Battle of al-Qadisiyyah 636 – Muslim-Sassanid War of 633-654 DOCUMENTARY

Battle of al-Qadisiyyah 636 – Muslim-Sassanid War of 633-654 DOCUMENTARY

This video was suggested by our patreon supporter Koopinator Supporting us on patreon is the best way to propose and sponsor a new video In one of our previous videos we depicted the six-day Battle of Yarmouk between the Byzantine Empire and the rashidun caliphate But the early Muslim incursion was not limited to the lands of the Roman emperors To the east the forces of the Caliphate attached the mighty Sassanid Empire and fought a 20 year war culminating in the Battle of al-Qadisiyyah The Byzantine and sassanid empires forge each other in many conflicts through the centuries But none of them was as bloody and fruitless as the war of 602 – 628 This conflict weakened and exposed both empires Meanwhile to the south the Prophet of Islam Muhammad had United most of Arabia by 630 His successor caliph abu bakr faced a massive rebellion against his rule This conflict later known as the ridda wars continued until February of 633 With the peninsula back under his control Abu Bakr started thinking about expansion early Muslim sources do not offer a justification, but in March of 633 he sent his best general Khalid ib’n Alwaleed to attack the Sassanid Empire In April al walid and his 18,000 troops entered modern-day Kuwait The local governor Hormozd had 20,000 men under his command and moved to intercept al walid near kazimah But the Arab army was more mobile and our lead was able to outflank the Sassanid to move on her fear That forced Hormozd to march towards who fear to defend it, but al walid again moved quicker now threatening kazimah again The sassanids had to move back All this marching tired the forces of Hormozd And they eventually had to fight exhausted in the engagement that would later be known as the Battle of Chains The battle began with a duel between the generals in which Hormozd was killed The Sassanid footman in the center had been chained to each other to allow them to hold the line while cavalry waited on the flanks The death of their general affected morale, but they managed to repel the initial Muslim attack Still for sassanids were exhausted from marching and eventually their cavalry started to give ground and had to retreat This turned into a general retreat, but with the centre slowed by the chains most of the Sassanid infantry was killed However a bigger Sassanid army under Qarin was on route Qarin across the Tigris in late April and set up his camp near the river the remainder of Hormozd’s troops joined him as well Al-Walid was moving to the north to cross the river, but had to stop as his 17000 were now facing 40,000 foes Once again the armies formed up with infantry in the center and cavalry on the flanks and once again the battle started with Duels During which Qarin and two of his generals were killed Al-Walid led a frontal attack and the leaderless sassanids were slaughtered the Muslim troops killed around 20,000 enemies The Sassanid court learned about the losses by the end of April and gathered two more armies The first army led by and Andarzaghan were sent to the city of were larger to intercept the Muslims as it was expected that Al-Waleed would move to the west along the Euphrates Indeed Al-Waleed’s army was marching as predicted He had a number of spies in the area and knew that the second sassanid army under Barman would soon Reinforce Andarzaghan so he decided to attack the first sassanid force The two armies met in early May near were larger in a field between two Hills Alwaleed had 10,000 infantry and 5,000 cavalry against 30,000 sassanid troops initially Andarzaghan was planning to wait for barman, so he didn’t attack the Muslims on the first day Al-Walid needed to lure his enemy out so during the night. He sent his cavalry away the Sassanid leader fell right into the trap He ordered his troops to attack head-on and the Muslim army started retreating under pressure towards the hill behind it Al-Walid Center allowed itself to be pushed back at his army formed a crescent Andarzaghan concluded that it was a great moment to move all of his cavalry against the flanks of the enemy and encircle the Muslims that Was the moment Al-Walid cavalry was waiting for? It was hidden behind the opposite hill and charged into the enemy at a crucial moment the forces of Andarzaghan were now encircled In a battle eerily reminiscent of the classical Battle of cannae the sassanids lost more than 20 thousand warriors Al-Walid continued moving to the west Six more sassanid armies were sent against him between May and November of 633, but each of these armies was defeated However movement into the central part of the Sassanid Empire was still impossible and a letter from the Caliph ordered Al-Walid to move into Syria instead He won another battle against the Allied sassanid Byzantine army near Firaz in late 633 and move on to fight the Romans Modern-day Iraq was now under Muslim control Sources are not clear on what happened in the next two years, but it seems that the region changed hands a few times The only significant engagement during this period called the Battle of the bridge was won by the sassanids In May of 636 the new caliph Umar recruited a new army 30,000 troops commanded by Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqas entered Iraq in July The Sassanid army under Rostam was already nearby in the area called al-qadisiyyah near modern-day Kufa in Iraq It had around 70,000 troops Both sides, built a fortified camp, but as negotiations were going on the battle would not start for a few more months the victory over the Byzantines at Yarmouk allowed the caliph to divert more than six thousand veterans of the Syrian campaign to al-qadisiyyah Which they probably reached in late October? By the time of the battle the sassanids had about 50,000 infantry 15,000 cavalry and 40 elephants Meanwhile the army of the caliphate had around 30,000 footmen and 8,000 cavalry Rostam divided his infantry cavalry and the elephants into four groups with elephants in front infantry in the second line and cavalry in the third The Muslim troops were formed into four infantry divisions in the first line and four cavalry division’s in the second The Battle of Al-Qadisiyyah took place between November 16th and 19th 636 the first day started with traditional personal combat It is not clear which side had the upper hand But later in the day Rustam sent his entire left flank forward to attack the right flank of the enemy The Muslims attempted to use their cavalry to outflank and kill the elephants, but were counter-attacked by the Sassanid heavy cavalry Both the infantry and the cavalry of Saad right flank had to retreat The Muslim cavalry division in the right-center was sent to outflank the Sassanid cavalry While one of the infantry units of the right-center was ordered to attack the enemy infantry and the elephants from the left This allowed the right side of the Muslim army to push the enemy back The Sassanid right and right-center were also commanded to attack Initially the elephants broke the enemy lines But support from the Muslim Center repelled the elephants and soon the Muslim infantry managed to counter-attack and drive the Sassanid’s back Saad ordered his cavalry on the flanks to attempt an envelopment and that put pressure on the Sassanid cavalry But eventually Rostam moved into the fray himself with the central units and drove the foe Back the first day ended in conclusively The Muslim army received a number of reinforcements throughout the second day And as the enemy elephants were not in position Saad decided to go on the offensive His right flank cavalry was able to push their counterparts back and that allowed the Muslim infantry to gain an advantage against the sassanids Once more rostam joined the battle and counter attacked Saad units needed to retreat and the second day. Also had no breakthrough At the beginning of the third day Rostam commanded his troops to attack the enemy as he was eager to end the battle before more Muslim reinforcements arrived The charge started with a skirmish in which the Sassanid archers got the better of their counterparts Soon the elephants attacked and Saad army retreated under this pressure Rostam tried to end the battle by killing the enemy leader, but his cavalry was stopped Muslim forces across the front finally maimed the elephants enough to drive them into a rage All the beasts that didn’t die on the spot panics and move towards the river which broke the Sassanid formation The Muslims attempted to counter-attack, but Rostam reformed his lines yet again and another day ended with no results There was no pitched battle in the early hours of the fourth day and that made the sassanids complacent Before the troops got into position the Muslims sent her left cavalry charged behind enemy lines and achieved its goal of killing Rostam Although the sassanids eventually pushed this cavalry division away and built a front the death of their leader demoralized the army The full charge of the Muslim army finally sent the sassanids into full retreat The Muslims lost around 10,000 men in this battle while the casualties of their foes were more than 25,000 Soon the Sassanid capital Ctesiphon fell the war would continue until 654 with various sassanid generals and governors attempting to mount resistance But it was too late the battle of al-qadisiyyah sealed the fate of the Empire and the Middle East Thank you for watching our documentary on the Battle of Al-Qadisiyyah We would like to express our gratitude to our patreon supporters who make the creation of these videos possible Patreon is the best way to suggest a new video learn about our schedule and so much more This is the kings and Generals channel, and we will catch you on the next one


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  2. After Khalid bin alwaleed was born prophet Mohammed said that no mother can born a Khalid anymore he means that no mother can born a strong man like Khalid anymore for my brothers from the whole world I’ll give a brief history of Khalid that man was a great man he joined more than a 100 battle never lost 1 even before he was a Muslim he defeated the Muslim in the battle of Ohud it was a battle between the Muslims and the disbelievers Khalid at that time was a disbeliever and though he defeated the Muslims. About his shape prophet Mohammed said that he was a tall guy full of muscles with a mustache and a beard he was intelligence and smart no one dares to talk to him he always have a plan. He is the breaker of a nine swords and he was Called saifu Allahu almaslool which means the sword of allah. Go search about him it’s really worth it to know about this man who defeated many armies of a high number and his army was less. and about his death he was sic and died on his bed before he died there was a doctor next to him and Khalid said to the doctor I fought many battles and wars why didn’t I died in one of them and the doctor said “and how you want to die in a battle and you are the sword of Allah”. We Muslim before were strong and we were less in numbers maybe the total Muslims in caliphate time were 150,000 and now we are weak while we are high in number now we are 1.9 billion Muslims and we are weak we have no voice in this world. In anyway we thank God because everything from God is beautiful whether it’s something bad we thank him something good we thank him. And thank you 😊

  3. Khalid bin al Waleed best talks saying to a Roman leader at the time we’re Romans have control of Damascus and Jerusalem-“If you reject our offer about jezia I will come to you with a men’s who like death as you like the life”.

  4. its not arab who won war its their imaan help them to win the war …….ALLAH (swt ) with them ……teaching of prophet mohammed (pbuh) with them thats y they not only won war but destroyed humilated 4 super powers empires of that time sassadin byzetine roman empire persian empire and arab tribes with large army ……..battle of yarmouk we had only 30000 while allies of enemies are above 150000 to 300000 but they defeted and force heculus king to flee from damascus……..IF WE HAVE GREAT INNER IMAAN THEY NO ONE CAN DEFEAT US ALLAH ALWAYS WITH US ………

  5. And what is [the matter] with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah and [for] the oppressed among men, women, and children who say, "Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper?"
    Verse 75
    And not to widen his kingdom to risen the Justice and rescue people from worshipping their desires to worshipping the only and only the most gracious the most merciful.

  6. Romans and Persians had fought themselves to a stalemate for hundreds of years. The Arabs were at their peak. No way could the Arabs beat the Romans or the Persians when they were at their strongest.

  7. Before every battle the muslims gave their opponents an ultimatum
    enter islam and become brothers
    pay a tax (approximately one dinnar)
    or fight

  8. This is so depressing for fans of the Sassanians. So many men perished in battle, and so many generals in duels. Shouldn’t the Sassanians have caught on and stopped the dueling?!

    Also what was the equipment like of the Arab infantry?

  9. ‬‏‪اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺوَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْعلىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🌸🌿💕اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺوَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْعلىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🌸🕊️ 🌿اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺوَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْعلىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🌸🌿💕اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺوَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْعلىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🌸🕊️ 🌿اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺوَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْعلىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🌸🌿💕اللهمَّﷺصَلِّﷺوَسَـــلِّمْﷺوَبَارِكﷺْعلىﷺنَبِيِّنَـــاﷺمُحمَّدﷺ🌸🕊️ 🌿 صلو عليه وسلمو صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما كثيرا جزكم الله الف خير

  10. When 2 geat war each other the third stupid win . Anyway maybe mongolian maccedonian and arab conquerd iran but they couldn t hold it .

  11. British show world from their perspective. Arabia and Gulf area is in middle east direction for them but it is not in middle east direction to India. It sounds so wrong to call Gulf area as Middle East everytime. It sucks to look at world from British perspective.

  12. The story is very similar to that of Alexander's invasion of Achaemenid empire. The quality of leadership, troops, and organisation won over the numbers.

  13. Khalid was good but he is overrated by Arabs .. i will tell you why
    1-he lost battles in his military career …
    ● was defeated and he have been taken captive by the Muslims in the battle of badr according to waqadi. ..
    ● he suffered an embarrassing defeat at the Battle of the trench… he was the second man in the meccian army . .. he had every possible advantage. .. he had 10000 men and the Muslims only had 3000…. plus the jews of kuraiza clan betrayed the Muslims and planned to attack the Muslims from behind. . The siege continued for a month and Khalid couldn't do any thing. . He was just facing a simple trench ( two meters deep) but he didn't do any thing despite his numeral advantage and the jews offering to hit the Muslims from behind. . He tried jumping over the trench with his calvary many times and failed. . He succeeded eventually and crossed the trench with some of his calvary but usaid bin nasser ambushed him with 200 man and defeated him and khalid escaped. . You don't have to be a great general to win the battle of the trench with such advantages. . But he couldn't get the job done and the siege failed. ..
    ● in the battle of hunain he was a commander in the muslim army and he was ambushed with his calvary by the enemy and escaped in with most of the army leaving Muhammad alone with just 80 men ( the army was 12000) and when Muhammad controlled the situations and won the battle khalid was encouraged by his men to return to battle. .. he returned and killed a woman ..
    ● he was the leader of the Muslim army in the battle of yammama. .. he was defeated in the first two days and his army totally collapsed. . He escaped the battle and the enemy even reached his tent and captured his wife. .. when the situation was controlled and Muslim army won because of the efforts of other commanders in the army ( no thanks to khalid ) he returned and wanted to siege the enemy castle. .. the enemy general outsmarted khalid and tricked him. . He told him that the castle was full of thousands of men and your siege will fail. . The truth was that the castle was full of women and children and old men. . Khalid was outsmarted and left the siege when he could have won every thing.
    2- all the numbers you see in islamic sources are pure fiction. . The biggest army khalid faced was 50000
    3- except walja, yarmouk, chains and river of blood all khalid battles were against local garrisons and small forces. ..
    4-except walja, mutah retreat, uhud. . Khalid didn'tshow any strategy in battle. . It was just Arabs beeing great warriors. . Even at yarmouk. . Khalid didn'tdo any thing for four days. . The army fought bravely and even women joined in the fifth day after 4 days of defeat. .
    5- it's not strategy that secured victories against persians and Romans it was just Arabs being the best warriors … the conquered Persia and won the battle of qadysia with small army with no strategy and without khalid. .. the conquered Egypt with just 4000 men without khalid and with no strategy. .
    Arabs spent most of their lives fighting and raiding in desert before Islam for thousands of years. . They are the best horse rider and Arabian horses are the best in the world. ..
    6- Islam upgradesyour fighting skills to its maximum. .. especially in the first age of Islam .. any muslim warrior equals 10 warriors …
    7- khalid was lucky that both the romans and the Persians just finished a 20 years war
    Both empires are exhausted militarilyand economically and lost their best units and armies in that war … with all that said khalid is still a brilliant general

  14. Winston Churchill described it best islam in a man is like rabies in a dog. Their belief made them fight like rabies bitten dogs. Muhameds (may shit & piss be upon him). promise of loot and sexslaves and 72 virgins when killed is a big part why the muslims won battles, besides persians and romans being weakend after 30 years of war.

  15. Persians don’t hate Arabs nearly as the people in the comment section makes it out be. When they do it’s mostly towards gulf Arabs. They like Levantine and Mesopotamian Arabs

  16. the only wrong thing about this video that u claim that muslims invaded the persian empire for no reason!!!! before the death of the prophet Muhammed the sassanid sent some of their agents to capture the prophet and return him to the Sassanid capital, the sassanid agents were captured by the muslims and make them meet the Prophet of Islam !!!! this was an action of aggression , and even the sassanid emperor ripped he message of the prophet before his muslim messenger , and it was clear that the sassanid would attack muslims soon .

  17. A nation who unite as a whole and follow the quran and sunnah will surely be powerful. Once you drift away from it you will be a loser. It's historically proven. Look at the history of rashidun, abassid , ottomans. Strong when they held islam very high. Collapse when it starts to drift away..

  18. So sad, dark point of persian history, arabs defeated us, but they can't defeat our culture, all countries that arabs attacked them now speak arabic and they all have arabian language, for example Egypt, but IRAN keep it's culture and language, saudi arabia is our the 1st enemy, now and always, they have to wait to revenge

  19. When the Faith becomes weak you will face the situation that we muslims have today.
    The money and sex came in and the arabs forgot their identity, no matter they will be asked about their luxury and destroying of our Ummah. This is all because of these arabs.
    The situation gets even worse and according to Sahih Hadith the Mahdi will come in the last time and his first combat will be against arabs, because the will be the worst and it is his first mission to fight against arabs and bring to the right path and the go forward and fight against other ignorants.

  20. Before his acceptance of Islam Khalid bin Waleed had even inflicted great loses to Muslims in the battle of Uhud but later he embraced Islam and lead Muslims to great victories against Byzintines and Sassanids

  21. To this at the Kings and Generals. Thank you for uploading videos about Muslim military history. May I suggest that when you have the Muslim commanders icon that you stick to their names in Arabic calligraphy and not have pictures of them (as you have not down pictures of commanders in alot your videos anyway) because as Muslims the Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, are held in very high esteem and showing depictions of them may inadvertently cause offense. Thank you again for your amazing content

  22. yet this Kahlid Walid was one of the most cruel, blood thirsty war lords of all time, read the history how lied to the cities under siege to open gates and then mass murdered them all, women and children or how he swear to run a mill by infidels blood.

  23. One of the important reason that arabs won the war was salman farsi who was persian and he left persia and lived with arabs and helped them in many ways

  24. درود بر شاپور دوم ساسانی
    معروف به دوالاکتاف
    بلایی به سر تازیانِ ملخ خور آورد که صدتا قادسیه و نهاوند هم به گردش نمیرسه.
    درضمن کلِ مدتی که تازی ها به ایران مسلط بودند ۲۰۰ سال هست
    البته در این ۲۰۰ سال هم هرروز یه نقطه از ایران علیه تازیان شورش میکرد
    مانند بابک.
    بعد از ۲۰۰ سال اولین حکومت ایرانی به دست طاهر درست شد
    و خیلی زود یعقوب لیث صفاری تشکیل حکومت داد و پدر خلیفه رو دراورد
    بعد سامانیان
    و در کنار سامانیان حکومت آل بویه
    که درود بر شرفشون
    بغداد رو آل بویه فتح کرد و خلیفه ی عباسی رو تبدیل به یک مترسک کرد
    خلیفه برای آب خوردن هم از پادشاه آل بویه اجازه میگرفت.
    همچنین پادشاه آل بویه برای تحقیر خلیفه دختر خلیفه را وادار میکند که در روسپی خانه به روسپیگری بپردازد.
    خلاصه ما ۲۰۰ سال تحت سلطه تازیان بودیم که اونم هزارتا شورش کردیم
    اما قبل از اون به مدت چندصد سال تمام نقاط تازی نشین زیر سلطه ی ما ایرانیان بود
    مانند یمن که متمدن ترین منطقه ی عربستان بود و تحت فرمان فرمانروای ساسانی به نام باذان بود
    و همچنین سراسر ساحل خلیج پارس که امروزه قطر و امارات و بحرین و کویت و قسمتی از عربستان هست
    و نیز شام و اردن و فلسطین امروزی
    که البته بین ایران و روم دست به دست میشد.
    درکل ما ۲۰۰ سال تحت سلطه ی تازیان بودیم
    اما تازیان صدها سال تحت سلطه ی ما بودن.
    ولی اینکه فتح ایران بدست تازیها بشدت برای ما دردناک است و بشدت برای خودشان خوشایند، دلیلش این است که یک قوم حقیر بر یک قوم بزرگ پیروز شده
    مثل این است که یک انسان لاغر و ضعیف با یک قهرمان بوکس مبارزه کند
    در طول مبارزه، شخصِ قهرمان بارها به شخص ضعیف ضربه وارد میکند
    اما اگر شخص ضعیف یک ضربه به قهرمان بزند برایش افتخار بزرگیست
    و برای قهرمان بسیار خِفَت آورد است.
    از کسانی که مطلب بنده را خوانده اند پوزش میخواهم که مطلبم طولانی بود

  25. What the heck !!!! He khalid ibn al waleed RA..mopped every army that came in his way…this is something unbelieveable..😇😇😇😇😇

  26. But a fact is not revealed that caliph umar r.a never started this war but repeated incursions of sasanids provoked them to settle the issue permanently

  27. the battle is still on and thats why they attack and kill believers around the world look what happen in Libya, syria, sudan, iraq, palestine, lebanon, mali, nigeria, Yemen and currently in IRAN, this war will continue until the anticrise come and JESUS (a.w) will kill him.

  28. Look at the numbers of the Muslims fighting against the enemies omg 😮 if one Muslims dies three hundred of the enemies died

  29. Saifullah his battle name or say name given by Prophet Muhammad saifullah mean (The sword of Allah) and all muslim believe the sword of Allah cannot be broken.

  30. Persians have lost wars before and after but this led to spread of Islam and death of Zoroastrianism. so it differs from the loses to the Greeks, Turkic and mongols

  31. 05:53 Battle of Firaz
    Sassanid-Bzantine vs Rassidun
    150.000 vs 15.000
    10 : 1

  32. Its annoys me so much that Sega hasent Relased A modern version of Medieval 2 whit modern Engine but the old future is still in it

  33. أجدادنا المسلمين العرب الفاتحين الأوائل
    و نحن احفادهم بإذن الله تعالى ❤☝🏽✌🏽

  34. The are our #MUSLIMS #ARABS heroes
    were the first conquerors❤☝🏽

  35. #Arab #Muslims who broke the head of the Persians and the Romans.

    We are grandchildren ..

  36. I am a Muslim persian like 99% of the persians and I don't understand how many people say Islam is a barbaric and killing religion when you look at the Muslim-Sassanid war you will see the muslims only killed the military soldiers they never killed civilians that's why the persians embraced Islam and didnt rebellion like the arabs or berber rebelled

    While when you look at another event is when the mongols invaded Persia they killed 2 million persian civilians destroyed whole cities and still the persians rebelioned didnt accept their rules and the mongols ended up learning persian culture language and religion that is Islam

    People are different in their kind some people are owned by kindness and wisdom other by sword and gun and you can make sure that the persians will never obey you if you use swords or guns and eventually will rebel and annihilate you like they did with the ummayed but they respect the wisdom and kindness

    And that's what Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him said about the persians :(( والذي نفسي بيده لو كان هناك علم معلقاً بالثريا لتناوله رجال من فارس))


  38. او لست ابن للذين جيوشهم دكت معاقل قوم كسرى وقيصرا

    يكفي فخر اني مسلم عربي من الحجاز واجدادي هم من اسقطو الرومان والفرس بكسرى وقيصر بدينهم وعروبتهم


  39. Khalid was not only the greatest military general ever defeated two of the mightiest empires of the time, hugely outnumbered ill equipped , he was also an elite warrior , undefeated in battle known as “The Master of war”.

  40. The Muslims won because they worked hard and they had strong Imaan and with the will of Allah (SWT) they won!

    الله اكبر ولله الحمد

  41. قاتل رستم هلال بن علفه التميمي والقائد التاريخي القعقاع بن عمرو التميمي بعد ان ضربه الاول بضربة مميته واجهز عليه الثاني
    بنو تميم من أوائل القبائل العربيه التي قاتلت الفرس في معركة ذي قار قبل الإسلام
    وانتصرو بجانب بعض القبائل العربية
    اشداء على المسيح الدجال وعلى أعداء الله

  42. Centuries of warfare experience of Sassanids and Byzantines could not stand blow of Arabs.
    Nothing can explain it ::the
    only thing is ""Power of Faith (Iman) of Muslims ""

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