Ascension mastery #1 – The Manifestation Engine that works

Ascension mastery #1 – The Manifestation Engine that works


  1. No 2020 is my last years out here iam tired of poeple pining my stilling my sheet i was promiss rewards and two be rich. It card reader

  2. Ray I receive all my answers instantly here. Every morning I think about how to start doing something and the answer comes in matter of minutes or hours… I've never seen synchronicity in such level until I became a breatherian last year. My life ever since has been so much more amazing. Thank you and I hope to be able to visit you one day 🙂

  3. Nr 1 "We have more control over our life but not over our destiny" – surely your intention and altered state of being (attractions) directly influence our destiny?

  4. Sure …watching it again. Dis is like d workings behind how our manifestations come alive. So cool when it makes sense den just knowing about sunthin.👍

  5. Thank you Ray for all your time and effort! I am learning so much and really enjoy the way you explain the teachings.
    I love you brother and appreciate you=)
    Much LOVE+LIGHT 🙏

  6. You have outdone yourself again. I think this is one of your best videos. 👌😊 Somehow I can follow you very well and my intuition tells me that you see the bigger picture.
    I once had a depression and a big part of overcoming it was talking to my cells to say sorry 🙏 for all the bad behaviors I have done and that we have to work together to get better. After that incident I could feel an energy flowing though my whole body when I have kind thoughts or are onto something myself. In conclusion I am happy that this tremendous suffering came into my life because otherwise I couldn't follow what you said. I wouldn't have love floating through my body and feeling a deep bond.
    Thank you for the content you have shared in the last years. Your journey had been amazing. All the best, Sarah 💖

  7. Really well explained. One of the best videos so far. Massive information in less minutes compressed. Nice work Ray. Appreciatte it a lot. 😉

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