Analysts say UAW strike causing GM business numbers to decline

Analysts say UAW strike causing GM business numbers to decline

United Auto Workers Strike against General Motors. With no cars being made — where does that leave dealerships and consumers. First News reporter Jacob Thompson searched through some numbers. He’s live in the newsroom with what he found. Industry analysts say that dealers have enough inventory to make it through the next several weeks, The automotive industry has taken a huge hit. [A15]20191008 GM NUMBERS-VO These same Industry analysts say the strike has cost the company about one hundred and 65 thousand cars and trucks. — And it’s past the point that GM can make up for lost revenue. According J-P Morgan , G-M has lost about 1.6 billion dollars or about 82 million a day. Talks are still going on between both sides. The UAW did issue an update today that no progress was made in talks yesterday. The U-A-W is currently paying the employees about two hundred and 50 dollars per week. But that’s a huge drop off from what a typical G-M employee would make. which is 12 hundred dollars per week. It should be noted that G-M’s third quarter reports, which ended in September, shows sales up by a little over six percent. Live in the Newsroom Jacob Thompson WKBN 27 First News


  1. Why go into debt for a supposed American car that’s being made in Mexico that is junk anyway when you can get a more reliable and respectful actual foreign car , this is where Democrats have brought us. Besides GM union workers were some of GMs biggest customers many of the in the working world don’t have the money or willingness to sell out to a has been American dream now made in Mexico.

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