BC Bike Race is ON and I’m OFF to a bad start | BC Bike Race 2019 – Day 1

BC Bike Race is ON and I’m OFF to a bad start | BC Bike Race 2019 – Day 1

Yeah! Good morning from the inside
of my tent at the BC Bike Race. Day one. We’re getting started
sleeping in the tent. Oh man, it’s going to be rough. I did OK. According to my Whoop strap. I got five hours
and 29 minutes of sleep and I am at a pretty
terrible 48 percent recovery. So here we go. We’re going to be
starting right here, but I understand some
of you are still asleep. So let’s help that out. All right. Now we got about 45 minutes to
clean up the mess get re packed and ready to go. I’m feeling good now. I am feeling good. This is gonna be
a good friggin’ day. All right packed up
packed up packed up packed up that took a lot longer
than I thought it would So this is the setup
for the showers. There’s a bunch
of different mobile showers. They’ve got nicer bathrooms. They’ve got porta-potties. It’s all here for us. Okay, so I kind of got
out of order on that. I put my Chamois butter on
before the PRD next time. I’ll have to switch that around. Okay. So this is where
we’re going to start. Wave 5. Me & Paul. I’ve done the dirty work
of moving my gels into my flask and I’m gonna keep it
in my pocket today. So I don’t know if this thing’s just
gonna squirt goo all in my pocket or not. We shall see. Welcome to the world’s most
expensive tennis court. So if I’m going to keep
my gel stuff in my pocket, I’m just gonna get rid
of this thing. BMC did sponsor this
after all so, you know, let’s get some good red Agonist
01 cockpit shots. Syd & Macky are here. They’re about 10 seconds
ahead of me yesterday. And so they’ll probably
10 minutes ahead of me today. Maybe, I don’t know. This is the last time we
will see them they got third place yesterday
in their category, they’re on the podium. They got a little metal. So they’re competitive. We’ll see. We’re hoping so. They look good at least. Yeah. We’re excited, we’re going
to have fun whatever happens, so that’s good. Oh, yeah, so we’ve got
my bag over here and we got Syd’s bag over here. What do you think? Look at my arm it’s shaking. What do you think
the weight difference is? Startin’ soon! All right, here we go. The start chute experience
was pretty shitty. Actually. No one was yelling or saying
“Hey, what wave?” so there’s a bunch of wave
four people in way five. Well, I think I’m going
the right way. I guess there’s people
behind me right now. All alone. It’s so nice to be at the front two hundred
and first place, but still at the front
two kilometers down 38 to go. Am I being detained? Feeling good. It’s a tough pace, but I think
I’ve got it for now. Paul the Punter one second
behind me yesterday. I’ve seen him a couple
times on switchbacks. So it’s probably only 15 or 20
seconds back right now. Coming on your right. A little easier
gear woulda had it. John’s a climber Yeah. BC baby. Air pressure is probably
a little too hard, but it is what it is. Nice job, dude. A loamer. Yeah, man. I’ll take it
when I can I’m good. Coming up. Got some distance
from the technical climbs. Let’s get some
technical descent. Black Gold the dirt
pretty nice Japan-esque. Survival 10 kilometers down 30 to go Feature
Trail Very confusing because inside the handbook it said the feature trails
will not be timed. They’re just a way
to relax and let your hair down. So it’s like I
didn’t see a timing mat. What do you what do they mean? They won’t be time. Is it a Jedi mind trick to try
to keep people from getting mad? Shifting bad. Something has gone, awry. I think so. We’ll see. Thanks. Okay, Eagle Gear is acting up. Maybe it was just a little piece
of something in there, but not excited about
that good time to try some gel. Nice and warm. They say Vancouver Island has
the densest population of mountain lions in the world. So you never know
might get lucky. Oh. Everybody knows your name. Great singletrack man
getting in tight. For most people it’s probably
the first time they’ve ever ridden stuff this good. Hopefully they can enjoy it and not just they
too tired have fun. I’m having fun. Despite my derailleur
about to get yanked off. Chitty Chitty Bang
Bang down there. Into the clear-cut. Okay, so now we’re
on the untimed section and we’re headed up there. Can’t really see the problem. That’s kind of the problem. Maybe my skewer
is loose that oh, that’s totally what it is. Paul’s being heckled. He’s holding everyone up. Ha ha ha. I saw a GoPro, but you in front of me
that’s impossible. I did a lot of futzing
with the barrel adjuster. So hopefully that won’t mess up because all it was
was a loose skewer. Got to do my due diligence
in the morning. Check my bolts. It might have been Paul
the Punter sabotage. I wouldn’t put it past him. My strategy is to change
the batteries and get ahead. Into the Farmland. Okay day, 1 status report
feeling strong feeling good. I think the bike
is performing as long as everything’s tight on it. Here we go. 17K down 13 to go. So here’s the question if I would have had
AXS Eagle wireless shifting. I know it corrects if the shifting gets kind
of funky so would have I known that something was wrong if AXS Eagle was compensating for the you know
for everything being screwy. So would that have been
like a even catastrophic failure where the through the thru axle
comes out in the wheel? Is off or something
horrible happens? Very curious about that. I think we’re time and again. Hey, okay, I really can’t tell
where to go right now. Are we go what that
is confusing as hell man? Okay. There we go. There we go. 10:30 a.m. On the dot legs are
a little heavy now. Pretty smooth sailing
right now clear in front clear in the back, but then you kind of lull in and you don’t push as
hard as you could I’m enjoying this very lonely. It’s a good thing. Singing Hotel, California. It’s keep me entertained. The writing is
very entertaining. I keep my mind going on. Nah. Suffering summer camp all first little calf cramp
didn’t feel that little it was because a techie climb
real quick and just moving an awkward way. All right, let’s
spin it out here. No crashes, no cramps. That’s the goal. You got me I can’t breathe. Yeah. Miss the corner up pretty good
that was intense. I like as much as mention
still walked out. Nope. It’s just that intense so nicer,
it’s not wet today. It’ll probably end up
being wet at some point and them roots are gonna get us. One more on the left, right? Okay. Okay one more probably. Get it get it get it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. rad yeah on your right. That’s all good the cramps now,
you’re good, man. You’re gonna kill it. I think we’re putting
good time on people too. Just need to down. Yeah got the cramps now. Damn. All right regroup. Ha ha ha. It’s contagious, huh? Shit inside I’m
gonna keep spinning. Probably taking this
a little too seriously. I really paranoid about letting
people get ahead of me that was slower on the downhill. Yeah, God damn it full
on cramping shit so bad. All right. I took a minute for some wellness time
drank a bunch of water finished off my gels. We are three hours in
so it’s no joke. Pretty festive, aye? For sure. I’ll go inside. Okay. Thanks. Hahaha ticketed by
bike Patrol coming up. Oh man Ripper. I’ll go on your left. Okay. Thanks. Damn it. I pinched motherfucker
you Orange Seal better do its job or else. I’m fucking walking
the bike back. Yeah in it. refuse to stop
that’s the safe way. Man, my number one fear. Had to hard charge it. We’re getting through
ignorance is bliss. Hahaha. I’ve got to re-inflate. You bastard you bastard. Dynaplug how many plugs? Do I need time for my new pump? Let’s see if I can get
through this without cursing. I do have to say probably less
than 20 people have passed me and I’ve been out here
for a few minutes now. It’s pretty interesting
how spread out everyone is. No Paul yet either here
comes the punter. I am full of air and it’s gonna
give me something to chase. Yep. Thanks. Hello Paul. I’ll see you on the trail. All right refreshed
little liquid in me. hold rear tire hold
on the right Hahaha, love it. My my my waist strap for my bag with like dangling thought
my bike computer fellow if it was any hotter. Whoo, man, I’d be dangerous. It’s got a drink more eat more. More are needed. Oh, man, it looks like yeah, I got the valve stem stuck
in here something shit. This is fucked. This day is not going good. It was going pretty good. What the, how’s the valve stem
stuck inside the thing? Ahhhh. I unscrewed that valve stem,
or I broke the valve stem off. What the hell? I think I’ve got some other
valve stems in my bag. All right, I hate pumps. All right, ladies and gentlemen,
the yard sale is over. Let’s pack this up. I got a tube in here
and she’s rock hard. I am still surprised. I’ve probably been on the side
of the trail for like 15 minutes and really didn’t get passed
by that many people. It’s kind of nice. I don’t know. Yeah losing all that time. I kind of resent
her as you you know, it’s like okay, let’s have some fun. Let’s like do the best
I can but really, you know have the most fun I can
and share it with you guys. So you guys have fun, too. But man, it looks really cool
when I’m going fast. I’ll tell you that much. What an effort man
to put all this on the logistics it is well run. We are well taken care
of except in the morning on the start shoot. I will I’m gonna go
tell him after just like the guy on the microphone
should have been saying like Okay Wave 1 wave to moving up if you’re
in wave 4 get in there. It was, it was nothing. It was all fend for yourself. Four kilometers to go. What’s that like half a mile? How’s it going? I think this is it. Okay, I changed into my clothes. I didn’t do the full shower because I’m hoping
when we get to the next d– destination get a shower. And so trying to cheat
cheat ahead Load ’em up. We are off the bus going
through the playground. So tired so hungry. I’m gonna have to find a place
to buy some more snacks because I don’t know if there’s really much snackage
and I’m already running low. All right got my spot
and now go grab my red bag. All right, no wine
for the shower. So I was pretty nice. I think I’ll bring
my little changing mat next time because everything was wet. So the current status
of the race right now as we stand so today was
two stages right first stage. I beat Paul by two minutes. I did really well. I felt good the whole time
second stage with the flat. I lost 22 minutes to Paul. So now I’m down by 20 minutes. So I just need to gain
five minutes a day and I’m gon na I’m gonna blow
right past him. Okay. Now I’ve got two things
I need to do. I need to get to the pop-up
bike shop and see if I can buy another tube or a new tire
or a new tubeless valve. So I’ll do all that and then I need
to find the media tent so I can charge up all my stuff and dump my footage charge
up my laptop and get all that taken away squared away. Alright Obsession got
me sorted out. I got my tire. I got my little mini sealant. I got an extra tube
and then a valve stem all for the low price of a hundred
and twenty-seven Canadian. And I think this is where the bikes are going
to be eventually once they build the cage. I left my towel
out to dry and it And I went on an Excursion
and found this mini mart, and it’s no Japanese 7-Eleven, but it’s good back to dinner
all kinds of good options including their spine. That seems kind of funny, but it’s kind of
a horrific actually. Well after Thanksgiving dinner,
we got to have dessert. Another fine meal
from the fine folks at BC Bike Race, and now the protein is coursing through my veins
repairing all the damage. I wrought upon
my body today prove. I’m set up at my media Command
Center here getting the footage in getting the charging going. Alright, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get access
to our bikes tonight. So it means tomorrow
early morning get my new tire on there. I think we’ll see
how how much sleep I get and all that will depend on whether or not I’m just
going to run that tube in there and say screw it
we shall see until then. Thanks for watching you guys. I’ll see you on the trail.


  1. After all riders were saying- go tubless- I still say nope, thanks!, My tires have probably like 50 holes in them and they are just fine because I use tubes. I ride on such trails and have to fix them max 3 times a year.

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  3. Any reason to go with the pump over CO2 during the race? There was some ROWDY sections, not a huge surprise to get a flat!

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  7. You might be the fittest person I've ridden with. I'd be in a puddle of my own tears after day one, assuming I even finish.

  8. I think i got more pissed at the tire issues then he did. I am over here yelling and cursing LOL. Needless to say i really got into the race heheh.

  9. Brian….have you ever thought of carrying MUSTARD packets for cramping? As crazy as that sounds, me and a couple of roadies (yes, I ride road bikes) use mustard packets for cramping and it works on long rides.

  10. I have Sram AXS. Not had a problem to write home about yet. Works 100% and is amazing. But like you said wouldn’t it have been as obvious to notice like you did.

  11. Similar experience with a Lezyne pump. The problem is you have to screw it on/off the valve. When you go to remove it, it has a tendency to unscrew the valve core at the same time. It's a horrible design.

  12. Hey BKXC, when you say your eagle gear was acting up, what was going on? My NX 1×12 has started acting weird, coming back up out of eagle gear, the derailleur refuses to move until you get 5 cogs up and then it jumps. Super strange!

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  26. Hi Brian, I would recommend the following if you can get your hands on one. These things contain a ridiculous amount of gas, weigh very little and inflate your tire/ tube like nothing else. It will save you a ton of time on the trail. https://www.worldwidecyclery.com/products/lezyne-control-drive-c0-2-inflator-slip-fit-shcrader-presta-includes-16g-cartridge-with-neoprene-sleeve-black

  27. Sealant works way better when it isn't fighting gravity. Once you plug spin the tire so the leak is at the lowest point so the sealant can do its thing….

  28. Great video Brian.
    I have the same pump. Not good with presta. Exactly the same thing happened to me out in the sticks. Unwound the valve then snapped off the end. I went to Schrader instead. So much better and bomb proof.

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  32. @bkxc happened to me the same with lezyne bike pump(same one) catch is not to jank and pull on the rubber hose while pumping your tyre.

    solution 1. use c02

    solution 2. while pumping grab spokes or better tyre while pumping so you dont rock the valve.

    pro tip. clean tip(metal part) of the hose often since its prone to oxidation

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  37. dude brian you have to thread the hose onto the valve stem prior to threading the hose into the pump. the hose keeps the seal while you thread it into the pump.

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