All GTA 5 Online DLC vehicles added since the very start | Sonny Evans

All GTA 5 Online DLC vehicles added since the very start | Sonny Evans


  1. The updates were good till the last few I wish they left it as grand theft auto they may as well change the name to try hard city… y haven’t they put out more Benny’s cars or stuff more related like a drifting update or just turners in general and move away from the war aspect we had enough shit to obliterate each other with now it’s hard to enjoy the game with out assholes trying out there new deluxo shits gone to far.

  2. Who remembers when this game came out those good old days now all of theses I cry because there old and barely any one plays like the old cods or the very first gta 😦😯😑☹️😱😨😰😥😓😤😨

  3. Im not an avid GTA online player, but I've had the game since it came out on 360 and Im still living in those days of GTA 4 😂. This certainly isnt GTA4 online

  4. Aside from the insane prices the updates scheme is why I put gta as one of the top games available, so many people complain about dlc but honestly the dlc are what bring me back to the game and make it more interesting and in all honesty the micro transactions is no problem if you want to pay you can but you don’t have to pay to get the dlc which makes the game so much better and have better playability.

  5. Waiting for gta 6 cuz I know that the moment I buy this game they will have published the last dlc and after 4 months from my purchase gta 6 will go live.
    This shit always happen to me. ._.

  6. I forgot how long ive been playing this game so many good memorys in this game so many hours and just random shit that happened god i love this game

  7. When the Heist update came out thats when GTA online went downhill, overpriced vehicals, job payouts became shit, paywalls to buy certain things, online became a cash grab for Take Two and Rockstar

  8. It's interesting to see how the game changed and grew over the years since 2013. Granted, most of the changes were for GTA online, but I just like it how it grew from being a simple multiplayer mode.

  9. I started playing this game since the ceo businesses first came out and I have enjoyed every moment this game has offered me and still do till this day. Level 609, have everything I want in the game plus 90.3 million in the bank; I beat the crap outta this game legitimately. I am just waiting for these updates to stop so I can lay it to rest entirely.

  10. man 360 was the days , still killing people in passive by running them over, so they couldnt spam it, no strafe sniping🤤🤤, nobody ever tried their heart out, and if they did it was in a tank so at least you had a chance, now its delorean spam, khanjali spam, LLLLLLZZZZZZZ spam, explosive spam, man i still play, but god is freemode so fucking annoying

  11. The bullpup assault rifle has become my weapon of choice. Don't know why, I guess I just like it's compact form and high rate of fire. Damage ain't the best, but when you land so many hits so quickly, it makes up for it. 👍

  12. Aah yes the good ol and simple days of GTA online with less desire to become a millionaire, as all you wanna do is have fun. Very nostalgic I cri

  13. I miss old DLCS. The cars were put at reasonable prices, constant phone calls telling you to buy property’s that you don’t have cash for didn’t exist… yeah… I miss these DLCs.

  14. I personally think that the old gen dlc were the best, nowadays everything is too expensive, like not that i can't afford it because i have the cars, but as in a sense where its not technically worth it, like every car is a million nowadays, and most these cars are shit, they just look fancy, but if you do your research and watch acceleration videos and broughy videos on each car class, you will realise that most these cars are hype, personally till this day, the best bargain value car has to be the Grotti Turismo R, that performs so well for 500k. If you ain't got it, i would highly suggest buying that rather than some shitty overflod tyrant

  15. Executives and other criminals made gta online shit because then after that it was just a 101% grind and paying for everything that exists in Los Santos and Blaine County to be honest

  16. I want every DLC so bad! But I don’t want to play online so I won’t have garage space which also means no DLC.

  17. Damn I feel old watching this and I’m only 16 plus I played when gta online was modded and people where give over 3 billion by modders ah time flies

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