Android Auto Revisited: How is it in 2019?

Android Auto Revisited: How is it in 2019?


  1. It's a lot of work but you can pop some interior trim off and route your usb/aux cables to somewhere like your center console

  2. How is it you say ? Well for the majority of man kind the mighty android auto is very much inaccessible and clearly restricted to a geo- political list consisting of about 36 countries out of a total of over 100 . So let me proudly say: Thank God for Apple car play .

  3. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." In my experience (and quite a few others share it) Android Auto IS broken. The voice commands, which go along with the map directions, don't work. I've had the car, a 2018Hyundai Tucson back to the dealer several times and they can't fix it. I've even been in touch with the importer and they say they can't fix it, it must be the phone. If that is the case, why did it work for a few months and then suddenly stop working? Feedback to Android Auto has achieved no response. I've now deleted the app and no longer have any sat nav capability on my car. Not impressed.

  4. Android Auto is only option for me since my car is really old and doesn't have dedicated entertainment system.

  5. I just purchased the 2019 Civic Sport and uninstalled Android Auto. After two weeks of trying, I could not get my playlist to function properly. Good riddance and less distractions!

  6. I just hate the part when every time in and out of the car you have to plug .. unplug..plug.. unplug that damn cable

  7. I use the voice assistant non stop while driving. A bit surprised you are not. Longpressing the home button to activate it at the start of each journey though.

  8. As a new Android user, I am really disappointed how far back in the stone ages they are when it comes to hands free driving. As a former WP phone owner, I miss getting and responding to texts completely hands free, calling Cortana using one button on my steering wheel and she would listen and send my texts, I could even listen to the radio and get texts, with Android my car always has to be in Bluetooth audio in order to work, and I have to look at my screen and hit a button to do things, with WP I never had to take my eyes off the road… I will always miss you Cortana.

  9. You can now add Google Assistant to your car by ordering the Roav Bolt at

  10. I'm fustrated that Toyota still doesn't support Android Auto. They are working on it. Toyota's Entune's system sucks. Some 2018-2019 still have the outdated 2.0 version, while only the newly redesigned models get the new 3.0 version. I would love to have it on the Corolla, the only compact car still missing it

  11. When I get behind the wheel that's the time I reply to all my emails and send text messages and binge watch Netflix

  12. Ηι. Can someone pls tell me if there is a way to
    (i) DISPLAY messages (SMS texts, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc) on the screen rather than have the system read them to me and
    (ii) fast forward music (to a certain minute of the track)

  13. My AA often suddenly stops. A Google search says it's a USB cable problem. I tried 5 different cables and all show the problem but to different degrees ( so it's probably the cables). I got fed up and I don't bother anymore

  14. I have a love/hate relationship with AA. I've never had an app with so many bugs.

    – Request a song/album via voice, it'll play requested music, but next time you press the next button on the car wheel, it'll activate Google assistant again. You have to press the screen to get rid of it.

    – Spotify sometimes crashes and displays no music at all. You have to restart your phone to fix.

    – Apparently, more often than I'd like, my internet connection isn't good enough for voice assistant. It really is, though.

    – It sometimes doesn't know how to call people. It tells me it doesn't know how to do that when I request it call a contact.

    – Sometimes the voice assistant is completely different and weird (I assume that's got to do with connectivity).

    – Sometimes I select Spotify from the list and it does nothing, just reverts back to Pocketcast. Like, wth?

    – The UI is pretty ugly. It feels like Android 1 on my HTC dream. Sure it ain't broke (debatable), but get with the times.

    – Sure, no need to worry about battery life because it's always plugged in, but now I have to worry about battery life when not in the car because it's fried my battery from being constantly charged all day long. My battery was in respectable condition until I started using Android auto. Will not be connecting my new phone to AA purely because of this.

    And this is a Google product. Seriously? They must have one guy working on this. Most beta apps work better than AA.

  15. This was a very good review it's just a little bit annoying that we didn't get a warning that you were going to say the Google wake up words

  16. Ok, to start AD has had WiFi access built in for several yrs now (no cables needed) but the car manufactures do not support it .. Not Google's Issue!!
    Ok where to start .. I have a 2018 Focus RS with AA & ACP built in ..
    AA for the most part works, but I have major issues with it!
    Ford's Sync 3 system asks you for info when you press the talk button on the steering wheel (like what would you like to do..).. Google's AD does not have any suggestive
    suggestions or communication and just sits there looking stupid..
    If I decide to use the Sync 3 car audio (Sirius Sat) instead of Spotify the radio does not cut out when going "Ok Google", and so the music
    drowns out my request (not sure if this is a Google issue or Ford or both? but should be fixed)
    Waze works fine on my phone but cannot find me on AA .. (Google Maps works fine tho) I have uninstalled the app cleared my cache, etc
    but still issues!! (I am running the latest Waze and AA versions of the apps)
    When I finish a call my previous apps do not start back up (ex, listening to music & navigating to a destination) . I end up at
    the phone screen and have to navigate back to my maps app and restart my music again!!
    The Clock, etc are hard to see if in Maps!! this needs to get fixed!!
    There are no other apps available for AA .. like GasBuddy, a better weather app, etc), you would think that AA would allow 3rd party apps
    to help you along your way?? but no!
    At least allow for AA to access your OBD II car interface (there are BT access options) so that we can build apps to see car performance, etc ..

    So is AA any good ?? to me it is frustrating that some of the basics still do not work correctly!!
    There is still lots to be done, and I hope Google steps up and fixes this issues asap!!

  17. I love AA on my 2017 Chevy Spark! I am totally used to it by now and there's some things that need work, but overall it's a nice experience (car's native UI is too simple for me)

  18. I have it on my Subaru Forester. Unfortunately, it feels like the screen slows quite a bit while using AA. If I went back to the Subaru native menu items and screens, it's fine. Is that consistent with AA in other cars?

  19. Looking forward to wireless android auto. Sucks that Mazda disabled the touch screen. Doesn't make a lot of sense when the rest of the ui is touch enabled. Android Auto is fairly well designed for driver attention as is, they should enable touch while driving.

  20. The hacked version for Mazda has touch screen enabled and Wifi connectivity.

    Also you can just press the speak button on your wheel to get its attention instead of shouting Ok Google over the audio.

  21. In the old days I remembered phone numbers and addresses. Now,. Got to have that phone plugged in on Android auto to call and find out where I'm going.

  22. I was just in the car market and part of the reason I got the 2019 Nissan Altima over the Mazda 6 is that you can't use the touchscreen while driving. One of the most frustrating things ever especially since Apple CarPlay & Android Auto were obviously designed for touch.

  23. Thanks for the great video!

    Currently trying to decide whether or not to fork out the extra money to put android auto in my 2007 VW golf instead of just a basic touch screen, wasn't sure what state auto was at in 2019.

  24. Idk why Android auto only works on normal display, my car has a super wide display, carplay has no issue but AA will stretch the screen which looks awful.

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