Blue Satta Review PART-2 | Bus Stand Paridhabangal | Spoof | Madras Central

Blue Satta Review PART-2 | Bus Stand Paridhabangal | Spoof | Madras Central

Welcome to Madras Central Today what we are going to see is…
Bus stand Paridhabangal Part 2 In this video what we are going to see is… Usually there is a bad thought about media People think that media will show only the problems in Chennai and it don’t care about the problems of other cities. This episode is to break that thought. In this what we are going to show you is… Usually while we are travelling around Tamil Nadu, we have to see these kinds of guys and also we have eaten atleast once in these types of hotels. We are going to show you the happenings those places. Usually, we think that travelling in bus is difficult. But travelling in night time is easy. We can travel lying asleep. But especially to break this thought, many hotel servers are there. What they are doing? They are following a technique to wake you up. With Waste cooldrink bottles, phenoil bottles they make noise near the window with a disturbing sound feeling like a music director. After hearing this how you would be feel is… Instead of saying see this… Bus will wait for 10 minutes People want to eat go
Those who want to drink tea go and drink Who wants to go to restroom go…go… Wake up Wake up Wake up Hey, what da? Go and eat ya! Hey, how shall I eat in 2 ‘o’ clock ya Then go to restroom.. I don’t want to.. See here, come down from the bus. Otherwise I will put fire under the bus. (Now see how he is getting up) Why are you torchering me da? Go to restroom da.. What these People in this category will do is… Like HCL, Cognizant company, like how they classify guys to HR, ADMIN, they will separate us to restroom and hotel. You see what story is this… Come.. Come.. Come… Those who want to eat go and eat…go and eat…go and eat..go…go…go…go and eat.. go and eat…go..go..go…how late are you? Go…go Bro there is no vacancy in hotel! Oh I see Come ya come…you…go to restroom. Go to restroom….Go to restroom… Sir I can’t sir You can’t ah? There is a tea shop, Nayar’s tea shop… If you go and drink tea there, all of you internal organs will surely come outside. Go…Go…Go…asking question? Go and eat….go and eat….drink tea What do you want da? If we wish to try the hotel, there in the food we can adjust even if there is some loss in salt or spice but there will be loss in respect to us, because that people will treat us like that we came there to eat at free of cost. Not only that, after seeing their atrocities we would think of buying a half ground land there, doing agriculture and eating of that product wheat. What hotel are they running sir? Giving masal dosa in this manner… How can a man eat this? They are seeing us…. fools… Irresponsible idiots..shit.. Who’s the hotel owner da? See if someone is coming here… Hey what manner da did you serve this dosa Sir you only order masal dosa sir… What? Is this a masal dosa? Insert masal stuff into a dosa , close it and serve man You close and eat da… What? Sir I mean you kindly close the dosa and eat sir Garbage truck…. am seeing since then…you are complaining our hotel…. being like a ATM machine…. wait and see…I will smash you. Its okay…if we think of going restroom they are creating problems there too.. In olden days they fixed cost separately for singles, doubles. But now they round off all making triples and naming it as ‘public’. (He is sleeping…) Hey come back da… Going yourself without giving money? How much? 5 Rupees. 5 Rupees ah? What man there is only 2 rupees on the board. But you are asking 5 Rupees? How can I trust you that you are going only for ones? For that only 5 rupees I can’t give 5 rupees. Then how much will you give? I give 2 rupees Ok give. But I will also come for checking what you are doing Hey no…its not nice No… I will come Go ya …I don’t come…Go ya Hello come we can finish for 3 rupees. Only if we go inside we should face problems… if we think of peeing outside they have arranged a squad like Scotland yard. See what these peoples are discovering… 5 rupees ah…5 rupees… Hi sir! Ah Hi! Idiot… Asking 5 rupees… Oh nobody is watching… Bro…. Bro….he is peeing bro…B*****d…bro no capable of paying 5 rupees he is peeing on the road bro… Bro…See here bro…Bro! See here….all the people…see here… Bro please bro…I’m an officer bro…please bro… Bro….bro…finished bro… I can’t stop at the middle bro…. Wait for some time bro…please….please bro Wait bro… See here all of you.. Like this being frightened he ran towards the road hit with a vehicle and dead. All of the above they play some songs in bus stand and buses… hear that songs… (Tamil unpopular song ) For whom these are playing and for what these are playing… I don’t know If you heared these songs and If you know the name of the film please tell us in the comment Overall if you like this video, do like this video If you feel I don’t like your face…you are looking like a chain snatcher… then scold us in comments If you think that you should show this to your friends Don’t download this and show Please share this video link Totally, subscribe this Madras Central channel I will see you with my next video Until this is Neela Sattai(Blue Shirt in tamil) signing off Proud to be a Tamilian


  1. இந்த பாட்டு வர்ற படம் எங்க சின்ன பொண்ணு (1996)

  2. பஸ்ஸில் தூங்கி கொண்டிருந்த போது
    ஜன்னலோரம் வந்து கம்பை வைத்து தட்டியவன் மீது வாய் நிறைய இருந்த எச்சியை துப்பினேன்…😂😂😂😂

  3. 04:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Vikravandi..unforgettable…nowadays I am travelling individually..but vikravandi thandum pothellam…"malai nera katru" "malliga pove" nenachu pathu sirichitu poven…😀😁😁

  5. Part-1 aa vida part-2 ennum sema bro… Enaku nadaka pora mathriyea erukea ennum konja nerathula Chennai to Erode ku poga pora night travel tha… ethella patha enaku night travel parithapangal mathriyea eruku 😜😆😆😆2019 la pakkara ellarukum Happy Diwali🤣

  6. அப்படியே பஸ்டாண்ட் situation தான்! சிரிப்போ சிரிப்பு!😂

  7. விக்கிரவாண்டியில மட்டும் இறங்கி சாப்பிட்டீங்க செத்தீங்க!

  8. Enga ooru side busla
    Yerukanjedi oram irukki pudikanum mama oooo 😂😂 adikira veyilula yerunju poiturukaila irukki pudikanu poduvan paaru paattuu…😆😆😆

  9. மனம் விட்டு சிரித்தேன் நீண்ட நாட்களுக்கு பிறகு ! கலக்குறீங்க பாஸ்

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