Bikers refusing to use new King Street bike lane

Confusion on King Street! After the road is revamped for bike safety. Bicyclists finally have a lane of their own, but now some are breaking the law. KITV 4’s Paul Drewes joins us in studio now- with the latest developments on this story Bicyclists have been given the green light for the green lane along King Street, but some riders are refusing to follow the rules of the road. Drivers headed down King Street have a lot to deal with during rush hour, 3:15 – drivers merging around parked cars along the busy road including merging around cars in areas where parking on the busy street is still allowed. But at least they don’t have to worry about bicyclists on the road anymore…or do they? jerre[email protected]:38 “i see bicyclists on the other side of king street not using the bike lane and people are confused as to where to turn where not to turn” Ever since this bike lane went in, it is against the law for bicyclists to be in the regular lanes of traffic — according to the city. Because bikers have a lane all to themselves. [email protected]:48 it’s a lot easier because first of all you’re not on the sidewalk where other pedestrians are But for some the new bike lane come with added worries. 19:13 “there are a lot of opportunities here for collision” 17:21 you do have these areas of concern where there is potential collisions, i think there is going to be. I’ve have three almosts today shot of car then bike @11:30 bicyclists have to be on the lookout for cars pulling into traffic or making a left-hand turn across their lane. 20:55 “I don’t think drivers pay attention to bicyclists because they feel they have the right of way on the road” that may be why some bicyclists end up riding on the sidewalk. 15:24 sometimes they use the sidewalk instead of the lane, because they are so used to it they don’t think about using it and you’re not protected from the cars that turn in [email protected] 22:02 i think a lot of it has to do with they’re worry about being in the road But riding on the sidewalk along King Street and in other business districts is also illegal and could prove to be a costly outing. 21:40 i’ve gotten tickets for riding on the sidewalk and its a $72 dollar ticket The new bike lane is getting mixed reviews right now. Many of the bicyclists and some of the drivers we spoke with said it will take a while for everyone to become familiar with the new rules of the road – but once that happens bicyclists said they would be more comfortable riding in the bike lane.

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