Build & Battle: Engines OUT! Rotary vs V8, What’s the Fastest Budget Drag Racing Motor? EP.2

Build & Battle: Engines OUT! Rotary vs V8, What’s the Fastest Budget Drag Racing Motor? EP.2

– The first thing I’ll
teach you about drag racing, is the first liar never has a chance. (cameraman laughing) (knocking) – I don’t know what that means. (rhythmic music) – [Narrator] There’s a
right tool for the job, and this is not it. – [Mechanic] Hey! (tools clanking) (car revving) (garage door opening) (tapping) (people murmuring) – Welcome back to Build and Battle, the guys are working away. We just took away $1,000
each of their budget in the last episode. Hello, Bad Daddy Braddy, how you feeling after that $1,000 got yanked? – Not talking to you anymore. (Hert laughs) I returned stuff last night. I went through my budget, and was like, I want to return that,
I want to return that, I want to return that, because I went back to needs and wants, and there
was a few things on the list, that were wants not necessarily needs. – [Hert] Right. – You know, to make the car run? Because I’m afraid when we get down to the nitty gritty right now, we might not make it through, and that’s like hoses, fittings. – [Hert] Right. – Those last little things
you never think about. – [Hert] So what’s your plan today? What are you working on? – [Brad] We’ve got to get rid of all this fine stuff. We’re taking out the factory wire loom, because we’ve got the new Holley system. The Holley system actually supplies all of the wiring to the dashboard and to the motor. – [Hert] Wow, that’s pretty sick. So you just doing a little clean up work. – Yeah I’m trying to
get the motor in today, to find out how much of the core support we’re going to have to cut out, and I have to order a radiator, because the radiator we took out I was hoping was going to
work, is in horrible shape. – [Hert] What are you doing over here? – Well he’s making sure the engine’s good, I actually sold the engine,
the exhaust, the differential. – [Hert] You sold this? You sold this already,
you sold all of that? – Everything, yeah. – [Hert] How much money did you make? – About 1,700 bucks. – [Hert] 1,700 bucks? – Yeah. – [Hert] Shout out to the guy
who sold you this car, huh? – Yeah, it’s quite sick. – [Hert] What’s your plan for
today, what are you up to? – We have to set up the
middle welder for tig. (drill drowns out speaker) These tanks, they pick
up gas from the top, which is pretty bad. So I’m going to cut
the bottom of the tank, and weld a sump to it, to get fuel from the bottom of the tank. So I’m going to do that while
Mike takes the dash out. – [Hert] While he takes the what? – Dash out. ‘Cause for the cage that we have to make, we have to add bars that
go through the firewall to the strut towers. – We just taking out the dash, carpet, we’re going to do the cage, and we’re going to put everything back on. – [Hert] With carpet and everything, yeah? – [Mike] Yeah, street car. – [Hert] So you guys are trying to win, ’cause you’re building this
as if you already own the car. – This is my car. (Hert laughing) – This is my car. (guys laughing) – [John] New taillights. – [Mike] Some plates on it. – [Hert] All right. – We need the engine so
we can start doing this. We need to mount this boy on. – [Hert] Man, like, you
got a deal on that, huh? – [John] Oh yeah. – [Hert] Where’d you find it? – [John] Mochi found it. – [Hert] Mochi? – [John] Yeah. – [Hert] Mochi the turbo daddy? – [John] Yeah man, you didn’t know? He has all the gear connects. (Hert chuckles) – [Hert] All right, well, good luck, boys. (low synth music) (drilling) – [Brad] Saving that carpet. (low music) (power tools whirring) (grinder cutting) (car parts clanking) (men murmuring) – [Brad] Today we got the nose off. As you can see, we’ve got
a bare, bare girl here, ready to get her heart
transplant and everything in, but before we do that,
we’re going to push her out, get her all washed off,
because as you can tell, we’re really grubby and dirty. So, we’re going to try to get
15 years of dirt off of this, before we put the new heart in it, and at the end of the day you’ll actually see a V8 sitting in an S-10. (thud) Perfect. (murmuring) – [Narrator] You’re just
sneaking this in here? – Allegedly. – [Narrator] How much did
you purchase this for? – $1,500, and I got ripped off. Somehow I raised the price of LS motors over the course of the last year. ‘Cause I used to be able to find these for like $500 – $1,000. Somebody ruined it. (pressure washer) (drumming) (yelling) – [Brad] That’s how you
clean out an LS motor. This ain’t no Dorito,
you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. This is a real man’s motor. We shower like this. – [Hert] Oh, Brad! (laughing) – This ain’t no Dorito stuff. See? – [Hert] Did you see what Brad did? – You mean, that? (Hert laughing) (tools whining) – [Hert] What? That just came out of there. – [Jose] That just came out of there. Yeah, we don’t want that. – [Hert] Hey, Brad, this
just came out of your motor, he blew this out of the motor. – It’ll be fine. – [Jose] Get rid of that
before we cleared… – [Brad] Yeah! – [Hert] That’s actually why Brad, that’s why Brad did that, he
knew there was stuff in there. – Yeah. – [Hert] Yeah. – Don’t get too close, ’cause you won’t be eating Doritos no more. – [Hert] What I’m admiring is the bolt, the nut that came out of your engine. – I don’t even know what’s
in the nuts of your engine. (both men laughing) Hey, that’s not the
biggest nut in that engine, I’m just telling you. – [Hert] Oh goodness, I’ll put it back. (both men laughing) – Your scumbaggery is real. As far as our kiss build goes, here, keep it simple stupid, kind
of like my dad taught me. We went ahead and order us some eBay, as you guys know, my favorite place. – [Hert] This is eBay? – [Brad] eBay, less than a $100. – [Hert] What is it? – [Brad] This is the complete
engine adapter mounting kit. For, if you read this label, installing a Chevy LS Series Motor into any two wheel drive S-10 or Blazer. – [Hert] For a hundred bucks. – For less than $100. You can’t even buy motor
mounts for a Chevy for less. – [Hert] That doesn’t make any… – [Brad] So this part bolts to the motor, and this actually goes in here, and bolts to the original frame mounts. – [Hert] Oh my god. – Like the frame mounts. Hardware, everything, instructions… – [Hert] For less than $100. Also eBay? – [Brad] Also eBay. Well, they don’t have that written on it, but it’s for, oh there it goes, headers for Chevy LS. – [Hert] Wow, and how much were these? – $109. – [Hert] So, literally… – eBay! – For 200 bucks, you got
headers and a mount kit, to drop a junkyard motor into your S-10. – And by the end of the day
we will be bolting it in, and have everything sitting
in there ready, pretty, and I’ll have an idea of
what else we got to do. – [Hert] All right, so you’re
a bit ahead of the game? – We’re going to, we’re
smoking these guys, they don’t even have a motor, we’re going to have our motor in. (Hert laughing) – [Jose] Oh these are tight, can I keep these after the show? Can I keep these after the show, Hert? You know if I can keep them? – [Hert] If you win. – If I win? I keep everything? Can I keep this? I like this welder a lot. – [Mike] Remember, slow
and steady wins the race. – [Hert] So what are you guys doing now? (thud) Oh, god. – [Mike] We’ve got to
break this stuff in pieces. (thud) So we’re just going to lay this
across the sound dent thing, and this stuff, you know,
instead of poking at it, like, with a screwdriver, flathead or whatever, try to get all of this tar off, you put dry ice, and it’ll
pop out easily with a hammer. – [Hert] Get it nice and frozen. – [Mike] Yeah. (thudding) You lose a good amount of
weight by removing this. – [Hert] And you need it gone for welding your cage and stuff. – Yeah. (thumping) (Chillstep music plays) (thudding) (tools whirring) (socket wrench clicking) (grinder grinding) (tapping) (tool humming) (drill whining) (banging) – He’s over there making
all of that noise, welding on all of that old fuel system, and well, let’s show you what we did. – [Hert] This is a straight
up eBay build, huh? – [Brad] eBay! Mine’s already got the swamp
in it, it’s chrome plated. – [Hert] Wow. – [Brad] Brand new fuel cell. – [Hert] How much did it… – [Brad] Extending unit. $134 from eBay. You, too, can buy this today. – [Hert] It’s, yo, you can look, you can see your face in it, Brad. – John! A hundred and thirty bucks! – [Mike] That’s what someone
that doesn’t fabricate gets. (guys laughing) – [Brad] Check out my welds. – [Jose] I think he’s
plugging his eBay store. All the shit he’s buying
from his own eBay store. (Hert laughing) – Allegedly. – [Hert] Hey, I mean, drag racing’s all about cheating, right? – Yes! The first thing I’ll teach
you about drag racing, is the first liar never has a chance. (Hert chuckles) (knocking) – [Hert] I don’t know what that means. (gate grinding on ground) – Yo, it’s already shortened. We’re going to have to tub it now. (guys chuckling) The whole housing is already shortened, and ironically this whole kit
is built for an S-10 truck. – Axles and everything. – [Hert] So this would do brad wonders. – Oh yeah. – [Hert] But you guys are
putting it in your RX-7. – Yeah, it’s going to do us wonders. – [Hert] How much did you get it for? – $675 was it? Yeah. – [Hert] It’s a full… – Housing already modified. – Brakes. – Brakes, rotors, axles,
the only thing we need is a spool, which is a hundred bucks off of Craigslist, or, you
know I found a couple… – [Mike] And a higher gears. – [John] Yeah, and then
we’ve got to get our gear. Brad! (Hert chuckles) – [Mike] You want a fair competition, we’ve got your rear end. For an S-10. – Wow. – [John] We found it,
it was made for an S-10. – [Brad] It is, huh? – [John] Yeah. – [Brad] No way, really? – [John] Yeah. (guys chuckling) Short and everything for an S-10. – Why aren’t you giving us that? Wow. You lucky dogs, where
did you guys find it? – [Mike] My Facebook blogger place. – [Jose] Huntington beach. – [Mike] Not on eBay, though. Not on eBay, son! – I’ve got to buy a whole new
range for five hundred bucks. – Five hundred bucks but it’s stock. This is aftermarket axles, cylinders, brand new housing build. – [Brad] I got 110 axles, my stock axles were stronger than those. – [John] Got the big boy power. – [Hert] So you got those
motor mounts on, huh? – [Brad] All the motor mounts are on, our headers are on. So, these plates here, and
these plates here are on, plus the motor mounts. We want to sneak it in,
because they recommend using a car style oil pan,
’cause these are a little deeper, but we’re cheap. – [Hert] Yeah, those truck boys are big. – [Brad] Yeah, we were
trying to fit it in. – [Hert] Looks like it
might be okay, though. – [Brad] Yeah, we might be okay, and that way we could save
a couple hundred dollars on that car oil pan. – [Hert] Right. So this is just the test fit? – [Brad] Test fit, first test fit. Let’s pull this header off. Yeah this header is going to be a problem. (banging) (grinding) (drill whining) (people murmuring) (banging) Oh shit, looks good. – [Narrator] So the header’s
got to go right there? – [Brad] Yeah, that is not a good thing. How did, where did they think this header was going to fit on that car? – [Narrator] You know, when I want to know the real deal of what’s
going on, I ask Jose. How’s it going Jose? – Those headers are not
going to fit, at all. – [Vinny] What’s the plan
on the driver’s side, Brad? – Spray and pray. It’s like replacing a part of… – Still a bolt in, though. – [Brad] So I don’t see
too big of a problem, ’cause we’ve built steering shafts before, we just put a support bearing here, and a support bearing there to get in, and it’ll be fine. Then, dude, like, literally,
I think if we do a little dingy dingy dingy dingy
dingy, we might be fine. Like a little… On the header. – [Jose] Oh, you mean dent the header? – Just a little bit. – [Vinny] Jose just put a
nice tight radius right there. – [Jose] (laughs) Oh, yeah. (clanking) – This all needs dented right here. Motor’s got to come out. Dent it! – I found my favorite Vargas. (laughing) So what motor you putting in this thing? – A motor from a ’93
RX-7, so the FD motor. – FD motor NA? – No, turbo. – Oh you’re going to go turbo? – Yeah. – You can afford to go turbo for 10k? – Nine. – What turbo are you going to run? – Uh, Garrett over there. – [Vinny] Dude, I don’t
believe any of your shit, that you’re doing this
for nine thousand bucks. (laughing) You’ve got like a 42R,
and what manifold is that? – [John] I don’t know. I don’t know. It came with. It looks kind of shitty, but. – Yeah. – It’s got the nine inch rear end. – What budget are you guys
using with nine grand, that you got a nine
inch and forty-two more? – The new thing is Facebook Marketplace, that thing, that housing
shorten, with axles. – [Vinny] Cut that, cut that. Say you bought it off of Craigslist. – [John] No, Facebook. – Normal people go to Craigslist. (banging) – He can’t wear Crocs while welding. So he’s going to make a fool of himself. (chuckling) – [Vinny] Honestly? Put a shirt on you, and you’ve really just polished up a turd. (guys laughing) How much did that cost? – I think I paid for it, sixty bucks. – [Vinny] Sixty bucks? I hope that comes out of your
budget on building this car. – [Hert] Nah, it counts as safety gear. (loud banging) (hip hop) (welder whirring) (drill whining) (banging) (chuckling) (saw blade humming) – All right, so a new part came in. It’s the Turbosmart 60mm wastegate. It’s going to control the boost, so that big turbo doesn’t just go crazy and blow the engine up. The manifold was supposed to be a 60, but the fire ring, which
is basically what seals the bottom of the wastegate does not fit. (metal clanking) Doesn’t fit there. But, on the part that comes
with the Turbosmart wastegate, it sits in there nicely. So what I have to do now is, weld this, basically,
just right on top of it, ’cause I don’t have time to cut that off, and I might hit the turbo
if I don’t do it right, so I’m just going to weld
it right on top of it, so we can put the wastegate on the car. This was actually five hundred
and eighty bucks, brand new. ‘Cause you don’t want
to get something used, and have issues with it. Then, for the turbo, and the manifold, I ended up getting an
offer up for 1,100 bucks, so, it was a good price. Hopefully this turbo’s still good, I mean, it spins, so we’ll see. (hip hop music) – [Vinny] Wait, what’s going on? – Vargas got a new clutch. – Bought a clutch for a good deal. – We found a clutch last
night, so we picked it up, but it’s super good. You’re going to love this. – [Vinny] How much did you pay for it? – Seventy bucks. Are you ready to see this? (rustling) It might work, we don’t know. (everyone laughing) A little wire wheel to it,
and it’ll be good to go. – [Vinny] A little
Scotch-Brite and some spit. – [Mike] But the rust will (mumbles) – [Jose] But it fit our budget, so. Instead of $500 on a clutch, 70 bucks, we’re good to go. – [Vinny] Wow, starting the day off right. – This thing, with a
little bit of sand paper. – [Brad] Yeah. – And resurfacing. It’ll hold power. – Have faith, man. – You’ve got to have faith on the clutch. – Wow. All right, this morning, we’re back to our original headache, which
is that steering shaft. We’re going to bring
in an exhaust manifold from the factory motor, and
try the exhaust manifold on that side, and see if it gives us a little more pleasure, space, fun. If not, we got this origamically
incorrect procedure, that we’d have to order parts, and spend money that we
don’t have to try to do. He’s definitely not
excited about that one. So, we’re going to try the
exhaust manifold first, which is kind of crappy, but hopefully the exhaust manifold swoops in here, and we can get this shaft
to come down straight. We got a fuel cell battery mount, I’m going to run to the junkyard and pick up the rear end. I’m praying that that rear end doesn’t require a million things
to get done to put in, but we’ll see when we get here. Plus we got things to order. Steering wheel, plugs,
wires, radiator fans, and an adapter for the steering wheel. So, let me get to ordering, Jose has got to get to the welding part, and hopefully today we have more. More to play. – Yesterday, we managed
to get all of the sanding of the car and the dash out so
we can start doing the cage. We still have to clean up a little more, just, so we can actually
weld the plates to the body, without being contaminated. Also, we got our diff
in, shortened tuned S-10, it fits really good on this car. We might do like a mini tub, ’cause this is the frame
of the car right here, so we might chop out this
whole thing a little bit, just to push, basically, get a little more wheel clearance in here. I welded the sump on the tank, so the tank has a sump
welded to it already. I have to test it out
make sure it has no leaks, but, you know, it looks pretty good. And, I welded the
wastegate to the manifold, so now it’s all attached. Today, we’re hoping to get
an engine in, rebuild parts. We’re going to build an
engine instead of buying one, and we might sell some of used stuff. So we’re selling the AC system, came out of the car for 400 bucks, the exhaust 400 bucks,
and the diff for 600, so that puts a little
more back in our budget, we can actually go and
get some cool wheels. We’re still trying to sell the old wheels, but we’ll see what happens. That’s my boy Mitch. So, he’s a real god daddy. I can weld a little bit of shit, but for something complicated
as mounting the rear end, or lateral bars, or the cage,
I call the man to help us. – [Mike] Which, that
involves safety, you know, more than pride, so. – [Jose] Man, he’s known to do that, he built Litteral, Ryan Litteral’s car, he did a bunch of work
here at Hoonigan, too, welding, so he knows what he’s doing. He’s going to bend and notch
all the pipes so I can weld it. ‘Cause he welds way better, but his price is a little higher, so we can’t afford him. We can afford him a little
bit, but not completely. He’s going to bend all the pipes, and set everything up for me to, basically, just weld it later. – [Vinny] So you’re paying
him to do all of this for you? – Yeah. See if we can use him
for at least two days, if not three days. As long as the budget allows, basically. ‘Sup man? – [Vinny] Where are we heading? – So we found an engine we’re
going to go pick up later, but for now we’re going
to go to Mazdatrix, which is Signal Hill to
pick up the rebuild parts, ’cause we’re building our own engine. No junkyard shit, we’re going
to build a nice engine for it, and make some power. And Mike’s never been to Mazdatrix, it’s like his second time in California, so we’re going to show him Mazdatrix. – [Vinny] Cool. – Let’s go. – So while Jose’s doing
all that good welding, and Brad’s doing that chilling, I’m going to start working on wiring. I want to mock up everything that we’re putting on the motor, so that when we get into the car, I know where everything has to go. As you know, when you’re it’s in the car, it’s super hard to do. So we’re going to do our mock up out here, on the motor, on the ground. This isn’t hard, like
everybody is in their head, about putting fuel injection on a car, if you get an LS and you
buy the Holley system, you’re going to watch me do it with you in probably less than ten minutes. What we’re looking at here
is the complete wire loom, that goes on in the motor. As well as the ECU. This is a Holley Terminator. A lot of ECUs you plug
in and it’s just a block, you don’t see anything,
it doesn’t do anything, this one is an actually an active ECU, and these lights sequence for various problems, issues, or codes. With this Holley system, we chose to use the Holley injectors to
match the Holley system. That’s what I use in my car, and they also come with a Holley dash, this has water temp, oil temp, everything, and it’s just this wire. This right here, is your injector harness, and it’s so simply labeled. If you see it right here, it
has the cylinders numbered. So you start on the drivers
front thing, this is number one. So it’ll go one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight. So you just take this right here, you find your number one, there, number one goes like this, and this is going to be where your injector plugs are going to go. So that would be the first
part of this installation, is just laying this loom up here, to where you know the injectors are, and you know that’s about
where that’s going to go. This is part to the ECU. The black plugs go in the black box. It just, it’s real color coordinated. Imagine this is going to be your firewall, you know, this is going
to go into your car. Now we know that’s going across our motor, and check this out, it’s
already there for you. Dumb dumb. This is your oil pressure, we
broke the oil pressure gauge, we’re going to have to
get a new center unit. But see where it fits? Like, it can’t even go
to any other sensors. There are no other sensors around here. If you can’t get that one
right, it’s pretty bad. Funny thing I’ll show you guys, too. If you see wires wrapped in this stuff, you can almost guarantee
it’s going in a hot area. (Brad laughs) As we can look, it says ‘crank’, and we know crank is on this side. If you look, gray plug (chuckles) I mean it’s that simple. They made it so that anybody could do it. Here’s your ignition coils,
we know that eight is even, so even number, even ignition coil. Bada bing, bada boom. Odd ignition coils, odd side. See how these grounds right
here say cylinder head? So, they require that
you put these grounds right here on these head bolts. If you put them anywhere
else, you won’t get fire, trust me, I know, I’ve tried. (clicking) Bada bing, we’re done. Now we got the wire loom all wired up, you guys seen how easy that was, probably less than ten minutes. We’re going to get this
thing back in the car, and probably fish this wire loom through the holes that we need
to make in the firewall, and start mocking up
the rest of the motor. So, we’re not quite done
with all electrical, we’ll go back to it, we’ll show you what we’re going to finish up with. But as far as this stuff, and what we addressed on the motor, and showing you where
all of these plugs go, ’cause they’re super scary, it’s easy, it’s written right there. Let’s get back at it. – [Hert] Don-Pierre, come here. Sit, sit. Left paw. Good boy. Right paw. Good boy. High five. Hey, high five. Yeah, let’s go talk to the boys. I heard Brad got some new parts today, so we’re going to check
it out, see what he got. Bad Daddy. – Yes sir? – [Hert] What you working with? – I’m cleaning up for Jose,
’cause we’re chipping out all that nasty insulation,
and cleaning up spots so they can do the cage work. – [Hert] Okay. – I’m prepping for him today, because we’re kind of waiting
for the parts that I need. – [Hert] Yeah. – So. – [Hert] You pick up any parts so far? I heard you got some parts. – Oh, we got the rear
end, but we’re waiting for it to come out of the truck. – [Hert] You want to just
go look at it in the truck? – Let’s go look at it. – [Hert] Yeah, show me your parts. – [Brad] Well it’s… (Hert exclaiming drowns out Brad) – [Hert] Brad, you’re going to break the, you’re going to twist the entire chassis. – [Brad] Yeah, we’re caging that. – [Hert] Are you going to try to wheelie? – I would love to wheelie,
I’ve yet to wheelie a car. – [Hert] John do you see this thing? That’s like, got to be 600 pounds. – [Brad] Yeah, we said 5
something, 550, I think. – [Hert] Jeez. – [Brad] 8 lug, and it’s all offset in. – [Hert] What is this off of? – It’s considered a Dana 70, or a Corp. 14 is what they call it, it’s usually the biggest ring gear they put in one-ton trucks. So you can let anything go on this. – [Hert] You’re literally
making this bullet-proof. Wow. – [Brad] The rear end is bullet-proof. – [Hert] It’s scary. – In the old videos, these
wheels were actually on his car. (guys laughing) – I’m pretty sure John
and Brad are cheating, and nobody is calling them out on it, but hey, drag racing, right? – Hey! – [Hert] How much did you pay for this? – [Brad] 350 bucks. – [Hert] 350 bucks? – With tires? – No.
– [Hert] That’s not bad. (forklift beeping) (loud clanking) (guys laughing) – [Hert] What’d you say? – Did you see our clutch yet? – [Hert] No, I haven’t. – We found that somewhere yesterday. – [Hert] You just found it? Oh my goodness. What are you doing? – [Mike] This is what we
could fit in the budget. – [Hert] This cannot be real life. – It’ll hold, it’s still got, look, it’s still got some meat in it, I mean look at this thing, look. It’s still got a lot of meat in there. – [Hert] This is a joke, right? – [John] No, this is happening. – That’s the Queen Mary’s anchor, that’s a part of Long Beach, and trying to bring back a result. – [Mike] No, this clutch
looks like his whole truck. (everyone laughing) – [Hert] Oh, Brad, you
just got boom roasted. (funky music) (various tools whirring) – [Brad] Out with the baby rear end, and in with the Kardushian rear end. – [Narrator] Kardushian? – We’re going wide body? – [Mike] So, right now
we’re going to use this Eastwood fender roller. Given that we’re going to have to run a lot of tire in this car, it’s best to roll the fenders, given that this lip on the
fender can catch the tire. A lot of times the slicks
that we’re going to use, at high speeds it expands,
so something that won’t rub, sitting still or cruising around, will rub at 170 mph. Basic steps is, you
know, put it in the hub, usually they come pretty universal, it’s got different holes for it. You want to put this spacer on
so you don’t damage the tool. Then you put the lug nut on it. After that, you’re going to back this out, and you’ll raise it up. You want to start at an angle, that way you can start pushing
on this, and cranking on it. You see over here it’s
going to start rolling, so you want to take it easy,
and just go little by little. You usually want to
get a heat gun into it, so it’s going to, like right now, it is going to crack the lip of this. This paint is old, and
it has been repainted, so there’s no avoiding it, it
is going to crack the paint. – [Vinny] So you’re just going to sand it? – Yeah, we’re just going to sand it. Now that you’ve got it a little bit up, you’re going to want to
loosen it, go up a little bit, and angle it more, the top
head of it, lock it in. Keep rolling, little by little. Then we’re going to do another one. Raise it up a little bit more. But now, you know, we don’t have the lip sticking straight
out, we can fit a tire. You don’t use the roller
for the last part, because if you tried to flatten this part, it would just cause
the fender to come out. Then all we want to do is roll them, not pull the fender out. So, Eastwood makes this
tool, fender finisher, and it has a rubber side to it, and it’s for the side of
the fender with the paint, and this side goes in. So what you will want to do is, so you’re not pulling on the fender, you’re just, little by
little, flattening it. (compressor hisses) Okay. So, now we have a flat line right here. The tire can come all the way up to here, and it’s not going to catch on that lip. The paint chip is my bad, but this is, compared to the other side, you will see the difference
of this roll right here. This I hasn’t done, so this
lip can catch on your tire. So there’s a chance you
will rupture your tire at high speeds, if you do not
roll the fenders on that car. All these things are going
to have to get taken care of, the lip’s going to have
to be taken care of, these bumps are going to
have to be taken care of. You know? We want to take care
of that tire expansion, and we know that’s a problem,
so we have to address it. (banging) – So we are nearing the end
of day 3 of Build and Battle. These guys have made some crazy
progress with these things. I honestly cannot believe
how far they’ve come in such a short period of time. Looks like…Oh Brad. Oh Brad, this is where we’re at? (Brad chuckles) This is the solution? Oh. – You’ve got to cut
corners left and right. – [Jose] Didn’t you say eBay was so good, and all this crap yesterday? – Yeah, it’s not so good. (Hert chuckling) – [Jose] Can we weld this? – They can’t keep taking from us. – [Hert] Wait, eBay’s
going to take those back? – Yes! (laughing) We’re sending those things back. – [Hert] Oh my goodness. Update me, what you guys? – So, I don’t know,
seventeenth time of motor in, and decided to boot the headers, we just can’t justify the
work with the budget we have. So, we’re going to chop these
things in and make them work. We’ve got the fuel cell mounted in, we also figured out that the rear end that I bought will not work. – [Hert] Oh, no. So you’re ten steps backwards. – We went ten steps backwards today. – [Hert] So, at least you guys took a step forward, somewhere. – [Jose] This ain’t going over. – [Hert] So where do you guys think you’re at with your budget? – Nearing the end. I want to say we’re less
than a thousand dollars that we have to finish this car with. – [Hert] Before or after returning this? – Before. I also have to get a drive shaft, steering wheel, adaptor,
radiator fan, plugs, wires. – [Hert] You’ve got to, you’re
going to be squeezing it. – Oh I’m squeezing. We might have a carwash
guys, so if you want to see Hert, Bryan, and Vin
can wash cars for you. (chuckling) – Brad, you can’t afford me, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. And now, we meet again,
with the Vargas brothers. – [John] Where you see this on the S-10. – [Hert] Is that for when you crash? – Nah. (Hert laughs) – [Mike] Chassis reinforcement. – [John] When we do a wheelie,
we want it to stay together. (John, Mike and Hert talking at once) Tomorrow we’re going to
get in the actual tools, so you can notch this. – The lateral bar? – [John] Yeah. – [Hert] You guys are
making progress, okay. – [Jose] Yeah, man, come on, we’re building an actual race car, there’s no eBay parts here. – [Hert] And that’s all hand done, huh? You just came in with measuring tape. – Yeah, measuring tape, angle grinder. – [John] That’s why we’re paying him, ’cause he knows what he’s doing. Also, we ended up getting an engine. – [Hert] Oh you dressed it up real quick. – I had to flex. – [Hert] You had to,
you had to let us know? – [John] That’s so you
know you get an idea of what’s going to happen. – [Hert] Hey, Brad! – [Brad] Why did you go to sears to get a freaking Stratton? Seriously, are you doing lawns or racing? Where’s the rest of the motor? You didn’t even get a crankshaft. – [John] This is an actual
header, actual header. – It’s a Bluetooth crankshaft, right? I seen this at SEMA. It’s got blue painted housing,
you know that shit’s built. Who paints their housings
blue if it’s not built? So they bought a fully-built motor? – [Hert] Well it’s not
built, because it’s empty. – [Brad] It’s Bluetooth! – [John] We also picked
up all our engine parts, some upgrades, we also
have a full rebuild kit, and we got free bottles too, look. – [Hert] Mine. – [John] Hey! – [Hert] Mine. – The burnout button. So, what you do, is you, once
you mount this on the lines you hold the button and
it pulls the pressure in the front brakes only, so you can literally do a burnout without touching the brakes at all. Let go of the clutch, hit the gas, and once you’re done,
hit the button again, and the car unlocks. – [Hert] How much money
do you think you’re at? You think you’re at like 9,000? – Nah, we’re probably,
like, around, like, 7,000. Close to 8,000. – [Hert] Okay. – But, we’re probably
going to get back around, like, 600 bucks back from all
the parts we’re selling, so… – [Hert] So what do you
think you’re going to use the rest of that money for? – Wheels, get some spicy wheels – [Hert] So you’re saving as much money as you can for spice. – Yeah, we’re going to
get some nice wheels, man. – [Hert] Yeah. – So, once I’m done with this, tacking it, we’ll probably jump on the engine, try to build it tomorrow. Build the engine and try to throw it in. – [Hert] Cool. – If we find a transmission, we still have to find a transmission. – [Hert] Okay. All right, well, good luck. All right, looks like
team Brad, team John, making good progress building these cars a lot faster than I thought they would. That’s the end of day 3, so we’ll catch you next time, Day 4, Day 5, however many days it takes. (jazzy music)


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