Black Angel Senso ’45 [2002 ]

Black Angel Senso ’45  [2002 ]

March 25th, 1945
Year 23 of the Fascist Era Hurry! Can’t you go faster? The road’s a mess,
the car’s doing the best it can. I promised your husband
I’d look after you… You promised me something too… Don’t worry… our pact
still stands… Our wicked pact… Livia, I want you.
I can’t wait to get to Venice. I know, but drive faster. The sooner you get me to Helmut,
the sooner I’ll honour our pact! You’ll be with him today,
and so today… Yes, don’t talk any more… just drive. Let me rest for a while. Yes! So it’s true, with some man
off the street! And after…
not knowing what to do.. How to ask?
Nothing, eh? It’s true. It’s true! It was the disgust,
the horror of that vain, obscene attempt… Perfect! Perfect! Crying now? Why?
At this point, no! Let me go now! What are you saying? Why? – Now that you know this…
– But I knew already! – How could you?
– I figured it out! I’m so ashamed! No one move! Any spies or fascist traitors
in here must come out now! There’s partisan lead for them! Venetians! Time is almost up for
Hitler and the fascist traitors! Fight alongside us for
national liberation… and to crush Nazi-fascism
once and for all! – Death to fascism!
– Freedom for the people! Long live the Front for Youth! Ladies and gentlemen, good evening
and enjoy yourselves! No one move! The theatre is surrounded! Give it to me! I said, give it to me.
It’s an order! I won’t give you a thing! You could have taken them
from those men onstage! Slut! Cover yourself up,
this isn’t a whorehouse! The lady is with me… give the leaflet back to her! Let’s go. It’s not allowed for… Of course it’s allowed!
Everything is now! Who is that lout? Lt. Helmut Schultz, of the German
Film Unit here in Venice. A lecher who does what he wants! How’s that possible? If you get the actress Lida
Barova into bed with Goebbels… anything’s possible. Lieutenant. They’re characters, these Italians! I realized that he’d done
it for me. I felt his pressing desire
between my legs… I felt it like I’d never
felt a man before… His stare had violated me. I didn’t back a way… I wasn’t
ashamed… I had an orgasm. What did Ugo mean about
Lida Barova? She was Goebbels’ mistress until Hitler made him
give her up. What’s Lt. Schultz’s involvement? – He was her escort
– Escort? Yes, you know… he was pimping
for Goebbels! – And now?
– Didn’t you see? He’s a stud who fucks them all! How come you know him? Because he represents Germany
at the Minculpop and Istituto Luce. He and I sign the agreements for
newsreel exchanges with the Germans. Are newsreels the only things
you exchange? No! Don’t do it! It meant he wanted to make love. My husband only got aroused
if I kept my stockings on. I’m keeping on good terms with him
because it’s all falling apart here. See what happened at the theatre? We must prepare for the aftermath. Understand what I mean? Reciprocal favours… Ugo and I are
taking steps… friends… enemies… everyone’s got interest to safeguard. Helmut is one German that
could prove useful maybe just because of his vices, eh? Turn off the lamp, there’s the
anti-aircraft searchlight It’s a beautiful night!
There’s a full moon… I enticed him up behind me so
as to avoid looking in his face. That night, I couldn’t have stood the sight of his hairy nostrils or
his expression as he took me. – What vices?
– What?…what vices? You said Schultz could be
useful because of his vices. Oh, yes… I meant that since he’s
amoral, cynical, a gambler… a degenerate… with women too… – Why all this interest in him?
– I couldn’t care less! Darling… you’re so wet… Gorgeous… dirty sow…
Like it, slut? Tell me truth. You like it, eh?
Come on, tell me! Why had I married Carlo? If I’d ever loved him before,
I certainly didn’t now. I was also certain of another thing
that thrilled and scared me. My body, my flesh, my senses
desperately wanted Helmut. – Like a bag, ma’am?
– Why not? Two liras. – Hello grandma!
– What does he want? Thank you. Hey, you little turd, stop there! – What do you say, men?
– I haven’t done anything to you. Did you hear?
He hasn’t done anything to us! If he says he hasn’t done anything,
well… lets snip it! Now get out of here! Don’t forget the lesson! Too many here are dancing
while the Fatherland weeps. Pay no attention, they’re crazy. Your change. Keep it. My heart skipped a beat. I’d craved to see him again, but at the same time I was scared
it would happen. Without even looking, I
sensed he was following. Blood rushed to my head. Like me to hold that for you? – I must talk to your husband.
– He’s not at home. No, no… You don’t want to? No one’s forcing you. I didn’t know how to pull away… I didn’t want to. I felt my submissiveness
arousing his senses. I’ll tell you again, you’re free. See… you’re mine! Ah, it’s you, ma’am. Lt. Schultz is here for my husband. Of course. Excuse me. I love you. Go, go… I loved him too… yes, I loved him. – Bloody hell!
– What is it? – A roadblock
– A roadblock? Partisans… Keep calm, I’ll handle this. Turn of the motor and get
out with your hands up. I have a safe-conduct. Cornelia, check the car. The rest of you watch the road. Bora, search them. – Negative
– Relax… now the woman. – Negative too
– May I smoke? Who are you?
Where are you from? – Where are you going?
– From Asolo to Venice. I’m Ugo Oggiano, a lawyer.
This is my sister. Papers. Minculpop… fascists, eh? Apparently. – I have an affidavit
– What do you mean? I’ll show it to you. Let’s see… THE BEARER OF THIS DOCUMENT
HAS OUR GUARANTEE. – All right, you can go.
– Thank you. For what? We weren’t expecting you. Move that tree! Found anything? Just this. Mauser 1936,
a collector’s item! German, but republican. It went through the war in Spain
with the 5th regiment. Go! Red wins! Fanatics! We’ve got to make up the time
they made us lose. Just wait, Bora, just wait! Many will win when the right time
comes… you’ll see. Got a cigarette?
I really need one. In my inside jacket pocket. One for me too. Matches? Left pocket. There’s a partisan in my family too. My cousin, Tommaso…
an ex-army captain. There’s been no word of him
since September. Is he in love with you too? I think so… And you? No… he’s too idealistic and virtuous. The opposite of Helmut. The exact opposite. I’m scared Mario…
Vito knows about us. Don’t worry, Elsa…
I’ll handle your husband. No, Vito! Don’t do it! I’ve redeemed my honour! This one’s good! BETRAYAL Well done! The master’s good. We’ll do close-ups next. In the meantime, let’s raise a glass. Well done! CINEMA IS THE STRONGEST WEAPON Friends, a toast to “Betrayal”! Long live Mussolini! The 1st take of this film in the new
fascist and republican Scalera studios is a victory made possible
by the recovery in Poland of a large part of the equipment
erroneously exported by Cinecitta studios. Much merit for this goes
to the generous support of Lt. Schultz, whom I urge
you all to include in our toast! And you, Helmut?
Would you kill for honour? What’s honour? Lieutenant, a German soldier who
doesn’t know what honour is? Something to do with the military? And for love? – Would you kill for love?
– Husbands kill lovers… not the other way round! Isn’t that right? Just as well! Also, husbands are more
useful alive than dead. True, Lieutenant? From the way that slut was looking
at him, I knew she’d been in his bed. I felt like I was dying of jealousy. The idea that their affair might
still be going on, drove me crazy. Aren’t you feeling well? Just a slight headache. I have some pills
in my dressing room… they’re very effective. Come with me. Come on. Let’s go. I’ll come with you. Tell your boss that I
appreciated his toast. My compliments again. The pills are on the table. – Helmut?
– Yes? Lock it again when you’ve finished. Its a marvellous film, it’ll be
the masterpiece of Scalera studios. I didn’t understand a thing. The gnawing jealousy of a moment ago had become a violent
sexual excitement. – Are you jealous.
– To death… of all the women who look at you. – Even of Elsa?
– Yes, of course… why? Maybe I should be the jealous one. What do you mean? I’ll explain another day,
there’s no time now. Are you free on Sunday? I think so. We’ll meet at 3 o’clock, at Nemo’s
Do you know it? The shop that changed its
name from Memo to Nemo. That’s the one… – You’ll be there?
– At all costs… Kiss me again. This time I have something
doubly exciting: form and content. If you say so… Let’s see. What a strange place, I didn’t
imagine it to be like this. – Good afternoon
– Good afternoon Shame it’s empty… these days
they break everything. Sit down. I want you to look at these too. When we leave here,
I might not have them any more. Strong stuff… who is it? What? Don’t you recognise it?
I’m surprised at you… George Grosz! How could I? Isn’t he one of
the “degenerate school”? Did you kill him, by any chance? No, unfortunately, he escaped
to America.. Lucky him! I was upset… the men and women in those
pictures were obscene… but something about them excited me. I had the idea that Helmut had drawn
me into a whirlpool of perversion. They’re marvellous! Really marvellous… That’s why the man who did
them was persecuted! 15.000 liras for the lot. You’re a real scoundrel! – That’s a really Jewish price!
– Ex-Jewish, Lieutenant… I changed my name and was
baptized a Christian. You should be reported. If you report me, who’ll by your
watercolours next time? All right…20,000 – But you’re still a scoundrel!
– Just like you, Lieutenant… Agreed! 2O, OO0 liras. What will you do with it? What will I do with it? Simple. I’ll use it to get out of the war. One day… two days…
a week… There… 20,000 liras for a week
of desertion. Lieutenant, if you want your money, push me over to the safe. For 20,000 liras I can afford to be
pushed by an officer of the 3rd Reich! What did he mean? Strong, handsome, perverse, filthy… I liked him. Till next time! Shut the door behind you,
please! Lieutenant, your briefcase! Keep it, it’s included in the price. A memento of Dr. Goebbles,
as a gift from me. Wait! One day… two days…
a week… do what you want to me. Against me. inside me… You liked my watercolours, eh? They seemed like your husband and
his friends with their women… No, not me. I’m not like that. I could only do that with you… No, not you… of course not… – But they excited you!
– Oh, yes. Feel. Yes, I can feel it. I was at his mercy. No one had ever touched me like that. With the tip of his finger,
Helmut had made me his slave. Take me here, now! Go! Run! Gino! Gino! Maria! Get back! Roundup! Stay here. Mama! Come away! What happened? The war… I wanted to bury my face
in Helmut’s chest. I didn’t want to see,
hear, or think… I just wanted to have him. Suddenly it was clear that only
Helmut gave sense to my life. The sense I’d never found before. Come here, stupid! The sky was grey but it wasn’t cold. Helmut insisted I went with him to the beach by the hospital
on the Lido. Can’t you see it’s raining? What do I care about the rain? We were alone with the sky, rain,
sand and sea… I felt immensely free:
without rules, duties or shame… What are you doing? Who was that man? – A doctor.
– Are you sick? No, I’m fine. What did he give you? Money. – And you?
– Vials. – Of what? Morphine: removes pain,
brings oblivion. Will you forget me too? No, I’ll never forget you. I want to forget other things… the rules, the uniform, the war… I’d die if you forgot me. Wait. It’s stopped raining. The sun’s come out. Come on, let’s take a dip. I finally felt that Helmut
would be mine. I wanted him with my whole
being… I wanted his body. I wanted to feel him inside me. Don’t move! Because it’s never been bombed,
Venice is like a free port. Thanks for Chanel n. 5… Everything’s on the black market. Even morphine? If you can pay. even morphine. Cocaine too. Who uses them? Lots of people. Maybe even people you know. For example? Actors… some actresses too… especially cocaine. Careful! Good Lord! We need more light… Can’t see a thing here. My husband’s lamp, maybe. And how! Carlo? At your service! May we use your lamp? – Rosa needs more light
– Of course… I’m off to the Giudecca. Would you get it off my
husband’s desk? – You know where it is?
– At the end of the corridor. Thank you. I have an appointment at the
Scalera with Lt. Schultz… A strange chap, that German… Why? Yesterday he told me about going
swimming in the rain at the Lido. What’s strange about that? Nothing… but it was the proposal
he made. What proposal? The recovery of film rights
in Germany. That we haven’t collected in 2 years,
against a payment of 100,000 liras. Who must you pay? SS Lt. Helmut Schultz, obviously. – How much are you owed?
– A couple of million. An advantageous proposition… There’s no doubt about that… but can I trust him? Don’t you? Well… The Lieutenant certainly
needs money… and he’s definitely unscrupulous… He doesn’t believe in the Fuhrer
any more, if he ever did… He likes to live it up,
not play the hero. I don’t know, What would you do? I’d trust him… Maybe you’re right… he needs us and we need him. That’s better. Aren’t my wife’s feet beautiful? And her thighs are even better. The most beautiful in Venice. I felt Carlo’s eyes on the mark
Helmut’s teeth had left. Did he suspect something? I wasn’t scared… on the contrary,
I grew bolder. I’m sorry, but duty calls. Goodbye Rosa. My respects, sir. What did Carlo want? To let me know he’d play my
game, as long as I played his. Or did he want to provoke me? – Still working at the Savine?
– Yes, we’re building torpedo ships. We’re at the watch factory,
making fuses. We’re extras at the Scalera. Venice acted as pimp to our love. I didn’t care about anything
or anyone. I had no remorse about
betraying Carlo. I didn’t feel guilty about making love
with Helmut..I loved him even more. The first time we stopped in front
of that door, my legs trembled… not with fear, with excitement. It was the secret lair that Helmut
had rented at the Giudecca. Ah, it’s you…
hello Lieutenant. Hello. I can’t stand it any more… Not here, wait… Helmut, put it inside me! Now it’s your turn. Drink! Who was that woman downstairs? – A money-eater.
– Meaning? The landlady. For this rat-hole and her silence.
I have to pay and pay… Know what I risk if my superiors
find out about this house? I’ll pay for everything from now on – I cost a lot.
– How much? A lot. Gambling debts… bribes to keep me from the front.. And all the rest. – I told you…
I’ll take care of everything. Very exciting… I, Helmut, am being kept by you… Livia, my mistress. Like Alexei Orlov and
Catherine of Russia. Yes, very exciting. No, just one! It’s so peaceful… If you betray me, I’ll kill you. I don’t like guns… What kind of soldier are you? Don’t you know war is waged
with guns? Exactly… I don’t like war either… Oh no?…What do you like then? – You know very well.
– I want to hear you say it. Your ass. To fuck in the ass! To fuck
the whole world in the ass! Fuck Hitler! Fuck Mussolini!
Fuck Stalin! Livia, I’m drunk on your ass! Fuck the generals!
Fuck the priests! Fuck the bosses! I want to go crazy in your ass! Tell me it’s drunk! Say it! – It’s drunk…
– I can’t hear you. Say it louder! Yes. it’s drunk…
my ass is drunk on you! My insides and my brain were
frenzied with delight. Helmut had taken me beyond myself. He had shown me desires
I didn t know I had. I had broken through the limits,
crossed over the line. We need to be more active and not sit around any more. Time’s running out for
Hitler and Mussolini… The storm’s upon us, we’ve got
to get through it unharmed. At the same time, starting right now, we’ve got to re-emerge… Come back to the surface… as worthy types, if that’s possible. In June, Carlo will be 69,
28 years older than I… quite a few…
just Helmut’s age… …I’m handling the allied
“Rocky” mission… not to mention contacts with
the Curia mediators. In Switzerland I saw Count… Later, Emilietta, we’ll ring. …Count Leoni and he told me
– He’s turned over gratis… the majority of his “Gazettino”
shares to moderates in the C.LN… and to keep his irons in the fire, he’s giving millions to our friends
in the Resistance. Yes, all right, but he’s rich. So are you… you could do it too, if you wanted. What does that mean? For example, if the Minculpop
gave you three million. To produce three new films with
Astra Productions… Which will never get made,
naturally… Exactly. The Astra people will
get the money… to those partisans whom
it’s wise to support. I could stomach those repulsive
men only because… I knew I’d be making love with
Helmut the next day. We can definitely do it. Ugo, fix me up a meeting with
Mezzasoma at Salo tomorrow. There’s another problem: salvaging the film equipment
from the Giudecca and Giardini when the Germans move out. All taken care of… we’ve got connections too: Col. Langhans of the technical
divisions in North Italy, and Lt. Schultz, German representative
to Minculpop and Istituto Luce. Trustworthy? Langhans yes, Schultz no. Why not Schultz? Recently, he procured some morphine
for that hospital by the sea. He did it even though he knew it
was for wounded partisans. He did it for money… he’d sell his
own mother for gamling and women. We can corrupt him,
but so can everyone else. Lt. Schultz is desperately seeking
a way out of the war. Yes, but he has no principles… It’s best we steer clear of him. They’re bombing Marghera again. The allies should be more careful
of the installations… they’ll need them soon! You’re radiant tonight. Why are you against Helmut?
I’ll vouch for him! I say this because I love you: he’ll betray you like he’s betrayed
other women and his own kind. Forget him, he’s a coward who only
loves himself… I’ll report him! Careful, Ugo! If you hurt Helmut,
I’ll kill you! Livia, Ugo, come here! What
are you doing in the dark? I had to put Helmut on the alert:
warn him, help him, protect him. Next to those masters of deceit, the corrupt Helmut suddenly seemed
like an ingenuous, defenceless boy. Try your luck!
Luck is youth’s friend! The Victory Lottery! Why was Helmut so late? Maybe I’d misunderstood
the meeting place… Maybe he was at the apartment… Who is it? Lt. Schultz isn’t here. Are you sure? I just took clean sheets up,
I’d have seen him. Did he leave a message? No, you know what men are like… What are they like? Full of craziness… especially
when it’s about women. I was going mad… My heart was bursting with jealousy. Don’t worry, he’s not a bad sort… if he said he’d meet you,
he’ll show up. Wait at the tavern. When he comes, I’ll call you. Will you really? I won’t move from the window. Thank you. Look at that, 5 liras for the lot. 3 and we’ve got a deal! Hello. What can I get you? – What have you got?
– These days, not much… bitters …a spritzer. – What’s that?
– Wine, seltzer water, bitters, lemon. That’ll be fine. Give me a kiss. Come on Helmut, where are you?
What’s happened to you? Got it! Shove it up your asses! Watch it, there’s a lady here! – Here you are
– How much is it? One lira. – Your mirror!
– Thank you. Your health! You can’t do this! I was scared
you weren’t coming… that something had happened,
that you were with… – another woman.
– Yes. Oh Helmut, I’m jealous to death…
jealous of all of them! No women, they’re not
your rivals… but gambling is: a rival that
damns my soul, clouds my mind, and empties my pockets. Swear it! Look… I had a copies made of the keys:
this is for the entrance… and this is for the apartment. Now you can come and surprise
me whenever you like. Here, they’re yours. Let’s go up, I want to talk. – They don’t trust you
– Who? Ugo and my husband. They’re
up to something, be careful! Carlo’s gone to Salo, I can
spend all night with you. Wait, Livia …we’ll be together,
but not here. – Where then?
– Where they’re expecting me… I must honour a gambling debt. That’s why I changed uniform. Instead of scaring me, why
don’t you ask me for money? What have you got on you? 70, 80 thousand liras. You’re my salvation… “I believe in a cruel God
who created me in his image…” This is yours. “I was born from the life
of a vile germ. I’m wicked because I’m a man, I feel the primordial slime in me” Do you like my party? Where’s Helmut? Over there. Mussolini said: “The people
are like women… they go with the winning man” – The people are like queers!
– Long live Mussolini! Victory to the Axis! Helmut’s lateness had thrown
me into a panic… I realised I was entirely
dependent on him. Even giving him money
made me come. A card. Goodbye to your 80 thousand. What do I care? I’ll have more tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m out of the game. Who says? I’ll give you another chance. 200 thousand against Livia. Winner takes all:
the money and the girl. One roll… of the dice. I’m game. Good girl, Livia! Thanks for the sacrifice. I won. She’s all yours. – Shall we go over there?
– Yes. My head felt light and free… sounds and colours were magnified… everything came into my brain
without filters or obstacles… everything seemed imaginary
and real at the same time. I didn’t care about anything. I would have done anything
to please Helmut.. I was his woman.
He was my man. Elsa was just a dildo
for our passion. My conscience dissolved
into pleasure. You can go. I had to wait till curfew was
lifted before leaving. Helmut went on gambling and losing. Elsa had lent him more money. I had the feeling that he was
in the palm of her hand. It had to set him free. Move along! I’ve already seen four others. It’s revenge for the killing
of Badeschi. Don’t look, let’s go. I said don’t look. Oh, ma’am, it’s you!
The master came back last night… he was angry with me because
I didn’t know where you were. Ah, he’s back… – Where is he?
– In his study. Tell him I’m home. – I’m going to change.
– Yes, ma’am. Of course. Would you tell me where
the fuck you were? At your friend Elsa’s place. I was surprised by the curfew. Know what they’re saying about you? What? That you’re a whore who
does it with lechers! But it’s not true, right? It’s not the right moment to joke!
I won’t allow it! Certain relationships must be
terminated immediately. You understand, don’t you? You understand what I mean. I came back from Salo early
because there’s no time to lose… not just for me, but for you too. Get dressed and come with me. Your bath can wait,
our interests can’t. All right. Play close attention.. Press here and a false
bottom opens. These are testimonials from
the allies and the C.L.N. This is four million liras… keeping
it in Venice would be crazy, the city could become a trap
at any moment… You and Emilietta will leave for
Asolo tomorrow, to a villa that was requisitioned
from its English owners. Ugo will go with you, and you’ll
stay there till storm passes. It’s just matter of weeks, maybe days. And you? I have to stay here. I’ve got feet in both camps. You understand, right? When the times right, I’ll bring
them together on the right side. I’m counting on you… Cover everything with stockings,
panties and slips… and lock it. When will I see you again? To just suddenly leave everything… I’ll join you as soon as possible. Go and take your bath… then pack your bags, you leave early tomorrow morning. “I’m desperate, my husband’s sending me to Asolo. We must meet immediately. I’ll expect you at my house at four. Carlo won’t be here. I beg you, please come” I trust you, you now. Take this letter to the garrison
commander at San Travaso. Ask for Lt. Helmut Schultz
and give it to him from me. But please, you must only
give it to him. You know who he is. – The man I saw at the entrance?
– Yes, that’s him. Go, go! And don’t come back without a reply. I felt like I was dying… leaving for Asolo, far from Helmut… I was counting the hours, minutes
and seconds that we were apart. – You’re sure he said he’d come at 4?
– Yes. – See? I’ll get it.
– No, I’ll go. Darling, you’re here! Come in, come in! My husband wants me
to leave tomorrow. He says events are coming to
a head… but I don’t want to go. I want to stay with you… you could
hide me in your apartment. It’s not possible…
your husband’s right. His position here is too exposed,
you’ll be safer in Asolo. Don’t worry, I’ll come and see you. Swear you won’t leave me! What are you saying?
Don’t even think it! It’s a crucial moment for us all.
I’m doing all I can to be rid of this! You want to desert? I want to get out. There’s a group to help men like me. Oh yes, darling, do it! It’s not easy, they’re not
philanthropists. It takes money. – How much?
– Lots… at least a million. Darling, don’t move! Stay here. I’ll be right back. Look! Darling! I love you! Take it! Count it! I don’t even
know how much it is! I’d never knelt before a man
like that before. Giving him the money increased
my excitement. Mad with joy my throat welcomed
the boiling spurts of his orgasm. Helmut was mine. Our destinies were intertwined… I needed him, he needed me. – It’s blown… we’re on foot
– And so? – Nothing, we wait for a car to pass.
– For how long? Not long, hopefully… let’s get the
car unloaded. I have to disappear for a moment. Be careful not to slip. Hello, my car broke down,
can you give me a ride? – Who are you? Where are you going?
– Venice Who goes there? Who’s she? One of us .she’s with me. Bigwigs from Minculpop… get in! We’re going to Venice too. Here we go! One, two, three, hup! On duty? Ust two, yes… He’s going home. – On leave?
– Wounded. I’m sorry. At least for him it’s all over… – It’ll soon be over for everyone
– What do you mean? We’ll be “the ones who lost”,
they’ll be “the ones who won” That’s why we’re scarce…
everyone’s changing sides. As long as whoever’s left doesn’t
end up like that… Emilietta! Emilietta! Where are you? Stupid little servant! What was I doing in the labyrinth
of that empty villa? Without Helmut, the peace in Asolo
filled me with anguish… I hadn’t heard from him in 2 weeks… I was raving like a nymphomaniac
in a cage. “… The strange weight of his
testicles between his legs… she felt again the slow and
fatal rise of his phallus” At 16, I was already masturbating
over these pages… Maybe the villa’s English mistress
did the same… maybe not. In Asolo they say she
had an Italian lover. That’s where she was, the sow… She hadn’t wasted any time
finding herself a good rod. For a moment I was attracted
like a voyeur… then I got hysterically jealous. Emilietta! Ugo! Finally! I haven’t heard from anyone
in 15 days. Keep calm, there’s total chaos… but I’ve come all the same…
and it wasn’t easy. I’ve got news from your husband… and Lt. Sehultz. “Darling Livia, I kiss you frenziedly. I’m going mad from the desire to
hold you in my arms, and make you cry with pleasure. You saved my life. I paid doctors with
your money, now I’m out of the service. I’ve holed myself up in the apartment
in the Giudecca. Soon, Lt. Herman Schultz will no
longer exist. He’ll be away from the useless
heartaches of this lost, senseless war. Then there will be only you, darling
Livia, you forever, my one true love” Ugo, you’re devoted to me, right? I love you, you know that. – Then take me to Venice.
– Me? How can I? – I promised your husband
– Choose: – me or my husband.
– What? – You mean that…
– You understood perfectly. If you take me to Venice,
I’ll be your reward. We leave tomorrow at dawn. And us? When the mission’s accomplished,
I’ll go to bed with you. Oh Livia, thank you. What did I care about Ugo? If that was
the price for going back to Helmut, I’d barter my body with anyone. Venice! We’ve made it! “…we’re tired of war
and we want to go home… Engine driver from Treviso… oil your pistons… we’re tired of war…” We’re splitting up here, I’m going
that way. Can I go a little further with you? – All right… what about this?
– Give it back to me at the hotel. – All right. I’ll be at the Luna Hotel.
– Yes, of course. I love you, Livia. Don’t forget it. Goodbye. – Gino, I’m tired of hiding.
– What about me? Think I’m not tired of pretending? Why don’t you come clean
with your wife? Easier said than done, Rita. Pig… bastard… you like it, eh?
Stinker… Your balls too? Careful. I’ll eat them! – What do you want now?
– Shove it in. Wait… Wait… Like that! Go on, push! Well done, my big German! Was Livia as good as me? You’re a thousand times better. Was she as beautiful as me? She was old, jealous and
dismal as the war! Liar! You told her you loved her! You know why… without her money, you and me
wouldn’t be here now. Look who’s here! Come in, I’ll introduce you. Ninetta, Livia’s here. You wanted to know what she was like. What do you want?
You came to spy on me? You want to come to bed with us,
beautiful lady? I’m sick of your jealousy! I’m sick of you! What do you want? You had the sex you paid
for! That’s it! I’ve got no debts with you! Don’t you like the truth? Well, you’ve got to listen to it! The money you gave me was
the price for my services! Love had nothing to do with it!
I never loved you! You never loved me either! All you wanted was my cock! And you know it. Coward! Yes, I’m a coward! And thank God I am! If I’d been a hero, you never
have been able to buy me! Coward! Run, run, your fucking ladyship! Get out of here, spy! And don’t come back! Yes, you bastard… do it to me now! My cunt’s on fire! Come on, you pig… give it to me! I’ve never come this much in my life! I want to die! I want to die! I want to die! I must speak to your Commander. Identification! Wait here! This is no longer a garrison,
it is now SS headquarters. I must speak to your commanding
officer, it’s important. Follow me. There’s an Italian woman who
wishes to speak with Col. Pepper. A pass for the lady, quickly!
Then take her to the Colonel. Leave that here and follow me. Colonel, Mrs. Mazzoni has
arrived. Yes, Colonel. – Sit down.
– I’d rather stand. Mrs Mazzoni… What do you have to tell me? Hurry, I have no time to waste. Read this… Lt. Schultz is your lover? – He’s a traitor!
– And he dumped you.. He paid doctors so he could desert. You’re signing his death warrant! I’ve done my duty…
now do yours. Giudecca. Calle delle Convertite 23, – third floor
– Goodbye, Mrs Mazzoni One last thing… if I should need you again,
where can I find you? – Hotel Luna
– Show the lady out… and send in Major Brenner, quickly. Gastone, is that clock right? It’s 2 minutes slow. It’s 01:32 Keep me company, I’ll buy. All right, Mr Oggiano. Can I ask you a confidential question? Certainly. In your opinion, is it better to know
everything or nothing… about a woman you love? Nothing. Finally! – I was scared you weren’t coming
– Why? I always keep my word… One for me too… and a cigarette. Your eyes have never been so bright. Another! Know why they’re so bright? Love. Hate. You hate your husband? Why would I hate Carlo? He’s so busy I can’t even remember
what his cock looks like. No, Ugo, I hate the man I loved. I told you to be careful… Lt. Schultz is a coward who only
loves himself. Tonight’s your night, Ugo! You’re sublime… extraordinary… sumptuous… unique. Come on Livia… let’s go upstairs. Mrs Mazzoni? Yes? From Col. Pepper. What are you going to do? – I’m going to Lazzaretto Nuovo.
– I’ll go with you… I know the way. – No! I don’t want to die!
– Fire! Take me, Ugo, here, now.. Hurry! Livia, you’re an angel. 26th March 1945
A month later, the war would be over.


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