BIOHAZARD Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 10 Years

BIOHAZARD Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 10 Years

what's up guys on today's episode we're gonna be working on a 1994 Eagle Talon but the interesting part is it's stuck in the woods so that a lot more coming up on this episode of driving protect all the way based on the emails and pictures sent by the customer and a quick inspection a few days earlier step one would be to pick up a bunch of safety supplies at Home Depot now because of the mold and decaying rodents the stench was so bad that a respirator would be number one on my list of things to get next would be finding a full-body Tyvek suit to protect my skin and clothes box of plastic bags and a few dozen throwaway terry towels to mop up to ten years of neglect clearly after that much time mold and moss is growing out of the hood the headlights there's spider webs on the wheels and inside on the dashboard seats steering wheel and doors making for an extra creepy detail wondering what I might run into as I have vicked to these rodents well the first things first is I needed to get the car out of the woods so I called my buddy Dan to help me dislodge the Talon from its grave with his new van to do this we raked around the car and then tried to dig out all the dirt around the wheels thinking it would just pop out with the van so we hooked up a random tie-downs that he had in the back of a van to the toe loops on the front of a car granted this was not ideal but it was worth a shot to get it to budge so we could push it into the driveway and detail it but because we only had old ratchet straps and no tow chains it clearly didn't budge but it was worth a shot anyways so instead we called in the big guns from Grand Prix motors with the truck now stable my friend Michael secured straps around the driver's side front axle and hooked the tow line to the straps all the while he was laughing at us for our feeble attempt with the van one little tiny flick of the lever and the talent emerged from the woods easily with the big rig although it was exciting to see the car come out of the woods I was even more excited to see that none of the wheels were locked up so it was great news for the owner next he propped up the front wheels to swing in the wheel lift arm so he could back it into the corner of the driveway for our detail okay now that the car has been pulled out that was quite a bit of a fiasco there and we're happy that the wheels weren't locked up we put it on pavement so that we can actually do something to it and not be stuck in the woods the the mosquitoes are out of control here so the first thing we're gonna do is just literally take off the pounds of dirt I'm gonna use some compressed air I'm not quite sure I want to use a power washer on this because I have no idea the integrity of what's going on here and then we'll rinse it down and before we get into the interior we're gonna have to suit up because it is so bad right now that it's a borderline dangerous if not over that borderline so yeah we have a whole lot of work to do to kind of get this into condition if you're a lot of your asking yourself why you're doing all this the gentleman wants to take it back to the Caribbean but to take it back you have to do some mechanics and there's some of these things that need to pass before you ship it and it has to be clean it has to be safe before anyone's gonna work on it so that's why they called us in so we got a lot of work to do while inspecting the car a bit closer step number two before introducing any water would be to blow out and hand grab any leaves or caked on mud that could be removed before mixing it with hose-water we were also conscious enough to make sure that we put the wildlife back in their home and I think we found the renter who made all the spiderwebs on the interior of the car but thankfully he took off into the woods on his own next it was time to suit up before opening all the doors to encourage air movement as the source of the strong odor was definitely emanating from the trunk upon inspection standing water and absolutely disgusting moldy towels were the source of this putrid aroma at that point we decided to clean the outside of the paint first because we were getting filthy leaning over and reaching in so we covered the exterior in all-purpose cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes while I filled the buckets with brute wheel soap plus boost and a handful of tarry towels before filling it up with water obviously this was by no means a delicate wash more like a shock-and-awe type wash to knock down the insane order being released and agitated by the power washer especially in the door jams the hood the trunk jams and of course the trunk itself absolutely disgusting smell coming from okay at this point in the process we've basically done the first wash and just tried to get as much junk off the car as possible this is by no means clean we first started to do it without the suit and we blew up a lot of dust and a lot of junk that you know we started coughing and we just said put everything on because really this is for the interior but as we started you know using their power washer which originally we didn't have the hose so we asked the people the next door if we could borrow the hose now we're power washing which is making life a whole lot easier but it's looking at halfway decent now but I cannot express the smell that we have right now that's choking up even when we even when you even when you use the power washer it's just this waft of danger so I can't even imagine what's gonna be inside and again we power wash the motor because it doesn't run it's 10 years old haven't done anything but clearly you can see a lot of work has been done to it so they're gonna take it out and do whatever but right now it's just about getting all the animals out of it with wash number one done and most of the heavy door jamb mud removed we focused our attention on the interior mold and bacteria removal process to do that here are some of the tools you'll need ok now we're starting the interior and as you saw in the intro it is beyond bad so in one of my previous episodes a couple of weeks ago we worked on my Chevy Impala and I had a few little dots of mold I cleaned it with shag scrubbed it down wiped it and we moved on this is a completely different beast as you can imagine so we have different tools first off obviously the aerator protective gear here but I went to the store and bought Terry towels because we're going to throw them away I want to use my microfiber towel xandrie wash them it's not it's not even worth it I usually wear black gloves if you got as you guys know I'm wearing orange today because in my mind my orange ones are once I'm done with if I see any of them anywhere they go right in the garbage if they're not coming out of the box as opposed to my black ones where sometimes I pulled them off if I just polishing or whatever keep them to the side reuse them these I don't reuse so just helpful for me to try to avoid getting you know sick we have the Festool vacuum the one I use all but we're gonna change and use a you know a new cartridge a new bag here and the machine itself has a HEPA filter again good for that we have plastic bags make sure I'm filling the plastic bags with everything that we find and they're just gonna toss it out or there's no washing we have the steam machine again we have all of our tools to protect ourselves you don't always want to use steam but in this case it's so bad we're gonna use steam but make sure you have an aerator because you are sort of atomizing or putting all that mold into the air those mold spores so you know have some protection then what Dan is doing in the background there he's using a scrub pad again we're gonna throw these away and 50/50 white distilled vinegar and water and that's helping to knock down all the mold and all the smell and all the stuff that's very dangerous but afterwards we're gonna hit it with shag to kind of clean out the vinegar smell because obviously don't want a car smelling like vinegar and then you know some baking soda when we go in vacuum it up so that's kind of the plan of what's going on right now but I'll pull you in and show you the steps it is absolutely disgusting with Dan's vinegar step completed on the driver side he then used the steam machine to blow out the door handle buttons and other tight spots while I wipe down the passenger side with our vinegar mixture notice how dirty my scrubber and Tower were after a few wipes however while Dan was steaming the HVAC vents to motivate any other animals to find a new home I found my first of many Mouse skeletons under the seat which I had to vacuum up because I couldn't reach it by hand [Applause] now you can understand why I have a separate bag in the vacuum for this particular car then I opened up the glove box and found exactly where they were living oh that apples in there too I gotta pull a camera and this is so disgusting right now I have to show you after that horrible nightmare was of course the trunk which was another treatment of the vinegar mixture and soaking up the standing water luckily the carpet was removed so most of the cleaning was on top of the trunk frame or the metal making it much easier than cleaning fabrics at the same time we decided to remove the sagging headliner and vacuum out the spotted white and moldy looking headliner cushion from the roof then I added baking soda to the carpets and left it in there for a while while we focused on stage two of the exterior cleaning alright at this point we're pretty much done on the interior whoa it's a lot of work so I want to pull you in and show you right here this is a perfect example of paint when the Sun hits it and actually chews up the clear coat now right around this edge right here you can see there's clear coat and then all the top layers most of the top red has actually faded most OEM vehicle paint consists of four layers the body material which can be aluminum carbon fiber plastic etc the primer the base or the color we see in this case it's red and the clear coat which is usually polyethylene paint without color pigmentation which is why we call it clear coat and it's basically as thin as a piece of newspaper not including the other three layers what you're seeing here is the degradation of the top layer of clear coat due to the lack of UV protectant slike paint sealants that either absorb or deflect the harmful sun rays which will result in chalky or dull looking paint over time you see that little line right there so this is clear coat back then because it's 94 usually late 80s is when they you know sort of all put clear coat on the car every manufacturer as you can see the line breaking here now if I were to rub this like when we are washing it we put our wash mitt up like this those towels and they turn red because this has no clear coat anymore now if you notice see how the clear is somewhat here on the on the vertical surfaces but as you get to a spot where it pops out a little bit see how it starts to turn again again that's just because the Sun is beating down it's it kind of makes sense anything that's vertical is usually going to be a little bit less damaged anything that's horizontal takes the full impact of the Sun burns off the clear coat in the upcoming weeks I'll be releasing the next series within the mo training academy that focuses on paint correction or the preservation process and what you need to know about your paint residue control a detailing mindset shift machines polishes and a lot more to arm yourself before you ever touch the paint I'll post a link above when it's ready and after a few hours the paint is starting to come back to life well guys it's the start of day 2 now we worked as hard as we could yesterday but we ran out of light and when you run out of daylight up on the woods here the mosquitoes come out and it's crazy uncomfortable so we stopped polishing but we got most of the car done we're gonna finish up a little bit today but the other thing we found out was as you're polishing the paint you're sort of vibrating the paint or shaking the paint and even more junk just keeps coming out even though we power washed it down so we're gonna reap our wash it you know foam it down scrub it again sort of dry it take another look at it after we've you know finished compounding and then you know put some protection on there work on the wheels the wheels you know we need to work on those separately and then you know maybe give the guy a call and the car's gonna be ready to go Ben and I finished the last of the paint carbon fiber hood and the mirror in about an hour or so before giving the car in actual foam and boost wash as you in any normal situation which clearly this is not the first wash yesterday was really just to kill as much as we could before even attempting to seriously touch it this time we focused on releasing the hidden dirt within the wing and used an interior scrub pad on the glass with soap because it was extra dirty or in this case covered in sticky tree film then we power washed it again and dried without hydrate and a microfiber towel and used a compressor for the tight spots before correcting the paint scuffs we wanted to Ozone the interior and leave it on with the baking soda on the carpets while working on the exterior of the car but remember the battery was obviously dead in our window unit was not going to work without lowering the glass so instead we rigged up the trunk hatch to draw in fresh air into the machine while blowing ozone into the cabin for the next few hours next we mixed touch-up paint and a bit of lacquer thinner in a cup and filled the reservoir of our master's airbrush kit with the damaged area so big and requiring an actual real paint job the airbrush can be a great way to cosmetically clean up the harsh color contrast of yellow scuffs against original red paint it goes without saying but make sure the area to be painted is clean dry and of course oil-free I'll have more videos on this procedure coming soon but in the meantime check out what an airbrush can do and if it's right for you while the paint was drying we polished the rims and filled up the tires just to get the wheels to roll a bit easier on the eventual flatbed to the mechanic but most of all because we took a bunch of pictures for the owner and wanted it to look as good as possible so he would be excited about his long-lost car the engine was also looking cosmetically better and more importantly the mechanic is less likely to be bitten by something in the restoration process afterwards I applied two coats of ammo reflex 2.0 prototype now I've been playing with this for a long time as most of you know and have emailed me about it's amazing simple and has insane reflection as you can see here from left to right it'll be released when I'm totally ready and satisfied with my various quality testing I'll post a link above when it's ready to go finally we pulled out the ozone machine clean the glass vacuumed up the baking soda emptied the vacuum bag and filter and tossed out the rest the dirty towels in the trash before calling it a day alright guys well we're all finished in the car looks spectacular for what it was now if you remember way back there that's where the car sat for almost ten years and then when we pulled it out we certainly had a bit of work to do more importantly you know there's gonna be some mechanics working on the engine and you know there was a lot of things in there that could hurt them with the mold and there's leftover animals that kind of thing so we really cleaned it up to get it into a condition where somebody could you know restore this remind you the gentleman al hey if you're watching I hope you enjoyed the video you know really loved the car and he wanted to bring it back to his to where he's living now in the Caribbean and I think we may have surprised him a little bit with how good the paint came out so I think he's gonna focus on the engine for a while and then you know he can drive around town with the paint looking like this and then when the you know he gets some time he can work on the bumper and other things but as always a big shout out thank you to Dan back there if you guys have any questions shoot me an e-mail Larry at mo NYC comms always thanks for watching we'll see you next time


  1. To me at least the value of that car was negative at the start. You'd have to pay me to take it. It's great you could bring something back.

  2. The thickness of the paint shown at 9:37 is about 50-100x of the actual value. The clear coat is more like 0.03mm thick…

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