Big Chief's shop truck project Part 2: Aeromotive fuel system, Nitrous Express, Dyno

Big Chief's shop truck project Part 2: Aeromotive fuel system, Nitrous Express, Dyno

finally I wander back on the dyno it's been about 15,000 miles since we last had on the dyno and before was run out of fuel at stock fuel system so I installed two of the Phantom Airmotive setup it's a twin phantom in tanker pump dealers and just cut a hole in the top of the tank set those things in there I ran the lines to the front and I've been driving it all over it's been to Louisville Kentucky Indianapolis Houston Dallas Chicago st. Louis Delaware Ohio the trucks been everywhere I've driven it all over the place it's my daily driver and how I going this week and it's been cold as hell outside so we decided today pull it in strap it back down to the dyno see what [Applause] in a baby bottle we got the Airmotive dual phantom fuel system installed and launder the shop truck we have enough fuel now to feed them for under setup so we put it back on the dyno I'm just thinking it's not a waste of time it's been all day dine on this thing if there's other stuff we could be doing so talk to our good friends at nitrous express and we said you know what do you guys think about putting nitrous on a stock 5-3 with a pro charger and they said that's a great idea sir so maybe it's a decent deal on a plate system for bold play system for the 5-3 and got a start 10-pound baby bottles here we're going to put these suckers in the freezer fill in for the nitrous and then for all those parts and pieces to work and see what it does on nitrous 2w pro charter schools Brewster schooling nitrous has to be cooler right add a little colder intake air charge to it a little more horsepower and you have fun at the touch of a button or broken Pistons could go either way blower alone about 10 or 11 pounds of boost it made 638 horse prior to the tire and I made one nitrous pool with a hundred shot from the nitrous express and made 755 to the tire so it's a true 750 to the tire rear-wheel horsepower on a truck you can drive anywhere you want at triple digit speeds no problem


  1. Man I wanna see more videos of this truck!! 750 hp is INSANE! But 900 would be even better. If anyone can make a truck fast AF, it's that boy Big Chief!! Id pay him a stack to tune my cammed 5.3

  2. Yooo kool il claque sévère comme sa ton nouveau vieux pik up de 2013 noir et le rouge il et devenu quoi big
    😎👍👏 bon bha bye gaz

  3. The trans is the weak point, but drive it like you stole it and deal with it when you need to. Oh yeah, that spring in the slip posi …

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