Aprilia RSV4 Factory | Quick Ride and First Impression of the Latest Evolution

Aprilia RSV4 Factory | Quick Ride and First Impression of the Latest Evolution

okay so while I get my bike for a
service a two-year service I’m going to quickly ride this 1100 factory Aprilia
racing everyone’s talking about it it’s got wings etc so and the salesman
was saying to me that I’m going to feel the difference instantaneously so I’m
gonna see what’s going on here as a lovely ride absolutely lovely ride
low speed on this bike is really they’ve got it sorted here I actually quite like
that instantaneously you could feel the torque the first impression I think Aprilia got
this right spot on is really really nice not really a fan of the exhaust the exhaust Akrapovič it’s actually not too bad in fact, you can actually buy this bike and live with this exhaust, you don’t need to change it that’s great so let look at these brakes when at first glance these brakes look
exactly the same as my M50 The brake is not bad as well the brakes are lovely, the brakes are lovely yeah nice [how did you find it] if anyone in them is in
the market and looking forward Aprilia definitely go for the 1100
just no two ways about that, you’ve got the best of both worlds
good torque low down and you got a racing machine yeah I like it lovely right yeah I feel
like it I feel okay yeah really really nice


  1. I'm in the market for a rsv4..didn't know to go for the rf like yours (providing you can find one new or nearly new) or pay the extra for the 1100 factory?

  2. i am thinking of getting the 2018 rsv4 as my first liter bike i have been riding a 600 i am going for the rsv4 because its the best all round liter bike i think also it has the best sounding note as well

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