re talking about? – I mean, I was gifted and talented – No one heard that *laughs*
– but I mean you read there was like levels of reading and starts with like “the dog and the cat”
– Yes yes yes – and then it’d be like “the enchanted forest had magical spirals everywhere” – Yeah and you would just meet with the teacher separately and yeah – and I’d put on a voice as well, I tried to be really cool – I think I definitely did that too. – Did you have the Pizza Hut program? the Bookit program? Where every five books you read you get a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut – What!? Wow, I’d definitely read books
– What?! That’s such a weird thing – Yeah every like 5th book your teacher gives you have a stamp for every book And then you bring it in to Pizza Hut and they give you a free lil pizza – Wow no. – No.
– No? Okay You guys didn’t have any fun incentives.
Even you in Jersey Well, you’re from North Jersey, so that’s a bit different Um, bit of a change of subject but I’m curious because my friend Hector sparked this conversation last night When you got picked up from- for school with the school bus did it come to your house directly? – No
– No there’s a meeting, there’s a meeting spot – There’s a meeting? What are we here for? *laughs*
– It’s like the people on that street meet all at one spot – So you had a bus stop. How far did you have to walk though?
– uhm.. what a minute? – What!? What?! I walked 10 minutes to the bus stop every day – I feel like that’s really dangerous.
– But our like school bus wasn’t like with the school. we had to pay for it,
– you had to pay for the school bus – It was like a private service With the school like usually you just be driven or you’d walk to school if you live near or like you catch a lift with Your friend’s mom or like
– what if what if you don’t have any way of getting to school? – Then you take the public bus
– which costs money? – Mhm
– Oh, that’s horrible so it’d be like I don’t know but then that would take like an hour because you’d have to like change at a Bus station or whatever
– I mean our bus stop Literally was every person’s was right outside the house you walk outside your house it picks you up. That’s – And the public bus you’d have like other people on it
– For summer camp, – For summer camp??
– For summer camp they picked me up at my house because it’s like you pay the money for the bus But for school was like you have to meet at the stop – what was that
– what – that was just god he disagrees
– thank you for the sign *laughter* He’s like you should not be having to walk to a stop these kids should- – No, I was always taught like to be afraid of the roads my mom would be like don’t go on like Delsea Drive That was like this crazy road where everyone would drive fast And so I can’t imagine having to walk for school cuz I’d get hit by car
– Would you? – Yeah that road was crazy
– How old were you? – Uh how old was I when I was a kid? like uh I was like 8 to 18? I don’t know – okay so like in primary school, um my mom would just drive me like everyones mom would just drive them – Well if your mom had a job or a life
– then you carpool – yeah, you’d like get dropped off round suzie’s on the way to work… i didn’t have a friend called suzie – this just blows my mind. In Canada because you guys only have one road like so you have to walk all the way
– What? You know the one road in Canada it goes from East to West.
– Do they have lockers? – Yeah
– I feel like Canada’s just like America for the most part of school – For the most- yeah for the most part – how big were your lockers, ours were like this big – how do you fit anything in there. ours are like human height That’s weird and like as soon as I get locker, and you weren’t allowed to decorate it either WHAT?? that did happen At one point for me, and then I don’t know they were like kids got carried away they would decorate peoples’ lockers for their birthday birthday We had a girl that had like had her locker decorated for her birthday And I was so happy to do it and then when she came to school she started crying Because she was a Jehovah’s Witness and wasn’t allowed to celebrate birthdays and so everyone had to rip it down Interesting story were you in a club I was a part of every single Club I was also why did you do it okay because I wanted to be in the photos, valedictorian and like president Just wanted to be in the yearbook because for every club you’re in you get to be in the yearbook so so you open the yearbook and it’s like “evan in the knitting club” Yeah i was in every page and the yearbook teacher got mad and was like elle’s in too many pages i hated her she was a b**ch i just had no friends annnd my god you’re so relatable i was really popular i went to all the music classes monday orchestra, what do you mean all the music oh im sorry monday choir; tuesday orchestra; wednesday we had band; thursday clarinet; on sunday and friday african drumming You drum, i did african drumming yeah can you give me some air drum? well you’d hold a drum like this I did handbells Really really cool. We have them at church . I like handbells you know it wasn’t necessarily Considered cool at my school, but I enjoyed it and also it got me out of gym class. how many snow days did you get in a year cuz’ i feel like that’s not a thing In the UK unless you’re like no cuz it snowed like this much and then it raiend after In Jersey we get snow days like maybe three four times a year maybe so excited we had some pretty bad ones What why, you had some pretty bad ones int Is the best yeah, because it’s like we have like one in like two years what?? That’s really depressing rains cuz it just rains listen to this I once had school on a Saturday for a whole entire month because it’s only snow days That was always so scary they think they allow up to 15 school days per year before then it goes into June And then July which I have school of June July anyway exist. They’re horrible really they don’t have a summer vacation yes we do,They have six weeks as opposed to three months yes three months. yes we have three months This is a very fun THREE MONTHS? Times of your school, SEVEN? 7-7 two times in the two months 8 2 2 3 to 10, oh mama 7 inches oh my god our school would end at at 3:35 but most of them ended at four but that was my elementary school But in where I’m from they teared it so that the elementary school kids would get out Later than the middle school and high school kids so that way if the high school kids got out of school earlier They could take care of their brothers and sisters It was it was quite nice that way because the parents had you know jobs a things This was just a chill video I just wanted to lightly sit with my friends while we’re in LA because we’re just having a little, little fun time in LA (basically) Long story short, there’s video we filmed on Jesse’s channel Which we’re all in and I quite like and it’s about anxiety versus teens and adults we’re filming a video on dodie’s channel We’re just having a good time while we’re in LA. I’m not here often. This is just the first holiday I’ve taken in ages, so I’m taking a mulligan. I hope you guys have a nice time BYYYEEEEE Goodbye


  1. in ireland, where i go to anyway, we have lockers half the size of american ones. so one on the top on the bottom (im at the top. lucky me). we start at 8:30 and finish at 3:15.

  2. I walk two minutes to the bus stop, it is a public bus and it's free because I have an under 16 oyster card

  3. I'm from Alberta, Canada, and I've had two periods of snow days: One because it was colder than -50C and the buses wouldn't start, and the other because a bunch of power poles had snapped under heavy snowfall and the entire town had no power.

  4. I have to walk 45 minutes to the bus stop to school and it's almost an hours drive from stop to school, then again I live in Scotland and it's a 45 minute walk down a farm road with tractors and stuff

  5. Can confirm that we did not have any kind of reading program in Alberta, Canada. If you liked reading it was purely a hobby, like video games o___o

  6. From California
    -no ar program. (They would test how fast we can read but there werent prizes
    -no pizza program
    -never took bus but I know they had to meet at a stop

  7. You got 3 months of summer vacation??? LUCKY! I’m from Virginia and here we get out of school mid-June and go back to school mid/late August. (They used to start school after Labor Day but keep pulling it back farther each year, even though we get out of school the same day each year)

  8. I live in England and we literally don't have a school bus I have to get the train then walk for 20 minutes. Also my teacher said that she has had two snow days in thirteen years, one last friday and one last year. My friend in Canada gets loads of time off at summer yeah but i get more inset days and half terms and stuff so it kinda makes up for it – its interesting to hear what its like at different places though 🙂

  9. We had to read a certain set of books a year. Starting with bronze, silver and then gold. I read them all by the time I was six and then special books covering a wider age range had to be brought in. We had reading tests every time. We were given a book token if we behaved. Primary school we walked. secondary school the bus stop was at the top of my driveway. We didn’t have lockers at school and one day I weighed my school bag with a days books and folders in and it weighed 7 kilos.

  10. For us AR was mandatory, you would read a book, then take a test on it. Each book was worth an amount of points, you would have to get a certain amount of points judging on how you did in the past. There were no prizes or anything, also, PIZZA?? I was the kid that got like 200 points in 5th grade. By 7th i was over it and i never took tests until i realized i had an F in English because of it, and I had to go try to do a test on a book i had read a really long time ago. I actually started reading books that were for adults (stephen king mostly) that they don't make tests for because i had read almost every teenage book in the library. (One time in 8th i actually tried and got almost 800 points, the librarian gave me a Marshmallow. Oh the fun times.)

  11. Did anyone else in England do the Reading Quests over the summer at their local library? They were so cool, got a badge and a certificate

  12. I lived in Canada (Calgary) for 4 years and one of those years was one of the coldest years ever. Every year there would be tons of snow and my elementary school (and most of the city) never got a snow day.

  13. 2:58 we had that but it was level a-z. I was level s (this is about 5 or 6 grade level) in 3rd grade. Now I’m in 7th and I read 11th grade.

  14. We have ar in England and i have to read two books per a half term altogether over the year we have to do 12 books

  15. We had levels of reading and they were all like jewels and gems. So top level was diamond and sapphire and ruby and all that but everyone was so excited when they were at diamonds ( you would be assigned books that were categorised as diamond ) because after that you would be a free reader. Free readers could basically read whatever book they wanted and EVRERYONE wanted that.

  16. I'm in a British high school and in the last 2 years I've had loads of snow days as my school is on a hill so yay

  17. I’m from Scotland but we had AR (Accelerated Reading) too during primary school. For my school you had like a range like 4.6 – 7.6 and you can read books in that difficulty, the higher the range the harder the book. Then you had to do the little quiz after you read it. It’s weird how Scotland and New Jersey have it but England and Canada don’t

  18. In year one we were in like grouped tables according to our ability, I was on the top table and I felt so left out because I was at a higher reading level and everyone else was behind me so I just like forced myself to read at a lower level to fit in more because I didn’t wanna be like superior or different 😂

  19. My school had a reading program called Accelerated Reader. About half the books in the library had a sticker on, and each different colour meant a different level. White was the lowest, and black was the highest. Then you had to take a quiz on the book online. You got prizes for how many words you read. I think the first one was a badge? I don't know, I never really did it, because I couldn't find any books in the system that sounded interesting enough. Also, it put me off reading.
    Yes, the thing that was designed to get people to read more put me, an avid reader, off reading. But it wasn't aimed at people like me, so it's fine.

    Also, people walked to the bus stop. There were school buses, and normal buses. I think, anyway. They all looked the same. And I think you had to pay for them as well. I don't know. I didn't get the bus to school. I got the train.

  20. my school doesnt have a bus. we have to use the local buses. this costs money but the student tickets are reduced prices.

  21. in primary school, my school has a breakfast club. u come early for a price. ur mum and dad pay 50p per day u come.

  22. wait i live in England and we have the ar program that starts in secondary school and we have to like quiz on books (it stands for accelerated reading)

  23. We did accelerated reader (ar) in secondary school and is we passed a test we could get a chocolate bar

    then the tutor group that had the most points at the end of the year would win a box of biccies, and individuals could win iPads and stuff.

  24. So most primary schools you don’t have a bus service as there’s a primary school in every village/town.

    Then for secondary of your within catchment you can get a private company school bus, if not your either doing a public or private service or lift I guess….

  25. when i was a kid we had to walk 25 miles to and from school, up hill both ways, and it snowed every day even in july and august… and you know what we liked it!! no seriously, i think i always had to walk at least a quarter mile to a bus stop, or up to almost 2 miles to school in a couple schools. it was in massachusettes, so yeah there was actually snow quite often during the winter, and we'd probably get about 5 – 10 snow days most years, and a lot of days of going to school in the snow.

  26. It’s so weird how all these youtubers I watch connect. Robertidk is working for hi5, which I watch, robertidk is also friends with crankthatfrank, who is friends with Jessie, who is also friends with Evan, it’s all over the plac

  27. i can somewhat relate to that girl who had to take down her birthday stuff on her locker. i was raised a jehovah's witness too

  28. I'm from america and in elementary school we had something called reading running records and it's basically a letter in the alphabet a-z and you read a book and wrote an essay on it we were supposed to be tested three times a year but I got tested once in the begging of 4th grade a not at all in 5th so I was a third grade level reading 6th grade books like the rest of my fifth grade class because we were advanced.

    And from florida instead of snow days we had hurricane weeks

  29. My AR was all through primary school (Kindergarten through 5th grade) you would have to read books take a test on them and get points. If you got enough points you could go to the movies or go on a swimming trip. In 4th and 5th grade you also had the choice to go to lake Winnie

  30. As a Texan, our "snow days" are just when the weather drops below freezing. No snow or anything. It's just super cold lmfao

  31. I think we need a video to explain Butlins to Americans. These were basically summer camps started post world war 2 by this chap called Billy Butlin and they were meant to be cheap holidays for the working class. Imagine Adventureland (from the Michael Cera movie) but you camp there, in a "lodge" (basically a static caravan). It's that shit.

  32. My bus stop was my house, but it depended on the neighborhood if they picked up at each house or at bus stop locations

  33. As a Brit.

    What reading programs?
    I personally did one but that wasn't like accessible to everyone, its cause I and a few others just struggled reading because of dyslexia.

    lmao, tests.
    wouldn't work now. Kids would just be like "ummm, I have access to google"

  34. Accelerated reader is something I have right now from Kent we don’t get rewards I don’t bother reading but we have to do star reading tests

  35. I love how when Jessie shares her state Evan's like "WOOP!!!!" and when Dodie says where she's specifically from Evan's like "..yeah she's from England." Like what?!

  36. I knew people who had to be driven to the bus stop by their parents because they lived so far away, some people lived like two hours away from the school. We also had quite a lot of snow days like maybe one or two weeks on a bad year (spread out). And our school bus was public but free because of how far away people lived from the school. But as i said some people were so far away from the nearest bus stops and the bus couldn't drive on the roads that were just tracks. I livening in the middle of nowhere (in Scotland) means that I can't really relate to a lot of the "British" experiences.

  37. My mom had to argue with my school district to get my bus stop moved so i didn't have to cross a busy street

  38. See I walked 10mins to the bus stop and got on a public double decker but because I was in the catchment area I had a bus pass for free🤷‍♀️

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