Adam Driver Doesn't Like Watching Himself in Movies

Adam Driver Doesn't Like Watching Himself in Movies

-You obviously can't watch
your stage work, but you could watch
your film work. But you do not like to do that. -Right, well, 'cause
I'm used to doing plays. I came from
a theater background. So it never really equated to me that why would I want
to watch that. So long as I know what it feels
like, that's good enough for me. -But then it was problematic
because you were an actual "Star Wars" fan, so you then — Could you not watch the new
"Star Wars" movies? -I did. I did. I did. Well, because also, I mean — Defend myself 'cause all my
friends afterwards, like, "You didn't watch our movie,
but you watched 'Star Wars.'" But you're standing in front of
the screen, and they're like, "Trust us.
Your lightsaber is working." "There's space behind you.
It looks really cool." So when you're, like, just
standing in a rainy backlot, it doesn't seem very impressive.
-Yeah. -You don't feel like
you're commanding anybody other than sticks
and ping-pong balls. -[ Laughs ] I did once go to a set that was green screen,
and I was really excited. And I had this real moment
where I was like, "Oh, I'm not
supposed to be here." Just watching a really good
actor act with, like, you know, a tennis ball
on a stick, you're like — -"I have this in my basement."
-Yeah. "I could just watch 'Star Wars'
in my basement now." "BlacKkKlansman." Congratulations
on your nomination. -Oh, thank you very much.
[ Cheers and applause ] -I know that that — So, when that premieres
at Cannes, do you skip that out, too? Like, I mean, obviously,
you're invited to the premiere. -Yes, yeah. Well, Cannes is very like —
They're very — I don't want to say serious,
because you're kind of like, "Yeah, films are
this important." You, like, walk up this, like,
kind of sacrificial steps like you're going to kill a goat
together or something. And then everyone goes in,
and we watch a movie. But you have to be back
'cause the lights come up, and then they put the camera
where you were sitting. And if you're not there,
it looks bad. So I just go into a room and then wait, you know,
with a guy in silence. And then, you know,
"Okay, now I got to go back and sneak in and pretend like
I was there the whole time." -I mean, I get not wanting
to watch yourself. But being willing to do
the other — I mean, like, going out to dinner
is one thing, but, like, going in a room
with a stranger, I feel like… You should just try to push
through and watch the movie. -I know. Yeah, I guess that does
sound really bleak. It always seems like a better
alternative than watching all the mistakes
that you're making that's now immortalized
on film forever. -Yeah. Real quick,
because you mentioned Arts in the Armed Forces. We've talked before about
your military background. How many years now running
is this? -Ten years. We've been
doing it for ten years. -That's amazing.
-Yeah, thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] -And I assume you keep doing it because you're getting
such good feedback. Is it growing, as well? Are you getting out
to more people? -Yeah, when we started, we were
still students at Juilliard, and we were doing it,
like, in our apartment. Handtyping, you know,
on a typewriter 'cause we thought
that was very cool. Thank-you notes to people. We had enough for
one performance a year. That's all we could do
while we were still students. And now we have
incredible donors, and we're doing 15 performances
already this year. We just came back
from Fort Leavenworth. And we have, like, branched out and have done
this playwrighting grant — $10,000 to anyone in
the military to write a play about anything,
about ping-pong balls. -Right.
-I know I'm referencing you. -I'm that guy. -So we're kind of exploring
what the whole arts — Not just theater,
but we'll still do, you know, have, like, this
traveling troupe of actors that go around the world performing for military
audiences, either veterans, servicemen and women and their
families, at any base or — We do an annual performance
on Broadway every year. -That's great.
Thanks for doing that. And thanks for being here, man.
It's always such a pleasure. Really appreciate it.


  1. Actors not wanting to watch themselves on screen – You have Joaquin Phoenix who has this thing ever since he was in the business, Jared Leto who even took measures to cover his eyes while he was on Conan just so he cant watch the clip they showed. Michelle Williams. What do these people have in common? Yeah, they are like those kind of actors who border into method acting. It is not just a “fad.”

  2. my mum met adam driver in NYC 2 days ago on his way to a play and he wrote me a message and gave me an autograph for when she comes back to New Zealand, thanks adam!!

  3. His acting on 'Girls' is his finest work IMO!!!!……he stole every scene he was in!………..I knew from the first moment I saw him during season#1 that he is gonna walk up the stairs to the stage of an Oscar presentation and receive his due recognition years in the near future!!!!……..yes – he's a young enuff guy that many of his great parts are probably still in front of him…….but if he were to just walk away from acting all together – probably would make a great teacher with young children ( my 28yrold son is an Early Childhood educator , and a ripping DJ too!!!) …… teaching n education based careers are noble endeavors…………Good Luck Adam in whatever road in life you find yourself traveling on- I'm looking forward to the day you win the Oscar for Best Actor!…….than – 'Best Director' in your future because I believe you have a vision that can easily be transferred and translated into other fine actors and actresses!…………good health n happiness to all !!!!!!!……..we need more character actors like Adam in television n movies!!!!!……

  4. Love Adam, best damn actor of his generation, and is so humble and funny. He definitely deserved that Oscar nom, and I can't wait to see him in episode IX!

  5. I love that his getting better at interviews 'cause at first it was just so awkward mostly because he answer everything so abruptly and then it was just silence (still love those interviews ;3 )

  6. i feel like after watching Johnny Depp say he never watches his movies waaayyy back when, all of a sudden everybody says it now

  7. why are men so pressed about him? yall claim to not like him but yet you come to his interviews to expose your bitterness lmfao we get it, you're jealous. he's everything yall will never be, sad. now grow up and get over it

  8. Adam Driver Doesn't Like Watching Himself in Movies ………………… neither can i adam, neither can i.

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